It’s A Nice Place To Visit…

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Most people wait until the weekend, or until they retire, which is at the absolute end of their physical lifespan…to just enjoy life. And even then, most truly don’t know how to enjoy life.  They never did.  Admittedly, it took me a long time to allow myself to begin to enjoy life, and not just at designated times.

But whenever I went on a vacation, when visiting a different town, city, state, and even country, I generally enjoyed myself.  I would take in the newness, the people, the vistas, and I remember savoring the experience.  Some people like covering as much ground as possible, as they check off their itinerary.  Their to-do and to-see list.

I favored sitting at the local cafe, restaurant, or bar…and just mingling with the locals.  It was more a savoring than a checklist and snapping photos for Facebook.

But as much as I enjoyed those visits, I had to ask myself of each of those destinations, even though they were nice places to visit, “Would I really want to live there?”  The answer was usually, “No.  Not really.”

After a few days, I was more than ready to come home.

This lifetime, and dare I say, for many lifetimes, we became so deeply entrenched in our visit to this Planet, as was appropriate.  We wanted to experience it here as a native…in other words, we wanted to have as deep a human experience as possible.  And we did.

We became entrenched in our identity as Mary, Joe, or whomever we were named.   We became deeply entangled in relationships with family, friends, lovers, mates.  We got caught up in jobs, careers, shoulds and obligations.

Essentially, we forgot that we were just visiting.

But now, as we awaken, and we release our old story, our identities, we begin to feel the way we were meant to feel….that we truly are not a native here, but we are passing through.  We wanted to experience ourselves in this environment, take on various roles, but we never intended to move here, taking up residence.

Now, as we become more familiar with our true nature, as we shed our feelings of obligation, and shoulds, we are beginning to experience being here as a tourist, a visitor of sorts…not really a part of these places, but now able to enjoy the experience of being here.

We no longer feel trapped here.  Stuck here.  We no longer identify so much with the local customs.  Why should we?  We’re just visiting.  We can enjoy the ways of the residents and natives of each locale, we can even participate in those ourselves if it seems like fun…why not?

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When visiting Greece, I often would dance those folk dances the Greeks enjoy at local festivals and restaurants.  It made my visit much more enriching.  I wasn’t terribly good at it, I would get out of step more than in step.  But it was fun.

And it was such a sensory experience for me…I took in all the smells, sights, and sounds, as much as I could, even while having dinner and taking an evening stroll.  It all became a heightened experience because I knew I would be leaving in a few days or weeks.  So I wasn’t beholding to anyone or anything….it was just a sensual experience, so I didn’t hold back.

So it’s interesting that we now have the opportunity, if we allow ourselves to stay connected to our soul, to be on a holiday, a vacation of sorts.  We can enjoy the vistas, even if they are a few trees outside our window.  We can savor local fare, even if that’s a burger and fries at the mom and pop greasy spoon that we like.  Or an ice cream cone.  We can feel the music with every cell of our body, even if we are listening to a tune on our iPhone.

And we don’t even have to pack our bags, hop on a plane, or pay for it.  It’s absolutely free.  We don’t have to pay for it with guilt, or a misplaced sense of obligation or service to the planet.  None of that applies anymore.  That credit card will be declined, because that was a debit card, wasn’t it.  An ‘I owe you and you owe me’ dynamic.

And just as it’s tragic that most people will wait until they are almost ready to croak before they retire and begin to enjoy life, so too we need not wait for our bodies to be completely recalibrated, or for our financial fortunes, before we begin to truly enjoy life 24/7.  And interestingly, as we practice enjoying life with our soul, our reality begins to reflect that joy back to us.

So if we are feeling like we don’t belong here anymore, because we have moved beyond the matrix, beyond this 3D reality…..that’s a perfect place to be.  Now we can truly enjoy this planet as was intended.

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