What Is This New Consciousness Anyway?

Art by Maria Chambers

It’s no news that this beautiful blue Planet doesn’t yet embrace or honor the feminine energies.  Every man and woman who lives here knows this in their hearts.

While most of humanity isn’t aware of their true consciousness, they sense that something is off.  They don’t know what that something is, but they are aware that things need to change.

They will point their fingers at who or what they believe is responsible for the problems of the world.  They truly believe that some action must be taken, that attitudes need to change, laws need to change.  Maybe, they think, we need to go back to simpler times.  Maybe there is too much technology.

Perhaps an enemy must be annhilated.  We need more and stronger military defenses.  Or maybe it’s more prayers for world peace that we need.  Perhaps people are not compassionate enough, are too self serving.

Some believe that people are simply not thinking positively enough.  Maybe they need to take a positive thinking course or two.  Some contend that we are becoming less intelligent and that is what is behind the problems of the world.  Our education system is to blame.  Maybe parents are too lenient with their children.  Or maybe they are pushing their kids too hard to succeed.

Maybe life has become too soft.  We need to go back to the past in which hard work was valued.  Or maybe people have lost their moral compass.

So most agree that changes are needed, but all the solutions seem to lay in taking some sort of action.   With wrestling with what is, in order to change it.  And on a more personal level, to wrestle with the emotions, and the illnesses, with finances and relationships.

Working harder if there is lack of financial resources.  Going on diets or exercising if it involves being overweight.   Going to doctors and taking medicine and getting surgeries for physical conditions.  Taking medications for depression and anxiety.  And for the more forward thinking, focusing on only happy thoughts.

All brought to you by……the mental, mind-oriented world.

A world with an overage of the male, focused, action oriented consciousness.  It’s become out of balance as we can see, with efforting, trying, pushing for results.  Over analyzing and a belief in having to earn, and of not feeling worthy of receiving.

This imbalance can exist in both men and women.  And it’s not working very well.

Art by Maria Chambers


It’s no coincidence that mostly women are attracted to the esoteric.  The feminine energies embrace a wider perspective of life.  It isn’t as concerned with the details.  It works with compassion (not pity).  No, the true Divine Feminine will not allow being fed off of by others.  It will most certainly not care-take.

The feminine is open, allowing, accepting and receptive.

Again, it’s not allowing in those who want to feed off her energies.  It’s allowing things to be, without trying to force change.  And in that allowance, alchemy happens.  Change is initiated.

In fact, the highest state of consciousness is the state of allowing.

Allowing and receiving are not really passive energies.  They are quite potent and are in fact what is required to move stuck energies.  That is because we are multidimensional beings.  There are counterparts of ourself that are arranging what we like to call synchronicities and miracles.  It’s what those parts of us do best.

It’s what brings to us the perfect events, conditions and people at the perfect time.  So it could be said that allowing is not a passive energy, it’s a smart energy.  Because it is allowing not only what is, but it’s allowing the consciousness that created the world, actually that created the universes, to do all the heavy lifting.  You know, work smart, not hard.

Art by Maria Chambers


It’s challenging living as a woman in a mental, male oriented world.  And it is equally difficult for a man who embraces his own Divine Feminine.

The balanced Divine Masculine is not an aggressive energy.  Nor is it controlling.  It is in support of the Divine Feminine.  It helps set boundaries.  It complements the vision and creativity of the feminine inspired imagination.

The Masculine and Feminine work hand in hand, as partners, in love and respect for each other.  The masculine assists the feminine in activating and implementing her dreams.  He helps by paying attention to details and focuses when and where it is needed.

To assign the word masculine and feminine is the easiest way to describe the characteristics of both.  Carl Jung referred to them as the anima and the animus.

Being Embodied here as either male or female has its challenges, as both are in the process of healing the deep wounds they have incurred.  And we on the forefront of the New Consciousness, the Christ Consciousness, are undergoing our own balancing as the human.

As the feminine energies on the planet no longer take a back seat, they at the same time are pulling away from the caretaking and nurturing of the masculine energies.  As a result, the masculine feels lost.  Perhaps angry and abandoned.  He will act out.  He also can become the self loving and sovereign being, as he begins to embrace his own Divine Feminine nature.

But remember that as the soul, as the eternal self, we are neither masculine or feminine. We are already in balance in every respect.

© Copyright 2017 Maria Chambers, all rights reserved. P!ease feel free to share this content with others but maintain the article’s integrity by copying it unaltered and by including the author and source website link: Maria Chambers, http://www.soulsoothinsounds.wordpress.com

15 thoughts on “What Is This New Consciousness Anyway?

  1. Oh yes! Oh yes! So well said. Love!

    The phrase “profound allowing” came to me quite a few years ago. When I have mentioned it before, I got blank stares. But, methinks, Sistar Goddess, that you get it. 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓😀😀😀😀😀😀🎇🎆🎇🎆🎉🎉🔆🔆🌞🌞🌻🌻🌺🌺🌼🌸🌼🌸🌼😘😘😘😘

    Thank you!

    Love, E

    1. Profound, indeed! It just doesn’t get more profound than that. Blank stares, and eyes glazed over from those who think allowing means giving up, or accepting unwanted conditions as their fate in life.

      Well, I guess it is a kind of giving up….giving up trying so hard, giving up making the human personality and mind the sole responsible party for creating. Giving up arguing for their limitations.

      And thank you dear siSTAR goddess for reblogging on elizabethsadhu. 🤗🌹💕💕💕💕

  2. I love how very balanced the presented summation of the divine feminin and masculine was here. It gives a very healthy perspective. In the end, it is not masculine that is evil. Imbalance and ignorance fostered evil.

    My embodied self grieves for the injustice of how “man” kind has conducted “him”self.

    And…”Woman” kind, while repressed and “Man”handled…did respond/react with equivelent (perhaps not equal…but equivelent) …hmmmm…force?

    We all did share in the played out inbalance. We did all play into the victim/perpetrator paradigm.

    Please…hear me…and do not misconstrue me as someone trying to make excuses for either “side.” Please…”allow” my hard won life perspective coming from one of “two spirits” who has ever tried to know and balance these very real creation elements within himself…and has with first hand first person perspective (as we all have in our shared human experience) born the consequence of exposure to the reactions and actions of imbalance and severe expressions of the feminine and masculine outputting consequence…from which I gained the knowing of how VERY IMPORTANT it is to HEAR and give priority to what is stated in this article.

    Consider the opposing elements within each expression: base vs. exalted feminin and masculine. From your own lives (as man, woman…or other) the ramifications to self and each to and of each another of the animation of either the base attribute …and exalted virtues of masculine and feminin within us. Surly we know the shared suffering of imbalce, and surly we know the experience of how very healing either is to the other…or could be when we have finally grown excused, bruised and maimed through the continued action reaction victim/perpetrator paradigm that has been warming between the sexes for SO VERY LONG.

    For my journey, I seek and strive for the exalted of both within myself: the divine expression of THE diminished and masculine. The opposing Of either is cruel and base within each…each hacing its equivalent manevalience.

    Let us come UP in honoring exalted masculine and feminin. This article perfectly identifies what to look for and strive for together.

    1. Ray, thank you for acknowledging the need for the balanced Masculine and Feminine within yourself (within ourselves). And that neither one is victim of the other. In fact, here on Earth we have had the opportunity to play out and resolve the imbalanced Masculine and Feminine. These imbalances originated even long before Earth was created, as galactic issues. A result of separating out from Source. I go into detail on this subject in an earlier post, “HE SAID, SHE SAID.”

      And as you know, it takes a courageous soul to embody as a woman, and it takes a courageous soul to embody as a man who embraces both the masculine and feminine attributes. Thank you for your comment.🌹💕💕

  3. Yes, I very much resonate with this. I’ve experienced myself as somewhat androgynous for as long as I can remember. Not at all physically – but in all the other ways. As we move more and more toward ascension and unity with our soul we naturally integrate our feminine and masculine. It seems that even on a purely human and physical level the two sexes approach each other more as all of us get older. This is how it is!

    As a general rule biological males may have more ‘catching up’ to do at this point. One can definitely see the anger, abandonment and acting out you speak of playing out in the world and even in our close personal relationships. Some men see ‘feminism’ as the enemy. As one who was part of the ‘second wave’ of feminism back in the 70’s and early 80’s I feel that this is a misinterpretation and misrepresentation of what feminism was all about. I see why it’s happened though. All wo(man)-made ideologies become corrupted, coopted and eventually must be transcended and let go of altogether. If I don’t call myself a ‘feminist’ any longer it is because I no longer NEED to be one.

    Repeated ‘failures’ to sustain a long-term relationship with a male meant I faced my fear of abandonment over and over again and had to grow STRONG. I also was seriously ‘stretched’ in having to in some respects play both the mother and father role as a single parent. All of this forced me back to myself and in some respects I, and MANY other women, had to, as it were, ‘become our own husband’. It is commonplace to us now.

    For males, ‘being their own wife’, may be less so. Complicated by the shaming of the feminine in a male that is still so apparent even in language itself. So yes, I do see men and masculinity in our society as somewhat hitting a crisis point, but ultimately it is breaking down in order to break through.

    I seem to have written something of an essay, but as you can see Maria, this subject hits quite close to home (my son is 21 and facing all of this!). Thanks as ever for your clarity and balance.

  4. Beetrootsoup…. again, all so well articulated. To add to your own wisdom I will say that the whole women’s liberation movement, while making important strides for women in the workplace and socially, really wasn’t true liberation. Because women ended up acting and thinking like men in order to be recognized.

    And they fell into the same trap, the same game as men, who also are stuck and don’t know how to get out.

    So here we are, pioneers in true women’s liberation, and in just owning our own mastery. And your own life demonstrates one of a master going through the process of shedding the old roles and I love the word androgyny because it’s where we are all going as we meld our masculine and feminine in balance.

    So we can choose to explore being very feminine or masculine, we don’t necessarily lose those traits, but we are coming from a very balanced place.

    Again, thank you for your wisdom and courage, fellow pioneer. 🌹💕💕💕

  5. This is a fascinating line of thinking from the different perspectives. I want to return to the author’s balanced summation of the exalted “Divine” Feminine and Masculine…the higher principles and goals for any that would be open (which I hope all would be open to consider, for in considering, even THAT helps nudge people of either gender into a better consideration of themselves and each other as either male or female…conditioned and/or inherent attributes, virtues and contributions of either AND both to all of humanity as a whole).

    Have we not all seen the very best and the very worst of either expression? And is there ALSO a sameness between ALL that is just simply “Human?” Yes! There is the same good…and the same evil in all, and good and evil have their equivalent degree of gender expressions as well; expression of what is commonly good to humans…and what is commonly evil.

    It is equally evil of either gender to be “Care-less” and un-nurturing (to each other or to anyone…man or woman). It is equally evil to judge and censure harshly…to generalize unfairly and unjustly. It looks just as bad for man or woman to be so to another (or even to one’s own self…for being TOO masculine in linear and objective thinking…or too feminine in feeling too deeply and being to subjective.

    Oddly, all human beings (man and woman) have ability to be linear, objective, feeling and subjective…or NOT!

    Back to the description of the “Divine” aspect of ether sex…for both genders have the ability to express humanly. Humanity is both…by nature. It is in our creation directive to have both genders (procreate)…and be both genders one for another (to thrive and be whole as a spices while embodied).

    Being our best makes it SO MUCH better. Being our worst…makes it SO MUCH harder. We’ll get there. Gender is already starting to break down in our working paradigm. One day, conversations like this won’t be needed, and I wonder…what will that be like? I wonder if we’ll be around then. That said, We are here for the beginning of that journey, and it’s a beautiful thing in some respects. And because it is a “Healing” process…it is also painful in a lot of ways…but I have faith.

  6. Ray, you make some compelling points. And what you are saying is true, that both genders have both the potential of a more refined existence or a base one. I don’t like using the terms good and evil, because in source’s eyes, it’s all just experience and the ‘worst’ of us is worthy of unconditional love.

    The soul wanted to experience what it would be like to move away from source, from spirit as far as possible, and in that experience, created fear. And it created doubt, which naturally created a lack of love for SELF. And of course that also initiated a lack of love and respect for others, and the crimes and acts against self and others.

    We are here on this planet to act out and resolve these galactic issues, which started in the stars long before earth was created.

    We on the forefront of the new consciousness are advanced souls who have pretty much done it all, experienced being the victim and perpetrator, and are here in this lifetime to help bring in the New Energy, in which there is no duality. No good or evil, no right or wrong. It operates on a whole new system of co operation and love and respect among all the various aspects of OURSELVES. and the benefit of that self love, even if it looks selfish to others, is that everyone else benefits.

    Will we see that played out in humanity in our lifetime. Probably not. As you say we are here for the beginning of that journey. The rest of humanity is at the very early stages of their ascension. We here have chosen the accelerated path. The pioneers plant seeds and set examples of the new standard, and that gives them a great deal of joy.

    We are here to fall in love with OURSELVES, to bring together all aspects of ourselves that got lost. And we are in that process letting go of eons of conditioned responses to life.

    But I can say that we are not really trying to make the human better in all of this, but accept our humanness as it is, and in that acceptance we do a lot of transforming. Or rather, our soul does. It’s an acquiescence to our soul.

    And as the female of the gender we are finally stepping out of the shadows, which we weren’t the victims of, but we certainly stepped back…..and allowed the male energy to take control for a very long time…. now we have an opportunity to balance all of that out.

    Thank you for your input and your passion for this journey.🌹💕💕💕

  7. Thanks, Soul!

    Thank you very much for great perspective and acute distinction. I LOVE context!

    I think you are ABSOLUTELY right about the terms “Good and Evil” with regard to the bigger picture. “All” is just as much a part of “Creation” (which is ALL).

    I’m usually more…discerning in my word choices. For the longest time (when I came to the realization) I used “Harmony and Chaos” instead of good and evil. These words speak to the greater creation principles actively contributing to what is creation…and how all things come into being (and out of being…or transfigured into some other new being)

    So often, I find my role is to step (please don’t take this the wrong way) “Down” or step “Back” into old paradigms because I’m of the thought I have to meet people where they are FIRST and then move “Up” or “Forward” with the new information. I’m an empath. Oh and what humiliations I’ve felt for…expressing all of my knowing…and then been censured severely…and hurt. Or stepped down my knowing first…and then been judged as a little slow or out of touch. Actually…I get “Out of touch” either way so often. It’s maddening ROFL!!! It always hurts! I never quite seem to make the right assumption in how to approach, sooo…as I’ve evolved in my own unwinding…I just go for it and accept what comes…censure and all…hurt and all…and I just keep trying.

    But let me exemplify my point. For instance, “Good” to me is what is perceived by the embodied human to be helpful, nurturing, actively supporting to the human well being AND survival (bring survival into it and it can get REAL complicated, yet…survival for the human (again…please don’t take this the wrong way) animal is prominent in physical life. Good doesn’t necessarily trigger the ego into a “Survival” response (and ego, to me…is the physical manifestation of the human animal’s survival…it responds to what ever it subjectively or objectively perceives as “Threat.” And what WON’T the ego do to assure survival? “Good” tends to mitigate the most negative expressions (not barring the out of balance ego responses that may have been conditioned, ironically, by over masculinated ego in either gender…which is very TERRIBLE…or might not have been strengthened enough by over feminized ego in either gender…which is TERRIBLE. Both can thwart physical survival in some way (the imagination can go on forever extrapolating even more of what has already concretely manifested for all to see and experience over the eons. How far do we need to take that? Got time?…groan…).

    Evil on the other hand, is something I’ve come to observe to be any act that thwarts the human animal survival directive. And core to this concept of evil, for me, is the loss of choice. If any asks me “What is evil?” I respond by asking, “To what degree was a personal, shared or collective choices stollen (Hidden by deceit, mislead by a lie…ripped away by rape or murder…or any other action the human animal can do to another being that would take a sovereign choice from another or others)?” And to what degree that is done determines, for me, the degree of evil I label it. This is purely a subjective observation on my part, but it is my “Rule” so to speak.

    Many many many people don’t understand or agree with me with regard to this, but it is what I have observed to be “Good and Evil,” and you are RIGHT about the more exalted paradigm of spirit that would move beyond this. Yet we are still “Moving” through it…probably at the beginning of that movement. While moving “Through” we are still affected by what is incarnate, for what the human animal experiences then the spirit…also must still manage and transmute…which we are still doing.

    It is daunting to be aware of all this and still not be excused (quite yet) from what is incarnate. But as more and more of us “Awaken” to soul…we see the “Divine” in us.

    I’m one of those empathic people…and even though my mind and spirit are gaining greater awareness of one another, I find that, yes…indeed…I am still…very human with all these human feelings and responses that are STILL channeled through a very essential ego (Not even going to judge the ego…one of my greatest teachers…motivators, protectors, advocates and drive FOR life), and ego IS essential to the past and current survival mechanisms, it is very…eh….self centered.

    I think spirit now is evolving that part of the human life (as well as other aspects beyond the scope of this response) into a more conscious exalted ego state that is “Inclusive” OF all human beings…not just self. This is done on a greater scale than extension to just “Partner” or Just us girls…or just us boys…or just us gays or lesbians… or just our Tribe…or…our community…or our State…or…our country or political party. If EXALTED EGO (just the physical manifestation of ego that’s in charge of physical life survival) can be animated in the majority (or all) of humanity…

    …That would be “Good.” So long as humans steal, mislead…lie…withhold truth (enough truth to make an empowered choice)…maim, murder, rape…molest…or engage in any other small or great choice stealing actions upon each other and the other beings of the world (because “Source” is not yet perceived as providing for all…let alone providing to just me, him or her…or them…or us)…then “Evil” is still present. Being a human being myself, I still…respond to what is good (for me…for us…for all), and I still respond to evil (for me…for us…for all). And spirit…knows greater then these…and spirit understands…”I’m in a human life. This is what it is until it is different.”

    I perceive great evil while I STRIVE passionately within myself and outside of myself to engage good.

    And spirit…Oh Lord…SPIRIT is aware and watching…supporting the collective choice. All creation seeks survival, but there is no…guarantee. Humans…are moving in a good direction. And we need blog sites like this to remind us of our highest expressions, and it is this site…that inspires my higher self, and I’m grateful. It feels…”Good” to be here. Here I am reminded of my higher potentials as a man towards other men…and women. Here I am made more aware of both.

    And I am grateful.

    1. Ray, once again…all very good points and perspectives. I will say that this embodied enlightenment is not what I expected it to be, at least, from my human perspective… I thought it was going to catapult me directly into being a better, more streamlined human…better health, more money, and more appreciation from the outside world.

      I thought I would be free of the emotions of fear and anger and sadness. That I would become more super human, with avatar abilities.

      But then it dawned on me after my life began falling apart that it’s all about accepting my human self just as it is. To stop trying to make it better. That was actually interfering with my process. I had to face all the self loathing I had buried and just be ok with it. I felt all the parts of me that were filled with fear and doubt and shame. Parts I didn’t want anyone else to see.

      And I discovered it really wasn’t mine to begin with. It was what I, we pick up from others, humanity, it’s what we inherited.

      So I’m discovering that I am BOTH. I am both human with all the fears and limitations and conditioned responses, AND I am the eternal self, the soul. The Divine, whatever you want to label it.

      And this whole Embodied Enlightenment is about bringing together two diametric opposites. And it’s establishing a relationship, one with the other. And I agree the ego is a necessary part of it all, as is the mind. But now we are developing a new relationship with ourself, where we are learning to work with human and divine. Not to annihilate the human personality or it’s emotions.

      The human can be human, and it can also allow spirit to be in its life. But the human has to also defer to spirit in order to receive the benefits of that. And that requires trust. It means letting go of the control. Of trying, of over thinking it.

      The mind is exhausted and wants to not be responsible for any of this. Of feeling the burden of having to survive, of having to figure out enlightenment. It can’t. It never could. The human and divine coming together like this creates a new energy on the planet, one that operates quite differently than the old, dualistic one. It’s a new, dynamic and SENSUAL relationship.

      But it’s a process as you point out, and time is needed. The human gets impatient. Can’t blame it. On the other side we have instant manifestation. This time lag can really get to be a buzz kill.

      And I am happy you feel at home here.


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