Ascension: It’s LONELY At The Top (Or Is It?)

For those of us who elected to transform, in this one lifetime, from human to divine human, it can get dicey.  We can no longer relate to the 3D world any more.  That game is over for us.  There are fewer and fewer people in our life we can have a relationship with.  Yet, we have not yet established completely the relationship we desire with our eternal self, our own soul.

By design, we have the support of other like-souled people, at least virtually for now.  And those numbers are growing, but not to the degree that would feel like the rest of humanity gets it.

But we came in as leaders, way showers and teachers of the new consciousness.  That is by definition a rather solitary undertaking.  And by that I mean we are not going out there and connection with millions of others, high fiving each other in solidarity.

But then, we really never did feel like we were part of that world, the one in which there is no real recognition of the soul self.  We went through the motions, taking on an ordinary life, having ordinary issues, to familiarize ourselves with what the rest of humanity is going through.

And along the way, some of us got lost in that world, and forgot why we came here in this lifetime.  Some continue to play in duality, and some left the planet.

So there’s a core group of us left who are determined enough, stubborn enough, and crazy enough to stick it out and see what happens.

We are unique because we have gone through the worst of the worst.  We have broken down.  We have lost things, people, comfort zones.  We have faced the deepest and darkest of our fears.  Oh, make no mistake, we continue to do so to a degree, but we have traversed the underbelly of the ascension dragon.

And that’s why we can no longer relate to most others in our life anymore.  Unless they too have experienced this, we are on a different plane of existence than they are.  We can feel the chasm growing wider and wider.  It’s almost as if we have died, have come back in spirit form, and are waving our hands in front of these people, but they can’t see us.  They are thinking of us, of our former self before we died.  But they simply can’t see or relate to the new version of us.

And that’s appropriate.  Why would they?  They are following their path, and are just where they need to be.  We were there, too.  We couldn’t see things right in front of our noses because we were not ready.

Drawing by Maria Chambers


The awakening process is like a pyramid.  At its base, the beginning stages of awakening, there are millions of people.  They are in honeymoon phase, in which they are attracted to various books, modalities, and teachings.  They are excited that there is something more than this existence, and they can’t wait to spread the word.

You find many others you can talk to, philosophize with about enlightenment, ascension and being on the spiritual path.  You feel like all is possible.

As you move up the pyramid, you are deeper into your process, and things in your life begin to break down, and you are confused.  You thought that being spiritual would bring you from 3D reality right to better health, more abundance, more love and life would just get better and better.  In fact, that is what the teachings seemed to espouse.

You know, think positive thoughts, and good things will come your way.

But, as you move up the pyramid, things seem to get worse and worse.  Maybe your health fails, you lose your job, you lose money, relationships go away.  You discover, as you find various sources of information, that this is a natural part of this transformational process.  That we need to release anything that is not compatible with our newly forming consciousness.

Quite a few people leave the planet at this point.  They are not willing to go through quite so extreme a transformation, having their comfort zones ripped away from them.  Some who stay chose to slow down or stop their process.  Instead they remain in 3D, keeping busy, staying in drama.

As we move up the ascension pyramid, even more people fall away.  We are more solitary, have less interest in relationships that are based on the old duality.  And now we have the next challenge.  To face our deepest fears.  To face our doubt, our sadness, our depression, our guilt.  Our anger.  Our boredom.  To accept those in ourself.  Not to run from them.  To understand that these emotions are not who we are.

And we are beginning to invite our soul in more deeply.  Which helps to offset the loneliness we are beginning to feel.  We begin to taste the joy of our soul.  We are experiencing in a tangible way, what it is like to be here in these bodies on this earth as our soul.  Even if it’s just glimpses for now.  We realize things do not have to be resolved physically or emotionally before we can experience spirit in action…that feeling of passion for simply being here as our soul.

So we ascend further, and we feel even more profoundly the chasm between us and our family, friends, community, humanity.

At this level, there are even fewer fellow-pioneers.  That’s because to get to this place one has gone through a deep transformation on many levels.  They are committed to themselves TOTALLY.  They are not so concerned with what anyone else thinks of them.  They are the most important relationship in their life.

Not too many people are strong enough to make that commitment.

But at this point, you recognize who you are, and that you have everything you need within yourself.  You know that the training wheels are off.  You are becoming the self loving, sovereign and joyful master.  You really do not need the rest of humanity to get it.  The loneliness is slowly replaced with a feeling of fulfillment at the deepest level.

Drawing by Maria Chambers

And you recognize it’s not so much a climb as an unfolding.  In fact you could turn the pyramid upside down, because it’s more of a going deeper process, than a going higher process.  You realize it’s not about struggling but allowing.  And you also know that you have paved the way for the others who follow.  It will make their opening up to spirit easier.


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67 thoughts on “Ascension: It’s LONELY At The Top (Or Is It?)

        1. Absolutely, Suzanne…Being in the world but not of the world. It’s kind of exciting when you think about it. Because we are also leaving behind the old, heavy baggage. We can enjoy life on this planet in a lighter vehicle, physically and emotionally. Meanwhile, it’s always hardest on the forerunners, the first to have to go through it to get to the other side.

          1. Yep, I agree with all of that. It’s not an easy journey but I’m beginning to feel that something really big is shifting right now. We are moving into a new phase I think. It’s getting much lighter and clearer.

          2. Good to hear…we have turned a corner. There has definitely been a major shift. I’m hearing that from a few people. A substantial lightening. I notice in my own experience the heavy emotions are pretty much gone. It’s such a relief not to carry around so much heaviness. What remains is sometimes an impatience, with my physical issues and with lower energies out there. But not that terrible drama I used to feel….

          3. Yep, the body is struggling a bit right now. My energy is down. Being in nature helps. The lower energies are strong right now. I spent the day writing about archons and how we can free ourselves from those thought forms. Still much more to write but not today – my fingers are sore. Great to chat with you. It’s wonderful to feel a few of us are finally connecting up with each other.

          4. Yes, there seems to be a general fatigue among many right now, and right, nature is a great healer and balancer for sure…it’s the vertical connection rather than the horizontal one (from human to human). I love taking walks, especially at night around here…there is a nature preserve out back and the energies from it feel tremendously grounding and comforting. Ok, interesting you say the energies are down, and I’ll add, intense out there…so it’s wonderful we can find ways to retreat and connect with ourselves. And yes,with each other💕💛😍

  1. raisedinlove

    And we are beginning to invite our soul in more deeply. Which helps to offset the loneliness we are beginning to feel. We begin to taste the joy of our soul.

    Yes, so my experience and now slowly actually out and about again. Let’s see what new connections arise. DEfinitely not for the faint of heart.

  2. sweet pea

    yes so true Maria, i can’t say i feel lonely at all anymore :\ …mostly cause i just wanna be left alone lol. partly because i can’t be in world’s energy anymore, but also cause i need the space and peace to go through this.

    i’m not quite here…

    “taste the joy of our soul”

    but i do feel like i’ve let go of the need to need people. and i do feel like a desire to be around others will come back different when it comes back, in that it will come from that “taste the joy of our soul”… like just being healthy and happy and loving myself and will give me a want to share my energy with others who feel that for themselves too and want to do the same. 💜

    i am with y’all on the impatience tho 😥

    1. Well said, sweet pea, and that’s a big one isn’t it, about not needing others in that old dysfunctional way anymore. Because most humans are still there, looking outside themselves to feel fulfilled, whether it’s from another person, group, job, or whatever. So don’t underestimate that in yourself.

      And I’m with you on wanting to be left alone….even at the coffee shop I like just sitting by myself, but you know the story, I have to move others along who want to sit with me….more and more it’s just so damned uncomfortable…but they are sensing that I am not into the conversations, which for the most part are a regurgitation of yesterday’s story. They are not interested in getting out of victim mode. And I’m not interested in spending time with them.

      1. sweet pea

        yes so true. 😦 i know this would sound silly (probably even self-important?) to people who haven’t taken this journey, but i feel like just not needing or asking anyone of anything is a gift to others.

        1. It IS a gift to others!! And right, they probably will not understand it from their perspective of, “doesn’t everyone need someone?” But yes, whatever is right for us, benefits ALL OF CREATION. I think the hardest thing for me in this lifetime was releasing that old role of caretaking others….of not needing others in my life that I had to be there for. Letting go of that guilt. It has been such a big part of a woman’s identity.

      2. sweet pea

        yesss ma’am 😦

        it’s so funny cause in the last couple years it’s made some songs i’ve heard my whole life suddenly a bit unbearable to listen to lol… like remember that song “Lean On Me”?? i CANT listen to it haha! soooo silly, but if it ever comes on the radio i HAVE to turn it off immediately… like it has cooties! i feel like a complete jerk… but i can’t take the codependence!

        1. oh yes, sweet pea…me too! Most of the so called love songs are downright depressing, aren’t they? The melodies and the voices of the singers are often superb, but the content, yuck!!! So no, I can’t take them either…sometimes in a department store they are playing them through the PA system, and I wish they didn’t have any music at all, or would play something more upbeat…oh well, thank god for headphones.

      3. sweet pea

        yes same here! it bums me out cause it’s songs i loooove but the lyrics mess me up now 😦

        one of my faaaavorite songs in the whole world is this song by a guy named Ray LaMontagne called ‘Country Girl’, and i loooove it, but there is one tiny lyric in it where he says “Just like you I could sure use someone to lean on”… ug! i can’t with the codependence!! haha so silly.

        some of my other very favorite bands have had to fall to the wayside for now cause i just can’t take the mess about and dysfunction lolzzzz

        1. sweet pea, I was just thinking, there is one song on my album, “Smell The Roses” the only one that is not original, “Stormy Weather” that I have always loved, maybe because I love Lena Horne, who lived in my neighborhood where I grew up (Newark, N.J.) But I loved the ways she sang it. So I re-did it in my style, and of course it’s a woman lamenting life without her man. But what I feel is, it’s a woman who feels lost without her Divine Masculine within. Which is what we are all going through now, re-uniting the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. They are finally coming into balance. And all these songs are people projecting their own sense of disconnection from their own inner man or woman….but anyway just some musings…and really, I don’t even listen to THAT one much anymore!!

      4. sweet pea

        yes Maria, i totally try to do that too! like reframe the meaning so the songs i love so much don’t have to go 😀 …also i guess sometimes if it’s only like one line or 2 i’ll just mumble-sing that part so i can pretend it’s not there lollll 💜

  3. Holly

    Dear Maria, O M G! You so eloquently stated my journey! The lonliness I had been feeling for a wile now; and low and behold just 2 days ago my soul intermingled in such a way that the feeling of lonliness turned into fulfillment abd completion without requiring an external to make it happen. After reading you so perfectly describing my and your other readers’ experience, I feel apart of a community again. Thank you so much Maria!

    Sincerely, Holly

    PS, I did notice that right before fulfillment kicked in I consciously created that feeling cuz I got tired of waiting.

    1. Holly, kudos!!! That is wonderful!! And to know that those moments with our soul become more and more, until the disconnect becomes a place we spend less and less time in…yes, it’s always a conscious choice…

  4. elizabethsadhu

    Reblogged this on elizabethsadhu and commented:
    So perfect! Well said. I have felt alone my whole life. The one person who totally got me and all this stuff passed into another dimension last October 15. He and I talked on the phone 1-3 times a week for 40 years!! I talk to him in a different way now. 🙂 ❤

    Thanks! I have often said that I am the largest onion on the face of the planet…..I just keep peeling….heehee… I love coming here since I don't feel so alone. muah

    I found this video, probably many have seen it. It speaks to me on a huge larger level…..not just women's rights, all rights. WE are ONE!

    I am at the stage now of being completely at peace with me……loving my company. I seek out my own company….. 🙂 …..and I will not shut up anymore. I am on fire……so so so excited about all that is happening. All the healing…..

    Yesterday I feel like I graduated from some good shit. yay!

    Love you all!!!!

    1. Elizabeth…first, I’m happy to hear you are still connecting with your friend now that they are on the other side. Relationships sometimes grow stronger when one has transitioned out of the physical body and personality.

      I can’t access the video from my iPad, so when I get home I’ll view it on my mac computer.

      And wooohooo for not shutting up any more!!!!!! We need more role models of spirit in action…of feeling the fire of our soul and going out there and expressing it….

      Lovve to you dear siSTAR….and thank you for reblogging on elizabethsadhu

    2. Great video….thanks for sharing, Elizabeth….interesting because it reminds me of my women in my art…most of them expressing themselves…mouths open, not afraid to speak their truth, and to just be their authentic selves….not holding back. Daring to feel fully their ecstatic joy of life, IN THEIR BODIES.

  5. Kat

    “sometimes in a department store they are playing them through the PA system, and I wish they didn’t have any music at all, or would play something more upbeat…oh well, thank god for headphones.”

    Maria, exactly!! When the music is crap I sometimes leave the store because I can’t stand it. Either because it’s a whiny “I love you, don’t leave me” type of song or one of the contemporary crap that is being produced in this day and age that has nothing to do with proper music anymore. Ugh! And yeah almost all love songs are codependent rubbish 😀
    I wonder what would happen if an artist released a self love song, no song about narcissim but real self love. The world probably wouldn’t get it yet

    1. I like your word, rubbish! So funny! But yeah, it is. I also like to call it treacle. Well, I know this amazing new energy musician…what’s her name…..Maria Chambers is it? She hasn’t hit the charts yet (you are right, the world isn’t quite ready yet for that.) but she has a few self love songs in her repertoire. Tell you what. I’ll put a couple in the music player here on the site later. 🎼🎹

      1. Kat

        I love your music, so soothing (your blog name fits perfectly), but musicians like you are too avant garde for the current world, although we desperately need more music like yours in the charts to raise our vibrations and just make us feel good and spread positive messages!

        1. Agreed, Kat. We need more enlightened music, art, movies, tv shows….across the board. It gets frustrating at times when I realize that I have nothing left to watch on Netflix or Amazon. Nothing that I can relate to much anymore…I can certainly appreciate the genres, the writing,the acting and the cinematography….but the content…there is so little there that relates to where we are at now as ascending masters. It would be nice to experience some newness in the messages, for sure.

      2. elizabethsadhu

        YAY! I have been hearing about that fabulous woman and musician, Maria Chambers…………………………..Wooohooooo!

      3. Annette

        I went to My Maria’s Multimedia Room yesterday, just needed to chill with some good soulsoothingsounds!!! It worked, and I love your style!! I also listened to/read “Your Graduation”……the first time You shared this I cried, SO damn powerful!! Hey, no biggie if not, but do you think I could share that in a couple of my private groups? I think it is just perfect, and feel many in the group would as well! 😘

        1. My Annette…so glad you enjoyed the multimedia room! Of course, feel free to share the Graduation video. You can copy and paste the YouTube link. I believe you can embed it in Facebook, not sure about other places. Let me know if it doesn’t work. Here’s the link.

          Oops..looks like it just embeds the video. If you follow the video to YouTube and copy the link, you can use it.

  6. elizabethsadhu

    I am cracking up about music you are all talking about….I hear you! I love to take existing songs and change the words. 🙂 ❤

    And then I remembered that I wanted to share with you Maria, and anyone else who is interested, that my dear mentor who went to another dimension last October was named Michael. He immediately came to me and was with his beloved AA Michael. They call themselves the M & M's to me……AND they are blissfully silly and joy filled.

    My Michael is so so so happy to be done with his physical body and did not realized how freeing it could be. He had lots of challenges being in physical form.

    Anyway, I had been getting messages that I am a Medium. He had been telling me years ago that I could do that kind of work. I then connected with a woman on the train last November (we were going from Portland, Oregon to Iowa to take care of my hubby's parents.) I woke up on the train and thought, "wouldn't that be fun if I met someone I could talk to about angels, etc today?"

    My hubby and I like to hang out in the observation car. I noticed a woman come in. She sat behind us. I then heard her tell someone that she was on her way to Standing Rock. I swiveled around immediately and started talking to her. We talked for 7 hours straight. She is Native American and was going to support her family-tribe-people. She is the most gifted astrologer I have ever met.

    She told me that it was time to come out as a Psychic and Medium and she called me a Spirit Translator. She told me that I was very gifted. Anyway, it was a most significant day for us both. We spent all day doing readings for each other. I communicated with her dad. etc.

    Now I am not quite sure I told you this whole story but there it is.

    Much love to you/us all!!!

    Maybe because you have always been so understanding and encouraging, Maria!

    love you, E

    1. First off, Elizabeth, your story about meeting the woman on the train…gave me goose bumps…’s so cool getting confirmation like that….even an advanced soul like yourself…….and its so interesting about your mentor, Michael, and AA Michael… I know the story behind the M &Ms…so cool!! And, it’s also interesting, because I have been working with Archangel Michael through Robert Theiss, who lives just outside of Portland, Oregon…..

      And thank you for sharing about your Michael feeling relieved to shed his physical body…that’s comforting to hear, and what I suspected when transitioning out of this reality. Especially when the body is having a hard time keeping up with all these changes in consciousness.

      And thank you greatly for plugging me on your FB page. Love to you dear siSTAR….💕💚

      1. elizabethsadhu

        I have been working with AA Michael for several years and he is ALWAYS funny with me and my Michael loved him. I was greatly comforted to hear that they are together right now and having such a jolly time! They are often giggling, holding their tummies with laughter, kicking up their heels, etc. Beautiful joyful SILLY! The M & M’s are my dear delightful companions……

        How fun you are working with someone in Oregon! I moved from Portland a year ago and we are living in Corvallis right now which suits me better. Not such overwhelming energy and number of humans…….I will have to check Robert Theiss out. I just signed up to do the webinar tomorrow. Good timing. I admit to being slightly biased about how other’s connect with AAM, since how I hear him is so joyful and silly……heehee 🙂 I am curious.

        You are very welcome about my plugging you. My absolute divine pleasure and joy. Your reading was one of the best I have ever received……I just don’t go down that path anymore (asking folks for readings) ……and I am sure you know why…….

        Thanks for listening and so much love to you, dear Sistar! Muah

        1. Elizabeth, wonderful that you have moved to a less populated place. I hear that Oregon has a nice diversity to it in terms of types of people?

          …it’s interesting because Robert Theiss has been channelling AA Michael and Yeshua for years, and recently he announced that he will no longer be channelling them…that he is just being himself…and yet when he does (or did) channel them, it was so seamless that he moved out of Robert into them. I haven’t connected with him or the webinars (which are amazing) in a while since his announcement, so I wonder how he presents them now….

          And my experience with AA Michael is also that he is not at all the serious archangel, yet wise and loving. I find he and Yeshua to be incredible companions and friends. They are very direct. So cool that you experience them so wonderfully and joyfully, but then again that’s who YOU are!!!…there has been just too much seriousness portrayed in the angelic world! One can do one’s job without being a stick in the mud.

          And Love to you too dear Elizabeth

          1. elizabethsadhu

            HI Maria—I just received the confirmation email from Robert Theiss regarding the webinar. It asks for questions for Michael……

            Agree about AA Michael. He does seem to come through similar, makes sense, to the person’s energy. I also hear from Jeshua at times, called Jubal to me. He told me he is all the incarnations of Jesus. I love that you reference him as my dear Michael gave himself the middle name Jeshua so that he was named for AA Michael and Jeshua. And used the last name Lincoln as he loved Abraham Lincoln, also.

            I am slightly giggling at your description of Oregon…..Some people may think it is diverse, but as a human who was born and partly raised in Berkeley, California, I will have to say NO! But a lot of nice folks, all the same. Portland is a little more diverse……slightly.

            Thanks for this lovely correspondence. I SO appreciate you!

            love love love to you Sistar Goddess!

  7. Robert Theiss

    Hmmm…the him Self is Mikael, AA Michael and Yeshua are but an aspect of that presence:) Great work your sharing here Maria!!

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  10. I read this whole thing and I relate completely I haven’t gave up. I continue to improve day by day. What you described about uncomfortable things happening in the process and at the end the pyramid falls. I’m to that point now, I don’t really care.

    I express my self though my art, I’m going to share my philosophies and thoughts soon. Check my page out if you would like.

    Also thanks for spreading the word loved the article!!

    1. Brandon, I enjoyed visiting your website…your artwork is obviously such a beautiful expression and meditation for you. Wonderful and dynamic pieces. Congratulations. Yes, it is so vital to express our soul. I can’t imagine my life without expressing my soul through art, writing and music. It’s sad really when you hear that budget cuts in schools start with art and the humanities. At least here in the USA. priorities are skewed. I look forward to your written word on your website. 💕

  11. Kat

    Just listenend to your song here (You are my destiny) and wow I love it! Beautiful. Just wish it was longer, like 30min 😀

  12. Jo3377

    Hello Maria, first of all thank you for your blog. I just discovered it. I appreciate that you talk about all the stuff one seems to encounter while ascending and not only the positive, happy sides of it, as in some other material about ascension (where I first got the impression that everything was going to be simple and easy once the awakening had started).

    Thank you for this article aswell, it really gave me a new perspective about what the Ascension process involves and why I feel so lonely lately, instead of “One with All-that-Is” as I expected to… 😛

    When you say that as the ascension process unfolds more and more people leave the planet or fall away, do you mean that some of them die or choose to commit suicide due to the hardships of this process?

    I’m trying to understand this part of the ascension process, now that I realize that there is no guarantee that this ends well (from an earthly perspective) for everyone that is on the path.

    Thank you Maria! ❤

    1. Jonathan…I’m always happy to hear that fellow ascenders can relate to the content here. Yes, you are right, so much of the ascension material focuses on looking for the positive and focusing on only the light and unity consciousness. But we are discovering that ascension, enlightenment, awakening…we can call it different things….is about bringing back together the light and the so called dark. It’s recognizing that even the fears, the doubts, the sadness, the anger and hopelessness…all originate from the light. This process is about acknowledging those emotions, but ultimately not making them our truth. It takes time, and it takes patience for our human self.

      To answer your question, some people do leave the planet before their enlightenment, perhaps dying from an accident or a disease, and some transition more easily…depending on the individual and their particular soul desire and human desire. There may be a decision to come back here when the energies are easier to deal with. Some have decided this will be their last lifetime, and they are wanting to stick it out in spite of the hardships. But I believe that there is no dishonor in either decision. Being here in this capacity is very difficult at times. Some may just slow down the process because it’s just too much on their system. I believe that if someone has had enough and feels that they want to leave, it’s best to accept that, and to come to peace with it. Because it’s better to move on from anything, either here on Earth, whether it’s a job or a relationship, or going to the next adventure in the other realms…it’s better to leave from a place of peace with ourself.

      Personally, I have thought of checking out a few times, but then I decided that I wanted to at least get a good taste of my divinity, a taste of what life feels like through my soul’s perspective first. In other words I want to leave on a kind of high note, not from a place of anger and deep disappointment.

      And that seems to be unfolding for me, as I just continue to love myself and accept where I am at, and invite my soul in on a daily basis. The drama from my mind takes more of a back seat, and the joy of being here with my soul takes the drivers seat more and more. It truly does get easier. And I appreciate those who are also here in love and support of each other. My blessings.🌹💕💕

  13. Jo3377

    Thank you for your comprehensive and kind answer to my question Maria… I myself have been thinking of leaving this crazy planet a few times recently. It helps to know that you also have been through this and yet have made the decision to stay. I’m glad you did. Your presence through this blog is very helpful to me.

    I wonder how you came to have this deep understanding of such matters.

    I just read your article “Is it time to dumb down?” hahaha thanks for that one too, the part with the graph is hilarious…

    I’ll keep reading some more, I feel at home here 😀

    Thanks Maria, many blessings to you and please keep up your great work ! 🙂


    1. Jonathan…the fact that you can still laugh about this process is a really good sign…it means yes, you are devoted to the process, but you also know on a deep level that all is well. Glad you enjoyed the humor….comic relief really does have a way of moving stuck energies.

      And it’s great to hear you feel at home here!!! Your energies are welcome and you are among friends.💕


  15. Interesting. I guess I needed to see this post this evening. I had always felt alone, but not lonely per se’. Now, I can feel a bit lonely at times, but the thought of spending time with anyone other than when I have to can be troubling, so I remain non-committal. I generally come up with an excuse as to why I am unable to engage. Unfortunately, I have had to address the guilt I carry due to this at times. Major conundrum. : )

    1. Pocahontas, I can relate. I am at the same point where I would rather be alone, even occasionally lonely, than spend time with others who I simply can’t relate to on that deeper level. It’s interesting you use the word non committal. I’ve been thinking about that myself lately, In fact I have written a post called ‘Company Without Committment’ but haven’t published it yet.

      And the guilt you speak of is of course something that especially as women we have been burdened with for eons of time. Guilt, pain and suffering… the DNA of most women to one degree or another.

      And we’re in the process of letting all of it go which is why it’s coming up now for so many of us. It’s not serving us. I have been releasing guilt and have found that it’s so liberating on a physical and emotional level.

      To no longer feel responsible for how others feel. Brand new world I tell you!!!! Brand new way of being. It’s surreal. Especially as a women, and having to contend with guilt in most of my relationships. And what I find interesting is when the guilt is absent, I discover some of those relationships have no basis anymore.

      1. elizabethsadhu

        Thank you Maria and Pocahontas. Well said.

        I just released a “friend” who I love but I was exhausted after every interaction and was avoiding the phone calls.


        Does it bring me joy? Yes or no. Easy as pie…..heehee, and then getting out the big scissors to cut that guilt.

        1. Kudos, dear Elizabeth….yes, when it gets to the place where we are dreading the call or the visit, it’s definitely a sign.

          I have discovered that it’s most important to release the guilt, or to at least put it in the background, or we will just keep attracting the relationships in which it gets triggered.

          So we’re talking about a groundbreaking transition here, dear ladies…letting go of a role we have played for….well forever…so if it feels challenging, it always is for the first ones going through the vortex into the new.

          Kudos to us all!!!

          1. I also want to add…for me, it helps to remind myself that those we are releasing also are creating the situation. Sometimes a soul wants to be ‘abandoned’ to work out their own issues.

            And often those people will make us responsible for how they feel…but they already felt abandoned, or whatever they were feeling. They may be playing victim, and are energy vampires when it comes to needing to be fed by others.

            So on a soul level they just keep playing it out in their relationships until they acknowledge their feelings of abandonment with self love.

            They may not be ready to do that, but it’s certainly not our job to figure that out.

            And, the benefits of letting go of that old role is our emotions and our bodies benefit.

  16. Katharina Harer

    I am starting to feel the desire again to be around others. However, have not found anyone yet who can vibe on my level like my animals. I hope these likened souls find a way to us soon.

    1. Katharina, it’s very challenging at times and I agree, animals, some children, and nature are our refuge and help to revitalize us. Nature especially is very healing because it doesn’t ask for anything in return. It’s a balanced energy. Some call it a vertical connection, whereas with humans it’s a horizontal one.

      In any case, it can be a solitary path at times. It’s always hardest on those in the forefront of change.

      Many blessings

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