When You Are Ready

When you are ready to let go of a situation, physical or emotional condition, or a relationship, you will.  And not a moment before.

And when I say you, I mean whichever part of you it may be.  Even the physical issues, which for the most part are inherited, can be transmuted.  But if it seems to be slow, or if there seems to be no progress whatsoever, it’s because it’s not ready.  Whether it’s the body, or the mind.

Those of us here are on the accelerated path compared to the rest of humanity, yet there is still a process involved in our integration or it would overwhelm our system.  It’s already overwhelming us.  Imagine if it was even more intense?  Yet it’s really hard to be patient with this process, and many of us at times wonder if it will ever happen for us.

We are told to accept where we are at, and to have patience with our body in terms of it needing to catch up with our consciousness.  But sometimes that body with its inherited issues is a real buzz kill.

You’re finally getting this joy thing, feeling your soul and the sensual nature of life, and BAM!  You’re hit with yet another physical challenge, or maybe it’s emotional.  Or something you are experiencing worsens.

So you try to reconcile it, and you understand that often when more light is introduced into our cells, it triggers these conditions and dis-eases that need to be released.  Sometimes we unknowingly are also taking on the issues of those around us.  But we also know that this will no longer do.  And if we are absorbing others’ stuff it must not be processed by us, but allowed to move through and out of us.

Well, all of this makes sense and it’s happening, albeit slowly, much more slowly than any of us bargained for.

But meanwhile, trying to force or accelerate a healing or our enlightenment in general doesn’t work.  But it can be accelerated by allowing it to just happen, and not try so hard.

I find it so interesting that people swear by certain products or methods that they claim healed a condition for them.   A particular product that worked miracles for one person did nothing for another.

A friend told me that he couldn’t find an adequate therapist and each one he tried to work with was unprofessional.  I told him that maybe he wasn’t ready to look at the issue he was dealing with because it was too painful.  So not being able to find the ‘right’ therapist was not surprising.

How many of us have done extensive and exhaustive research on a condition and all the possible remedies, found one, tried it, and it didn’t work?

If we were told by someone we trusted that eating Hershey bars three times a day would heal our body of a particular condition, that method would absolutely work.  But not because we believed it would, but because we were actually ready on whatever level, to let that condition go.

We don’t like hearing that so much because we like to think that we as the human personality are in control of that decision.  Well, we do control it to a large degree by our resistance.  The more we try and struggle and analyze, the more we keep ourselves stuck.  Because we as the human don’t have access to all the information.  And it’s not our job to get that information and wrestle with it.  It’s not important to know where the issue originated, because none of these issues are truly ours.


We knew this lifetime was going to be special.  We wanted to be here at the most potent time in the history of the planet to bring in the New Energy.

Image Credit Maria Chambers

And part of that process was to take on a very real, human life with very real human problems to become the compassionate teachers, leaders, mentors.

We were already advanced souls.  We didn’t need to really be here.  So all the issues and problems we have been experiencing are really not ours.  We need not take any of them personally.

And even knowing that, while it may be comforting, doesn’t automatically resolve all these issues and problems. These issues will resolve themselves when they are ready.   In fact it’s not even resolving that happens, but they simply move out.   So we can roll our sleeves up, tackle each issue one at a time, spend our time and energy and money on potential solutions and still have the same results.

Our job through this process is to make ourselves as comfortable as possible.  Certain products and methods can help allay symptoms which is fine, but the energetic imbalance won’t resolve until it is ready to resolve.  Not a moment before.

Our only job is to relax, and find ways to feel good.  Why?  Because feeling good is our natural state of being.  All the other stuff isn’t.    Honor all the feelings as they come up.  Don’t wrestle with them if possible.  Don’t try to get it ‘right.’

If your mind gets all wound up, maybe go do a crossword puzzle.

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19 thoughts on “When You Are Ready

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  2. Kat

    “When you are ready to let go of a situation, physical or emotional condition, or a relationship, you will. And not a moment before.”

    Yes, that is my sentiment, too. I’ve been browsing the “spiritual community” in the past couple of weeks and it is astonishing how many – in my opinion – counterproductive beliefs are being propagated. I do believe that we are creating our own reality but our reality clearly isn’t being created by our superficial thoughts and it surely isn’t created instantly. But that’s how some of those spiritual “teachers” present it.
    I also think that some things in our lives are predestined. Not all, but some. And like you’ve said: before something is ready to go, it won’t go. We are understandably impatient with our ascension process, because we all thought (or hoped) that it won’t last that long, but we can’t push the river. Thank you for such a timely and wise article again.

    1. Yes, Kat, we can’t push a river, indeed!!! And thank you too for your wisdom, and your great sense of humor. Which is important in these times to come especially, as things heat up out there. Love.🤗🌹💕

  3. Annette

    “You’re finally getting this joy thing, feeling your soul and the sensual nature of life, and BAM! You’re hit with yet another physical challenge, or maybe it’s emotional. Or something you are experiencing worsens.” (This has got to be the absolute worse part for me!!!) Damn I get SO pissed off…UGH!!! Thank you for this post in its entirety my sweet Maria, it helped A LOT, its been rough here lately…Nothing really wrong, yet, NO THING feels right!!

    Much Love,
    Annette ❤

    1. My dear Annette…it’s the worst part for me too. I too get really pissed off. And it’s been pretty rough here lately too. At times it feels like, ok, something’s gotta give. We masters are a hearty lot, but we have just so much patience, don’t we? I mean, really! Love to you🌹💕💕💕

  4. Thank you! Just what I needed. Beautiful reminder…….🎉🎉🎉🎉💓💓💓💓🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

    “These issues will resolve themselves when they are ready. In fact it’s not even resolving that happens, but they simply move out.” YES YES YES

    BACK TO REMEMBERING I need to do NOTHING. Aha! Become a Master at nothing. Heehee

    Thank you so much, dear Sistar Goddess! Love, E

  5. Elila

    Wow i SO agree with all of you! Im pissed off too. Thank you Maria for reminding me that this human doesnt have access to all the information, and that its not my job to get it and wrestle with it and FIGURE IT ALL OUT. I very much needed this right now.

    1. Elila

      Its been rough here lately too, and yep ive been like gee how much patience am i sposed to have for petessake??! I mean throw a gal a bone hey??!? Gonna go do a crossword now and work hard on NOTHING 😉.
      UNCLE already!!!!!

    2. Elila…you are so very welcome…we all need to be reminded, I mean we live in such a left brain, mental world in which it’s ‘normal’ to approach every issue with the application of action. Pushing. Analyzing. Powering through. Not feeling worthy, needing to ‘earn’ our way.

      So the action is often taken from a place of fear and lack. And we all know how that goes….

      The feminine energy is one of allowing and receiving, of seeing the bigger perspective. Not trying to force change. And it allows the balanced male energy to support it and to take INSPIRED Action, if and when action is needed.

      But it takes some practice as we know. There always seems to be something coming up in my life where I am faced with that same choice: should I ‘do’ something about it, or let it be? It challenges all our old ways. It can be challenging to the core.

      But we need to be gentle here with ourselves. If we do make a choice based on lack, it’s ok too. We can always choose again. There is nothing carved in stone. It all leads to our enlightenment and our freedom. 🤗🌹💕💕💕

      1. Elila

        Thank you dear lovely Maria. I found this comforting. Yep i am being challenged to the core right now, and no inspiration is coming. You know ive spent my whole life falling short, always feeling i was “doing life wrong”, no matter how hard i worked or conformed or “played the game” or “sucked it up”. I dont want to live that way anymore. I dont want to FEEL that anymore. And i dont want to be in this world in the same way as in the past. Right now its scary bcuz something ive faced multiple times before is breathing down my neck AGAIN, and i am wanting for it to play out differently than it has in the past, mainly PLEASANTLY, and i dont know how to manifest that. Im such a different person from the last time this came round, but im seeing some of the same stuff play again and it frightems me some. I must say tho, last time i didnt have this amazing family here to grow & confab with!! 😉💕😉 And you all remind me how far ive come, so nothing can really play out the “way it always has”. I want to see some of the magic i KNOW spirit is able to provide. I want to allow and receive. I want to THRIVE, and love life here in this crazy body and on this crazy planet. 😊😉😜

        1. Yes, Elila to everything you say here….for me as well, things always seemed ‘off’ and the only time I felt like I could be myself was when I was alone. And I’m sure we were picking up on everyone else’s imbalances, because really, we didn’t have those imbalances for the most part. We came in as advanced souls. But out of love we ended taking on their issues and making them our own. Much like our dear pets do. How crazy is THAT?

          So waking up and realizing, holy shit, these issues are really not mine, and this ancestral body is not mine. Well, that’s the good news, and I guess the bad news! But it’s mostly good news🤗

          It means that, while all the challenges don’t go away in a snap of a finger, they don’t hold a grip on us like before…as you say, you are not the same person now, and that is going to make all the difference. Now you are working with your live-in partner, your soul. You really don’t have to figure it all out ahead of time.

          Being in the moment and just loving yourself, as you are doing, is all that is required. So when these issues come around yet again, no, they are not so overwhelming. Something shifts. We are more the observer, oh, you are right, we still feel scared, maybe angry, but even those emotions are not as compelling any more.

          And yes, you are certainly not alone and are supported by your friends and family, the ones you choose to be your friends and family of course. And most importantly, by your own SELF…your eternal self.🤗🌹💕💕💕💕💕💕

      2. Elila

        Maria i love how you seem to have an incredible gift for showing me new perspectives–which is SUCH a delight to me when everyone else seems to drone on about the same old effin dogma lol. You have made the reference before about us taking on other peoples stuff similarly to how pets do. It perhaps didnt click right away for me bcuz ive never had a pet (allergic), but something about your wording here clicked it into place, and i thought of other people i know who have animals and how they seem to get sick with and for their caretakers…& its an unconscious thing….and then, aha! I got it. I can clearly see how i have done the same thing. I actually have suspected it for awhile as some of my symptoms and discomforts were strikingly similar to my mothers whilst living with her, and i wondered how or if it connected. Now i can see. So thank you again wise angel woman. Everything you said here really helps to put me back in touch with my own wise angel self. Sometimes that connection gets fuzzy when the fear pot has been stirred and being in this space with you and our “team” helps me find my calm center again.

        1. Elila, yeah it’s amazing for me too, to realize how I had taken on the issues of those closest to me, but at the time as you say it’s not conscious. It’ll be interesting to see how you begin to let go of the lot of those now. Sending you tons of hugs, my fellow wise woman.🤗🌹💕💕💕💕

  6. Elila

    Oh Maria–i am SOOOOOOOOO READY to let go of them!!!! It actually struck me for a split second there when i read your words like OH! Thats right! They arent permanent!! They can leave!!! Woohoo!!!! A flash of promise & delight that something GOOD could actually happen in this mess–another excellent reminder! I am so hugging you right back!!! ❌⭕️❌⭕️❌

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