The Human

Art by Maria Chambers

Can you have the deepest compassion for that human who is having trouble with this transformation?  Who is scared, who is still not so sure of anything.  The human who wants to stay close to home.  The human who wants change, but is afraid of it.  What if things don’t work out?  What if it is all alone because that human has let go of so much, of so many people, of so many energies?

And as you do have compassion, that human feels that, and it then becomes less resistant to change.  It relaxes more.  And that’s when transformations take place.

The human begins to relax and allow its Divine counterpart to do the hard work.  It argues less and less for its own limitations.  It begins to see the wisdom in this transformation.  It begins to feel the ecstasy of its own soul.

The human begins to understand that it is not being asked to do this enlightenment thing by itself.  But it is asked to try to relax more so that this enlightenment thing can unfold.  It is being asked to not take things so personally, whether it’s a physical condition, or a relationship issue.  Or even a financial issue.  And most certainly not to take personally any emotional ‘issues.’

It is being asked to stop trying to fix things.

It is being asked to relax and allow.  Allow things to be as they are.  Allow the seeming break down of things.  One of the hardest of things for the human to do.

But as the human allows things to be as they are, that is a form of self-love.  That is self acceptance.  And as the human allows in this self-love, it opens up the door even more to the soul’s love, and to the soul’s radiance.

So things are beginning to move, stuck energies are moving and becoming unstuck.  The human begins to relax more and that gets the human out of the mind.  Now things really begin to happen.

Now the human is beginning to trust these new feelings, these feelings of joy and peace and passion.  So when the human gets seduced into fear, which is easy to do, it recognizes the difference.  It doesn’t so much like that place of fear, and knows it can choose to feel joy.

It knows that because it has experienced it.  It loves that feeling and will do whatever it takes to get back to it.   It becomes the human’s new seduction.  It is less and less seduced by fear and guilt and sadness, and more and more seduced by joy, carefreeness, playfulness, peace and passion.

So just have the deepest compassion for the human, and see what happens.

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41 thoughts on “The Human

    1. So happy to hear that Lindsay….the feeling came over me earlier today as I was playing with the little girl within me. She has become more and more playful, and now I understand that her joy took awhile to uncover, since she had been so supressed for so long. For me part of this process has been developing a new relationship with her. It seems to help me to see my human aspect as the little child who wants to play but is sometimes too scared and doesn’t feel safe. But everyone has a different way of connecting to their human aspect in a loving way. 💕

  1. Thanks for this post Maria. It is very resonant with Matt Kahn’s loving what arises practices that have helped me relax so much in the last couple plus years. Beautiful.

  2. hdavis9010

    Dear Maria,

    Thank you so much for this, it’s exactly what I needed to hear right now! You not only express so eloquently what we’re experiencing but add in where to put focus to relax. Thank you!

    I’d like your input on something currently going on with me if you will. In a nutshell I can no longer be with a man for back rubs or more unless I feel loved and respected by him. Had painful sex with ex because I didn’t think our marriage would last without it (yeah, I know, I was a needy people pleaser). One of the ways I forgave myself was to acknowledge what I did and not do it again. Right now a male friend from my home town is visiting. I’d love to feel hugs, back rubs and possibly more and he’s trying to initiate that but my gut says no. So I’m not. The conundrum: I miss cuddling and touching but learned years ago that if I do that with someone who vibrates lower than me I get very sick. I naturally have a high vibration, it’s not ego worthy and I don’t feel better than others, in many ways it feels like a curse. The last time I had intercourse was several years ago and immediately went into dry heaves and lower vibrating energy that lasted days. I’ve learned that I can only have someone touch me intimately if they vibrate with the high paradigm love that I do. I’m not meeting ANY men like that or massage therapists. The human in me longs for human touch and touching and hugging and touching myself just isn’t doing it.

    If you have any thoughts on this please share, and anyone reading this too.

    Thanks Maria.

    Sincerely, Holly

    1. Holly,
      Your gut instincts as you know are spot on. As we begin to raise our vibration and love ourselves more and more, we are very intolerant of low consciousness in others. And contrary to what we were taught, this intolerance is common among those who are mastering their reality. They become very discerning.

      When we compromise ourselves and our vibration to be with someone who is not our energy equal, especially if we are intimate with them, we end up downloading their stuff into our body, as you have experienced. And sometimes it takes a long time to release that stuff.

      I have stopped getting professional massages, which I always loved, because I can sense if the masseur or masseuse is projecting their issues. I’m sure there are ones out there who are in an energy balance with themselves, but these days I am the only one I want to get intimate with.

      I understand your desire to share intimately with someone, and not to sound pessimistic, but it is slim pickings right now. It’s one of the dilemmas with our enlightenment. Having said that, as you begin to enjoy your company more and more, you find that you do become fulfilled even physically just with you. And then, from that vibration, if you still want to share, he or she will be there.

      One thing I have learned is sometimes when we initiate a connection from a place of loneliness or needing, it’s all too easy to end up in a relationship that is then very difficult to extricate from.

      But you have the wisdom to know this, and you are certainly not alone. Love to you.😍🌹❤️

      1. Holly

        Thank you so much Maria; very wise. Even if it is slim pickins right now I am so grateful for you and others that give us a place to share. And you are so spot on that attracting something or someone from a place of need doesn’t work to our advantage. Thank you for reminding me and for sharing that you no longer feel that need, that your connection to soul completes you on that level, I look forward to that!

        I noticed you live in Florida, I moved here a year ago and live a mile from Warm Mineral Springs. Am here now, just got out of the water, sitting under a tree reading some of your writings; ah this is the life! Have a great day!

        1. Holly….so you are a bit south of Sarasota? I am in the Tampa Bay Area…nice here but getting too congested for my liking. Looks like where you are there’s not too much development? More open land? How’s the hurricane action?

      2. Kat

        ” As we begin to raise our vibration and love ourselves more and more, we are very intolerant of low consciousness in others.”

        Maria, do you think it’s possible for someone to be of a higher vibration energetically without being spiritual or on the ascension path at all?
        Because my boyfriend has such a calming effect (mind you, he does my head in sometimes, too :P) on me; there is something very soothing about his energy and very comforting.
        He has some opinions that I do find very old energy though and we disagree on many things. But that pleasant feeling between us remains despite our differences (he is not really spiritual at all, too).

        1. Holly

          Hi Kat, Holly here. I know you’ll want Maria’s answer but I saw your question so just wanted to say that yes, I carry a high vibration and was clueless of it for the first half of my life. My inner voice, my soul, has told me that this is very common right now on the planet, many souls came to Earth to help lift the vibration for this exciting time but we all had to accept the veil of amnesia to be born here. A high vibration is something you carry, not a belief system; though they do go hand in hand often. …And sorry if I butt in, I love sharing on this level and don’t get an opportunity much these days…

        2. Hi Kat…funny, I was sensing your energies strongly last night…..we really are so connected. And I agree with Holly. And to add to her wisdom, Absolutely, a person can be more in their joy than in their fears, and they needn’t know a thing about ascension. So it’s very possible to match on that level with them. We could say the bottom line is how do we feel when we are with them? If they for the most part bring out the best in you, regardless of their personal opinions about things, then it’s a wonderful connection.

          I wonder, do you sense you have had past lives with him? Not that it matters, but that feeling of comfort could come from having a long standing past connection with someone.

  3. Holly

    Hi Maria, Yeah, south of Sarasota in North Port. In my past life I’d vacation on Nokomis Beach so when that life fell apart (it was very 3d so became completely unsupported) and I was reinventing myself I bought a house as close to Nokomis Beach as I could, I’m a 25 minute drive from Nokomis Beach. Moving here was so effortless, isn’t it absolutely wonderful how Life totally supports us when we have the trust to take action based on the new paradigm which is basicallly follow your bliss?! I’ve been here a year now. I haven’t seen any hurricanes and am told they’re not prevalent here; if you look on a map you’ll see Notth Port is a little more inland.

    Funny post script: The other day I recalled me daydreaming decades ago about how I’d love to live in a yellow stucco house near the Gulf of Mexico. Yep, you got it, that’s what I have. You can get twice to thrice the house for your money here than in Sarasota or Bradenton which are too crowded for my taste, with a nice big yard. It’s roomy and peaceful yet close enough to Sarasota if you like museums, shows and such; which I don’t anymore; I mainly sit in awe of what’s occurring with us at this time.

    1. Oh wow Holly, what a fabulous story!!!!! Fascinating and sounds like you have the best of all worlds. I did check your area out on the internet and it does seem peaceful. When I moved here over 15 years ago, it was that way here to a large degree, but it’s gotten very popular, and more built up. Which is great if you like the attractions but like you I prefer a quieter lifestyle. Seems to be part of the ascension process at least for me. I like being near the ocean but I don’t go there much anymore. The beach isn’t that far but it’s tedious trying to get through traffic.

      And it’s interesting because I too had a recurring daydream for years of living in a warm tropical climate, and my move here was really synchronistic. And easy as well. An unexpected phone call from a long lost cousin prompted the relocation and he even came up to New Jersey to help me move.

      It felt like a brand new chapter began in my life.

      And when I consider other places to live, I end up still loving Florida. Who knows maybe it’s a past life thing:)

      But I have been considering a move so I will check out that part of Florida.

      Thanks again for sharing your wonderful story. Now, carry on…continue following your bliss, bask in the rays of your own radiance and enjoy your day!!!🌹

  4. Holly

    Oh Maria, just gotta share, it’ll give you a laugh…the snuggling I thought I missed, it’s not here. It was a 3d echo, memory. Now that my friend is here and the option is here I’m just not interested and the need isn’t here. Too funny!

    1. Wow Holly…great realization…I like your term, ‘3D echo’ because really, what we are discovering is that so much of what we thought we needed, and who we thought we were, while important to honor that human part of us, isn’t who we truly are. It’s a very liberating feeling.

  5. Annette

    HI My Maria!!
    I do hope all is well with you! And this IS an absolutely brilliant post, and the TRUTH that rang THROUGH, oh my, just WONDERFUL!!
    Thank you SO much for being YOU 💞

    1. Hi my dear Annette,
      Yes, I am very well….finding myself more and more in the loving arms of my soul. Doing things that reflect that joy more and more. Paying less and less attention to the concerns and worries of my human self.. Giving them acknowledgement, but not indulging them.

      It’s my deepest pleasure to share with you here. And thank you for your ongoing love and support, and for being YOU!❤️🌹

  6. Kat

    Hi Holly,

    thank you so much for your answer. I love hearing other people’s opinions and experiences. Yes, it is interesting how his opinions and attitude are oftentimes soo annoying and backwards, yet I feel very comfortable with his energy. I fell asleep in the afternoon the other day next to him without being tired at all (that usually never happens), just because his energy is so cuddly and comfy.
    Maybe he really was born with a high vibration, and/or our energies just vibe really well together. It must be the former, too though, because I usually don’t even attract low energetic people anymore to me,
    Thanks again for the insight. Hope you are doing well 🙂

    1. Holly

      Kat, As you continue and grow I sense you will realize that you are someone carrying a high vibration. I see it in you. Holly

      1. Kat

        Hi Holly,

        oh I know that 😛

        I was just wondering whether someone with such outdated views like my bf can have a high vibration..:)

    2. Kat, maybe the opinions he has are not how he truly feels, if you know what I mean. Maybe they’re ones he picked up along the way of living and trying to fit in. I know I had a lot of those!

      1. Kat

        Interesting thought Lindsay, and yes I agree, a lot is definitely picked up along the way and he just took it for granted without questioning it. He has a lovely soul though 🙂

  7. Kat

    Dear Maria,

    “Hi Kat…funny, I was sensing your energies strongly last night”

    Aww did you? 🙂 Yeah we are definitely very much connected. I always gravitate to this website, because it’s full of open-minded, interesting people and the energies are so pleasant, too. You being the driving force behind all that, of course.

    And thank you so much for your answer. It definitely resonates.
    I was trying to feel into any common past lives and I think we definitely did have at least one. I’m not sure if we were a couple in a traditional sense though.
    The first time he took my hand and held it in his, he said that my skin/hand feels very familiar. He meant it like it wasn’t the first time he held it and I agreed. He may not be spiritual, but he can sense things like that. So I guess we just vibe really well together and there is definitely some familiarity on the soul level.
    Thank you and Holly for taking yout time to answer my question.
    Much love


  8. Holly

    Hi Kat & Maria, I like the sound on your bf Kat. Love that hold hand/know you feeling! At this phase I’m in I find I gravitate to people who live what they learn and know, like Maria, one of the most evolved people I’ve come across, rather than talk with ego about it…zzzz. In my new life here in FL, my dearest friend and neighbor is very Christian and not into this stuff at all BUT she lives it; her joy is catching as well as her integrity, friendship, kindness and self love. The only difference I can tell is that her sovereignty is thru Jesus Christ where I don’t have a middleman. There’s so much fun and conversation that our few differences don’t affect our friendship. I see it as a wonderful way for me to practice nonjudgement. As I reenter the world I’m focusing on commonalities rather than differences and am much happier.

    (In October 2009 my inner self/soul whispered ‘it’s time’ so I started following it 100% of the time–that’s when my 3d life fell apart. Talk about moving thru fear! But felt carried and loved thru it. From 2009 to 2016 my life resembled the Job story in the bible but am now receiving way more than hundredfold back!🐳🐋🐬

    1. Kat

      Hi Holly,

      “I see it as a wonderful way for me to practice nonjudgement.”

      Absolutely the same here. We actually got in touch because of our differences. We were arguing under some political videos on youtube and that’s how we first met. It never occured to me that I could be with someone who has such different views on the world (not just regarding politics) than me, but life proved me wrong 😛

      And yeah it is an opportunity for me to reevaluate my own convictions and also my judgements. We do debate a lot and it can be tiresome but it has made me more patient and less inflammable, because he manages to remain relatively calm (I tend to explode :P) so there definitely is a great deal to learn from.

    2. Holly…Interesting…2009 seemed to be the beginning of things falling apart for me too…things on the outside seemed to go into a type of crisis…and yes, bringing me to my knees many times. Physically and emotionally….whew!!! And within all the seeming chaos, despite the hardships, discovering that I could actually decide how I wanted to feel. For me it took a lot of time and practice, because it can be so seductive to go into victim mode, even of this ascension process.

      To feel like the victim even of my emotions of fear and hopelessness. What helped me is the understanding that these emotions are not ours. They are what we inherited, and are from mass consciousness. And for me they found residence in my body over time, as illness and disease.

      So it’s been a journey to release and to get more connected to my eternal self. To choose my eternal self’s-perspective over my human self’s fears….not always easy.

      But as you beautifully state, the payoff is well worth it!🌹

  9. Holly

    Oh yeah, victim and emotions were a huge part of my past life too! Your site here feels ‘home’ energy tor me. I so resonate with it. I’m living my new consciousness now, soul/human merging, like you, and am seeking more ways to express my joy externally. Your art, music and writings are such perfect expressions of your joy. I’m in awe! I love renovating and decorating my home and have my dream vision of what it will be. The next phase is my back yard. I’ve drawn what I plan…. pool, hot tub, fountains, waterfalls, paved stone deck, fire pit and organic garden. I’d love to solarize my home too. Wow, I’m laughing, looks like I DO know how to express my joy. Not that it needs an outer expression but you know what I mean.

  10. Holly & Maria, 2009 was THE year for me too. It’s basically when my body decided to break down for the third time in my life. Talk about intense fear and every other emotion… (but now I realize that my body wasn’t breaking down, it was just opening up and rebalancing).
    It’s so funny how we were kind of all “in it” together but didn’t know at the time.

    1. Lindsay,
      Well put, the body is not breaking down, but just opening up and rebalancing…and it seems the bodily conditions can trigger the biggest fears in us, so I’ve discovered it’s imperative to speak to my body as my divine presence, not as the scared human….

      And yes, it’s so interesting that we came together here as seeming strangers yet who knows, we may have arranged it on a soul level…I love it!🌹💕😍

  11. Reblogged this on elizabethsadhu and commented:
    Hey there Maria and all–just spent the whole weekend dancing dancing dancing…..oh joy! oh rapture! love and connection and sheer bliss.

    This post so speaks to me, thanks dear sistar goddess! Relaxing and allowing (I like to say Profound Allowing) and just letting it flow. Oh yes…..the only way to fly……

    loving us all!

    muah muah muah………………..Thank you so much

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