Depth Over Drama

I was binge watching a riveting TV series called Damages.  Each and every character in this show is absolutely addicted to drama.

The mind has total control over them and consequently their lives become unraveled and even nightmarish.

While it has redeeming  entertainment value, it is nothing short of total chaos and a treadmill of people giving in to all of their emotions.

Of course none of the characters are aware that this is happening. They are so deeply entrenched in their roles.  But I couldn’t get past season two, because it started to get boring.  I noticed that real depth of character and substance was replaced by shock value.

We who have awakened are going for depth over drama. Yes our human self still can get very involved in the emotions from our mind, for they are quite compelling are they not? But we also see that those emotions, whether it is fear or anger, or any other of the so-called dark emotions, are manufactured by our mind.

Before I go further, I want to remind the reader that it’s imperative to acknowledge all of the emotions.  But acknowledging them doesn’t mean necessarily responding to them and making them our truth.  This is what we are learning to do in this whole ascension process.  We are allowing everything to be acknowledged within us.  And becoming adept at choosing how we want to feel.

The mind could be telling us things like my situation is impossible. My body will never rebalance. And if we follow through on those emotions and respond to them, our reality will absolutely reflect that back to us.

In the TV drama, every one of the characters is addicted to taking action on all of their emotions. It’s actually funny to watch. They are like puppets on a string. Consequently, everyone is stabbing everyone else in the back. Metaphorically and often literally. No one can be trusted. Things go from bad to worse for everyone, including but not limited to physical violence and death.  I was only half way into season one and already I lost track of the body count.

There have been times in my own experience where I was willing to give into my mind’s emotions to the point of saying, I am willing to leave the planet because what if my mind is right.

What if the situation is impossible? What if I can’t figure this Ascension process out? Imagine giving my mind that much power?

Have we not done that in so many ways? We’ve given our power away to others in the past. To political leaders, to friends, family, doctors, spiritual leaders.

People give their power away every day to religions. We wonder, how can they allow others to convince them that they are sinners? That they must repent. That unless they follow certain doctrines they are doomed to an eternity in hell. We may laugh at that, but sometimes we are doing the same thing with our minds.

We are giving over our power to a part of us that does not always have our best interest at heart. It wants to stay in power and is very adept at using fear tactics to get us to comply.  In my tv series, people’s lives are blowing up.  They are blowing up other people’s lives.  Victimhood reigns supreme.

And TV these days has in some ways become much more sophisticated.  It was easy to spot the good guys from the bad guys earlier on in entertainment.  The good guys wore white hats and the bad guys looked like thugs.

But in a good mystery or thriller you won’t know whose got your back or who is stabbing you in the back.  Nothing is what it seems.   The mind, bless it, has been trying to confuse us with various disguises.  It may seem like an innocent remark on its part, like you need to do such and such or you will starve.   It will tell us a situation is fine.   But then why do we feel like we are compromising ourselves?

And it loves using shock value to get a response.  A good drama will have some shocking scenes, filled with fear.   And the swell of ominous music is always a nice touch.

After awhile, you won’t know who to trust.   Are they all corrupt?  Is anyone coming from a place of caring, or are they all just self-serving?


I began watching the series because it looked like something I could sink my teeth into, a nice, absorbing storyline.  I felt a little indulgent, enjoying so much dysfunction, even if it was vicariously.

Lets face it, sometimes ascension can get a little boring.

And that is another reason we like indulging in a little mind drama….we are detaching from this reality and it can feel boring.  Sometimes we need an infusion of something, even drama to help us to feel.  There is nothing worse than not feeling.   Sometimes we prefer feeling bad than not feeling at all.  I asked myself a few times, as I was watching such menacing people who thought nothing of destroying others and themselves….why am I watching something that is clearly not in the least uplifting?

I needed a dose of drama….but not too close to home.   Which is OK.  This is not an easy process and we are doing amazingly considering all the challenges we face on a daily basis.  But I also wanted resolution.  And the show just wasn’t delivering.

So there is the boredom.  But we are in the process of feeling the passion from our soul, which is new to our human self.  There is no drama there.  It is just pure joy.  An inner feeling of fulfillment, completion.  Of sensuality.  A true passion.

And I have said this before and it’s true.  The mind is even getting tired of trying to figure it out.  It needs a break.  It’s being given a free pass now, in the light of ascension. It can relax and allow the soul to do what it does best,  and the mind also gets integrated.  It gets to come along.  It won’t be left behind, but it also won’t try to run the show.

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Enjoy I Got Both Feet On The Ground


13 thoughts on “Depth Over Drama

  1. Good one Maria. I’m observing drama with my parents as my mom becomes weaker and weaker. Its old origin family patterns being played out in front of me. I have a choice; I can take things personally and feel less than, or know that its THEIR stuff, their drama, and the only way my edler parents know how to think and act. I can take it personally or not. I have a choice. I liken it to someone laying a tug of war rope in front of me and saying “Tug!”. I can observe the rope and back up and walk away, or pick it up and start tugging. It feels good to know I have a choice, and that’s the older way, the mind’s way.

    1. Moms2bzs…I like the tug of war analogy. And we are never more challenged than when it comes to our own family. There is so much “pulling” at us emotionally. It’s significant that you are recognizing your sovereignty. Which includes detaching emotionally from the family drama. It’s so liberating when we recognize that we always have a choice, and when we choose self-love it impacts our body, our finances and our life in general. Life gives back to us that love. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s unfolding for all of us. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. 🌹💕💕💕

  2. Elila

    Maria!!! You are on fire girl!! I have spent the entire morning with a sensually pleasing cup of excellent coffee & luxuriating in your words and the comments. (And doing my best to put my reactions and appreciation into words in the comments with my slowwwww brain and typing lol) So blissed out–siiiiiigh. Im with you on the depth over drama. Its like we share a brain lol. I started watching the series “Once Upon A Time” out of boredom and fell in love with all the characters, humor, intelligence, and clever twists. But after a while the relentless drama wore me out and i thought this is just another darn soap opera where even if you do get a taste of resolution or happy ending, you can bet your bottom dollar it wont last long. I stopped watching out of exhaustion and disappointment when a beloved main chatacter was killed off. I miss the players, but not the drama factor. Its kinda like food–there are certain energies and substances i dont want to ingest or empower within me, and its the same with what kind of entertainment i choose to “eat”. All the drama–my own, my mind’s, other peoples, my ancestors or family’s, mass consciousness’, political, religious, media–it all just gives me a stomachache. To borrow sweet pea’s phraseology, im burnt to the ground on it.
    I so see what you mean about moving more into the sensual. I think these days my “entertainment” is morphing rather quickly. I enjoy eating amazing food in solitude and focusing on relishing each amazing bite or sip. I enjoy walking and taking in the warmth and greeness and fragrances around me and the wind and sun on my skin. And lately standing under a tree gorging on fresh sweet juicy mulberries. I enjoy when i give a stranger a compliment and get goosebumps becuz i can feel that it hit just right. I enjoy just exchanging smiles with random people driving by me, or waving to people i see every day. I enjoy being here in the ONLY place where i can really say how i feel and be fairly confident that im understood. I enjoy daydreaming about my lovely beach cottage, walking barefoot on sand, and a few random romantic rendevous with craig ferguson (blush). I enjoy my simple wide open uneventful, undramatic days. I enjoy this new feeling of peaceful inner calm, and the magically growing fearlessness. I enjoy soft music in the background of my day. Im enjoying writing this comment. All in all when i add it up this way, my share of happiness and fulfillment seems to be growing and growing and its just so lovely, and coming here is like MiracleGro for my soul LOL. Thank you again dear Maria. 💜

    1. Dear Elila…holy cow….i don’t want to say too much because your words and energy say it all! The exquisite joy you are feeling and sharing. It’s beautiful.

      And vis a vis, Once Upon A Time…I had high hopes too, and couldn’t get past season 2′ episode 3.

      Here’s to being the beautiful, sensual human angels!!! ☕️😇😍💕

  3. Elila

    Gee thank you again Maria! I figure if what we focus on is what expands, well id like to gently guide myself into practicing focus on stuff id enjoy more of lol.
    And heck yeah dear friend, i will absolutely raise a glass to and for all us sensual human angels! Cheers! 😇💐🍾🎉💕💜

  4. Giggling at this a bit. I got completely obsessed with The Closer. My honey was gone for a couple of months. So……. Also, Call the Midwife. Such sweetness and joy there. Anyway…..

    I just had a 3 day mini break from my life at the Oregon Country Fair. I have been going with my honey for 25+ years. He is way into it. For me it is kind of how I feel about holidays. I.e. Thanksgiving always kind of pisses me off…..I always think, “we can be fucking grateful EVERY DAY! Not just one day a year.”

    The Fair is a whole lot of hippies…. And as an Empath, I feel all the energy and it takes me some adjustment to be there. I get into it but get a little frustrated with the sometimes, (often?) Fake “peace love and happy”. For 3 days. Lots of costuming and drugs….. Great people watching….. Constant noise…..24/7 for 3 days. It IS fascinating. 💓💓😀😀 Every so often I need to take a year off.

    I keep going back because there IS something happening there.

    So…… Home now and grateful to be here….

    Grateful for this group of kindreds.

    And Elila—love your descriptions of BEING.

    MARIA-thanks for all you do and for always saying it so well….. So often My innermost feelings.

    Love you all!

    Love us all!

    1. Dear siSTAR goddess of joy….I remember years ago I went to a three-day bluegrass festival….me and my first hubby….we spent three days and two nights right in the heart of it, in the thick of it, literally pitched a tent and camped out on the festival grounds, along with many other folks. So it was music all day and all night. We woke up with it and went to sleep with it.

      In some ways it was an awesome experience, being so immersed in the music and the energies. But honestly, today I couldn’t imagine myself being able to do it. What with the new consciousness and the sensitivities to energies. In fact I think I would only be able to go for a short time.

      And agreed, why wait for one day a year to be grateful? I could never get into obligatory celebrations. I am so glad I have opted out of all of it. Unless it feels like fun, why bother? Of course for me it’s a little easier since most of my family is, well, er…dead.

      Seems I have a much better relationship with them in that state of consciousness. The non physical one. There’s not all that karmic crap interfering any more.🤗

  5. raisedinlove

    Just got back from a month in Austria. Was married to an Austrian and still visit my “out-laws.” Been visiting and living in Austrian over 29 years. So this time did not look forward to the trip because I was clearing a big pattern and did not feel the energy to re-visit family weirdness. yet I had the time of my life BECAUSE I could let all the dysfunction be without engaging in the slightest. I could love and see them with new eyes and not react to the old dynamics. Was so liberating! For weeks it was bliss and joy with deep belonging. Jus t realized my ex-step-father in (out) law probably has Asperger’s. So lovely to appreciate being wined and dined, adored and supported WITHOUT engaging in any of the dysfunction. It was truly one of the best experiences of my life. Did not even know it was possible so what a gift to be in the world but not of it even with family.

    1. Savannah…how wonderful that you allowed yourself to enjoy yourself with those who you choose to be with. Without the drama. Sounds like you have been adoring and supporting yourself, and that was beautifully reflected back to you. Very cool. Thank you for sharing. 🌹💕

    2. Elila

      Savannah–been wondering about you and how you are–so glad to hear from you and that you were having an amazing time! 😊

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