Things The Guru Never Taught You


One thing we have learned through this embodied enlightenment process is that the vibration of love is not what we thought it was.

We thought that by exercising that feeling of love towards others and towards ourselves it would bring everything beautifully into balance. And while ultimately it does, initially it disrupts the energies that it touches. That is why our bodies and our life seem to be falling apart. The energies are just re-organizing themselves in order to accommodate our Christ Consciousness.

We are told that as spiritual beings it is important to see ourselves as all one with others. We are taught to send the light and love out to others and to the rest of the world. But the truth is, all we need to do is love ourselves and that just naturally goes out into the environment. However, it does not mean necessarily that everything it touches will come back into balance. Have you noticed that your energies disrupt electronics sometimes:  either your computer or your car? That is how potent this radiance is. It can also affect other people, but not necessarily in the way we think it does.

We can affect the balance of energy as we walk into a room without really trying. Some people will sense that radiance and it will help them to feel more at peace. But others, especially those who have much within themselves that they have not addressed, will not like these energies at all.

Our radiance can throw them off energetically. So, they may decide to leave the room. They may decide to leave your apartment complex. They may decide to leave your job in which you work together. Or they may just try to avoid your presence.

What happens to them, and what they do with this energy is not your concern. Furthermore, if you try to inflict your agenda upon them, if you try to send peace and love to them, it does not necessarily assist them.

Perhaps they are not interested or ready to experience peace. Just as we do not wish for anybody to push their intentions upon us, we need to honor everyone else’s path. The prayers for world peace that the spiritual community believes is so necessary, is actually not based in love. It’s based in personal agenda.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with where the rest of the world is at regardless of how we may feel about it. Absolutely, it is a harsh and dense environment. And it does have a low consciousness compared to where we are at right now. But that does not mean there is anything wrong with where everybody is at. As the Master, it is not our place to decide what is best for anyone else. Our only job is to nurture our own Christ Consciousness.

And it is not our concern what our radiance does to anything or anyone else. We are not trying to exert our intentions on anyone. We are simply being ourselves and radiating out from our being. We are radiating a type of sensual joy that very few on this planet have experienced.

RADIANCE VS CARE-TAKINGangel-1212559_1920

It is important not to confuse your radiance with the old energy care-taking /nurturing patterns that you are releasing. Because when you dim your light in order to accommodate other people and try to make them feel more comfortable, that is not radiating your Christ Consciousness.

Wanting others to feel more comfortable, or wanting others to change in order for us to feel better is an old energy concept. We are absolutely letting go of that one. And the same goes for us wanting our body and our mind to be in perfect balance before we can feel the joy of our own Christ Consciousness. It simply does not work that way.

Allowing our body to be just as it is and allowing our mind to be just as it is. That is the new love. And that is what transforms everything.

The master is very discerning as to who and what they want to participate with. This whole notion of loving everyone and everything is an old energy concept. The only thing the Master is responsible for is their own self-love and their own radiance. This goes against everything we have been taught about spirituality. These are things the guru never taught us.

But what happens is, as we integrate everything that we are, our human and our divine, our masculine and or feminine, our dark and our light, we naturally are a presence by which everything around us becomes blessed.

the simple pleasures
The Master relaxing with some chips and Netflix


We are the template then for the new human. A human that is so in balance with themselves, so accepting of themselves and of life that they can’t help but be the role model. Others can then have an opportunity to be their own self nurturing and self loving energies.

And there is no way a being of that much love for self could possibly do harm to another.

Instead, they are a role model for a self-sufficient, self loving, peaceful, and passionate being. They are a role model for someone who does not need to go outside themselves to extract energy. Can you imagine a world in which everyone is their own source. They do not need to compete with each other, fight with each other for goods, for money, for position, or for love.

Others have their own role to play in this world, in the personal, community, social, business, and political arena. If you feel drawn to any of these areas and want to contribute that is absolutely up to you. But do not think for one moment that it is your obligation, or your job to heal or save anyone or anything else in this world.

The truth is, as long as you are nurturing your own radiance, there is really nothing specific you need to do other than what brings you joy. You can sit around all day and eat chocolates and watch Netflix, or you could build a business, teach classes, do any of a number of creative projects. It really does not matter.

In the new energy, goals and purpose are really irrelevant. It’s just a matter of what do you want to do? Because you are already fulfilled you see. You are becoming more and more in love with yourself, and on a soul level you already feel fulfilled. So whatever you decide to do is just a way of expressing that sense of fulfillment. So you are working from the inside out.  And ultimately, it’s just about enjoying the sensual nature of life itself.

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22 thoughts on “Things The Guru Never Taught You

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      1. Holly

        Hi Maria! I so love reading your blog, always a tone of calm reason, bringing one back home. Thank you! There’s so many gems here like…

        ‘The truth is, as long as you are nurturing your own radiance, there is really nothing specific you need to do other than what brings you joy. You can sit around all day and eat chocolates and watch Netflix, or you could build a business, teach classes, do any of a number of creative projects. It really does not matter.’

        It’s funny how simple it really is, maybe not always easy, but simple. I like too what Teal Swan said, something like, whenever in doubt about a situation ask yourself what would someone who loved themselves do, then do it’. Many of us seem to have come into dysfunctional, often abusive childhoods, or maybe they just felt that way because it wasn’t our ‘home’ energy. It’s hilarious in a way, I laugh at myself often; lets’ see here, let me stop and think… what would someone who loves them self do… Luckily it picked up speed after I got going.

        1. Holly, I’m so glad that you enjoy reading this blog. I sure do enjoy writing it and it’s so nice to hear that others find it soothing and comforting. And yes, simple does not always translate into easy, does it?

          And yes that is a perfect formula for making a decision, based on self-love.

          And if we are not sure, and we make a decision based on lack or fear, it seems we get kicked in the butt. So it’s almost as if we have less and less choice.

          Interesting perspective, about our early childhood not being comfortable for us because it was not our ‘home’ energy. And it seems, through this transformational process we are going through, that we are bringing home here within us now, within our own physical body. 💕💕💕

  2. I love this post Maria. I noticed a few weeks ago that I was shutting myself down when I felt the discomfort of others around me when I was being my joyful, happy self. I consciously chose to not do that anymore and I feel so much better. It initially made others more uncomfortable but now things seem to be balancing out and they are not so uncomfortable around me anymore, though now they are spending less time with me. It’s very interesting!

    1. Lindsay, yes it is interesting. You don’t have to ‘do’ anything to effect change – just be your radiant self. Then life simply reflects back to you more joy. Others get to choose how they want to respond to that. The ones that are uncomfortable will make themselves scarce. It’s a win-win. Kudos for allowing that self love to become real.

  3. Brilliant, Maria! Boy, does this cut to the chase of embodied enlightenment (so simple, but not easy). First comes unraveling, then comes allowing, then comes me and my I AM sittin’ in a baby carriage! 🙂 In other words, GET READY. THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!
    Thanks for this eloquent, poignant post!

  4. Annette

    Oh you’ve did it again my Maria, what a profound, and enlightening post! Thank you, and I think I will follow Sohlea’s lead!! 😊
    Love and Hugs 🌺💞🌺

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