The Most Important Aspect of Enlightenment

Art by Maria Chambers

There doesn’t seem to be much attention given to the most important aspect of the Embodied Enlightenment process.  And that is because that aspect has been considered a distraction at best, and at worst, unspiritual.

It’s an aspect that can’t be bypassed or ignored.  Otherwise there is not much hope of integrating spirit, our full consciousness into our bodies.

If we want to integrate our soul into our body and our life, we must embrace the sensual nature of spirit.  Not a new topic, for sure, to this blog.  I have spoken about it in numerous ways.  It’s not just an aspect of enlightenment, but it’s the aspect.

It’s an uncomfortable topic for various historical reasons. The physical body and all its functions had been considered base, a distraction from seeking god.  And we don’t need to look too far to see how that is still played out in various religions.  How suppressing the natural sensual expressions has led to some heinous acts.  It became viral.

And over time, humans had lost trust in the body, and its ability to rebalance.  The body stopped thriving and was susceptible to dis-ease, and aging.  Our souls were wearing ancestral clothing.  All of that served us in the old, dualistic system.

As our soul evolved, our old, ancestral physical body became a burden.  It no longer represented who we truly are.

Art by Maria Chambers


The sensual nature of life is something that spirit is here to enjoy.  And up until the initiation of the light body process, it hasn’t been able to fully enjoy it.  The reason I bring this topic up yet again is because I see how even those of us on the forefront of the ascension can get stuck in the mind.  Trying to do this enlightenment without engaging all the senses.

Granted for many, these ancestral bodies are uncomfortable, especially as we are going through a major transformation into light body.  So the inclination is to remove our consciousness from them.  But in order to set free the pain and disease and discomfort, it’s imperative that we acknowledge the sensual nature of our soul, of consciousness itself.

And as I have stated many times, part of the reluctance, especially as the female gender, is that we have been misunderstood, disrespected, abused and even killed for expressing that sensuality. (And men who are courageous enough to embody the feminine and embrace their sensuality).  So it’s understandable that many want little to do with it.

But that’s why we are here now, as a relatively small but determined group of souls, to once and for all set free the pain and suffering.  But in order to set the pain free, we need to also embrace and express that sensuality.  And by sensuality I mean engaging all our human, physical senses and our E x p a n d e d  senses.

We know how to do this naturally.  It’s not something to be learned from a book.  But the more we reside in the mind, thinking and analyzing things, the more difficult it is for this natural process to evolve.

During your day, take notice.  How much of your time is spent in thinking about things? How much of your day is spent in actually enjoying the physical, the environment, your food.  Your own body.  Your body needn’t be or look a certain way in order to be enjoyed.

And enjoying your body is noted by….your body.  It responds to your love, your touch, just as a child or pet does.  The physical body acquiesces to the predominant consciousness.  If your consciousness is unaccepting of your body or your emotions, of your humanness, your body and life reflect that back.  It’s a simple but dynamic truth.

It is true that as we allow more light into our body, it does bring up things, illnesses, pain, diseases, to be set free.  But is there still a part of us that is not willing to set them free?  As I have said many times, the female gender identified herself as virtuous for taking on the pain and suffering of humanity.  But now we are required to detach from humanity.  To no longer process for them.  Others will still be doing that.  But it’s not our role any more if we want to move fully into our light body and claim our freedom.


Art by a Maria Chambers

The Ascended Masters of the past became enlightened and then left the planet pretty quickly afterward.  They had not prepared their bodies to stay.   They had an adversarial relationship to their bodies.

We could do the same, allow our enlightenment and just leave.  And maybe that’s what some want.  And that is fine.  Our consciousness, outside of expressing through a physical vessel, is already enlightened.  It is already free.  But many of us wanted there to be at least one lifetime in which we walked the planet as embodied masters.  We wanted to feel our consciousness totally integrated into our body and our minds.  And we wanted to do it without paying a price, without prostituting ourselves, without compromising our soul.  In a way that has not been done before.

Some of us wanted to be examples of a self loving, integrated human.  Something that has really never been present on this planet by so many.  It’s called evolution.

But in order for that to happen fully, there needs to be an opening up of not only the heart, but of the entire body.  We must allow ourselves to receive our soul’s presence in a physical, visceral way.

That takes courage.  It takes trust.  We can give lip service to that trust, for sure.  But to actually live it, to walk it.  That’s bold.  And many of us are.

From my own experience, there is nothing like it.  As I begin to allow this awesome presence to feel and see and taste and touch and hear through me, there are no words to describe it.

Many of us are beginning to trust in this experience, and the rewards are something that makes it worth being here.  Spirit, consciousness is sensual, it’s filled with fire.  It doesn’t compromise its exuberance.  We have noticed that a little goes a long way.  It’s a potent and dynamic presence to say the least.  And that presence is eager to express through us.  Through our bodies, just as they are.

And spirit wants to express that joy.  To share it.  Here on Earth we have so many opportunities to do that, through being creative.  And each and every one of us is creative in her or his own way.  And there are a myriad of avenues to share that expression.

Many others want to receive those expressions.  They are waiting to hear from YOU.  And a by-product of all the self-love and sensuality is…..well, it basically is the solution and resolution to all the dilemmas here on Earth.  One soul at a time.

So it’s not about waiting to be totally integrated in order to enjoy health and passion for life.  It’s all about allowing our natural state of passion and joy and sensuality to bring that to us.  Through us.  You are all doing beautifully.  Just less thinking and more drinking in of spirit and of life.

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20 thoughts on “The Most Important Aspect of Enlightenment

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  2. Elila

    Im wondering…i do understand the jist of this and im pretty sure im doing it more and more, but im feeling like it would be helpful to have more specific examples of what its like or looks like to be more in the body and less in the mind? Do you or anyone else here have any tools or touchstones that you use to transcend the incessant thinking when you notice it happening? For example i find it easy to focus in a sensual body way in the moment when im enjoying food. I think in a lot of other areas tho im constantly distracted by thinking. Does being absorbed in a movie count? Or reading a book? Im not sure im really in the body when doing those things but I find in them them a measure of relief from the brainworks lol. If anyone has examples id love to hear them!

    1. Elila,
      Good questions…we’re so used to being in the mind so it’s challenging initially. Young children and animals have it down pretty good…I like using them as role models..🤗

      But if you’re feeling relaxed, and any way to get there is fine, you are in a good place to receive that energy from your soul. That relaxed state is an allowing state. And then you could be just reading, watching a movie, yes, absolutely. And taking a walk. It really doesn’t matter what you are engaged in, or nothing at all.

      But it won’t happen, that feeling of being so connected and enjoying the experience, if we are doing something that has a lot of resistance around it. Some say the soul enjoys all experiences, even the painful ones. While our soul sees all experience as valuable, it won’t participate in pain or limitation. But it honors its human aspect if it wants to participate in that. But the soul will step back in those times.

      So for me it’s been a trial and error, experimenting with doing only things that feel good to my human self. And if nothing comes to mind, then I decide how I want to feel. Sometimes I just make the statement to myself, that I want to feel good,and then I step back.

      And for so many of us fears seem to be surfacing that seem to want our undivided attention. Whether it’s health or finances. So the mind comes in and says, “you want to relax??? What are you crazy!!! We got stuff to worry about over here!”

      So to make the choice to just relax, to just feel good, is a bold choice. To let the mind spin it’s wheels, but to also know that there is that part of you that knows all is well. That we can choose not to react to the emotions generated from the mind.

      And in that relaxed state, then the soul can come in and you feel it. But it requires paying close attention to how are you feeling? And it requires a certain amount of selfishness, and making more choices based on feeling good. It sounds like you are doing some good self nurturing, and that’s significant.

      Sometimes when my mind won’t let go of a worrisome thought, I remind myself that I’m not going to let my mind dictate how I want to feel….or how I want to experince life.

      And I also notice that if I spend too much time with those of the 3D mindset, it’s harder to maintain that connection with my soul. This process seems to require a real devotion to ourselves.

      1. Elila

        Yes i feel like i am and always have been in the mind, until more recently. I think the very first thing i learned in life from parents was fear and worry, and its been hella pervasive and tenacious. Im not sure i can even imagine what it would look or feel like without that overlay. Your response here is very helpful, as “relaxed” is something i can identify and relate to, and something i KNOW ive gotten much much better at being aware of, & achieving and maintaining most of the time, and am always looking for more and new ways to get there and stay there, as i figured out a while ago that a relaxed state is my most powerful and beneficial state. So that description feels like something i can “work with” lol. Its not as easy to think of children or animals bcuz i think i was always even as a child in the fearful mind–there was so much volatility and emotional/physical violence around me that its difficult for me to recall many carefree moments or tap into what they felt like. And never had pets.

        “So for me it’s been a trial and error, experimenting with doing only things that feel good to my human self. And if nothing comes to mind, then I decide how I want to feel. Sometimes I just make the statement to myself, that I want to feel good,and then I step back.”

        Yep same here, i have been doing this too. Again much improvement, but still times where i find it difficult to transcend a blast of fearful thinking or outward circumstances, even tho i know intellectually my only hope for relief or resolution is in that connected RELAXED state–dang wish there was a remote control for it so i could switch channels quickly and easily the moment i notice it happening!!

        “And I also notice that if I spend too much time with those of the 3D mindset, it’s harder to maintain that connection with my soul. This process seems to require a real devotion to ourselves.”

        I see this too. Sometimes i can be just fine on my own with the circumstances or happenings, but then the fearful crap comes out of SOMEONE ELSES mouth and i plummet! So yep i do my best to avoid those situations and spend as much peaceful connected relaxed time on my own as possible. I feel like the more i can do that, its like money in the bank that will carry me thru the weaker moments hopefully. One thing i can DEFINITELY say ive gotten VERY good at is devotion to Self and feeling good–well being. Its number one for sure. And i will keep looking for the ways that take me there until i can stay there permanently! I consider that my full time gig. No time for frivolous “jobs”!!! Im convinced the payoff for this is greater than any paycheck
        😉😉😉. More than ANYTHING else in life or on this planet…
        Ive had enuf feeling NOT good to last all eternity and its time to let THAT shiz go forever!

        1. Amen to everything you say here Elila….and ya know, sometimes it’s just ok to feel overcome with whatever emotion wants our attention…sometimes we just need to express whatever is in there that wants a voice, even if we know it’s not our true voice. Allow it some breathing room.

          Can I give an example? OK, if you insist…

          Yesterday I lost a beloved bracelet, which I had for a long time, and it has my energies and memories in it. I noticed it sent me into a huge anxiety and tears. I felt heart broken. I searched high and low, and tried to find a similar one online with no luck.

          I knew that it had to be more than just the bracelet. It gave me the opportunity to just allow the sadness out, to grieve parts of me that felt like they were lost or leaving. I honored the human and it seemed to help and I even let go of needing the bracelet.

          And wouldn’t you know when I went outside my apartment it was laying there by my door. So what seemed like an overreaction was just a way I gave myself to express some repressed emotions. After all, this process can leave us feeling pretty beat up.

          But it sounds like you are doing really wonderfully. Remember not too many humans can get themselves in those states of relaxation. And maybe the point of my little story is that we don’t need to get rid of all the human emotions in order to also experience these Expanded states of consciousness.

          Spirit is more than happy to live ALONGSIDE its human counterpart, just as that human is. Not needing it to change or transcend its human limitaitions. But the human does need to allow more and more of who it also is in. And that’s what you are doing. That relaxed state is a masterly state, make no mistake about it!

      2. Elila

        Maria this helped me so much! First of all just getting a feeling from your words that im doing some things “right” and am getting the hang of new tools like relaxation, and not somehow cocking it all up lol lol, was super reassuring. But also the idea to not necessarily try to rid myself if the more unpleasant emotions and just give them a little space. Lady i LOVE examples!!! Anecdotal evidence has always been one of my most powerful learning tools. And your bracelet story (i had a feeling it would return to you! Yay!) really helped me grok it all better. Last night i received an email from that 30yr long bipolar person friendship i have mentioned before, and while i didnt open it, the header on it made it clear she was trying very hard to drag me back into her dysfunctional emotional cycle in exactly the way i predicted from decades of seeing it all before. And it made me angry and upset. And then i thought of your words and thought ok well go ahead and be angry and upset and rant a little! (In private of course). Normally I’d be trying to redirect my thoughts towards something more positive and good feeling, and hoping to dissipate the adrenaline punch that accompanies these kinds of things for me. But i just went with it and let it express, and lo and behold it seemed to lose power relatively quickly. Like im still thinking about it today, but it feels more like an annoying fly than a fire-breathing dragon lol. And i thought well is there anything i need to DO here? Do i want or need to read the email? Do i want to fire off a retaliatory response? Do i want to enter into explaining anything again to someone who ultimately cant take it in? Do i want to re-engage with this energy AT ALL?? Becuz for me this relationship was dead and buried many months ago. And again i remembered your words about us letting go of energies that may not be ready to let US go…
        So. Im just gonna let the pissed offness air out and have its say, while continuing all my relaxing thoughts and activities, until it feels satisfied and peters out. I asked myself if re engaging would possibly take me towards anything that i might want or would feel good and the answer is a clear NO. It would be backtracking and aint nobody got time fo dat! So thank you thank you maria for sharing your experience and beautiful wisdom and once again reminding me of and triggering my own. You and this space and our spectacular team are so inexpressibly valuable to me, so supportive and nourishing and balancing. Big hugs and so much love to you!!

        1. Elila

          I had a similar situation in which I had to let go of a friendship, and I received a rather acusational email, pointing their finger as me being responsible for them feeling like a victim. I was ready to respond and explain my position, but, like you, I had to ask, what would it serve. And like you, i recognized the email as showing their true colors, and it was good I trusted myself in letting go of the relationship in the first place.

          It’s nice to hear you had faith that the bracelet would reappear. Big hugs and love back to you.🤗🌹💕💕💕🚗🤗

      3. Elila

        “….. and it was good I trusted myself in letting go of the relationship in the first place.”

        Yaaaaaaaaaassss! Thats it right there in a nutshell. Thank you for sharing that maria. Im feeling much stronger in myself now–more confident and self assured, and less bothered with the faff of it all, and it passed pretty easily. Dont know what id do without all the cool stuff i learn here! 💜

        1. Elila, some things I thought I let go of seem to come round again….like with relationships. They can be tricky because we have been so used to being emotionally open and available. And it created imbalance because we would download others’ stuff into our body and our mind and then think it was our stuff.

          So we wrestled with issues that weren’t even ours for the most part. Out of some misplaced service we would take on others’ emotions or even physical imbalances. I remember years ago just losing myself in relationship. Doing everything I could to make others more comfortable. Well, it had its day, but it’s a brand new day!

          And it is time, especially as women, that we let go of that old role. So kudos for being one of those women who has decided the buck stops here!🤗💕💕💕

      4. Elila

        Holy crap YES, maria, everything you just said here gets a big me too. I did the same–downloading and comforting and even struggling with someone elses issues and losing myself, and taking on physical stuff too without realizing it (like my mother and i never ever had even remotely similar body shapes–until i started living with her! And i started having pain in my feet that mirrored hers. And im also pretty sure the issues im having with my knees is from that bipolar person! Ready to release!!!)
        The bottom line is i attracted this person into my experience 30 years ago when i was a COMPLETELY different person (and i just realized yesterday that the circumstances under which we met was actually one of the worst days of my life. As a matter of fact, i think just about all the relationships ive had that ended up being painful were originally attracted from a very low vibrational space. Someday we are gonna have that coffee you and i and i’ll tell you the story of how i met her–no one ever believes it its so ridiculous lol), and, this has happened with other long term friends ive had, where i met them at a low point but have always striven to feel good/better and eventually find a higher vibe while they choose to maintain or even spiral downward further and further, and get pissed at me for jumping ship. So i have already seen this play out a few times, and know how much better off i am on the other side. I resolutely want a feel good life of vibrant health and well being and THRIVING. She wants to continue to hide behind a diagnosis and subsequent drug (med) addiction in a very low vibrational space. The only way for us to connect in any way is for me to lower my vibe and i absolutely will not do that any more. (I actually have another friend where this is happening in a less intense way–she is in a super low space and going lower and we are able to connect in any way less and less). For a while i thought perhaps i was a bad person and a lousy friend for being so selfish as to put my feelings and well being first–like a “fair weather friend”, but man i am so over that LOL. I 100% agree with you that selfish is a GOOD thing!!!! Id like to have shirts made with “SELFISH” (or how about “SELFISH AF” to borrow from the kids vernacular haha) emblazoned across them. (In my mind if its something society or culture or life or whatever bends over backwards to pile guilt on you for, like “selfish” or “lazy”–then its probly a good thing to be lol).
        Anway yesterday i imagined someone asking me “so you are just willing to throw away 30 years of love and friendship??!!?” the way people seem to do when these things happen, and my unhesitating answer was “you bet your ASS i am.”
        I also had a little insight that the more of these unhealthy things and people i release, the more space i make for spirit and lightbody to move in. So im saying a lot of “BYE felicia!!!” LOL

        Brand new day indeed!!!! 😉💕

      5. Elila

        (Good grief honestly maria i dont know where all these words and long-windedness is coming from lately–i think im metaphorically “gorging” on chatting with you to tide me over for the month you will be on hiatus! I will absolutely miss you a TON, but also am so glad and supportive of you taking that space for yourself!!! I hope its exponentially refreshing and rejuvenating and restful and uplifting!!! My love goes with you and we will all be here thrilled to “see” you when you return with exquisite and renewed insight and energy!
        All my lovliest wishes for you my dear dear sister and a giant hug

        1. Elila, I love hearing your experiences!!! More confirmation that these issues are not personal, but universal, galactic in fact.

          Here’s a little ditty that happened to me today at the cafe…
          Someone who I occasionally sit with came in all faklempt and said, “I need your help!” I need to go to the emergency room. Can you ride with me?”

          Well, it’s like my soul just took over at that point and said, ” no. I can’t. I have something to attend to.” I wasn’t so blatant to say that something was actually, “being away from you”

          But instinctively I knew that he wanted attention. That he was alright. And even if he wasn’t he has a sister at home who could take him. I suggested he call an ambulance, or go across the parking lot to the urgent care walk in clinic. He was complaining of feeling his cold was maybe something more serious.

          I said relax, and sit a minute. He did and then after awhile he seemed to calm down, and said he didn’t feel he needed to go.

          In the past I would have driven him (it’s an hour away) and held his hand all day. And then I would have been a wreck afterward.

          Not that some situations do not require such assistance. But we ex-hand holders are very sensitive to knowing when we are being taken advantage of. When it truly IS an emergency.

          So we need to acknowledge how far we have come when we can stand up for our selves in ways we couldn’t even imagine in the past. Those lingering feelings of guilt are on their last legs.

          And thank you Elila, I will miss you too and look forward to hearing from you again and again. Big hugs and kisses to you!!!🤗🌹💕💕💕

      6. Elila

        …..his COLD???!!!!????
        I dont mean to sound insensitive but that had me ROTFLMAO. Jeezus Murphy that was so funny–mostly bcuz i recognize that behavior. Did i mention bipolar lady was also raging hypochondriac? Yep the ploys for attention and engagement are definitely becoming clearer, and a standing-up BRAVO!! to you for honoring your own Self and boundary-setting/enforcing. Well done you!!!
        I truly enjoy your experiences too–i gain so much from sharing with you! And a good laugh is always therapeutic lol lol. Hugs and kisses right back to you! 😊💕

        1. Thanks, Elila. Yeah, this guy is a hypochondriac for sure. He’s got issues, one of which is PTSD. Lots of anxiety. He’s a ‘carry over’ from my previous cafe. For whatever reasons, he’s still in my life. Even those we associate with marginally, like at the cafe, can affect our energies after awhile.

          It kind crept up on me.

          And yes, it is becoming clearer, isn’t it? When we are being fed off of. With some people, it’s the only way they know how to relate to others. 🌹💕💕💕

      7. Elila

        Oh wow yes i think you are right–it DOES seem to be the only way they know to relate or interact—i hadnt seen it from just that angle but there you go its true in my experience as well. I also have a couple of marginal “carry over” people that still pop up periodically, but overall i think its happening less and less…glad for that!!! And im also glad that when it does happen, we are getting better at mitigating the energy suck in that moment by enforcing our boundaries. Good on us!

        1. Yeah, Elila…interesting about the ‘carry-overs’ and it’s great to hear they are dwindling in your experience! And yes, boundary setting…so crucial. And you can just feel it when you’ve allowed them to cross that sacred boundary….for me it’s usually afterward. I’m like, oh, crap! Did it again…oh well, thank goddess it’s not about being ‘perfect’ at this. And like you say, mitigating the energy suck in that moment…and Just allowing it to unfold.

          It’s really all a natural process and it’s amazing. 😍🤗🌹💕

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