Is It Time To Express? Is It Time To Share?

Art by Maria Chambers

I have mentioned in other posts that we are always expressing.  And if we aren’t allowing ourselves to express our voice, another part of us will find ways to do that.  Even if it’s through bodily imbalances, and emotions like depression.

And as we expand into our true selves, we find that our soul wants to express through us.  It wants to feel the joy of moving through a physical body, and it finds the landscape of the body and the outer world quite delicious.

As we allow more and more of that part of ourself, we find that the ways to express show up.  And they are not limited to what we think are valid ways to do so.  It could be through a form such as art, or writing or song.  It could be through creating a garden.  Or cooking.  It could be simply to enjoy the sensual nature of life itself.

What are we expressing?  Whatever feels good.  It could be the story of our journey to where we are now.  It could be the wisdom we have gained.  The pitfalls. We could express it humorously, or dramatically.  It could simply be our perspective on the 3D world we find ourselves living in.  There’s certainly a lot of material there.


It’s understandable that we would be reluctant to share our knowledge and wisdom, especially as it relates to our spiritual journey.  We may have been put down for it in other lifetimes, for expressing spirit.  We may be concerned about friends and family, those close to us being associated with our expressions, and we may want to protect them.

There is lack of confidence.  We are not so sure we have anything of value to share.  Especially as it relates to our soul.  We’ve all gotten the clear message that the spiritual, or more esoteric area is not as valuable as is ‘hard bed reality’.  So it’s not taken seriously, and even seen by some as ‘evil.’  As suspicious.  As ungodly.

So there are the pragmatists and the religionists, both groups being represented, at least in our minds.

And there is the feeling that maybe we are just not ready to share.  And there is really no rush.  Maybe there is just not the inspiration or the passion.  That needs to be honored.


But it’s important to make sure there’s not something else lurking below the surface.  Make sure you are not thinking you have to resolve all your issues first.  Or the world has to catch up first with ascension.  We may feel we are not credible unless we have moved through all our ‘stuff.’

Credibility is something other people feel from you.  It’s not so much your words.  They feel that you have been through hell and back.  They feel the wisdom you have gained from your experiences.  They feel your compassion, and your sincerity.  They are not looking for perfection in your voice.  They want someone they can relate to on a human level.  Someone who is also traveling this often arduous path, who still has doubts and fears, who has made it this far, and still manages to have a sense of humor.

Someone, regardless of their circumstances, who can not only give voice to their human concerns, but can also express their soul’s joy.  And to do it in their unique way, a way that no one else can do.

But it’s also o.k. to feel not ready yet, because you may feel you have more you want to experience first.  Honor that in yourself.  No one knows better than you.    And when you do feel the calling, and want to put into tangible form what you are feeling within the depths of your soul, then they ways and means will present themselves.


Art by Maria Chambers

if you decide to put in tangible form your soul’s wisdom, along with your human perspective, it’s then important to set it free.  It can’t be contained, or held onto.  Not that all expressions need to be shared.  I have had to throw away literally boxes full of journals, because I needed the closet space.  None of them were shared with anyone. They were just for me.  Same with some of my artwork.

But if you do create something, and part of you feels the desire to share it, then it is important to do so.  Others are waiting to hear from you.

And with the current technology, there is no longer a barrier to expressing and sharing.  Whether it’s writing, art, music, videos, or any of a number of forms.

As a musician, I marvel at how easy it is now to create recordings and share songs.  Through distributors, for a relatively low fee, I can share my songs world-wide.  It gives me so much pleasure to know others are enjoying my music.  In the ‘old days,’ a musician would have to get recorded in an expensive music studio, send out their demos and hope some label would pick them up.

And writing.  Wordpress and other website platforms are available for free, or a nominal cost, and even have nice preset template designs.  You just fill in the content.

When I began this blog seven years ago, I had just a few dozen visitors a year.  Now my stats are up to thousands of views a month.  And it’s just spiritual marketing.  Doing what you love, nurturing it, and letting the dynamics of energy do the rest.  It’s not your job to figure out google optimization.  Or your target audience.  That’s all taken care of ‘behind the scenes.’  The technology is user-friendly and intuitive compared to  just a few years ago.  It was designed by those who were inspired by…you guessed it…us!  And now it is possible to leave your legacy here on the planet, long after you are gone.  The internet provides such a vehicle, if you choose.

So many of you are already creating platforms for sharing of yourself, and know how satisfying it is.  You know by now that creativity has its ebbs and flows.  It’s not something that can be confined to a 9 to 5 type of structure.  It’s something that comes in when you are in that place of openness and relaxation.


As you share more and more, and become more visible, there are fears of being too visible and of being vulnerable.  Of wondering if you may be offending anyone.  Of whether your next project will be as good as the last.  These fears begin to take a back seat because you discover that your soul doesn’t give a damn about any of that.  It’s not going to compromise its freedom, or its joy.  It’s not worried about what anyone else thinks.  It doesn’t cater to public opinion.  In fact, after a point your creations have built their own momentum, and it becomes easier to create and share them.


If we become concerned with our audience’s response, or lack of response, it stops the clear, pure flow from our soul.  Even now after years of writing, sometimes just before I hit that publish button on a post, I take a deep breath.  I find myself at times wondering if I have said too much, or if it is even appropriate to share.  The doubts come in, and I wonder, what it’s all about anyway?  Who am I to believe in the significance of this material?

And then, once I do press the publish button, (and I hear myself saying, “publish or perish!”) there is something very satisfying.  That expression from my soul is released.  It’s been set free.

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9 thoughts on “Is It Time To Express? Is It Time To Share?

  1. This was just what I needed to hear today. Such perfect timing. I’ve been experiencing a lot of fear lately around my writing and my blog. It seems like as I choose to be more and more open about who I really am, more and more fear comes up. Lately, I hit the publish button and have to run away and breathe for a while because the fear is so intense.
    But I’m starting to realize that most of these fears aren’t mine anyway. So I’m choosing to let them go. They’re mostly fears about showing the world the grand being that I am, that we all are. As I’m choosing to let them go, they come even more fully into my awareness so it’s been a tough couple of weeks. But I’m ready to go beyond! I’m ready to be myself without fear or shame.
    Thanks for sharing this Maria.

    1. Lindsay, it’s so interesting that as we become more of who we are, it triggers those deep fears, which you so beautifully reminded us are not even ours. And as you say, it’s the fear of showing the world the grand being that we are. The human aspect that is so afraid of making others uncomfortable. Our light has a way of doing that to our own mind, and to others who ar not ready to see their god selves….so kudos for choosing to be in your freedom. And thank you for sharing you. 🌹💕

  2. Lisa

    This is a good reminder of Marianne Williamson’s famous quote in her book, “A Return to Love”: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.”

    And, coincidentally (NOT!), this message came through Daniel Scranton, c/o the Arcturian Council this morning []:

    “It is appropriate for you to look within yourselves and experience pride. It is not egotistical to be proud of yourself. In fact, what we witness more often than not is how you are lacking in appreciation for yourselves. We see you hiding your light, or not even being aware of the light that you are emanating. We witness this in spite of the fact that we also see how far you’ve come on your journeys, how much you’ve grown, and how much faster your energy is vibrating.

    When we look at you, we can see you energetically, and therefore, we are not experiencing you through the filters of your mind and your ego. We experience you more purely. Your minds can analyze your accomplishments, compare you to other people, and find fault even when you have accomplished something.

    We recommend that you begin to experience yourselves more purely. We recommend that you feel for your energy and let that feeling be an indicator to you of how far you’ve come and how much there is to appreciate about yourselves.

    When you go within yourselves, you have access to the infinite, the eternal. You have access to the you that you really are, and none of it is clouded by any sort of filter whatsoever.

    When you look at yourselves through the filters of your mind and your ego, you are less likely to experience the magnitude of who you are, and that is because of the limitations that the mind and the ego impose upon your perception.”

    So we recommend that you don’t ask them for their opinion. Instead, go right to the heart of who you are and feel your awareness of your energy, feel your awareness of your vibration, your uniqueness. Feel your awareness of the Source Energy being that you truly are, and let that be what you focus upon. Let that be what you look to for an accurate assessment of how well you’re doing, of how far you’ve come, and of how much love there is within you to share with this world and this universe.

  3. It’s funny that I check in here quite often and I didn’t see this post until today! I needed it today. I was just feeling a bit down with myself for not “staying up to date” with my blog. On one hand I was honoring the fact that NOTHING was coming through, and on the other hand I was feeling some “failure” energy as if this were yet another thing that wasn’t going to stick around. I can feel the nature of what I want to share changing and I don’t quite know what the shift is yet. Thank you for these encouraging words and reminder that a LOT happens behind the scenes and I don’t have to worry, plan, or force an audience or better numbers. You are an inspiration ❤

    1. Stephanie
      It is fascinating how when we ar ready we will see, or find the perfect information…..seems to be happening more and more.

      I relate to what you are experiencing. We are changing so much that what we wanted to share yesterday doesn’t seem appropriate today. (Which is another reason I try to hit the publish button right after I’ve written a post. If I wait too long, it begins to feel like it has lost its passion. )

      And it really is an ebb and flow of inspiration. There could be weeks between posts because I am just not feeling anything coming through. Sometimes really uninspired. And, yes, that mind loves exploring that space with all its doubts and fears and judgements. Especially in a production oriented society.

      There were a few times in my life when I said to myself, well, Maria, this is the end of the road. You may as well sell your guitar, and all your art supplies because you are no longer the artist or the musician.

      I learned to never say never again…it does come back around, but in a different way and maybe in a different form. For instance I replaced my guitar with a home recording studio, and my paper and paints with a computer art software program. Now I draw and paint using different tools,, which are more appropriate for where I am at in my awakening.

      Kudos on relaxing more into your awakening. 🌹💕

  4. I was guided to read again this post a couple of days ago. It was what I needed for me to transcend my doubts and fears and finally start blogging about the breakup of the friendship and the betrayal that I experienced. I can’t thank you enough, Maria!!! ❤ What a gift, the expression of your Light….and I'm ever grateful!!! Brightest of Blessings to a Brightest Light!!! 😀 ❤

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