There’s Nothing Routine About Enlightenment

image by Maria Chambers

How often have you heard that it’s good to shake things up?  To do something new?  To try something different?   You may tell yourself that you are in a rut.

I am all for keeping the energies moving in our life.  It’s easy for them to get stagnant.  Energies get stuck in our mind, and in our bodies.

We can all agree that this whole enlightenment process has shaken us up, disrupted our lives, our minds, our bodies, our finances, our relationships.  There is such massive transformation taking place within us.  There are days we wonder who the hell we are anymore!

There are very few people on the planet who have initiated this awakening in such a quantum way.  Wanting to be reborn in this lifetime, in these bodies.  Which changes this life and these bodies in a way that others do not understand.  Hell, we don’t even understand.

We have let go of so much in the name of our freedom, and yet we don’t even know for sure what that freedom is.  And what more we will have to ‘give up’ to have that freedom.  Admittedly we are feeling that freedom as something we experience outside of our conditioned minds, as a feeling, as a state of consciousness

Many are reporting that they have never felt more unsure, and have never felt, at times, more joy, than they do now.  It’s certainly not a steady or predictable rise.  Its more like a buffeting around, one moment we feel connected to this magnificent eternal self, the next we feel totally lost.

Safety and survival issues seem to be front row and center at times, and even when we are feeling good, we may still feel an undercurrent of anxiety that seems to want our attention.


I love my morning routine, or, as I like to refer to it, my morning ritual, of sitting at a local cafe, writing in my journal and sipping coffee.  A while back I left a cafe community I frequented for over ten years.  But I like this new community.  It suits me better.  For the most part I don’t find myself having to jockey others’ neediness.  There are a couple of people I sit with from time to time, which affords me a nice break from my otherwise solitary existence.  I like to call it ‘company without committment.’

There are times I switch off and do things differently, because I do enjoy variety in my day.  But I have noticed that, more than not, I like my routines.  Maybe because of all the changes, major and minor that have been my life…..NOTHING routine there!  So my personal rituals and routines help me to feel a sense of stability, safety and continuity.

And I’m beginning to experience routine things in a new way, with more sensuality, more feeling, more depth.

So I am no longer hard on myself for needing my routines.  Especially as I invite my new consciousness to enjoy them with me. Kind of takes the rut out of routine!

African Forest from my album, Cosmic Blend is featured in this video:

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27 thoughts on “There’s Nothing Routine About Enlightenment

  1. raisedinlove

    “So I am no longer hard on myself for needing my routines.” Isn’t it bizarre that we give ourselves a hard time for being good to ourselves, comforting or caring for ourselves? I love my Friday afternoon coffee with my daughter after she finishes high school for the week. When we are in Austria with our out-laws (former in-laws) we like to go to coffee on Saturday and I love the routine. My daughter went to primary school in a Waldorf school which stresses the value and necessity of routine, especially for young children. My life has so little routine being self-employed that I find delight in them. Several times in my life I’d meet a friend regularly one day a week; I had a goddess group monthly. Helps bring stability to a crazily tilting world. I say you go girl!

  2. Kat

    Sooo true Maria. I LOVE my morning routine when I make my delicious coffee and eat a nice slice of bread with some marmelade on it. That alone makes me happy! Also my tv series (monday is my favourite TV day with the Nanny (with Fran Drescher, Roseanne…) I LOVE it

    Like Savannah implied, whatever makes us happy should be cherished and celebrated!

    And to be honest, all those people – and it looks like a trend and many are jumping on the bandwagon – who compulsively feel they need to avoid routine by all costs, otherwise they’d be deemed boring, are actually to be pitied. They are a slave of their ideal what they should be like and are not enjoying who they are.

    Much Love


    1. Wow Kat…The Nanny and Roseanne…. were two favorites of mine…Roseanne especially, how ground-breaking she was! I started watching Roseannne again recently on Netflix. So refreshing, and a reminder that women dont have to be anything else but themselves!👍💕😊

      1. Kat

        YES! Groundbreaking she was indeed. I started rewatching that show a while ago and noticed how incredibly good the writing was and how funny and intelligent that show was in general. And the Nanny is just a feel good series. I especially love Renee Taylor as her mother Sylvia. She is bloody hilarious. Also the relationship between C.C. Babcock and NIles 😀
        You have good taste in series, you know 🙂

  3. Right…I always enjoyed that tension between C.C. and Niles. Yesss…Sylvia….what comedianship! And, yes, Roseanne was so well written and acted…all the actors were so well suited for the roles. It won a whole slew of awards throughout its run…I think 9 or 10 years! I haven’t found anything contemporary that comes close to the show, with a couple of exceptions. But not the same ground-breaking qualities.💕

    1. Kat

      Absolutely agree with every single word of yours! There is nothing that comes even close to Roseanne. There are a few brilliant shows out there (I especially love Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch), but Roseanne was really unique. I especially adored Sara Gilbert as Darlene. So f*** funny! I love her. She just NAILS sarcasm and Sara was a natural in that role

  4. Elila

    Another fan of my routines and rituals here–and roseanne & fran!!! The only contemporary show now that i think is conparable is the big bang theory–which consequently stars three roseanne alumni! I highly reccomend it! 😊💕

    1. Oh wow, Elila…I totally forgot about TBBT…which is weird because I just bought season 8 from Amazon, and watched it voraciously….YESSS…it is absolutely amazing, so funny, I just love all the cast, and especially Sheldon…but they are all so perfectly cast. I also enjoy watching 30 Rock….Tina Fey is great, along with Alec Baldwin, and the rest of the crew.

    2. Kat

      haha yeah I love that the old David and Darlene have a fling on BBT again as Leonard and Leslie. Those two must be spiritually connected to each other.

      1. Elila

        I know right??? I love sarah gilbert and johnny galecki (he was in Christmas Vacation too–another all time fave), they play so well together 😉
        And the old jackie is brilliant as sheldons mom LOL.
        My nephew has every season so far on dvd and he loans them to me for binge-watching!

  5. I am giggling now! Yes for routines and for breaking out of them! Some of my routines are so comforting. And a couple are not. So working with the Divine to help me let go of ones that don’t serve me. 😘💙😀

    Okay! My obsession had been Call the Midwife. But I guess I will have to check out some of your fun ideas! I am a little out of touch. I especially love having something fun to watch when I am off pet sitting.

    I like thinking of my little routines as self care. I know my nightly bath with book certainly is! 💙😀

    Love, Elizabeth

    1. Yes Elizabeth…… Here’s to self-care!!!👍👌 vital! ..and….I loves me binge watching on Netflix and Amazon.. two of the best self investments so far! And the sensory ones like the bath you mention…….so important because we so need to be in our bodies!!!

      1. Yes yes yes……you will laugh! Last night I actually hauled the laptop, first time, into the bathroom and watched part of a movie while in my bath. Oh joy! oh rapture! heeeheeee

        AND knowing that we each have our own self care, dare I say routine, that is important to us and must not be judged. I am saying this to myself, more than anyone…….Just realizing that I have got to get up offa that thing…..of judging myself.

        My guides and angels have suggested that I watch this video and dance until I feel better……heehee

        love you all! Love us ALL!

  6. sweet pea

    thank u Maria 💙💙💙

    yes, my spirit haaates the perpetual rerun my daily life has become, but my instincts assure me that i need the routine right now. i feel it in my bones with the sense of peace and calm it brings me. the routine is what grounds my restless, angsty spirit… it keeps me patient, it keeps me focused on nurturing my body that’s still beat up, it keeps my head from the messy and busy of the world out there, and keeps my heart from trying to effort my way in wrong directions.

    and Elizabeth this is so so me at the moment!

    “…some of my routines are so comforting. And a couple are not. So working with the Divine to help me let go of ones that don’t serve me…”

    the past 6 months or so i’ve fallen into some routines that feel more like “habits”, and maybe not so good for me. trying to be gentle with myself about ’em, but asking for divine help in letting them go.

    hugs to y’all 💙

    1. Well said, sweet pea….I can feel the energies in your words, how the routine indeed does ground you. In a way then, it keeps us from the many DISTRACTIONS, which can come from out there and inside us, that would otherwise pull us out of our just ALLOWING this process of integration. As you say perfectly, “….keeps my heart from trying to effort my way in wrong directions.”

      Because I think we are sensing that its just an allowing, and at this point there is a momentum that can carry us into our integration. And that momentum is growing and will reach a kind of critical mass. As long as we don’t baby sit anyone out there, emotionally or baby sit our mind. 💜💕

      1. sweet pea

        lolz Maria 💙 energetically babysitting others out there is perfectly one of the habits i’m meaning in how i relate to what Elizabeth shares about needing to let some things go. it took me a long minute to realize i was doing it again, but in the past couple days some things not only showed me i was doing it, but even offered to ease those burdens off of me. i feel myself still mentally sorting it all a bit, but also shaking myself awake that they aren’t my burdens.

        so silly how we keep trying to do that stuff over and over, when we know better 😳

        1. sweet pea, that habit has been with us for so long, I mean LIFETIMES, as women especially. It’s literally in our DNA. Our cells have been programmed to be the nurturers. I’m not just saying that metaphorically, either. So this is a major shift of consciousness for us, for women, on this planet. This goes so far beyond women’s liberation as we have known it! This goes to the CORE of our freedom. So, like you say, they are not your burdens…wow that alone, that awareness is history making. But it will take a little time for us, and it does get easier. You suddenly realize one day that you are not doing it much anymore, and when you do, you know that it’s just the residual hanging on. It’s like, it just doesn’t feel like you anymore to do it. Just allowing the transformation, not pushing anything. Congrats on your amazing awareness.

      2. sweet pea

        yes Maria so so much, and for me the burdens as a woman have been piled on top of with a ton of extra heavy religion stuff 😡 … those burdens on women and the burdens of religion are perfectly the two very things i’ve felt all kinds of new support with lately… such fresh air 💙💙💙

    2. Elila

      Sweet pea your words seem to always match mine lol! Ive been calling my life a rerun (& ground hog day) for what seems like eons. And i feel the same way about my routines–they are whats holding me together right now and nurturing whats left of my sanity and body, but there are some that are distractive habits that dont serve and can feel rubbish, like metahorically too much junk food, but im so much more alert to that stuff now. I have even come right out and told a couple friends who like to call and do something together right that minute that my routines are important for my wellbeing & holding me together and that i need some leadtime if they want to plan a get-together!!
      Hugs back to ya! 💜

    3. Elila

      That whole first paragraph you wrote sweet pea about “angsty spirit” etc–that is all so PERFECTLY stated and just how i feel too

  7. Reblogged this on elizabethsadhu and commented:
    Yes for routines and for breaking out of them! Some of my routines are so comforting. And a couple are not. So working with the Divine to help me let go of ones that don’t serve me.
    Okay! My obsession had been Call the Midwife. But I guess I will have to check out some of your fun ideas! I am a little out of touch. I especially love having something fun to watch when I am off pet sitting.
    I like thinking of my little routines as self care. I know my nightly bath with book certainly is!

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