Enlightenment-Some Reminders

Art by Maria Chambers

Gone are the times when the ascended masters go off to the mountaintop and become reclusive unto themselves.  While for some that may be a viable choice, most of us here on the leading edge of embodied enlightenment are here to enjoy life.

While we find it more and more challenging to relate to the reality we are leaving behind, there is still a joy in participating in life.

It may feel confusing because some of us have let go of so much:  of family, friends, mates, jobs, and are in the process of letting go of our bloodline, our ancestors, our old patterns, even of our spiritual families back home.  All in the name of setting ourselves and everyone else free.  The confusion comes in because we then wonder why we feel so alone.  Are we supposed to travel the rest of our life solo?

The answer to that is of course very personal, and each of us has our own unique path.  But at the same time we know we are here for the purpose of connecting to our eternal partner, our Divine Presence and our soul.

Art by Maria Chambers


Yet, as the human, and even as the soul, we wanted to experience life here on Planet Earth in a new way.  One in which we no longer are carrying around old ancestral baggage, or the burdens of mass consciousness.

So we are not turning our back on life.  But we are wanting to experience it on our own terms now.  We are finding that we don’t feel passion in the old ways anymore, from a place of drama, or of busyness, of outer achievements, or from relationships.

We may not be feeling passionate at all, or only sporadically as we feel our soul in our body.  We sometimes wonder if we will be able to connect to life here, or will we relate less and less to it as we become more aware and awake.

When we feel this way, it is important to remind ourselves that initially we as our soul were filled with fire and passion.  That this dispassionate human isn’t who we truly are.

In fact, if at times we feel tired, broken down and bored, it’s  too easy to identify with that and begin to believe it’s who we are.

It’s too easy to accept that we are that person, especially since the process of ascension, of embodied enlightenment seems to be moving at a snail’s pace at times.  And there are times it seems to be moving too quickly, as we seem to be transforming on the inside and our life on the outside seems to be going into chaos.  And there are times when it feels like nothing is moving at all.

And for those who are going through some difficult physical issues, it can seem like an eternity.

But in spite of the difficulties of this process we are undergoing, somewhere within each of us is the knowingness that we are not these bodies, we are not these personalities, and we are not our history.  For those of us on the leading edge of the consciousness shift, we have traveled far.  We are advanced souls, and we are not here for more lessons.


We are here voluntarily to usher in the shift from human to Divine Human.  How far we get in that process is extremely individual.  There are many factors.  But ultimately it really doesn’t matter.  As souls, we are not really terribly interested in being the first, although we often are the first to go through changes.

In fact, we as souls are not even interested in being appreciated for what we are doing here.  We just want experience.  And other humans will experience it after we have paved the way.

And what we have been doing is paving the way.

Art by Maria Chambers

As the human, we tend to be hard on ourself.  We have been groomed to believe we are failures if we don’t go all the way, whatever that even means.  (Just look at sports, at the business world, or at how political leaders focus on ‘victory’ at any cost.)

We judge ourselves harshly if we believe we have failed at something. Or if our perspective is not embraced by the masses.

But as souls, we value the experience, wherever it takes us.  And what we are doing in this one lifetime has never been done before.  Not in this way.  Dying and being reborn in the same lifetime.  Wow.  Integrating our human and our eternal self.   Pales in comparison to scaling Mt. Everest, doesn’t it?

And how far we are able to take it shouldn’t matter.

As we look at great leaders of consciousness in history, at other innovators of change, many of them could only go so far.  They were also limited by the consciousness they were born within, and had to live along side of.  They were often operating alone, in virtual obscurity, without the benefit of the support from other people in their life and most definitely there was no support from the rest of humanity.  They were either invisible to the masses, or were seen as a little crazy.

It is a bit different for us because we do have the support from like-hearted souls around the globe, even if that group is small in number, and is for the most part, online.  Yet we are still subject to the laws of this 3D world at times, which tends to pull us back, and tends to slow us down emotionally and physically.


As souls we came into this lifetime with enthusiasm and with fire.  We were excited to be here at this momentous time in the history of mankind.  That famous saying, “It’s the best of times and it’s the worst of times” could not be more apt.

But now that we are here, we are feeling at times like we are in pea soup.  And because that pea soup is thick and slow to move, we doubt ourselves.  We wonder why it isn’t going as smoothly or as quickly as we expected it to.  We go from feeling the sensuality of life with our soul, to feeling utterly bored.  But that is not unusual for a pioneer of change.  They often doubt themselves along the way.  They usually under value their work. And that’s because among other things, they are not getting one million views a week on their YouTube channel.  Their books are not flying off the shelf.  Oprah still hasn’t contacted them.  In other words, they are not appealing to the masses.

The work we are doing is profound.  It’s revolutionary.  And for that reason, the masses are not quite ready for what we are offering.  If they were, we would not be pioneers.

And when you look at the state of the world you can see clearly that they will have to do what we are doing eventually or they will not have a future to look forward to.

And while we are each magnificent and capable souls, it’s always the most difficult and challenging on those going through first.  But it’s also the most exciting, and the most rewarding, boredom aside.

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Enjoy I GOT MY SOUL, from my album, SIMPLY DIVINE, along with some of my original artwork

31 thoughts on “Enlightenment-Some Reminders

  1. Lisa

    Here here, Maria!

    Pioneering sounded like it would be loads of fun, right? 🙂

    There are many phases of this ascension thing – many fears/challenges to face, hurdles to clear, and tests to pass. The “crossover” phase has been most difficult and painful for me – traversing the void, that in between world where your old self/identity/life is virtually gone, the new hasn’t emerged (and you haven’t a clue what it is or could be), and yet you still look the same and have the same name, rank and serial number. I suppose one could spin that as fun and adventurous – and perhaps my soul is doing a jig over it – but my human is lost, confused, sad, and downright terrified. Who am I? Why am I still here? What now? These are all questions resurfacing in full swing for me now.

    Looking forward to the upswing and “new” portion of this show to start (including Oprah’s call!) and completion (in bulk, at least) of the deconstruction phase.

    Thanks for the reminders!


  2. I just posted along this same line on my facebook blog page today. There is this space between allowing life to flow to us and running after it trying to strangle the notion of “success” so that we can feel acceptable like we used to. That just isn’t where we are anymore. We have moved into a new space that seems very isolated and makes us question if we are “doing life right”. But, at the same time I wouldn’t/couldn’t be anywhere else. I needed this double validation today as I have felt a surge of energy but have no idea what to do with it. My old stand by feelings of I should start a new business, make tons of money and finally be acceptable to myself and others again came flooding in, but I just laughed at them LOL. Does anyone else feel a pull within but no direction? This space is feeling different than it has been, but still no real obvious change. Thanks for this post today ❤

    1. Yes, Stephanie, it is interesting how when we feel that surge of energy our go to response is we have to DO something with it. Definitely a whole new space….and yes, no going back, even if we could.💕💕

  3. Lisa

    Hi Stephanie,

    Yes, I get glimpses of a “new”. They come with a fleeting feeling of “yes, that feels right!” Zero direction though. And no action items leave me frustrated and angry at times. Guidance from my angelic team doesn’t feel the same as it used to (in fact, it’s virtually nonexistent these days) and a feeling of isolation in the void dominates. On the one hand, I know this is a process and it will end. On the other hand, it doesn’t feel like it ever will! 🙂

    Very strange, inexplicable experiences this phase brings!


    1. I was just thinking about the lack of angelic guidance as well. I used to undeniably feel it, and now, like you said, it feels nonexistent. I would have thought it would have been the opposite, the more we venture down this solitary road the more we would feel connected to our angels. I miss that nurtured, guided, signs everywhere, comforted feeling very much. It makes me feel like I am supposed to know more about how to get a long on my own and I didn’t make the grade, and now I have to “learn the hard way”. So, often I just want to go home and come back when I will be connected and purposeful. It does bring great comfort to know I am not alone, and maybe this is our angels giving a little tidbit ❤ "this is a process and it will end" thank you for those words as well. It gets confusing at times to remember that we are indeed still in a process. At times I get fearful (human) wondering if the process is done and because I am not doing and achieving what so many others are with ease that I did something wrong or that I got it all jumbled up and lost my way. I feel like I just want a big old time out where we all get to come together see the big picture, regroup and come back to the game with fresh reserves to endure. For now I would take, a beach, a mojito, and a random sea turtle sighting 🙂 much love and light to you ❤

      1. Kat

        “. I feel like I just want a big old time out where we all get to come together see the big picture, regroup and come back to the game with fresh reserves to endure. For now I would take, a beach, a mojito, and a random sea turtle sighting 🙂 much love and light to you ❤”

        Lol, same here! It gets tiring after a while, doesn’t it?

    2. Kat

      Perfectly stated Lisa. I feel the same way and have for a very long time now. I do feel more comfortable within myself but I still see no sense of direction – at all. And yeah there has been no angelic guidance for a while now. I have asked for some advice many times but I’m getting no answers at all

    3. Yes! I have been pondering my guidance the last several months as well and how isolated I feel. The feeling of isolation is certainly nothing new to me, yet when it comes to guidance, it has been extremely quiet. In due time I presume. Thank you for the validation. : )

  4. Dear Marie,

    Thank you for this post. I am right there with you. The only thing that makes sense for me is playing in the garden. It grounds me and makes me feel happy…..after years of having no passion for it. Wanting simplicity, food, rest, no plans. Free floating. Not wanting to “be spiritual” or hear of any of it anymore. Knowing we are moving, feeling the days that leave me glued to the couch, unable to move, other days where I am jumping about like a little kid.
    We are creating this new way of being…..the love pods I have envisioned for years, are getting closer to manifesting. It is all ok. I feel more deeply in love with myself than ever before. Giggling and affirming myself…..we’ve got this! It is only this now. Getting more comfortable with being uncomfortable. Letting go of the judgment of how I am feeling. Appreciating my body for all she has done these six decades to keep me here.
    I am grateful to all of us who have walked this path and are still keeping on. We are stars!

    1. Beautifully said, Linda Marie. Thank you for sharing that this process is about self acceptance, and that the love grows for ourself more and more…we are stars indeed! 🌟🌟🌟🌟

  5. Jonathan

    Dear Maria, what a wonderful post. Thank you ❤ There is so much within it that strongly resonates with how I am feeling and what I am experiencing these recent days.

    Having in the past 9 months gotten unexpectedly more and more depressed and apathic, sometimes to the point where I thought I couldn't take much more, I somehow naturally stopped using affirmations and visualizations so as not to create more and faster transformation and change than I was actually able to handle.

    Today a friend of mine who is on a spiritual path himself, explained to me how so many things are going unusually well for him, how he can see his desires manifesting more and more by visualizing them, etc, very much like I too used to, not so long ago.

    So I thought, wow, it's working great for him, what have I done wrong? I almost instinctively wanted to jump back on that train of trying to take control over my life and reality, and start manifesting some more again. I started thinking about how to make a vision board, and reading some books again about the Law of Attraction.

    But strangely, I felt an uncomfortable pang in my chest, in the heart area. It had actually been a while since I had last felt this kind of discomfort there. It only grew stronger and stronger, until I stopped to ask my Heart / Soul : what are you trying to tell me?

    That's when I realized that I was trying to take control over my life again. Trying to get it to be different than it actually is. Trying to impose MY flow upon it instead of letting it flow to me unhindered.

    The pang in my chest almost immediately diminished.

    And a few minutes later I stumbled upon this post of yours Maria. Confirming the Truth of my experience and soothing any leftover doubts.

    Thank you! I am so grateful.

    1. Jonathan,
      What wisdom!! To recognize and own this profound new place you are at. To understand that you simply can’t use the old tools anymore. That it is vastly different now. To go beyond the mind and its wanting to control into allowing life to serve you. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing here, fellow master. 🌹💕💕

    2. Jonathan,

      I so resonate with this and Marie’s comment. Old tools just aren’t working for us. Hands off the wheel, allowing it all to be and come as it will.
      Good for us!

  6. Stefan

    Sounds like we are all going to relive Nikola Tesla’s life. Pioneering without any recognition whatsoever and ending up in a shabby hotel room all alone with only pigeons as friends.
    Now, why doesn’t that sound appealing to me? Hmmm…
    I wonder what the Soul Contract I signed looked like: you will be born in a severe dysfunctional family, undergo childhood sexual abuse, experience severe abandonment by parents, friends and lovers, loose the love of your life and stay single for 8 years an counting, raise a daughter during that same time, have no friends or people you can relate to, lie on your couch for 4 years and counting because of severe depression, ptsd, schizophrenia, bipolarity, spiritual ascension, having hardly any money to get by and not have a clue what you want to do or like in life.
    Meanwhile stay nice and smile and live in a world of walking zombies who are out to hurt you.
    But here comes the grand reward: you underwent and are undergoing this because you will not be appreciated in this lifetime. Awesome!
    I must have drunk a liter of aya, had some kambo planted directly on my brain and sniffed 10 grams of rapé when I signed this Soul Contract.
    Who is the Archangel in charge of contracts? I will start channeling him as of today so we can get this madman’s contract declared null and void by the Galactic Council.
    And free I shall be!
    Over and out.

    1. Stefan,
      First I want to dispel the belief that we must smile and be nice. Maybe that’s a lie circulating in the spiritual community, by those who haven’t gone through the ascension process. Someone very wise said, “An ascending master is a pissed off master.” And more and more we do not tolerate the b.s.from others, and we can be quite un-nice.

      And, yes, we did sign up for this, and yes, our childhoods for many of us were extremely difficult, but it wasn’t necessarily because of a contract. Believe it or not, many of us, as souls, chose to be close to our biological families again in this lifetime. Basically we wanted to be close to mom or dad or whoever that family is, and as the soul, we weren’t so concerned at the time with any inherited diseases or physical and emotional dysfunction. We felt capable and believed things would move and transform smoothly.

      And now that we are here we wonder why things are not going as easily.

      And yes, we as the dear battered human scratched our heads and wondered what the f**k we signed up for. We wondered who exactly is in control?

      But dear fellow traveler, there is still the option of, what may feel like aborting the mission. But it is to give yourself permission, if things get to a place where you feel like you are just enduring life here, and you feel like you can’t go a step further….to honor that.

      To accept it. And to make peace with it. And if you feel you have done whatever you could, and it is just not moving fast enough, it’s ok to leave.

      I have felt that myself many times. You know, it’s no dishonor to leave. To go back to the other realms without going through the integration process. We are deeply honored for that choice as well.

      There are times I have wanted to leave. But I also know there is something I am beginning to taste while being here in the physical body. My soul’s presence. And while it’s not 24/7 it’s becoming more and more. And what I am finding is as that happens and I am in that place of joy, things do work out. Life gives back to me what my human self desires. At least the essence of those desires. To feel good, to feel safe, to feel nurtured. To feel carefree.

      But there are moments that I feel I have had enough. But if I leave I want it to be from a place of peace with where I am at. Not from a place of frustration.

      It’s easy to feel victimized by this process. The human has a legitimate claim. Absolutely. It’s a very very difficult process, and brings the most advanced souls to their knees.

      I could say things like, hang in there, you’re almost there, blah blah….but, I have the utmost compassion for you, and that’s because I too have gone through and at times still go through deep challenges.

      I could say it gets easier, and it does. And I know that first hand. But it is not an endurance race. I don’t think any of us knows how this will actually work out. Maybe we feel we have come this far, why not the f**k see what happens?

      Thank you for your honesty.

  7. Lisa


    I, too, would like to express compassion and support for you – and everyone here who is sharing their experience.

    We are all clearly in the throes of ascension – the un-fun part. The god awful part, let’s be honest. The disillusionment, the unknown, and the hits keep coming, even after you’ve worked thru the hard part (or so you thought). Embodied enlightenment can get really messy, ugly, and painful. And to think our soul may be enjoying it (because it knows it’s all an illusion and it’s in search of a good story!), is terrifying. It leaves you wondering “What the f–k next?”

    That said, I know we are all energetically contributing to something WAY bigger than ourselves and if we look for the positive (even amidst the negative), we will find it (because we are always being taken up the frequency ladder). That is a tall order, I know. Believe me, I know. But it’s the only real choice we have now. There’s no going back. And opting out early (read: checking out) is risky. You might have to turn around and DO IT ALL AGAIN!!! In the immortal words of my favorite band in my favorite song…You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!

    Love, compassion, and support to all,

  8. Stefan

    Thank you both for your comments. No judgment, that’s strange…
    I am indeed pissed off in this ascension. Who wouldn’t be?
    The only thing I couldn’t relate to in hour comments is Hotel California. Song is ok, but favorite? C’mon…
    Now excuse me while I howl some more Danzig songs in my living room.
    Take care & thanks again.

    1. Kat

      “I am indeed pissed off in this ascension. Who wouldn’t be”

      I feel you. I’ve been in this annoying as f** void situation for too long now and recently it looked like I’m going to get that job that I actually really wanted and I really worked for to get. (I’ve been unemployed for 5 years now and bored as hell by it now) And at the end – nothing again and not because I was shit, but because they made a mistake. I’m livid because of it and wondering what the point of this f*ing situation is. I really am especially pissed off at this whole ascension thing right now and see no “learning point” in it at all. I’m well past the learning point. It’s just getting bloody repetitive and boring now. Where the fuck is the bliss?

      1. Stefan

        Where the fuck is the bliss? Great line!
        Sounds like a movie quote where “the Bliss” is a shaman who only appears on special occasions. For the majority of the time he’s a crow but when called upon he shapeshifts into a man wearing only black who sends energy simply by his presence.

        I just went for a long walk in the woods. I think I met the Bliss. He asked me where he could find Kat. I pointed to the West. Hope you see him soon.
        Meanwhile take care.

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  10. I can certainly relate to each and every post here. My life has given new meaning to the phrase “seven years of bad luck, good things come to pass”, this is for sure. I realized long ago, that there is no return. I believe it to be almost impossible for those of us that have reached a certain point and/or level in this process to do nothing more than contemplate the idea. Lends new meaning to the word work, now doesn’t it? : ) The smiling and taking it up the ass is not part of the process and granted, it took me a great deal of work to realize this. And, as deeply painful and frustrating this this process has been, thus far, I have refused to get off the ride. Here’s to the headlights of the next Mack Truck!

    1. I like this especially: “And as deeply painful and frustrating as this process has been, thus far, I have refused to get off the ride.” And the Mac Truck is an apt reference. 💕


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