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Training Wheels Are Off


Art by Maria Chambers

If someone has stage four cancer, and another person has a common skin rash, which one do you think would be easier to heal?

It depends.  But one thing that is for sure, more cancers have been healed spontaneously than the medical profession can explain.  And that is because of passion.  If someone got a dire diagnosis in which the doctors say, “there’s nothing more we can do for you….” what often happens is the person’s passion for life kicks in.

They step up their desire to stay alive.  They cannot depend upon a surgery or any outside treatment anymore so they have to conjure their own inner resources.  Which is available to everyone.  They finally line up their desire to their frequency and voila!

With a common skin rash, the motivation isn’t quite so acute, is it?

The same principle applies to feeling abandoned by our guides and angels, or even by another human being.  They have stepped back and now we are called upon to feel into our own soul and its love and support.  We are now called upon to access our own wisdom.

So the training wheels are off.

Art by Maria Chambers

This could even come in the way of feeling overwhelmed by the myriad of ascension information out there, and after awhile it begins to feel confusing. This is another excellent way in which our own resources begin to kick in. Now we are pushed into deciding what our own truth is, and staying loyal to that.

We can compare it to weaning off a drug, a medication or even off of supplements and vitamins.  When we do, our own body’s natural ability to balance kicks in.

We can apply it to no longer bailing someone out financially or emotionally.  We then gift them with depending upon their own inner resources.

This process of awakening isn’t supposed to be some kind of punishment, although it at times feels like that.  It is a process of becoming the sovereign beings we are naturally.    It is a process of self-reliance, but not the old human interpretation, where you power through life’s challenges all alone.  It’s a relationship between our human and our soul self.  One that is in the process of developing.

But we have been so dependent upon the outside energies, of friends, family, and even our guides, that now it does feel awkward.  It can feel as if we are all alone and just spinning our wheels.

But that’s not true.  We are not alone.  And even though our spiritual guides have stepped back, they are still there and they are amazed at how we are doing in spite of the challenges of this transformation.  The other realms are not belittling us.  They know the courage it takes to do this.

There are fears, the boredom, loneliness….there’s the physical issues….and half the time we are not even sure where this whole process is going.

There is no guarantee we will come out smelling like a rose.  That we will rekindle a new passion for life through our soul.

Art by Maria Chambers

But then as I look around at the lives of those who are not even remotely aware of this process, some of those humans appear to be  doing quite well. Some are suffering with illnesses and financial challenges.  But as I look into their eyes, I see that they are not truly free.   They are confused, lonely, scared, frustrated.  Some hide it well.   They truly believe that this is all there is.  They for the most part think that you’re born, you struggle and then you die.  End of story.  They don’t yet recognize that they have a soul and that soul is the gateway to their freedom here on Earth. So….their lives are not exactly a bed of roses.  Even the ones doing well…that will all end at their death if not sooner, and they will not have gone through their own awakening yet.

So I guess you could say that I prefer going through the challenges of my own enlightenment, than be back there in an asleep state.  Why?  Because everyone is going to have to come this way eventually.

© Copyright 2017 Maria Chambers, all rights reserved. P!ease feel free to share this content with others but maintain the article’s integrity by copying it unaltered and by including the author and source website link: Maria Chambers,

Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Eight years later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

17 thoughts on “Training Wheels Are Off

  1. Great stuff Maria. It puts me in mind of America’s civil war when slavery was abolished in the south. The slaves, mostly blacks from Africa, became free but they lost their jobs because once slavery was abolished the plantations couldn’t afford to pay workers and keep up the same gross product they were use to. Slaves were let go, freed, with no money by angry plantation owners who weren’t going to make it easy for them, with very few trading skills in a continent that wasn’t their home and where they would be prejudiced against and feared for a long time to come. Freedom does have it’s cost. Remember when the United States left the reign of England, a lot of deaths and a backward slide in living conditions. Shit, it put off inventing the washing machine for decades! Freedom costs.

    • “Freedom costs.”

      Interesting point. Freedom was always something I valued highly and I knew that I always had to choose freedom over something else that I then would have to let go of. It was a “either and or” situation many times, if not every time.
      I think when you really want something it doesn’t matter how much it costs or how much you have to sacrifice for it (I dislike both terms to be honest, but will use them for the sake of simplicity), purely because there is no other option. And everything that is not “it” or doesn’t help on the way to inner freedom loses its appeal anyway.

      • Kat, I don’t want to put a negative trend in place so ERASE ERASE, in the past freedom took courage because you generally have to go against what you want freedom from, but it doesn’t HAVE to cost anything, just courage to say no. Courage is a gift we give ourselves, not a cost.

      • hey Kat 💙

        i relate so so much to this. i’m fiercely driven by freedom, to the point where what it costs me almost never carries power over what it would mean to sacrifice inner freedom. i hold that as a blessing in my way of being as it’s helped me walk away from so many things that would sacrifice my truth if i didn’t choose to follow the freedom.

  2. You could argue that all the discomfort and pain we feel during ascension is the price we are paying to gain absolute inner freedom. But I like the term courage here better. We were probably not only courageous, but downright insane to agree to go down this path, hahaha. I can’t explain it any other way 😉

  3. In 1998 I had a Near Death Experience NDE. To make a very long story short: Driving home after a night out, I crashed my car into the trees, the descending highway exit serving as a ramp to leave me dangling some 35feet from the ground. Light, tunnel, life flashing before me… all that stuff. Suddenly there’s a knock on my car window. Hey man, are you ok? Have you been drinking? Let me get you outta here. I’ll drop you off at the movie complex (5km), can’t take you home cause my wife crashed her car as well and I have to be here again because I called an ambulance and they’ll be here soon.
    Next thing I know, I’m standing at a ship’s dock behind the movie complex. I walked for 2 hours to arrive at my brother’s appartment, with a severe concussion and a face full of blood (seatbelts are for pussies…).
    I hear you: ok NDE, happens all the time…
    Keep reading.
    My brother and of one of my sisters went to look for my car and indeed found it hanging in the trees some 35 feet from the ground. It even was frontpage news the next day: man leaves car hanging in trees.
    Now the mystery is: who was this Clark Kent that had no trouble climbing 35feet into a tree, knocking at my window with a compassionate smile, getting me out of my car and climbing down?
    A few years back I got the answer in a dream. When I woke up, I forgot… (great!). A few hours later, chatting online with the sister that went to look at my car, she starts talking about the accident. And then the dream came back. The guy that saved me was…. drum roll…. commercial break….lightning striking my Ipad, technical failure….: me.
    It was me from another timeline, from the future. I didn’t recognise myself at the time. But it was me. Somehow the timeline shifted.
    This means great things: all of us are going to be fine, with us I mean all the heroes and heroines on this spiritual quest of transformation. Not only are we going to be fine, we’re gonna have shamanic superpowers such as timeline shifting. We will be able to tap into our full potential and be able to do stuff that we can only imagine now.
    Hope this helps to lift the spirits!
    Thanks for reading and keep on rockin’ in the free world.

    PS: It also means I’m going to get married. Yay! 🙂

  4. Maria, thank u as always 💙

    this whole disconnect from guidance is something i’m in such a confusing place with right now.

    it’s been good in some ways… like the idea of the self-sufficiency of it all feels perfectly right to me. and also the disconnect has been important for me this past year, past few months especially, because i have needed to let go of so much of what i used to connect to for guidance. mainly i’ve needed to purge myself of the religious/christian concept of god i grew up with. my relationship with “god” from the time i was born was basically a codependent relationship with an abusive father figure. even after leaving organized religion, i have still been tangled in this soul suffocating fear-based submission, so i feel like the universe has almost pushed me into a little bit of an agnostic state? of being for a bit. it doesn’t feel good or right, because i still believe in “god”, but i think this disconnect from guidance has been essential for me to start rediscovering what i believe “god” is.

    on the hard side of it all, this whole disconnect has been really rough with the physical struggles. the physical challenges of the process have really been a tough go for me. the lack of answers for any way to heal, or to even find relief has me wishing for guidance pretty desperately most days. i’ve been really lost out how there just are no ways out with the physical stuff right now.

    but more than anything, i think i miss the sense of wonder that came from a connection to guidance. i went through a time where i was so strongly connected to angels, and reallllly realllly miss the sense of magic that i felt in that time. being connected to a mystical realm was so so beautiful. i think more that anything i wish i could find that again 💙

    • Sweet pea…releasing your connection to organized religion and its concept of a controlling and punishing father figure (not sure if you also meant your own father?)… huge. And your wisdom in recognizing that it’s also about releasing the internal judgement, and the courage it took is duly noted, dear fellow pioneer.

      And the confusion is totally natural, since you have pretty much let go of your story and your training wheels are definitely off.

      I have the deepest compassion for your physical challenges having gone through and still going through some difficult physical challenges myself. This whole process is so hard on our human self, who feels pretty beat up and broken down at times, physically, emotionally and mentally.

      It certainly does require a type of devotion that few humans are ready to undertake.

      It also requires an acceptance of just where we are at, which is a feminine energy, of allowing and accepting. But it’s a devotion to also not allowing others’ energies, whether they are from Those around us, or mass consciousness, to dim our own light. To diminish our own joy.

      And it sounds like you have allowed yourself to walk away from a great deal of that energy, which is wonderful, and which also accounts for the feelings of being alone, with no guidance.

      And it’s to allow all of the emotions of doubt, fear, and so forth to be there…but not respond to them. Since those emotions are not who we truly are anyway. And that helps to bring spirit in closer and in my own experience, that type of self love moves stuck energies, and that feeling of magic is absolutely there. That feeling of joy.

      In our past as spiritual adepts, we denounced our physical bodies to seek enlightenment. We saw the body as less than sacred. But we are doing something radically different in this lifetime. We are inviting spirit into our bodies and our physical bodies have no past reference to that. Our carbon based bodies were not designed to accommodate such a presence, thus the major overhaul some of us are undergoing as our cells are transforming into a crystalline state.

      Speaking from my own experience, i am beginning to experience that magic and sensual joy (meaning engaging all my human physical and my soul’s senses) of life…it’s definitely there and it wants to be with us. It’s a daily practice of self acceptance and self love. Which I resisted for a very long time. I didn’t realize that I could allow my soul in so closely without having to overcome any of my human challenges, physical or otherwise.

      I didn’t realize that the body is the last to catch up with the state of consciousness we are in,

      You are definitely in the process of doing that in your own unique way. You are a master having some understandable challenges along the way.

  5. “hey Kat 💙
    i relate so so much to this. i’m fiercely driven by freedom, to the point where what it costs me almost never carries power over what it would mean to sacrifice inner freedom. i hold that as a blessing in my way of being as it’s helped me walk away from so many things that would sacrifice my truth if i didn’t choose to follow the freedom.”

    Hey Sweet Pea,

    nice to hear from you 🙂

    You expressed it perfectly! That is exactly how it is for me as well 🙂 Thank you for putting it so eloquently. Hope you are well 🙂 xx

    • hey Kat ☺️ yes i love so much how i have found my way to you fellow independent spirits. hope u are doing well too 💜

  6. hey Maria ☺️

    yes i meant the controlling father figure concept of god. the southern culture concept of god is very patriarchal and built on fear, and the relationship you are taught to have with god is really pretty unhealthy and dysfunctional… when it’s all you ever know you just believe it. lately i’ve started to see how much i resented god as i knew it… but yes my own father was part of it… i realized that my relationship with god mirrored my relationship with my human father, who was abusive and terrifying… i think not having a connection to guidance has been important for me to stop looking for approval from the god who is judging me and to stop begging an abusive father figure for mercy… when i seek “god” now, i want to be seeking an energy of love.. im not there yet, but i feel like it’s where this disconnection is giving me the freedom to go.

    and thank u for your perspective in the physical stuff. in my heart i have a knowing if these things. i do feel like my soul is still hellbent on stubbornly resisting this body lol. this body just doesn’t represent anything my soul is or wants to be, so it feels like a suffocating cage i can’t breathe or move or be in. whenever i am in public i swear i have such a strong feeling of walking around in a stranger’s body. i am trying to hold the acceptance you describe. 💜some days i do allow it all just to be, but then others i just want to be healthy and glowing and beautiful and doing cartwheels in the sun 🙃

    thank u Maria always, so comforting to be able to read your words about things so few others understand 💜

    • Indeed, sweet pea, these bodies we have been inhabiting are for the most part like used vehicles. Some of us need just a tune up and some of us need a complete overhaul. I think I’m the latter. If I decide to ever come back here to this planet, it would most definitely be in one of those bodies created with nanotechnology…no ancestral stuff to have to process. But I’ll wait till they get the bugs out of that technology first. No, ma’am I am not going to do the old carbon based birth canal way. You know, womb with a view😀 And my visits would be short, just enough to experience some of the fun stuff here….💕

      • lol Maria i’m with you on the latter! my soul feels like it’s meant for a lexus rx with all-wheel drive or even a breezy ford escape hybrid with a sun roof, and right now i’m stuck in a 1989 hyundai with a rusted off paint job, busted out windows, broke off door handles, a worn out clutch, and oil leaking out the engine 😭

        • Hahaha…great analogy sweet pea!!!!! As crappy as it could be in these 3D bodies….imagine that most people believe that they ARE their body. And then when their bodies go on them in the various ways that they tend to, they spend all their time trying to patch them up. And that becomes their life mission. They are terrified of death and will keep that body going at all costs…..

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