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Moving Beyond The New Age


Art by Maria Chambers

An acquaintance at the cafe sometimes wonders why the world seems so much worse than years ago.   And I point out that it’s going through a shift in consciousness.  That there are enough people now on the planet, albeit a very small number, that it is now possible to move into a totally new era.

And I go on to explain that what the world is going through is, the places that issues were buried are now coming to the surface.  So it seems that things are getting worse, but in fact they are simply pockets of unconsciousness awakening.

But for the world, it will be a relatively slow process.

And for us who have opted to awaken in this lifetime, to realize our embodied enlightenment, things are more accelerated.  We’ve been prepping for this for literally lifetimes.

What the world is going through, we have already gone through.  We’ve gone through our own darkness, and spent years battling our own ‘devil’ until we realized that the dark is from the light.  That it’s not bad, but just parts of ourself that were buried.

We realized that the awakening is simply accepting all the parts of ourself, the light and the dark. Our human and our divine.

The rest of the world has not yet owned their darkness, but instead is projecting it outward onto an enemy of some sort.  That enemy could be the government, big business, the wealthy, other races, or the devil.  On a more interpersonal level, it could be their kids, their spouse, their co-workers, their boss.


You could say our physical body is like the rest of the world.  It is still operating in the old consciousness.  It is slower in catching up with our enlightened consciousness because it is still to a degree carbon based.  Because of the light we have invoked, it is bringing up issues, long-standing disease.  Things are coming to the surface to be cleared.

Just as we witness the seeming darkness and chaos around the globe, and we understand that it is simply the precursor to change, so it is with our physical vessel.  It is simply going through its own changes, and its own iterations.  It needn’t be judged as a bad sign, that there is anything wrong, that we have done something wrong, or as a sign that things are headed for disaster and doom.


Many people subscribe to the end times as meaning the end of the world. That the planet is headed for self-destruction.  But we know it is simply the end of the old age.  And it’s even the end of the New Age.  The introduction of the Christ light on the planet has ushered in a new era of consciousness.  But like any new cycle, the old must disintegrate.  Old systems need to shift and crumble.

And that causes a great deal of fear.

It causes groups and individuals to panic and try to maintain the status quo.  The power mongers work overtime to maintain their power.  But, what they are discovering is that in the New Era, there is no need for power, that power is an illusion.

So trying to do things the old way becomes harder and harder.

Art by Maria Chambers

The new consciousness is all about allowing.  Not trying to change things.  Not exerting pressure upon anything,  the Christ consciousness is really about allowing and receiving.  It’s a diametrically different way of life than what has been in place for eons of time.

Embodied Enlightenment is about putting self first.  It is about allowing ourself to be human, and inviting our soul into our body and our life just as that body and life is.  It is an often grueling process.  It brings things up.  It can create temporary chaos.  It required a devotion to ourself, and it requires us to be kind of selfish.  To often walk away from distractions.  From entanglements with other human beings.


It is not even a spiritual journey.  Because most of the so-called spiritual seekers are trying to find spirit.  They are on a quest. They are primarily interested in how they can better serve the rest of the world.  They subscribe to unity consciousness, in which the needs of others come first.  There is a place for that, and at a soul level, they are just where they need to be.  But it’s not embodied enlightenment.  Most people in the New Age community are invested in the spiritual seeking process and are not ready to face their own darkness.  They are still focused upon only the light.

Embodied Enlightenment is not about seeking anything, or trying to improve upon our human self.  It’s not about being a better human being, or a more loving and giving human being.  It’s not about meditation, crystals, essential oils, energy portals, ETs, prayers for world peace, or conspiracy theories.  It’s not about analyzing all our issues.  It is not about healing others, or even about healing ourselves.

It’s really about simply accepting ourself as the limited human, with a limited mind, and allowing that part of ourself that is unlimited, our Christ consciousness to bloom within us. That does all the transforming necessary.  And it becomes the solution to all the world’s dilemmas.  It is done one soul at a time.

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Enjoy Talk To Me from my album, Cosmic Blend.

Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Eight years later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

20 thoughts on “Moving Beyond The New Age

  1. Loved this post! Couldn’t agree more with it. I understand the whole thing don’t worry.

  2. Great post Maria! And quite a coincidence because this is what came to me yesterday: The New Age is over. We are entering the age of SELF. The realizing of SELF as creator.
    I love how we’re all sometimes on the same page at the same time with this kind of thing. So fun!

    • Thanks, Lindsay. Yes, it is a topic that has been in my noggin for awhile too. Maybe I ran across one too many New Agey philosophies. You know, think positive thoughts, love everything and everyone, spread the word, and hold hands and sing kumbaya around the campfire…..which is fine, but they are convinced that it’s enlightenment.🤣

  3. “It is not even a spiritual journey. Because most of the so-called spiritual seekers are trying to “It is not even a spiritual journey. Because most of the so-called spiritual seekers are trying to find the spirit. They are on a quest. They are primarily interested in how they can better serve the rest of the world. They subscribe to unity consciousness, in which the needs of others come first….
    …It’s really about simply accepting ourself as the limited human, with a limited mind, and allowing that part of ourself that is unlimited, our Christ consciousness to bloom within us. That does all the transforming necessary. And it becomes the solution to all the world’s dilemmas. It is done one soul at a time.”
    The irony for me was yes I was a world saver and it distracted me from my own darkness. Yet now my fall back position is ALWAYS in ALL WAYS to love myself first, to embrace my own “darkness,” I find I authentically desire to reduce the suffering of the world in ways that feel good to me. I delight in sharing what I have discovered and offering the gift of true freedom to others if they are interested. I am no longer attached (at least not too much 😛) to how my gifts are received. Yet now I experience greater satisfaction than ever sharing my heart.

    • Savannah, you say perfectly, “I delight in sharing what I have discovered and offering the gift of true freedom to others if they are interested.” And that’s the difference between master and student. The master can truly serve others. 🌹💕💕💕

  4. I couldn’t have said it better. Wonderful. Thank you. ❤

    I am so grateful for the shear and utter darkness that has prevailed in my life over the last 7 years. It certainly has been trying and in ways that I never could have imagined, yet well worth the wisdom gained. I was always one that was continually informed that "nice guys finish last". As a young girl, I was never able to wrap my head around the darkness that envelops this planet.

    I actually feared losing touch with my own heart. Do I really have to play this game? It makes no sense to me. It made no sense to be forced to play a game that I did not want to play and a game that I felt would ultimately destroy me.

    This cannot be all there is???? And, here lies the never ending question and this is merely the tip of the iceberg per se'

    As I have said before, it has lent new meaning to the word work. A different kind of work, yet work nonetheless.

    Needless to say, once you reach a certain point, there is no return. This is certainly the case for me anyway. And, my heart is still in tact! : )

    • It’s so interesting Pocahontas, because here we are, going through the hardest thing a human ever faces, their own selves. And yes it is tremendous work to take this road… I mean If we look around… how many are doing what we are doing?

      And what makes it even more difficult is that no one in that world knows what we are actually doing, what we have been undertaking, and the impact on the rest of humanity, the universe, and on all that is. So we really are not getting the support or even praise befitting such advanced souls. But on a soul level we don’t really care about that. We know who we are, and we know that our spiritual families ‘back home’ are in absolute AWE of us and of what we are doing. So that gives us an idea of what we are made of. We possess the fortitude, wisdom, and capability that it takes to actualize our enlightenment.

      We got passed thinking about it, philosophizing about it, and now we are pretty much passed the awakening and now we are into the mastery. Kudos to us all!!!!🤙🌹💚💕

  5. Yes, not as many folks I had thought at one time and hoped another. This is also something that takes time to come to terms with. I once mentioned to someone that I had had an epiphany and I realized that I do not need to be recognized. In anyway, shape or form. Quite frankly, at the time I did not know the why or exactly what this meant. Truthfully, it’s in feeling those unseen that are in support and being able to communicate with the like minded here, such as yourself. As you said, we know who we are and this comment supports my thoughts on recognition.

    I was going through what I can only deem a massive awakening period and putting some of the puzzle together as to why I had the thoughts, feelings and visions I was having beginning at a young age and beyond. I was being gently nudged all along and boy was I in for a rude awakening. ; ) I, as well, do not resonate with the New Age Community and as such, my circle is rather small and continues to get smaller. I do not toss that which does not resonate. I compartmentalize and if it needs to be addressed in one way or another, it will be in its time.

    Thanks to WordPress, my head doesn’t hurt quite as much. The ability to be able to discern and not only have to rely on a couple perspectives that were “lucky” enough to be published by the big guys, is the part of technology that obviously supports us and the rest of humanity. To an extent. Now, this is where the head starts hurting, so I shall not go there at this time. : ) I was guided to WordPress and I am certain of this due to the way it occurred. If it were not for this, I would probably be highly medicated and in a strait-jacket right now. It’s the simple things. : )

    I remember telling my friends in the mid-eighties to take heed, as I believe this is the last bit of simplicity as we know it to be. The typical response was, what the hell are you talking about? Well, was I speaking for myself or was I speaking for life as humanity thought it to be? In comparison to what really? I had a physicist tell me once that if I wanted to know why technology has advanced at such an extensive rate over the last couple hundred years, to Google it. I’m still scratching my head. : )

    I question everything incessantly. I may feel alone, but I’m not lonely.

    We are not special, we are just awake.

    • …that is fascinating about technology and it’s advances…in many cases, we have been a big influence. Those of us who knew we were going to be needing social media, such as the internet provides, in order to connect with each other. You could say Steve Jobs also was such a visionary. So this computer technology is right on queue with our awakening.

      And you are so right about saying goodbye to simplicity. We are moving into such a highly complex era. Which is good in ways, but in other ways it is creating more and more addictions to the mind than ever before. Which as we know is not going to work in one’s enlightenment, as spirit is very simple. It does not need a computer, or data, or a memory bank, It’s certainly not interested in analyzing life, or anything else.

      And having said that, spirit can infuse itself in things like nanotechnology. It sounds so futuristic but there will come a time when we as souls can bypass the old energy birthing process and take on a manufactured body….no ancestral DNA to deal with. Options will become available.

      But not to get ahead of myself here…I think I’ll work with my light body for now.😎🌹💕

  6. Here’s to the like hearted, like minded and to holding onto some semblance of balance. Ouch! ❤ ❤ ❤

  7. Perhaps we are moving into a more comlex era, but from my perspective, knowing now that the secret to navigating is allowing and receiving, well to me it feels MUCH simpler than how ive experienced life so far!
    And Maria i am so enjoying the influx of all your new art–its beautiful and delighting!

    • Yep, Elila…I’m with you on that. And best kept secret I might add! Especially in a world where it’s really all about trying, pushingand making things happen. And now, where computers are being programmed to ‘know’ more than the human brain, that’s going to be seen as more intelligence. But, sadly, no more closer to ‘knowing’ their own soul.

      And thank you about the art…I’m so glad you ar enjoying it. .it seems to be taking on a new essence…helps keep me ‘connected.’💕

  8. Oops–“complex”, not comlex 😜

  9. You have a beautiful voice.

  10. Our bodies… During this Ascension Process my Health has been much affected. Within there has been shift after shift in Consciousness and awareness… But physically things seem to be going from bad to worse! And it triggers a STORM of Fear and severe depression! My teeth are now so bad they will probably have to come out… My intuition continuously talks about Healing, Transformation, renewal.. ALL the time.. Yet the Feat tells me that miracles of healing are not possible.. That I must accept having to live in a broken body and be happy anyway. I feel so conflicted! Seems to me that if I am to continue living in pain and illness..then I have been wasting my time and It makes me feel such RAGE! Perhaps the continuing saga of ill health is about triggering the Purging out of all that Self hate that accumulated during a terrible and abusive childhood.. until it is GONE?? I hope so, I pray that my intuition is right and that Healing is real.

    • Anneke….there are days I could have written what you wrote, word for word. I too have bodily conditions that seem to be worsening, and despite all the allowing and the self accepting, and the knowing that all conditions can be healed…they persist.

      And yes, it sets the mind to wonder, what’s the point? All the inner work for this? And even if its origins are from this life or from what we may have inherited, does it really matter? Because now we are letting go of all of that. And we are. But the physical body, for whatever reason, is the last to catch up with the changes in consciousness.

      I have posed all kinds of questions myself, like as a woman perhaps I am holding onto the pain. You mention experiencing abuse, and it’s probably not a stretch to say that you also inherited from your bloodline that type of abuse and taking on for the family….But in truth these bodies are like used vehicles. We did inherit a crapload of stuff that’s not ours. And the temptation is to make it our problem in terms of trying to figure it out and believing we somehow created it.

      But none of it is ours.

      And yes, we are feeling spirit more and more in our body and our life, and it is why we are here. To experience spirit here in the physical in a way we have not before. And yes, it does bring up the places in us, physically that are not able to be in such a frequency, and so must be spun out.

      But we ask, why is it taking so long? And, do we have the patience to see it through? All valid concerns.

      And I agree with you, there is no point being here if we have to continue to suffer endlessly. We are willing to go through a great deal for our enlightenment, but it was never intended to be an endurance race.

      I too have plummeted into fear and anger and depression, feeling helpless to heal this body. And I have, as I am sure you have, had moments and days in which there is a feeling that all is well.

      While we are not meant to be here in ill health, I know we are here to master our emotions. In other words, to allow all the feeling to come through us, the anger, the rage, the sadness….and to recognize them as coming from the mind. The mind has a stronghold on us in a sense, because it can’t fathom that some things are possible. Such as the body healing.

      So this process brings up not only the physical but the emotional resistance. And the resistance from the mind is as you know the worst.

      But over time, as our soul and divine self comes in closer, as we continue allowing that, the mind let’s go more, and the more we are in that consciousness, or that resonance, the body shifts too.

      I have had some physical conditions just leave on their own, while others persist. But it does take more patience on our part with the body.

      And I have the deepest compassion for you with this. And I have said before that if this process gets to be too much, there is no dishonor in choosing to leave. To make peace with that choice. And when we do, our feeedom awaits us.

      But we wanted to experience at least for one lifetime what it would be like to have spirit reside in us so intimately. And even if we do not see the experiment to fruition, we have most assuredly impacted this planet and those other humans on it in a profound way. Just by our presence, just by our radiance.

      We are showing that in spite of what is happening in us and around us, we can access the deepest joy of our soul. By accepting ourselves, and that’s huge.

      What what we are doing here requires a huge amount of patience and being a little crazy doesn’t hurt either.

      Love and hugs to you dear fellow pioneer.🤗🌹💕💕💕💕💕

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