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The Advanced Guard: Claim Your Magnificence

Artwork by Maria Chambers

As I observe folks, get to know them and look at their personal history, I see that for the most part they are pretty established in their patterns.  Much of what they do and think is in lock-step with the rest of humanity.  They may come from different cultures, races and are male or female genders, But their basic human patterns are based in duality.

Very few humans recognize their own soul. Continue reading


I Don’t Care

Art by Maria Chambers

When I am in this state of pure bliss, I don’t care about my dirty car, or about the state of affairs in the world.  Or even about the state of my own body, or finances.  When I am blissed out, I don’t care about my family and friends, and I certainly don’t care about my history, my old story, my ancestors, or my spiritual family back home. Continue reading


Awakening And Comfort Zones

Artwork by Maria Chambers

Many of us are noticing that if we insist on remaining in our old comfort zones, of doing things from a place of lack, we get nowhere, or worse.  It seems we can no longer get away with it.  Of course this is a good sign and it means we are awakening more to our expanded selves.  But it’s pushing us to stand out more.  And there is still a part of us that is concerned about doing that, about how we will be viewed by our brothers and sisters who still reside in the matrix, and whose feet are firmly planted in struggle.

But we are clearly being asked to choose.  Because one choice brings us in alignment, and the other sets us up for more discomfort.  It seems we can no longer straddle the fence.

Not that there are any wrong choices, because it all leads us to our enlightenment, back to Ourself. Continue reading