Ascension: Feeling Lonely or Just Detached?

Photo by Maria Chambers

 Today at the café I was sitting with a couple of people who I see there pretty regularly. I would consider these people pretty entrenched in 3-D reality.  At first I was much more resistant to sitting with them, finding the company of others difficult, especially as I move more and more into my sovereignty.

 But as time went on I found that I was more OK with being with them from time to time for a little while. I don’t stop to ask why I was not attracting the company of others who were more in line with where I am at.  There are not very many in my community that I can sit across from with a cup of coffee.

The woman I was sitting with today talked about going to the mall and hanging out with a small group of people, but afterwards she would always feel depressed.  They spent too much time criticizing everyone.  She went on to say that she no longer associates with that group, but she did it because she would get lonely.

And at that moment I realized that the loneliness is something we had in common.   I realized that on a human level it can be very lonely when we are not feeling connected to our own soul. And even as I move into my mastery more and more, and as I feel more connected with my soul, I feel profoundly the chasm between me and the rest of humanity.

 The loneliness I do feel from time to time is not charged with the same heaviness as in the past. So maybe a better word would be alone.   Detached. And I would say it’s a healthy detachment. It’s a healthy detachment from the old-energy world.  It’s not layered with sadness or even anger.

The reality is that I can no longer relate to the consciousness of that world outside my door. So where does that leave me?

Well thankfully, I am creating, along with others, a new reality in which I can reside.  It’s a reality in which my eternal self is involved. It is a reality in which my soul lives.  And within this newly forming reality, I have access to the physical world and all the objects within it. All its natural beauty is still there.  And I can interact with that world in a way that I never was able to before. Through my soul’s presence.

All of my physical and multi-dimensional senses are awakened in this new reality.  So I can enjoy the moments in my day on a real sensual level.   One way to describe it is, it’s one thing for an artist to create a sculpture or a series of sculptures and paintings, and it’s entirely another for that artist to dive into those creations and experience them from within them, on such an intimate level.

And that is what is happening now in our embodied enlightenment.

Our soul is diving into its own creations.   And not just the physical biology that it is immersed within. It also encompasses the physical environment in which it finds itself.

Artwork by Maria Chambers


If you look around you will notice that most people are not really in their bodies. They’re not really appreciating their bodies, enjoying their bodies and generally not aware of, on a sensual, visceral level, their surroundings.  But this is to be expected,  especially if they are not connected to their own God-Selves, but instead reside to one degree or another in their minds.

 And in terms of detaching in a healthy way, our mind remains that final frontier.

 Just as we are detaching from the world outside our door, so we are doing the same with the emotions generated from our mind. From the worries, doubts and concerns of our human personality.   This is an essential step in our embodied enlightenment. It doesn’t mean that those emotions are not present, although their presence does diminish over time.   But we begin to identify more and more with our true self, and as that happens, our feelings are much more in line with that self.

We begin to feel more relaxed, more carefree.  A new passion emerges for simply enjoying life.  We find ourselves living more in the moment, doing things that give us a feeling of joy, even if they don’t fit into the expectations of what we were taught was important.  To our mind it may not seem productive, yet this is the way of the new energy.

Gradually the boredom and the sense of being alone disappear and life has a renewed quality to it.

As long as we are in human form we will have the mind to contend with, but its influence will become less and less of a distraction. We are moving into a profound place in which we are an integrated being.  it doesn’t mean we lose our humanness.  We do not annihilate our ego, or obliterate our personality.  It all becomes a much more balanced and harmonious energy.  Our masculine and feminine, our human and divine.

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15 thoughts on “Ascension: Feeling Lonely or Just Detached?

  1. elizabethsadhu

    Thank you for this!!! Dear Sistar Goddess!!!!
    Oh yes! Oh yes!
    “We begin to feel more relaxed, more carefree.  A new passion emerges for simply enjoying life.  We find ourselves living more in the moment, doing things that give us a feeling of joy, even if they don’t fit into the expectations of what we were taught was important.  To our mind it may not seem productive, yet this is the way of the new energy.” And ironically I have been so present in the NOW since the new administration. 🙂

    I just went back again to read your reading for me, interestingly exactly a year ago. It was so spot on and makes me feel good every time I read it. Thanks again!

    YOu mentioned safety in it, which is so interesting as this is something I have been studying lately. Perfection.

    Thanks tons for sharing your beautiful art with the world! thanks for sharing and BEING YOU!

    love you,

    1. Oh dear sistar goddess….It’s an honor to be connected with you and your beautiful energies. Those joyful, lighthearted energies. And it is interesting about the new administration, because it’s got so many folks in an uproar, but maybe that’s just part of what is needed. Catalysts of change come in many forms, especially the ones that appear to be the enemy of freedom. And I’m so glad you enjoy the artwork, because it gives me so much pleasure to create and share them. Love to you Elizabeth.

  2. So well said, Maria!
    I especially love “Gradually the boredom and the sense of being alone disappear and life has a renewed quality to it.” I think I am on the brink of feeling exactly that. After the latest influx of (eclipse) energies, I feel like us front-runners have stepped across a threshold where more of the totality of our ‘inner being’ is now residing in the new energy than the old. The process of leaving the old energy is brutal, but for anyone brave enough to make the trek and arrive at this precipice, a fear-free, blissful frequency awaits. I got a sustained glimpse of it the other day. Woo hoo!!!
    Thanks for sharing your incredible insight!

  3. Thank you very much for this post. I have been experiencing very similar feelings of loneliness, even isolation. I agree with Lisa – since the eclipse something has shifted. I feel more like I am coming into an awareness of who I really am. Within that I am finding greater strength to be in the world but not of it. That carefree feeling you write of is beginning to emerge.

    1. Suzanne…You are so welcome! I don’t consciously follow the energy updates, but I’m glad they are available so that we can see we are not experiencing this as an isolated incident type thing. Admittedly I have also been feeling something shifting and as Lisa pointed out, we have crossed the threshold. Its good to hear you are experiencing more of who you are. This is no small thing. We need to acknowledge and celebrate each of these experiences because they are profound and significant.Thanks for sharing.

      1. I’m a bit of an energy update junkie unfortunately. I do feel isolated where I live and sometimes really need the input of others aware of the incoming energies to help me sort out what’s going one. The eclipse does seem to have shifted something. One thing I’ve been finding over the last couple of weeks is that the interconnection between us all is growing stronger. Thanks for your reply. I really appreciate it.

        1. You’re most welcome, Suzanne…and when you think about it, what we are doing here is amazing. it’s no coincidence that the internet came into being at a time on the planet when like-souled beings needed to connect with each other, to love and support each other throughout this process. Yes you are spot on, the interconnection is growing stronger with those of us in the forefront of this transformation from human to divine human. By design we all decided that we could do this embodied enlightenment thing as a group. While ascension is totally individual and sacred,, and one’s enlightenment is a private experience between our human self and our divine self, gone are the days when the journey of ascending has to be such a solitary undertaking.

  4. raisedinlove

    I was just reflecting on this topic. When I just got my passport I realized I had no one I could clearly choose as an emergency contact, parents deceased, husband now a wasband, few friends I am close to are so far away geographically they did not make sense to use and I felt a pang of self pity. Later I was lost in comparison for about two minutes, thinking the wasband had more belonging then I did since he recently remarried. But I swear only for a few minutes till I KNEW the deep belonging to MYSELF surpassed any external belonging. To feel at home in my own skin, holy cow, how amazing is that? Yet I have now decided to add to my community by reaching out to like hearted people near and far. Just had a potential soul sister over to my house yesterday, yahoo! And using this post to give me the courage to reach out to a potential soul brother. Almost all my closer relationships are with women, ready to add some male energy. And YES to the sensual nature of skin coming alive.

      1. Savannah….wonderful! It’s nice to have a male in our life who is also a balanced energy. And I know what you are saying vis a vis the emergency number. I kind of don’t want to be anyone’s emergency number….too much responsibility!!! 😏

  5. Thank you, your words helped me govong me hope in a period of so much overwhelming change but I no you most probably sat alone on an old lounge deep in thought of many lives lessons having evolved with enlightenment only to realise the 3D friends, job, relationship just doesn’t satisfy anymore nice to no there’s new friends to be found in 5D 🙂

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