Art by Maria Chambers

Knowledge.  As we ascend, that word takes on a whole new meaning.  We discover that true knowledge is simply being aware. Being awake.  Having consciousness.

It’s got little to do with intelligence, how much information a person can consume and recall.  Or even how easily they can solve equations or problems.

I graduated at the top of my high school class with a handful of other students.  I wasn’t particularly information savvy, or good at math, but I worked hard at my subjects.   I was terrible at recalling facts and figures, and not really that interested in history.  But for whatever reason I felt compelled to put my nose to the books back then and it didn’t come easily.

Subjects like English and art did come easily because they were vehicles for expressing my soul.

Getting such an ‘award’ didn’t make me feel special because I knew that those types of accolades are meaningless.

So it is funny to see others working so hard at being the smartest or most knowledgeable about a range of subjects.  It’s certainly fun to philosophize about different topics and it can fill an entire afternoon.

But true knowledge is all about joy.  It’s all about how much joy can a person allow into their body and their life?   Wouldn’t it be great if  Wheel of Fortune had questions like, How does one become enlightened?   What is true freedom?  How can we heal our past?

But we are in a world that has operated for eons from the mind.  It’s a mental world.  We are going to see it become even more mental in years to come.  More and more humans are going to have to lose their minds, and even to go ‘crazy’ in order to become free.

We do not need to become smarter.  We need to become more sensual.  More carefree.  More compassionate with ourself.  And that is happening, at least for those of us who are the first to go through this embodied enlightenment.

As our consciousness integrates more and more with our human self, we become more playful, more carefree, more relaxed.  Yes there are still challenges, but we have been through the heavy stuff, and we have gone to depths that few other humans have.  The dark night of the soul.

Now we are moving more and more into a place where knowledge resides.  True knowledge.  We recognize it in ourself and we recognize it  in a few others.  But not too many humans are in this place.  Not yet.

They are still exploring the mind.  But they come to a place, as we did, where the mind can no longer satisfy that deep thirst.  It can’t take them to where they truly want to go.  It can entertain them with philosophies and concepts and that makes them ‘think’ they are getting closer to true knowledge.

But until they too give permission to move out of the mind, and into their heart and soul, they will never feel the joy.

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8 thoughts on “Knowledge

  1. Elila

    Aaaaah Maria this is so lovely and has such resonance for me. You never stop surprising me with your multidimensional insight. Just thank you for continuing to share it. I really treasure you and this space.
    And i do feel what you are saying, how “knowledge” is morphing and means something different for me now. Sometimes i just feel this “wise-ness”, for lack of a better term, and also i find myself seeking out answes or solutuons or information much MUCH less than ever before bcuz there is some type of knowingness coming from inside that assures me i’ll know whatever i need to know when i need to know it and theres no need or reason to gather it up and store it?

    1. Elila, you say it perfectly, “I’ll know whatever i need to know when i need to know it and theres no need or reason to gather it up and store it?”. And that’s how we will be operating. In the now. A whole new way of being,

      And I am also grateful for you and your wisdom. Your light adds so much to our lovely community here. 🌹💕💕

  2. Thank you Maria! Well said! Yet again!

    I have been feeling such joy of Being and not striving….. Just that profound allowing and embracing.


    Today my beautiful son turns 37! Pretty wild. I was at the birth so I know I am old enough. 😀😜😘

    1. Oh, Happy Birthday to your son!!! Wow, 37. What a great Age! Hmmmmm…I think it’s time to watch BIG again. Tom Hanks was perfect for that role.

      And thanks for reblogging on elizabethsadhu. Love and hugs…🤗🌹💕

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