The Upgrade

Goodbye Old Friend…

Today I gave a good burial to my long time friend, my android tablet.  I did try to have it revived at my local carrier where I purchased it.   But after quite a while in their recharger, the woman assisting me gave me the bad news.  The device was a big part of my life.  I took it with me to the coffee shop, worked on it, played on it.  Watched Netflix and Amazon videos on it.  But I knew it was on its last legs.  It wasn’t performing very well, and the battery died quickly and had to be charged regularly.  It seemed to have outlived its usefulness.

Even though it was clearly dead, I wanted to put it back in my bag.  It only felt right to bring it back home and say goodbye to it in my own way.

I had a myriad of choices before me, as to what I wanted to replace it with.  I could have purchased a better tablet, one that had all the features that I needed.  Or I could have purchased a much more expensive but great device.  One that was the top of the line in technology and had more features than I could imagine that would make using it fun and extremely efficient.  The one I liked had added tools that the others didn’t and using those tools would open creative doors for me. As an artist I value expressing and sharing my creativity.

So I opted for the best.  I really didn’t give any thought to second best this time, because I knew that this was an investment in myself.  Yes, a bigger investment than another device would have been.  But I’m worth it.  I don’t want second best.  And, yes, I couldn’t help myself and went for the analogy:


In this embodied enlightenment, we are each making an investment in ourselves.  We have tolerated second and third best all our lives, and we are not willing to do that anymore.  We are in this for the long haul and we are going to need the best equipment.  I’m not even sure what that means, and it means something different for each of us.  But it has to do with the quality of life here on the planet.  If things are not working anymore in our life, we do not have to tolerate them.  Whether it’s old energy relationships that drain our battery regularly, or a job or any situation.  And even our financial and health situation. Our bodies are the last to catch up with these changes so we do unfortunately need more patience with them.  But part of the transformation is also coming to understand that loving ourselves more does trigger some uncomfortable bodily conditions, but that self-love is also an important factor in releasing those conditions.

Especially as women, there is the notion that we must suffer to validate our existence.  That is an old pattern that is in the process of being released, fortunately.  Yes we are giving birth to a new enlightened woman within us, but we no longer need to go through the labor pains of that birth.  That is not required of us anymore.

So I purchased the device at my local dealership, and they told me they did not have one in stock.  So I have to wait for it to be delivered to my home.  There was that bit of anxiety of wanting it NOW.  But I know in my heart that it will be worth the wait.

Enjoy, Tell Me Everything Is Alright from my album, Soulful Sounds:

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8 thoughts on “The Upgrade

  1. Kat

    “In this embodied enlightenment, we are each making an investment in ourselves. We have tolerated second and third best all our lives, and we are not willing to do that anymore. ”

    We seem to be very much in sync Maria, because that is what I was thinking about the other day as well. I opted – especially when it came to jobs – for work that I was absolutely overqualified for, just to have something, just to have a job. It was ok for a while, because many times I went in for the experience and during my school and uni years I didn’t really care too much for the type of work and the pay I was going for, cause I knew it was temporary. Even in jobs after uni, I never felt that I can really use my potential and express and give what I have to offer. But I can’t do that anymore, I simply can’t. And I won’t.
    The same with people. I gradually removed people out of my life (or they removed themselves) that were “second or third best”. I have no time for that anymore.
    I think we can subsume this under “been there, done that” and I am soo done with making compromises and choosing not the very best for myself. No, just no. I’m worth so much more.
    The past couple of weeks I have been investing in my well being and went to my favourite Indian once a week. The food there is absolutely gorgeous. It is not really cheap but I didn’t feel guilty one bit for having treated myself there so many times, despite my financial situation.
    Ohh I can’t wait for my next visit 😀 😀

    1. Oh yeah….me too…the myriad of jobs I took over the past decades…and right, they worked back then for us. I was never really ‘career-oriented’ and I just wanted a paycheck doing whatever I felt I could without having to ‘invest’ too much in the job.

      And congratulations for making YOU your priority….loving yourself enough to be much more discerning.

      Oh I haven’t had Indian food in such a long time. I used to love Tandoori Chicken…and those spices…really make the senses come alive….Kudos to you. I would love to hear a full description after your next visit. One that would guarantee salivation. (and salvation HEEHEE)

      1. Kat

        ” would love to hear a full description after your next visit. One that would guarantee salivation. (and salvation HEEHEE)”

        Maria, I’ll try. But you know what, the smell and the taste are sooo damn good, that words don’t do them justice.
        You go into that restaurant and your mouth starts watering straight away. They only cook with fresh ingredients and those beautifully smelling spices the Indian cuisine is so popular for. The vegetables in the dishes are still crisp and their flavour adds perfectly to the rest of the ingredients. The meat (I usually eat chicken) is cooked to the point; it is soo tender, it’s unreal. That all culminates in a marvellously tasting curry/tandoori/any other dish (they are all great) that makes me say “oooooh” or “mmmmh” loudly after every bite. You are in such a food ecstasy that you really don’t care if any of the other guests hear you. You can’t help but express your relish.
        I usually go on a sunday, where they offer an all-you-can-eat-buffet. There is always soup (which I never eat, I’d rather go for the ‘proper’ stuff :P), a big pot of chicken curry in a creamy tomato sauce, a big pot of lamb curry and a big pot of a vegetable dish, Sometimes a veggie curry, sometimes chick peas with potatoes, other times peas with paneer (that lovely indian cheese) in a tasty sauce. There are plenty of side dishes, like a gorgeous mix of carrots, ginger and cauliflower. It’s cooked and seasoned so well, it tastes so wonderful I could eat it every day . Then of course plenty of fresh vegetables like broccoli, carrots, fresh tomatoes and plenty of breaded veggies (zucchini, potatoes, onion…) as well. They also have two dessert options. One is a vanilla pudding with added carrot pieces, raisins and I think cashews. Sounds weird, but works soooo well.
        I hope I’ve given you a sense of that food experience and yet everything I wrote was all still an understatement.

        1. well, I don’t know about anyone else here, but now I really AM salivating…somehow my Lean Cuisine Chicken dinner just doesn’t make the cut. No wonder you have been frequenting that place. I would too!! ooooooh, mmmmmmmh…..thank you for a marvelous description!!! Hope you can deliver to us even more in the future!!

    1. Adavai…thank you…I’m so pleased that you are enjoying this blog, including my music! I’m so grateful for the internet as a vehicle for sharing so many aspects of myself. Many blessings to you.💕💕💕

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