Who Can We Trust?

Art by Maria Chambers

If you have been on the ascension path for a while, you know that over time you not only become more discerning about who you allow into your life you also don’t take information at face value, especially as it relates to enlightenment.

Ultimately we want to depend upon our own guidance, and that is happening.  But along the way, we have on a soul level placed certain other souls in our path, who have offered to help us remember who we are.

You may have noticed that as you expand your awareness certain information no longer applies to you.  You also may have noticed that the information in the spiritual community seems to contradict itself, even at times from the same source.  Why is that?

It doesn’t necessarily mean that the source is unreliable.

Regardless of the source of information that reaches you, the most important factor in determining if it is your truth is, how does it make you feel?  It could challenge you and push you beyond your comfort zones, and at times it may even provoke your anger.  But if the overall feeling is uplifting…and empowering, which by empowering I mean assists and encourages you to trust your own self, then it is your truth.

If the information helps you to feel into your own soul’s magnificence and wisdom, and encourages you to love yourself unconditionally,  then rest assured it is your truth.

Often the information is simply reflecting back to you what you already know, but not necessarily on a conscious level.  It’s your soul’s wisdom.

And it’s not even so much the words that are written or spoken, but it’s the energy that is shared with you, that you are resonating with on a heart and soul level.  The more that the information resonates with you on the soul level, the more likely you will trust it.

Art by Maria Chambers

We have all experienced the struggle of trying to reconcile two seemingly different conclusions about something we feel is important to us.  And if there are two different perspectives even from one trustworthy source, we can become concerned that our source is perhaps not so reliable.  After all if they shifted their perspective on an issue so diametrically, how can I trust anything else they told me?

One thing to keep in mind is that they may not be addressing you personally.  Because we are all at different places in this process, we are not all going to resonate the same with the information.  And because we are moving fast on an inner level, our truth will shift as well.  There is no destiny here.  There is no predetermined future,  Things are moving and changing all the time. We are moving and expanding all of the time.

To our mind this can cause plenty of agitation.  The mind wants to know who, where, what , how, why and when.

So our future can’t be predicted but our most likely potentials can be seen by an evolved source. We are radiating all the time, and more so now than ever. Our potentials, while not carved in stone, are becoming more and more joy filled. Because what we radiate is what we attract.

Art by Maria Chambers


A source may tell you that in order to make the ascension easier on your physical body you should eat only a vegan diet, only light foods.  No sugar.  No cigarettes, and no wine.  Now, if that resonates with you, if that thought fills you with joy and enthusiasm, then it is your truth.  But if it makes you feel like saying to yourself, “Well, no point in being here anymore if I have to give up my (fill in the blank)”… then it’s not your truth.

That’s not to say that down the road you do gravitate to that type of diet.  But if you don’t it doesn’t mean you are on the wrong track.  In fact, as we integrate our light body, we may not require as much food to sustain us, but we also may want to savor a variety of foods, including so called not good for you foods.

Unlike the carbon-based body, the light body is not able to be corrupted by anything in the physical environment.

If information is presented to us from a source we consider reliable, that is unsettling to us, sometimes it is because we are not quite ready to move through something.  And there should be no judgement in that.  We are all doing our best and are learning that it’s more of a not doing that accelerates this process.

Art by Maria Chambers

If we feel stuck anywhere in our life it’s really o.k.  This is not about trying to prove that we are some super human who has transcended all their issues.  The whole idea of an enlightened being  as someone who is a glowing ball of light, who glides around emanating all these truths and wisdom and talks softly and is patient and heals the sick and……well, most reading this are well past that ridiculous concept.

Art by Maria Chambers

Those of us on the forefront of this transformation haven’t gotten this far because we are easily influenced.  We didn’t get through and are still going through the most difficult of human challenges because we are compliant and just follow the crowd.   We are pretty damned irreverent.  We are stubborn.  On a soul level we are capable.

We don’t like doing our homework or following the rules.  We like getting our hands dirty.

So, who can we trust?  Well, we know the answer to that.  And that’s the whole point of this crazy experiment.

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8 thoughts on “Who Can We Trust?

  1. Eliza Ayres

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Maria Chambers –
    Paradox is at work in the “higher” dimensions. What seems black and white in 3D often is not. There are many perspectives available so it is important to not become hung up on a certain way of teaching or philosophy, especially those that have existed on this planet for eons. The energy here is rising. Your old belief systems will have to undergo adjustment, constantly… better to let them go now.

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  3. James

    Loved this Maria! I’m left so confused at times lol you can hear one thing from an incredibly wise person and another thing from someone equally wise…but I relate to what you say and understand how perspectives change all the time, including mine. Brilliant post!

    1. Yes, James it can at times shake our confidence when that happens. Quite unsettling. But what I’m finding so interesting is that we actually get to choose our truth. Do we want our truth to be that it’s o.k. to eat ice cream and hamburgers and smoke cigars as an ascending master? All that is required is that we line up our frequency with that truth….just enjoy those things without worry or guilt.

      Contrary to a lot of the information out there, I sense that we can indulge in the 3D world as much as we want, and we find that we are here to enjoy the sensual nature of these bodies and of life. What we are mastering are our emotions. Not allowing our guilt, worry or doubt to ruin a good ham sandwich or double chocolate ice cream. Or anything else we want to enjoy.

      The master realizes that he or she isn’t really stuck here.

      And frankly, where most of us are at, at this point, we are pretty balanced and won’t really overdo anything to the point of self destructing.

  4. James

    So true! Taking everything in moderation seems natural at this point and I’ve been working on releasing any guilt towards the things I enjoy recently so your words are so apt! I’m starting to feel that the more we step into who we are, the more we can actually indulge and play in the world without causing ourselves or others any harm. We can trust ourselves and allow ourselves to enjoy life if only we can let go of any guilt or limitations we have placed on ourselves. I’m not quite guilt and worry free yet but I can definitely feel the shackles coming off. Love your words 👌🏻

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