Vogue: Strike A Pose

So as I was at the checkout at the supermarket, I glanced over at the magazines, and saw a photo of a young woman who looked like she had undergone extensive chemo. She was gaunt, frail and looked like she could barely stand up, as she braced herself against the wall. And upon closer observation I was a bit startled that I was in fact looking at the latest cover of Vogue Magazine…then I thought, maybe they are featuring this poor emanciated girl to raise awareness for the disease she was obviously suffering from. But, silly me. It was just a typical cover of the oldest fashion magazine in publication.

So I was curious and found a bit of a history on VOGUE covers.  You would think there would be a profound change but really from its inception, VOGUE was clearly not interested in real change.  And of course it’s simply a reflection of the mass consciousness.  Nothing less.  Nothing more.

I can’t wait till lunchtime…I’m really looking forward to that grape, and six flaxseed.

At least Ben Stiller got to poke fun at the whole fashion industry.

I like this one.
Boring old story VOGUE
The new and improved VOGUE

So I thought it was time to create a new and improved VOGUE.

34 thoughts on “Vogue: Strike A Pose

  1. Shit girlfriend did you hear my belly laugh all the way from California! Love it! Those covers are enough to get a girl a little hot under the collar.

  2. Reblogged this on elizabethsadhu and commented:
    I lovey our new cover!!!!!! AND I admit the only cover I have liked until now is the cover with our beloved Michelle Obama on it! At least she is a real woman and a super woman as well.

    YAY! I love this……..Thank you!

      1. sweet pea

        yes ma’am so so much. whenever people pose that question about the 3 celebrities you’d have dinner with if you could, Michelle is always on my list 💜

    1. Yeah, nor I, Pocahontas…In fact I was brought up in the 50s – the Jane Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe era. Where at least the ‘Ideal’ beauty was a woman with natural curves, and some girth. I myself was naturally very slim, skinny in fact, from childhood up until my 40s. So in the 50s and 60s era I felt unattractive according to the beauty standards of the day. It’s just crazy that society can’t accept that beauty can come in all shapes, sizes, ages and colors. So much precious time and energy is wasted on trying to fit into an unhealthy ideal.

      Another thing that was interesting, when I visited Greece in 1972 I noticed that European women were much more full figured, and that seemed to be the norm for that culture. So my relatives tried to ‘fatten me up’ and they succeeded. It was fun eating really good, rich Greek fare.

  3. Kat

    Maria, sorry if I asked you already, but I’d like to know where you get your inspiration and your information from? Do you meditate and then the knowing just comes or does it just pop into your head all of a sudden without you having to meditate, or do you just know certain things (which is the case with me most of the time)?

    1. Kat, good question…it’s a combination of things. So much of it is from an inner knowing (which sounds like that is your experience) and then it’s reflected back to me in others who are experiencing the same insights. Some of what I have learned has been from being part of the Crimson Circle, which is an affiliation of like minded souls. The information there over the past 15 years has resonated with me on a very deep level. It’s a group I have a very long history with (lifetimes) And I generally take that knowledge and expand on it, adding my own take, and my own experiences. Early on, I relied more heavily on these insights and concepts that came through as my truth, but then I realized that I was philosophizing about it, but not so much living it, or truly experiencing it.

      So I knew I needed to be living it to be a true mentor, or guide for others. Incorporating it into my everyday life. And as I did that, information became available simply from trusting. I would feel something, and it was even hard to put into words, a wisdom, and I knew it must be coming from a deeper source than just my human mind. And interestingly, I received confirmation from others that they too were experiencing these things.

      And that I believe s what is happening with all of us here who are moving into our Mastery. We hear the words, and we resonate with them because we already KNOW it as our truth. And what is interesting is that it’s really not the words so much, but the energies. It’s something we can’t fake. We are all too wise at this point and can see through the bull shit. The words need to be backed up by experience, or they are just empty.

      And I do struggle at times with the human me who is really in the dark with all of this ascension stuff, who is scared, and has so many self doubts, and the Master me who is absolutely confident and capable and has no fears or doubts. It’s taking awhile but I’m coming to peace with it being ok to be the human as it is, and allow the Master to do this ascension thing.😍

      1. Kat

        “. We hear the words, and we resonate with them because we already KNOW it as our truth. And what is interesting is that it’s really not the words so much, but the energies. ”

        Spot on. That’s why I’m so drawn to your blog. The energies here resonated with me from the first time I clicked on it and I don’t think there is another website about ascension that has the same effect on me (and I googled a lot about that topic).
        It just fits. Not only you and what you write, but also most people who come here to comment. We all help each other to see things from another perspective and sometimes help clear things up that haven’t been clear before.
        Interesting what you say about the Crimson Circle. It sounds familiar somehow, I might have come across them while googling. I’ll check them out now.
        Thank you for such a long and detailed response 🙂

      2. sweet pea

        so good Maria!

        “…I realized that I was philosophizing about it, but not so much living it, or truly experiencing it….”

        i’m still in a place where i am mostly just philosophizing about things, and it frustrates me. there are little ways i am actually “living things”, but they are all really subtle ways. like i feel myself living it in my perceptions of or reactions to things, or in small situations, or simple day to day interactions with others… but i’m not “living it” when it comes to the big picture of my existence. i try to have patience and see these little ways as the baby steps i am taking to the big picture of it all, but patience isn’t always easy coming. 😔

        i feel like i always run into the roadblock of my physical body being in the state it’s in as being what keeps me from truly living out things i believe. i know lotsa of people feel this same way on this path, but my knowing of things and my ascension process in general still all feels so internal and intangible. i think for me one of the best parts about coming here is that it is somewhere that similar senses of my internal inklings of things are expressed by others out in the world, so it makes it all feel a little more tangible. 💜

        1. Sweet pea…even though we all waited with baited breath for this lifetime, to finally live one life as our soul, I don’t think any of us expected it to be so damned hard. And because we are the first to go through it, we tend to be hard on ourselves. We tend to think we are not as far along as we need to be. I think most of us feel that. And I relate to the body thing. It does feel like this carbon based body is holding me back at times, with the physical issues. It feel like it’s my biggest bone (no pun intended) of contention.

          I run out of patience more than I want to admit. And yet, there are those times when, in spite of the physical problems, I feel so blissed out, and connected. And then I say, well, maybe this state of consciousness, this joy can be experienced independent of any issues we are dealing with. And then the boredom comes in, and the lack of real passion. And those feelings can be there even when I am feeling good physically.

          But there come a point in this process where we want to have it all…we deserve to feel the joy, and the passion. It’s our birthright to have a strong and healthy body. It’s perfectly understandable to run out of patience at times. Especially when we know at the core of our being that we are truly not these bodies. That these are inherited bodies. Yes, we honor them, and they are doing their best to keep up with the changes in our consciousness, but things here on the planet are getting more intense, and if we want to stay for the long haul,we need to be healthy. We need to feel our soul’s passion.

          It’s happening. We’ve activated our light body, and there is a process of integration. On the one hand if it was too quick we would burn out our system, yet it feels like pea soup at times. Too slow. Especially being in a body that has inherited a lot of issues.

      3. raisedinlove

        And I do struggle at times with the human me who is really in the dark with all of this ascension stuff, who is scared, and has so many self doubts, and the Master me who is absolutely confident and capable and has no fears or doubts. It’s taking awhile but I’m coming to peace with it being ok to be the human as it is, and allow the Master to do this ascension thing.😍

        For me, this is the cutting edge, celebrating and trusting my Divinity while not trying to kick my humanity to the curb for slowing things up. A delicate balance for me for sure. And hell ya to it being way harder and longer than any of us could imagine. I really get that now and have so much compassion for self and others. My big challenge is with being in the world. I get being alone down pat but moving out into the world without getting swamped, not always so easy and my most common source of self blame as in “why don’t you just get a job and get with the program.” I honor my courage in dancing to a different drummer without the accolades of society encouraging me to follow my truth.. Yea us for having the courage and trust. And yeah, sometimes I wish I had a younger body to process the upgrades through but then know most likely I’d have less wisdom so it is all good. Hugs and love to all.

        1. Savannah
          Exactly. Compassion for our human self first and foremost. And exactly…trusting in ourselves and this process in the face of virtually no support from the world outside our door. And on the topic of bodies, I would have liked to be born into a body that was less contaminated with ancestral issues. Sometimes it is my biggest challenge here on the planet. I have to remind myself that the body is usually the last to catch up with the changes in consciousness. So thank you for being a role model for someone who has the courage to dance to her own tune. 💕💕💕💕

  4. raisedinlove

    Thank you for thanking me! It is lovely to be seen and supported and to pass on the magic. Yea us for being planet shifters.

  5. raisedinlove

    My biggest beef is my unique ability to be but my less than developed ability to do. I keep wanting to beat myself up for it. When I read Tolle’s description of frequency holder’s I cried. But not too much financial support seemingly for light workers. I was just about to get on my pity/ worry pot when I realized I am financially free and have always been. Yea while no Hawaiian vacations in my immediate future my daughter and I are being gifted a trip to Austria by my outlaws (former in-laws). The fear of not making it, even though I alway do, is the one thing I am ready to let go of. IT is not easy to live so far outside the norm and continue to trust all is well without the security society’s bestows. But as I write this I realize that security is crumbling while the inner security of knowing Who I am is the only true security there is and that I definitely have more than most.

    1. Savannah…well articulated. It seems the biggest shift is being in the NOW, and creating from that point, which goes against everything we have been taught about life. Most people are dwelling in the past, pulling up all the worry and concerns from past experiences and dragging them into the future. So they are not truly present, not in their bodies.

      So we’re developing a trust in our soul, and its ability to bring us exactly what we need, unless we believe we still need lessons, and then we will get more uncomfortable experiences.

      1. raisedinlove

        Good one, your words showed me some little part of me still believes she might need a few lessons, time to be willing/ able to let that go too.

          1. raisedinlove

            I just got the most amazing catalog from a place called Swimsuits for All. They sell to size 4-24 and usualy models are size 4-6. In this one many more like 11-18 with even an older modle. You can see wrinkles and fat rolls. Knew you’d appreciate it. Wanted to share photos but see that is not possible. If you are on FB I posted aBOUT IT maybe 5 posts down, I was sooooo happy.

          2. Awesome, Savannah…..I am sooooo happy tooooo! Finally!!!! I have seen this happening from time to time in some of the major designer ads, but not enough to feel like it would stick. Definitely a sign of the consciousness shift for women. Embracing our beauty…thank you so much for sharing the link….🌹💕💕💕💕🦋🤙

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