Moving Beyond Fear

Art by Maria Chambers

As a human being, we have based so many choices on fear.  It’s been our climate on this planet from its beginnings.   We came here to work through and transcend the fears that were part of our struggles in the other realms.

And that is what humanity is in the process of doing.

But we on the leading edge of embodied enlightenment have been facing some of our deepest fears, and transcending them.  We are not projecting them outside ourselves onto any one else.  We are learning also to not wrestle with them, but to just allow them to be there, but not react to them.

Not easy to do.  We have been reacting to fears for a very long time.  It’s our default.  It’s familiar.  We have been in worry and concern mode and it’s become the way we have identified ourself, and a way to relate to other humans.

Who are we otherwise?

We are told we are also the eternal, expanded presence, which includes our soul.  And we are told that presence is naturally confident, clear and free, and loves us unconditionally.

As great as that sounds, we as the human resist it.  For we have not been so close to this presence as we are starting to become.  And it doesn’t seem to follow the same rules as our human self.  The self that still tries to control things, and other people. Tries to fix things.  Tries to make things better, like health and finances.  Or relationships.

But we are discovering that we can’t control these things.  That in fact some of these things seem to be going into chaos.

So we feel abandoned by this divine presence that is supposed to be with us.  Except, we felt abandoned already, from a young age, by spirit.  Now we are just recognizing it.  We had to hide our divine self early on in order to fit into the world as it was then,

But our soul is here now with us.  She never really left, but she honored our choice to keep her at arm’s length.  And that is the difference between human and our soul’s love.  Our soul won’t push herself on us.  She’s not into manipulation and control.

So she is back now and wants so much to be with us.  To share her love with us.  To provide us with all our hearts desires.

And unlike most human type love, she’s not asking us to change… become more ‘spiritual’ or to make ourselves into a ‘better’ human.

This of course is good news to our human self.  But it’s also troubling.  It means giving up the control.  Trusting that this other part of us has our best interest at heart. Especially as our life seems at times to be breaking down, we ask, if my soul truly loves me, why would she allow these things to happen to me?

And as we know it’s all too easy to go into victim mode.  To essentially feel like a victim of this ascension process.

Art by Maria Chambers


But what’s happening is we are seeing that we do have this guidance system, and it is navigating us toward our joy.  We have to tune into it.  And at the same time, as we do that, some things will come up that are not in tune with it.  Whether it’s fears, physical conditions, financial, relationship.  It stirs things up.

And the biggest thing that gets stirred up is fear.  Not feeling safe.  Whether it’s financially, health-wise, or  emotionally.  But underneath is the fears.

Years ago I participated in the firewalk with Tony Robbins.  We were guided by him to transcend our fears, and move into our power.  When it came time to take the walk across 12 foot beds of 1100 degree coals, what I noticed was that I still had some fear.  I was not totally fearless.  But now looking back, I realize that I was walking as my soul, and I was also my human self.

Transcending our fears is what is happening to each and every one of us now.  But it’s not by trying to overcome our fears.  It’s to acknowledge them as part of our human identity.  And then to allow our soul to walk with us, through every experience.  And we discover that we do not need to walk across burning hot coals to test out our soul.  We do not have to endure pain or create drama in order to begin trusting whether our soul is there or not.

Transcending fear will set us free.  It’s not disease or heartbreak that kills people.  It’s  their fears.  As we release the fear we release the disease, or any other condition that does not bring us joy.  But it comes naturally as we continue allowing our beloved partner, our divine presence, into our body and our life.

Fear not.  Everything is going as planned.

 © Copyright 2017 Maria Chambers, all rights reserved. P!ease feel free to share this content with others but maintain the article’s integrity by copying it unaltered and by including the author and source website link: Maria Chambers,

Enjoy I Got Both Feet On The Ground from my album, Simply Divine

27 thoughts on “Moving Beyond Fear

  1. raisedinlove

    So with you on this one! Over a year agoI started teaching consciousness classes called “Beyond Fear to Joy.” Yet yesterday I felt myself make another quantum leap. I realized we can go beyond all suffering. Has my head spinning. We are moving beyond the need for contrast, for suffering that has been the basis of religions, the need to endure and accept our suffering to know life inherently contains suffering. It is such a paradigm shift to see we no longer need suffering to “teach” us, we can live in joy and allow our joy to show us. Last night at my “A Course of Love” group as I anchored this new awareness more deeply I felt the ground shift beneath my feet, so disorienting to embrace this new possibility. So glad we are on the same page sweet sister.

    1. Savannah
      Wisely said. Yes, it’s new to our human self, and it is a quantum shift. And now we get to have the best of all worlds! And I appreciate the joy filled work that you do, dear sister.❤️🌹

  2. Oh dearest Sistar Goddess—-great song!

    AND you spoke to me……I have come so far but as I read your words, I realize that I am still feeling fear…..not to decimate me, just there…..hanging out all the time……..

    I have fear I will never get to my right body size (and that maybe that is where I am now).
    I have fear that I am not good enough (even though I have many gifts and talents).
    I have fear that my beloved hubby of 26 years will leave me for someone else (even though he tells me he loves me all the time and we have a blast together).
    I have fear that I am lazy, (even though I am a mega get it done kind of woman!)
    I have fear that I will never do intuitive readings for anyone anymore…..that no one wants to work with me. (Even though when I do, I get great responses and confirmation that I am right on.)
    I have fear that I did not go to my work out class this morning and felt like I was shirking or being lazy (even though I danced for at least 14 or so hours over the weekend. AND that was dancing hard and with great abandon and joy.)
    I have fear that I am an asshole for not wanting to be around my mum (only when I am with my hubby) and my dad (I stopped communicating with him about 3 years ago, but just heard the his neighbor that his wife left him and he has dementia and they are kind of looking out for him.) Even though this is life saving (my life and sanity) stuff……Empath a-go-go here. 🙂

    You get the picture and I appreciate you creating the space here so I could get it out!! I have come so far………on this healing journey.

    I have been on the joy journey…….finding what brings me joy.

    I do keep “hearing” to let go of those 3D ideas of what we should/need to do. It is all about throwing that shit out and BEING injoy!

    love you tons and tons and this blog was f’in brilliant. They all are, but ou know what I mean.


    Elizabeth, Warrior Goddess of Joy

    1. My dear siSTAR goddess Elizabeth……first, thank you for being so honest with all your fears…..all by the way totally natural and understandable. Our human self naturally feels not enough….not good enough, and is always trying to compensate for it in one way or another….bless it!

      It keeps trying so hard to attain something that is already there……but it believes it is totally responsible for its life and its joy. And we are seeing how that’s a trap. We can NEVER, as just the human, feel good enough, and it’s exactly why we keep trying to prove our worth.

      And you know, dear Master, that you are worthy, brilliant, beautiful, magnificent and free. Simply because you exist. You, as your Divine Self and as your soul self, are free and joy filled. And all the other stuff, the relationships, and the wonderful expressions you share from your heart and soul are just icing on the cake.

      So yes, dear Master, you are a beautiful demonstration of a Divine Human in the process of moving beyond her fears.

      And thank you so much for sharing my post on elizabethsadhu 🌹💕💕💕💕

      1. Oh sistar! oh oh oh…..thank you so much for this……..I just danced around and the dogs joined me! JOY! And then the sun came out…..JOY!

        Thank you for your beautiful honoring of me…….

        I must honor me, also. I love what you say about being good enough. YES!

        AND may I say that we are all f’in awesome!

        love love love love with a huge dollop of joy on top.

    2. raisedinlove

      For me letting go of needing to “save” the world to feed my spiritual ego/persona, needing to support anyone who asks for my help and cutting off draining relationships has not been easy yet so necessary. I salute your courage in feeling the fear and doing it anyway. big hug

  3. Holly Davis

    Dear Maria, I don’t know which makes me happier, a double scoop chocolate ice cream cone or a new post by you! Luckily it’s not an either/or decision.

    Human fear, ah, yes, this is a big one. I’m finding fear is usually at the bottom of discomfort these days. Like today, feeling rage at past incidences, holy shit Holly let it go! But I do, I do, over and over and over again, and it still comes up?! It makes me feel powerless. Then my soul smiles up at me, ‘Holly, don’t beat yourself up, if it’s still coming up simply allow it, be okay with it just the way it is. It’s okay if you don’t like it but it’s nothing to fear, just accept it, don‘t resist it. Everything is evolving just the way you want, just not as fast as you’d like. But remember, you’re not controlling all this, you’re allowing it.’ Yeah, yeah, I know.

    It’s been 8 years since I’ve turned my life over to my inner GPS, my soul, 100% and though I freaked out a lot I can see in hindsight how she came through for all my human needs without caving in to my fears.

    Following her guidance I quit my cushy 20 year job without knowing how I’d support myself. My human self wanted a bimonthly paycheck to keep my human fears comforted. She instead brought me chunks of money a couple times a year just in time to keep my hair from being pulled out. And you know what, I’ve lived the same financial prosperity I had when I worked, which is plush.

    My human self wanted a doctor to tell me what was happening when I had a total health collapse. So many doctors and no one could find a cause. I freaked out a lot. But after several years with no help from anyone, my health not only returned but am now in the beginning stage of enjoying perfect divine human health with a body that’s self sustaining and self regenerating.

    My human self wanted new family and friends to replace the ones that didn’t resonate with new me. Though there’s not many yet, the ones I attract are highly evolved, loving people who treat me with the respect and honor that I treat them with.

    So, in hindsight I see that my soul loved and loves me so much that she didn’t wait for me to get over all my fears but gently urged me with her unconditional love to stretch, trust, stretch, trust. She directs this journey. She’s teaching me to trust that everything I’ve always known now works. I’m still in awe as it continues to grow. Though my human self still has fears, it’s learned that as long as I don’t let them stop me from loving myself and acting on that love, that they do diminish. Even though my life doesn’t run as smooth as I’d like sometimes I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my soul has my back.

    I had a girl friend who wanted proof before living by the new paradigm rules such as self love and follow your joy and because of this she’s still in a relationship with a man that disrespects her and working two unfulfilling jobs. I have total compassion for her but find it difficult to relate to her anymore. I don’t know if this is true for everyone but for me it was and still is up to me to make decisions and actions based on self love first, then heaven is around me.

    1. All I can say, Holly, is…..thank you!!!!!🌹💕🌹💕

      Oh, o.k. If you insist, I’ll say more. Thank you for demonstrating this self love thing. This allowing thing. This trust thing. Not sitting around waiting for proof that it’s real. Being compassionate with yourself as the human. And by compassion, I don’t mean pity.

      Thank you for being a living example of how this works. And that it really does work!!!! As we allow life to serve us, it does.

      And indeed the fears do diminish as we keep inviting our soul into our life. And we do notice that it does become harder to relate to those who insist on arguing for their limitations. And part of self love is sometimes releasing those relationships.

      Bless you that you understand it’s not about trying to overcome the fears, but just not allowing them to diminish your joy. For choosing how you want to feel, regardless of circumstances. And how that choice changes those circumstances.

      And…now you have me craving a double scoop chocolate ice cream!!!

      1. Holly

        Ahahaha! I had an enormous chocolate softserve cone at the beach yesterday. I felt like a little girl totally in bliss as I tried catch all the rapidly melting drippings. It was so zen. The experience in my memory isn’t that of the observer but of the experience. I recall missing a drop as it landed on my lily white sneaker. The fall of the drop was close up and in slow motion as it went all the way down to my shoe. I recall the smiles on passerbys, delight in an icecream is something most of us recall.

        So… I have some fears: One being ‘is this all there is?’. This life has been difficult and here I am, in 5d, a baby just getting the hang of the new physics AND still experiencing the emotional pain and trauma of my past. I cry ‘when will the suffering cease’. And my soul beams her compassionate love to me and says for now it’s walking with all of it. That living this way, creating more memories like ice cream delight will carry more weight; that the stuff coming up and out is doing just that. She tells me there’s no ‘trick’ or way to move it faster though I can pretend like I’m doing something about it if it makes me feel better.

        She’s telling me to expand myself to allow all of it in my field at this time, and to keep my focus on the great stuff coming in, not the stuff leaving. She says that the end of duality occurs when I expand my consciouness to allow all if it without judgment.

        It’s kind of interesting to stop myself from going into reaction and instead neutrally expand myself to allow all of it. There’s a vibration above duality if you will and I’m always guided to stay neutral and ‘rise’. 5d isn’t all there is. It’s not my ‘home’.

        I have a fear that the farther I rise the fewer people to relate with, and I’m a social creature, I like sharing.

        I just allow all of it and keep following inner guidance. Life has a dreamlike quality these days. I can tell if I try to understand it from a 3d place I’ll ‘fall’. Things like being financially supplied continuously. The only thing that prevents ‘magic’ is lack of trust/faith. Whatever we accept is where we stay so I keep stretching…. Where ever I’m at now my experience is created through daydreaming, imagining, and there’s very little lag time to manifestations. But it can’t be a daydream based on fear, things like wanting a million dollars in the bank is based on a fear, I mean it’s a figure on a data sheet and does nothing. But giving money something to do does manifest the thing.

        Wow, I’m rambling this morning, sorry, have a fabulous day! (I LOVE THIS STUFF!)

        1. Holly…good stuff…great ‘ramblings’ in fact. It’s so interesting because home isn’t in 3D or 5D, is it? It’s basically where you hang your hat. And right now, for some of us who want to experience our soul in our body before we ascend, home is right here, in our bodies. You can say it’s a Divine mobile device for our expanded, eternal self to experience life. Like an artist who has created a beautiful statue and now wants to dive into his work and experience it from the inside out.

          So 5D isn’t a place really, but it’s a state of consciousness…notice we go from 3D to 5D quickly by how we are feeling in the moment. We create the ‘space’ from moment to moment.

          And in my experience I do notice that there seem to be fewer and fewer people in my life I can relate to. I too enjoy connecting with people, and I love this online community. But sometimes you just want someone to sit across from and have a coffee and just talk about stuff.

          So to satisfy that, I go to the local cafes and there are some people that show up. No they are not on the same page as me, but sometimes it just feels good to my human personality to be in other peoples company. It can get lonely.

          But what’s also happening is that I am becoming more and more fulfilled and it’s not because I’ve accomplished anything but because I just feel that love from myself (my soul).

          I’ve noticed though that I want to reach out to others mostly when I am in fear. Otherwise I am pretty o.k. With my solitary lifestyle. And I also love connecting from that place of joy, and it seems to happen naturally.

          We are here, as lightworkers, because we love humanity deeply. We love sharing who we are. So I also feel, at least for me that it’s important to find a way to express and share with others. No accident we have this miracle called the internet. With so many vehicles for sharing creatively. No big talent required. Just a desire to express who we are, and then by law of attraction, others of like mind appear to enjoy our creations.

          So I love everything you said. So true about the money. So it’s about feeling into what we want to FEEL. Manifestation is based on the feelings. Your right, it’s about what the money will give us. Many people want to feel secure. So that’s the feeling that needs to be felt.

          Thanks Holly, for sharing your wisdom here…🌹💕💕

  4. Holly

    Here’s a link to a beautiful song. I think it speaks to our human longing of what 3d was missing. Maybe not Jesus but our own vision. What’s awesome is that this is what’s hapoening now, we are now in this moment merging our humaness and our divinity. Not that they’re separate but they certainly can feel that way.

    Daydream away, it creates…

  5. Holly Davis

    Hi Maria,

    ‘Holly…good stuff…great ‘ramblings’ in fact. It’s so interesting because home isn’t in 3D or 5D, is it? It’s basically where you hang your hat. ‘

    I think you’re misunderstanding what I said but that certainly isn’t putting either one of us at fault, it’s the human language! You are absolutely right that home is where ever I am, what I meant is that I never felt at home in 3d consciousness, not that there’s a delineation mark but there ARE differences. Home is inside of me but the physics laws that govern where I am here on Earth right now are different than my norm. My home is dreamlike and manifesting is instantaneous. Words like ‘safe’, ‘polarity’, ‘strong’, ‘lack’ have no meaning; so it’s been quite a journey for me to grasp what I call 3d physics. I simply came here to raise the overall vibration, just like most of us here. I heard a divine call and my compassion brought me here. I can tell you I won’t do it again!

    And I feel like I’ve imposed on your space here, taking up too much of it. I apologize. I’m in the process of creating my personal way to add to the delicious new paradigm, as you so wonderfully do here, and am using this site to share, probably a bit too much. Please accept my apologies.

    1. I love how it all goes in waves of sharing and connecting.

      Holly-this week it is you. Sometimes it is me. Sometimes it is Kat. Sometimes…….

      All love and beautiful Divine sistarhood (since it seems to be all goddesses right now) 😀😀💓💓 here!

      I love the internet and connections with kindreds….

      Thank you dearest Maria for creating this space. I love us all!

          1. big smooches……..crying is so good and so therapeutic and I know I don’t let myself do it enough. VAnilla icecream is my friend. 🙂

            love love love love love………xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    2. No apologies necessary Holly…it’s what Elizabeth said, we all go round and share things we feel could also help others.

      And I am with you, I sure won’t be doing this gig (Planet Earth) again. It begins to feel like being in pea soup. Thick and slow moving, when you know that our true reality is all instant manifestation.

      And the blessing of this experience is of course that we get to see our reality very slowed down for awhile, so we could learn to manifest more carefully and responsibly. We help others to see that their feelings are creating their reality and that their feelings will set them free.

      At the end of the day, our soul brings back to the other realms a crapload of deep and rich experiences. Over there we will be high fiving each other, saying things like, “wow, that was horrifying…but wasn’t it great?” And things like, “o.k. Archangel Michael, no matter how much I beg to go there again, do NOT, under ANY circumstances, let me go there…even if I miss that deep, rich coffee, or that chocolate ice cream….NO means NO!!!!

      Alrighty then.

      1. Kat

        “…even if I miss that deep, rich coffee, or that chocolate ice cream….NO means NO!!!!”

        I heard that they can enjoy food over there, too. I hope so, otherwise I wouldn’t be going back hahaa

        1. I’m with you on the food thing…I would miss savoring foods, and I would miss nature. All the sensual qualities of being physical. In the other realms we do manifest instantly, but from what I understand, it’s not as it is here in terms of being so visceral.

          It’s like the replicator on the starship enterprise….it can replicate a steak and mashed potatoes dinner, but according to the crew, it’s just not quite like the real thing.

          But having said that, I am also told that those of us who go through the ascension process and the embodied enlightenment will be able to take with us these tangible experiences…and recreate them in the other realms.

    3. Kat

      ” Home is inside of me but the physics laws that govern where I am here on Earth right now are different than my norm. My home is dreamlike and manifesting is instantaneous. Words like ‘safe’, ‘polarity’, ‘strong’, ‘lack’ have no meaning;”

      I completely understand what you are saying. Many concepts of this planet do feel strange and unnatural to myself, too and I was told more than once that I seem like from a different planet.
      And yeah it is frustrating to not be able to manifest instantaneously. Do you remember any past lives on other planets?

  6. Kat

    “But having said that, I am also told that those of us who go through the ascension process and the embodied enlightenment will be able to take with us these tangible experiences…and recreate them in the other realms.”

    That’s probably the main reason why we’re doing all this 😛

  7. Annette

    Oh my Maria, this is SO timely, and SO needed! Thank you SO much, I am releasing/working through/accepting, SO many LIFE LONG FEARS!! This very beautifully writen post has helped me beyond words!! I feel I will be returning to read again, and again!

    Much Love, and Gratitude 💞

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