Still Trying To Hold it Together?

Image Credit Maria Chambers

Have you ever found yourself trying to make a relationship work?  Or watched other people trying, and you just know, in your soul, that it isn’t supposed to be that hard.  But then you hear the voices of others who whisper in your ear, “Relationships are work.”  Or “Anything worthwhile is hard work.  Sacrifice.

So you keep trying.  And nothing changes.  But maybe you have changed.  You are in a different place than they are.

This applies to our relationship with the planet.  We spent countless lifetimes trying to make it work here.  Trying to accommodate the expectations of others.  But all the while, deep within ourselves, we knew who we really were, and that this world wasn’t a good fit for us.  We knew, on a deep level that there was so much more than this. But out of necessity, for survival reasons, we kept that truth from ourselves.

And now as we become more of ourselves, the world seems even more harsh, dull, and unwelcoming.  As we let go of family ties, friends, jobs, and connections to the world outside, we feel even more alienated.  Even the so-called spiritual community doesn’t attract us anymore.

Oh we have our routines, and our comfort zones.  Thank goddess for them.  But there is a growing awareness that we truly do not belong here.  That we came here for a very special purpose, but we are not really residents here.

And that is probably the most challenging part of this embodied enlightenment process. The feeling of, why am I still here?

Some of us are not feeling the same passion as others now.  We are not immersed in projects like before.  Nothing seems to engage us like before.

If a psychologist were to analyze us, they may tell us we have clinical depression.  We seem to be displaying all the signs, feeling detached, isolating ourselves from others,  not involved in normal activities as other humans.

And because many of us are also at times filled with joy, and feeling spirit within us, the same psychologist may diagnosis us as being manic-depressive.  And without doubt the prescription pad comes out.

And if we are not careful, we will believe him.  We tend to blame ourselves for not feeling ecstatic about life.  For not being able to feel that joy more regularly.  Then the self blame spirals into depression.  Very seductive.

We know we are not victims.   We have taken responsibility for our life.  But now we are in a unique place.  We are feeling still very human, still feeling victimized at times by this transformational process.  And we are also feeling something else, the expansiveness of our I AM.

It can be confusing.  We wonder, do I want to even be here, am I done with this gig?  Things seem to be waning, and there are physical challenges to boot.  Will I ever transcend them?  If not, can I live with that?

We see people around us going to their jobs, raising their families, immersed in school, or projects…and part of us envies that.  Oh, we know we could never go back to that life, but there is something delicious about being immersed in those roles.  Yet we know it’s all just a game.  We can play in the game from time to time as the master, and it can be fun, but once you are awake, and conscious, it just doesn’t feel the same anymore.

It can be a crazy making place to be.

And you can’t share your concerns with the people in your life because in a well meaning place they would invariably try to convince you to either take medication, or go out and get a job or a hobby.

And then you think, maybe they are right, I just need to stir things up.  I’ve been in a rut.  So you try to do something different.  And it does help.  You do move energies.  And it can help move some of the inertia.

But eventually you are back to feeling like, more than ever,  you are just not a fit here.

So this is the place where I could have ended the post, but that would not be very satisfying for me or you.

Image Credit Maria Chambers


So here’s what I came up with:  It’s a bitch.  It’s totally frustrating.  It’s impossible.  No one in their right mind would go through this.  I would never recommend this freaking Embodied Enlightenment to my friends.  So here’s what to do……..


At least, that’s what I intend to do about it.

It is what it is.

I do not intend to do anything about it.  If things are boring, they are boring.  If things are breaking down, if my body is falling apart, I’ll just let it fall apart.  If someone is unhappy with me, I am not going to try to make them understand why I am doing what I am doing,

Just like the relationships we see others trying to make work.  How’s that going?  Not so good.

So, it’s a brand new day and a brand new way.  It’s no longer trying to make it work here on the planet.  If it doesn’t work, then that will open up something else to explore.  Whether it’s something here, or off planet.

This gig planet earth is not the easiest, especially for an ascending master.   But as long as we’re here, it’s probably best to stop trying to make it work.  Stop trying to hold things together.  Maybe just let things fall apart.  Let this process do what it’s intended to do.  And see where that takes us.***

***disclaimer:  The information in this article is not intended to replace medical advice.

© Copyright 2017 Maria Chambers, all rights reserved. P!ease feel free to share this content with others but maintain the article’s integrity by copying it unaltered and by including the author and source website link: Maria Chambers,

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48 thoughts on “Still Trying To Hold it Together?

  1. Thanks honey for NOTHING! heehee

    More confirmation from you…..thank the Goddess……there are are least a few out there who are kindreds. Thanks Sistar Goddess….

    love you

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  3. Janel

    Maria, this article so perfectly articulates what I’ve been going through lately. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in this, thank you!

  4. Yes, here we are, in la la land. No passions, wanting new fields to play in. I want to weave with light or create wth the air…something with a bit more zip to it. We have done it all here, feels so old. Hard to find passion about any thing anymore. I show up. That is what I do. Show up, appreciate the beauty around me, in people, and nature. Be easy with myself, know now it is about our presence, being the light. Feeling the waves wash in and flow through. All good. We are ready for the new and we aren’t going anywhere. We show up in whatever way that looks. I am grateful for us all!

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  6. Atian

    So far Earth has indeed been the most boring planet I’ve inhabited. Message to the Force: recalibrate me or beem me up.

    1. Atian….humans are wonderful, but they are so shut down. This playground offers a lot but at some point as we come into mastery, as we remember who we are, it does feel like it’s no longer a good fit for the advanced soul. It can feel like being a stranger in a strange land. But then there are those moments of such bliss and sensuality. On a soul level we did want to experience being here in the flesh like no other lifetime (wherever we may have come from) But yes, it does feel boring. We’re no longer in the game.

      1. Atian

        I was feeling like a stranger in a strange land. Robbie Robertson – Somewhere down the Crazy River

        With the native American on second voice, love it.

    2. Kat

      What happened on the other planets ? How did you find out where you incarnated else? Regression sessions? Sorry, so many questions, but I’m curious

      1. Atian

        Actually the movie E.T. is based on my life story except that they changed the ending, I’m still waiting for my family to give me a ride home.

        Seriously, all I know is that I belong somewhere else. Sometimes I get visions of the past/future in which I see the homeships floating in beautiful bysmuth crystal colours. Glad I can’t remember more, it would not help the feeling of being alienated.

  7. Elila

    Gaaaaah!!! Maria this is so spot on!!! Its like you are in my head. This is exactly what ive been thinking and the stance i have taken–just eff it already!!! The image that keeps replaying my head is the end of thelma and louise where they are at the edge of the cliff, know they are screwed, and look at each other with that “fuck it–hit it!” look and punch the accelerator. With all thats happening in the wake of my moms passing i probly should be scared to death but instead i keep thinking–screw it, hit the pedal! Im tired of frantically trying to make it work, to make life work.
    And ive said for so long that relationships should not be hard–and boy have i gotten some vitriol in return if ive made the mistake of saying it out loud. I dont think i have ever felt like i fit here or that this is “home”. Lady i love reading your stuff SO MUCH!!!! 💜

    1. Kat

      It’s incredible how this woman always hits the spot, isn’t it?
      I’m in that exact same position, where I just think: eff it. There is no motivation left in me to actively change anything, I can’t even try. There is one big issue in my life (I won’t bore you with it) and all action resulted in no change so far, so it would be ludicrous to keep using the same old unsuccessful tool. Instead I’m just letting life/spirit/whover deal with it/not deal with it now; I really just don’t care anymore and I’m starting to taste the liberation already

      1. Elila

        Kat –exactly same for me too, word for word! Trying to fix anything or plan or even think my way to solution has all been wasted energy–so im just letting it all unfold and see what presents! And i cant even care if it all falls apart. But i gotta say somewhere in me something is saying “NOW your GETTING it….” 😉

    2. Wow Elila…great reference… kind of does feel like going off the cliff into an abyss. While it may seem like the cowards way out to some, it’s actually the advanced soul that allows themselves to experience the ‘nothingness.’

      Being among the first to go through this ‘experiment’ is very difficult. And not even sure exactly where we are ‘going’ …..well, who’s courageous and crazy enough to do that???

      What’s so interesting is we are letting go of everything we have been conditioned to embrace…that life is HARD, that you have to work at things, that you have to earn your way through life…..and the irony is, it’s damned HARD getting to the point where you realize it isn’t.🤣

      So kudos for choosing Your freedom.🌹🤙💕

  8. sweet pea

    yes ma’am Maria! i’m with all y’all, my care cup is emmmmp-ty 😴

    it feels like lifetimesss i’ve been patiently waiting on my body to heal so that i can start living a life some sort of life…friends? hobbies? having fun? leaving the house?? lol nope. but i’ve tried everything i can try with all the try i could ever have in me… so apathy it is 😔

    oh an ps Maria… are humans wonderful???? haha..i don’t even really like myself as a human at the moment 😋

  9. Elila

    Oh my gosh Maria i laughed out loud hard at the irony you pointed out 😂—sooooo bloody true!!! And yep we are every bit as crazy as thelma and louise–i can never understand how anyone could think its the cowards way out when to me it looks like the bravest thing ever…

    And Kat–i laughed again with your comment bcuz yep i totally know what you mean (i mean yeah id really like to grok this allowing and trusting thing, but i cant make myself chase it if that makes sense. Basically everything i want is gonna have to fall in my lap lol)
    And sweet pea–i adore you as a human 😊💕 (and im all outa try too!)

    1. sweet pea

      oh my gosh Elila i’ve been wanting to share something with you!

      ok so i guess i have been a lil’ inspired about a passion again lately, i’ve started writing quite a bit again in the past few months… just like thoughts, quotes, poetry…

      and Elila a while back, we had a conversation on here about misogyny and lower masculine energy, and how you spoke about it was all kinds of BRILLIANT, i remember having chill bumps when i read it. 😍 i couldn’t remember what post the convo was on, but i could not get pieces of it out of head… like i remembered you had this brilliant way of describing the ways we as women perpetuate the energy, and then we talked about starving misogyny of our attention… it all lingered in my head, and a poem came out of it called “Starving Misogyny”:

      “as women
      we birth and breed them
      grow them
      feed them
      and try to teach them
      with all of our being
      to become kind, respectful, and honorable beings…
      so as women
      let us not
      date them
      mate them
      or feed our energy to grow and cultivate connection with them,
      with any of our being…
      unless they are kind, respectful, and honorable beings.”

      you’re basically the co-author of that, so i’ve been wanting to share our poem with you haha 🤗

      1. Elila

        WOWWWWW! Sweet pea i remember that convo–your poem is amazing–i love it! I just woke up this morning and checked in here first and got to see this. As soon as i got to the part where you said you were inspired to write i thought oh good bcuz she is such an excellent express-er. And then the poem! I sure cant take any credit for your lovely creation as i was just having another mini rant about why on earth anyone would still shag these guys lol 😜. Thank you so much for sharing it with me/us! You made my day love. 💜💕💜

      2. sweet pea

        haha yes Elila, that’s from the part i most remember…

        “… why on earth anyone would still shag these guys lol 😜…”

        you are an excellent express-er too, and you can take credit that you inspire me 🤗

      3. Elila

        Aw sweet pea how lovely of you to say that–thank you. You are pretty darn inspiring yourself you know… 😉💕
        Also i agree with you about the “outside world” and the difficulty in dealing with it. For me bureaucratic stuff especially i cant do. Like anything where id need to fill out paperwork or sign my name–ugh. Also am noticing that when i do get dragged down into lower energies, like having to do things i really dont want to (cleaning out a certain matriarchs basement comes to mind…), my body rebels by hurting something fierce and i get soooo tired superfast. And yes for sure too much interaction with others, even some i like, messes up my me-ness & overwhelms and it takes me awhile to get back in sync with mySelf. I also have beeen altering my walking route to avoid having to talk to people!

      4. sweet pea

        yes Elila bureaucratic stuff is soooo exhausting lol. i’ve luckily steamlined a lot of that out of my life in that past few years but i’m a contract worker, so self-employed, so my taxes are beyond exhausting every year haha. for me my job is reallllly energetically hard. i am suuuper lucky in that the universe created a job for me for the past 6 years where i work from home, but for the most part i hate the actual work i have to do, it’s really hard – constant problem solving and dealing with other people needing a million things from me all at once 😞 and also everyone at the company i work for is SUPER energetically chaotic, so even through a computer interacting with coworkers and bosses can be all kinds of wearing on the spirit. for a while i’ve slowly been working on a side project to try to manifest my way out of my job – but even that takes interaction with the world “out there” through marketing, and it’s all… just. A LOT. but until that magic lottery ticket pays up haha i keep my head down, work through it, and just be grateful i can at least work from home. if i had to leave and actually work at a job “out there” i think i might just starve and die instead ahaha 🙃

      5. Elila

        Yep sweet pea i have streamlined it too, so much that i rarely have to do anything bureaucratic, but then when i do it stands out more as yucky if that makes sense. And gurrrrrrrrrrrrl i have thought that exact same thing soooo many times–that if forced ino any kind of anything for survival id rather just starve and die!!!!! 💜

    2. Kat

      ” id really like to grok this allowing and trusting thing, but i cant make myself chase it if that makes sense. Basically everything i want is gonna have to fall in my lap lol”

      Yeah same here 😀 If there is absolutely no effort whatsoever included, ok, then I’ll have it. If not, then i don’t want it. But maybe that’s what the trusting is actually about? You know the old saying, if something is meant for you, then it’ll come and stay, if it’s not meant for you it won’t. That’s basically my attitude now. 🙂

      1. Elila

        Ah yes kat i think you are right, that its part of the whole trust thing. Everything keeps leading back to that one word it seems–and i have the same attitude–even those exact words have been in head–yesterday i remember specifically thinking well if its meant to be it will come and if not oh well! 😉💕

      2. sweet pea

        Kat & Elila, i would add for me that even worse than the effort, is that i so so dread the interaction with the world out there that things require 😞… i get so overwhelmed by the interaction with the collective and 3D energy that you have to have with some things to create in the physical world. i’m sort of struggling with this right now with a path i’m starting to follow. i’m still so unsettled in my own energy that having to interact with the energy “out there” still disturbs my peace and takes me out of “me-ness”… well the little bit of me-ness i have a hold on anyways lol

  10. Annette

    Oh my Maria, I have been feeling all of this, and now have fallen into a huge funk, but you know what I’m going to do!? NOTHING!!!
    Thank you once again, this helped me very much!!

    Big Love and (((Hugs))) 💞🌺💞

    1. Annette….there’s ‘NOTHING’ wrong with THAT approach.🤗…and I relate…it’s so easy to fall into that funk. Whether it’s feeling bored, or ill, or any of a number of things. It feels like we are operating from a whole different set of rules now than the rest of humanity. So what may have worked in the past for us, just isn’t working now. We tend to blame ourselves, too, for things seemingly not coming into alignment.

      But we have to remind ourselves that we are in the process of releasing so much that most other humans are not. We are literally being reborn in the same bodies and minds, which has to affect these bodies and minds in ways that are so challenging.

      It’s easy to feel tired, to feel hopeless. And then we also feel the joy of our Expanded self. It’s right there. And we know we deserve to feel good. It’s who we are. Thank you for your light my dear friend. Love and hugs to you.🌹💕💕💕

  11. HOW EXCITING IT IS! To find someones who have found the beauty of doing nothing about somethings! ‘Tis but a simple thought that others might have done similar things but the excitement of finding such has fun!

  12. Can’t resist throwing in my ‘Me Too’ to this conversation! It does me a power of good to know I am not the only one. Can’t bring myself to ‘care’ anymore. Do not have it in me to ‘make an effort’…lol, fuck that! 3D reality deeply unappealing…have already been there and done that, often several times over. Not drawn to ‘mix’ with others. Me-ness is absorbing all my energy, lol! Does it really come down to this? That once you have experienced the expanded self, once you have felt the incomparable delight of your own soul’s love for your human self – everything (and everyone) else available in this world just pales by comparison?

    The validation of this community means so much to me. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this discussion.

  13. Once again you validate me and confirm that what I’m feeling is OK. THIS is one of our superpowers, truly. The ability to positively affirm each other from a place of STRENGTH goddammit, not weakness! THIS is our ‘superfemales’ (lol) superpower if anything is. The ability to quite literally uplift humanity, yes, a few of us females of the species are indeed the pioneers (not as many as is generally thought) in this respect and I’ll tell you why. Guys LOVE a positive woman! They NEVER feel ‘threatened’ by that. They NEVER feel ‘unmanned’ by that. They don’t fucken CARE that she doesn’t require ‘protection’ lol.

    Ohmigosh. Here’s a track from Natalie, yes, just like you Maria I use music to illustrate and expand on my points. Yes, we are super-weird but let’s face it some of these guys (not all) are ‘super-lame’ as the young folks like to say! It’s a case of desperate times, desperate measures.

    Men LOVE strong and positive women. I can’t say that enough. But it really really ISN’T about being ‘independent’.

    And another thing. Sometimes the strongest thing you can ever do is to submit. Take when you want to post a certain song but the computer somehow resists and makes you post another, because that is gonna be more helpful to the peeps here? This is NOT my favourite but it will have to do. I’ll post the one I like somewhere else.

  14. Agreed, my dear Louise…this whole ascension is about allowing, a kind of surren-dear we are not used to, and it can leave us feeling quite vulnerable.

    But being vulnerable is not necessarily a bad thing. The toxic masculine sees it as a negative.

    Women’s liberation did some wonderful things for the feminine in its day, but women were still believing they had to act like men in order to be seen and heard. Independence was experienced more as a putting up divisions, and pushing down emotions, not very liberating. It’s what the masculine energy had been doing for a very long time.

    And witness the results.

    Now we are allowing our feminity to be what it always was to begin with….strong, sovereign and sensual. It’s dynamic and creative. A feminity that co-creates with the balanced masculine within.

    So the feminine is now honored and respected by us, first, and then it is respected by others.

    And thanks for sharing the video…it is quite beautiful. 🤗🌹💕💕💕

  15. Rayofhelios

    Doing nothing is doing something. LOL! It seems to me, you are still very active in this Earth Life. You’re blogs are outstanding; your words ring true (and contribute to the ever growing, co-created and connected “T”rue shared by 8 billion other people who are chilling, fight, depressing “Dark Nighing” loving, heart breaking…..)

    I just recently came to a cognitive realization (that struggles to ground through me and anchor me if I but dared to put both feet on this “Ground” instead of my big toe only) that essentially echos exactly what you said. AND…there is this human monkey body/brain that spirit must some how express through…in time…in space, and it’s ALL CRAZY. It hurts! It hurts my mind, my heart and my soul…

    …but all three are dragged along this ride. And The Mother (Our Earth)…her soul calls…”Be here with me, and In all our struggles, I AM HERE, TOO.” And spirit whispers (and yells sometimes)…”You chose this, and you are never ever alone…with 8 billion others, you are not alone, and with infinity behind and before, you are not alone…even when you withdraw.”

    It is good. “It is what it is (as we make it…or unmake it).”

    Love your Spirit, Girl! Thanks for your inspirations…they are quite activ(ating) and real in the world.

    It is good. It is what it is.

  16. Rayofhelios

    You might just love this: Jami Sieber and Kim Rosen. I knew Jami Sieber. I worked with her at Maitri: Compassionate care for people living with AIDS. She is an RN, but she is also a profoundly beautiful cellist. When our patients were dying, she’d bring her cello in…and play…and sooth a very weary soul into peace.


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