Greetings Dear Friends

Greetings dear friends.  I missed you all.  I hope you had an interesting August,  and discovered some new things about yourself.

I think it’s safe to say that we all want to feel connected to who we are, to our soul, our I AM, our Expanded self, our eternal self….whatever name you want to give it…and when we’re not, it’s pretty uncomfortable.

And we’re all doing our best to allow that, and finding ways to feel that visceral, sensual and bliss-filled state.  It’s who we are.

I trust you all are doing well, and have allowed more of who you are.   I trust you are making more choices based on self -love, even if it has brought up some guilt or fear.

I hope you are letting your mind off the hook more, not making it responsible for your life or for your enlightenment.

And when you aren’t able to do all of the above, I hope you are not hard on yourself.  After all, you’re one of the first to go through this life-altering, mind crushing, monumental, history-making, paradigm altering transformation.  Did I mention Mind-crushing?

And so I hope you keep that truth on the forefront of everything in your life.  That you are a pioneer of change.  It’s easy to forget that in such a dense environment.

I have had an interesting August.   All kinds of experiences and insights.  Even though I was supposed to be on vacation from my blog, I found myself more inspired to write.  The creative juices were flowing.  Consequently, I have several new posts sitting in the queue.

So, rather than publish them all at once, I will be publishing them over the next several days.  So, enjoy….Gee, it’s good to be back!  And I really look forward to hearing from you.


31 thoughts on “Greetings Dear Friends

  1. Lisa

    Welcome back, Maria!!! It’s so good to know your latest wisdom will be accessible again in your ever-so-beautiful and nurturing style of writing. Looking forward to reading the posts in the queue…

  2. Kat

    Dear Maria,

    so glad you had a nice time while you were off (which you weren’t really as you were creating and writing as you said).

    My August was lovely as well. I went to visit my parents in Croatia and I had such a fabulous time. I made a little movie about my holiday in Croatia. I think that captures how I feel about it quite well. I hope it’s ok to post the link

    I’m so excited to read all your new insights 🙂

    Did you get to travel around a bit?

    Much Love


    1. Gee Kat…what a lovely film! Such a beautiful place… really captured the essence of it and the music was perfect. In fact some of the music sounds very much like Greek music, with the mandolins, interesting. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us.

      Oh, and to answer your question, I didn’t really travel as much as last year, but I enjoyed my surroundings in a whole new way.

      1. Kat

        Thank you Maria. Glad you like it; I did put a lot of love into making this little movie 🙂
        And yeah Dalmatian music (Dalmatia is the region my family is from, it’s the Southern part of Croatia) definitely has similarities to other Southern European music and I also think especially to Greek. I ADORE the sound of mandolins ❤

        1. And the film is a beautiful expression of you….heart and soul….I love your videos. I look forward to you sharing more of those here with us. They have a healing quality about them.

          When I hear mandolins it triggers something in me…probably goes back to my Greek heritage. I also spent a decade playing Greek music with my Greek cousin, Andreas, who played harmonica. I will upload a song we recorded together when I get home.

    2. Beautiful, Kat. Almost feel like I was ‘there’ with you, you capture the ocean so marvellously and I am an absolute sucker for that. Would probably knock spots off most ‘travel’ advertisements.

  3. Kat

    “They have a healing quality about them.”

    Thank you so much 😀 I love hearing that. I don’t want to brag but I do feel a sense of relaxation and dreaminess when watching my recent little videos (the ones you’ve seen, too).

    ” I will upload a song we recorded together when I get home.”

    Yes please do so. Can’t wait to hear it 🙂

    xxx ❤

      1. Yes, I totally ‘get’ that, Kat and Maria. I reread my own blog and listen to the music I posted a LOT. It really soothes and reassures me that I am fully on the right track for my soul.

  4. Annette

    Welcome Back! I thought of you often My Maria!!
    August?? Very interesting indeed…..SOMETHING SHIFTED, just not totally for sure what, but I FEEL DIFFERENT, in good ways, and challenging ways! 😜
    I truly cannot believe it’s September already, LOST in TIME and SPACE….LOL

    ❤️ YA, and it’s lovely to feel your presence back here on your blog!! ❤️💞❤️

    1. Thanks my dear Annette……so glad to hear you feel different in good ways, and isn’t it interesting that it automatically challenges us, or rather, our mind? It triggers alarms sometimes…like the lack of trust. All part of the process. 🌹🤗💕💕💕

  5. Yay! Been thinking about you, dear Sistar!

    August has been amazing and life changing. More healing, even though after all this onion peeling, I was amazed that there could be more. 😀😀

    I turned 60! Not that the numbers really mean shit…..ha!

    Life is sure fucking awesome!

    More in love with it (and me-minor miracle) than ever. Wooooohooooo!

    Love us all!

  6. Elila

    Hi everyone! Hellllllllll YEA august was a trip–without even going anywhere!!! For me the theme was all about breaking (transcending) –or rather attempting anyway–the oldest, most deeply conditioned, utterly counterproductive, useless & effin insideous habit in the book–WORRY. And oh boy did i get me some PRACTICE at it–that and trusting Spirit to show me the magic. Seriously just letting go and allowing. And then just yesterday i got the most shocking miracle of my life so far–we are talking HUGE. Suffice it to say i now have somewhere to live when i move out of my current home on tuesday!!! Im here to tell y’all that this relaxing/allowing/trusting business WORKS!!! The solution i got was so mindblowing and so far above and beyond ANYTHING my tired mind could imagine–well im still in shock. And literally EVERYTHING about the new place is better than the current one, with all my preferences taken into account–i mean just a huge UPGRADE. And all i can think is that this is my NEW platform to create and attract and allow even BIGGER miracles!
    Maria i can hardly wait to read new posts from you, and new comments from everyone. I love it here so much and august had a bit of a hole missing you all. Im smack in the middle of moving but i’ll be here!
    Kat im so excited about this movie you made! Its breathtaking my dear, just so perfect and i felt like i could feel YOU in it (had goosebumps watching!), and i got so excited when i saw your foot in one of the frames towards the end of the second song–i thought oh! thats my Kat!! Im so so glad you shared that with us here–ive been waiting for an opportunity to inquire about your trip and im so pleased it was wonderdul for you.
    And Happy Birthday elizabeth!!

    Annette–i felt the shift in august too–the eclipse felt especially powerful and life changing to me–and i chose to believe at the time that it was a shift into things working out marvelously and pleasantly for me for a change, and as i wrote above i got my proof of that yesterday! And oh my gosh the onion peeling–DEFINITELY complete with the tears!!!!! WORD. Good one Maria lol!
    Oh also maria & kat i know what you mean about feeling the soothing energies in our own creations–i have felt that too, with cooking for instance and sometimes when i write a comment here that feels like i managed to express well.

    Love and hugs all around! (You too sweet pea 😉) Feels so good to be gathered again!

    PS maria do please share the song you mentioned–id like to listen too!

    1. Goodness, Elila…you have brought tears to my eyes…tears of JOY, that you are such an amazing role model for so many…that you allowed yourself in spite of the challenges, physical and emotional, that you allowed yourself to accept the love from your own soul, and have tangible results!!!!!

      My dear friend. I am so excited for you, and I can’t wait for you to share with us how this is unfolding. And where it takes you.

      It just gets better and better.

      Oh, the Greek song is on this page, right hand column, my song music box, last song titled, ‘Andreas Song’. Enjoy!

      1. Elila

        Oh dear sweet maria–THANK YOU!!!! I may not have gotten to this point without you, your shared wisdom and insight, and our special family here. I feel so supported and nourished and encouraged in this space. How absolutely lovely and ironic that you used the term “role model” in reference to ME (!?!), as in my family i have always been held up to the younger generation as a perfect example of what NOT to be by the thoroughly 3d adults. I SO want to set a wonderful example for the kids i love (and the adults too!) of another more humane & gentle way of being in the world. To show that the way to peace and prosperity isnt necessarily through “hard work” and struggle, “sucking it up”, as we have all been conditioned to believe. I need Spirit to back me up so i can prove this out not just for myself but for anyone who sees me happy and thriving and wonders what my secret is. And i want a life with MAGIC in it. This new and entirely unexpected solution is temporary–but if i can allow something this amazing into my experience from where ive been standing in the wake of tragedy this year, and the fun effects of ascension itself 😜, then just IMAGINE, if i keep building on it and practicing, what i can create or allow from this new place where im SO much happier and more comfortable??? My gosh it’s such a boost, i can hardly wait to see just how much joy i can stand lol! This is such a paradigm shift, just imagining that life can be a pleasant experience, enjoyable and even easy, without all the struggling and fear and drama we thought was simply built in and a necessary evil to survive. What if we dont have to live that way? What if we can just let spirit drive, and simply RECEIVE all we need or want? Now that i have this bit of tangible evidence, i feel like a giddy child clapping my hands and exclaiming MORE! More! Do it AGAIN! Who knows–perhaps before this time next year i will manage to allow my own little beach dwelling in sunny florida, and finally be able to return home! 😉😉😉 I do firmly intend to just let everything get better and better like you say. I like how you worded it–“…accepting the love from your own soul…” –that sounds perfect.
        And thank you–i found the song–and its so cool! The only harmonica music i have heard always seems to be old cowboy tunes so this was a delight, and i love how the different instruments and sounds were woven and layered together in such a pretty and lilting way–i dont think ive heard anything like it before. Thank you for sharing it!

        1. Elila, you nailed it…the new role models will embody the solution to all the world’s dilemmas. While the rest of the planet continues to project their unresolved issues out to others, we who have chosen enlightenment in these bodies in this lifetime are in the process of reuniting all of those unresolved parts of ourself. Thus being the living, breathing examples of peace, self-fulfillment and passion.

          And the beauty of it is we don’t have to be issue free, and have our totally recalibrated bodies before we walk as the masters that we are. We just have to keep loving ourselves just as we are and keep inviting our soul to be with us. And as you are demonstrating, that soul does all the necessary heavy lifting for us.

          And the people who once resisted us will be coming to us to ask what our secret is.

          And if you do wind your way down here I look forward to giving you a great big hug.

          So glad you enjoyed the song. It’s simple yet sweet. Andreas learned to play harmonica by himself as a boy when he was a shepherd in Greece.

          So continue clapping your hands like the giddy, and magical child that you also are and expect to receive all that your heart desires. You are a magnificent human angel.

    2. Kat

      Elila I am SOOO HAPPY for you! I was smiling the whole time while I was reading your comment. So so glad that it all worked out for you not only good but much better than you anticipated! Please keep us updated 🙂 I had the feeling that it will work out for you perfectly but it is of course something different when it’s you who is in that tricky situation. Well done for trusting it out (does that word exist even? haha well now it does).

      And thank you so much for your compliment about my film. I was actually feeling goosebumps the first couple of times I watched it, too (and thought about what you said about my last film, that goosebumps are a sign of connection with soul) and yeah that was my foot haha 😀
      I infused my soul into it (the film is structured but still a bit all over the place, just like me :P) and I really like watching it. Love this place so much, it’s my second home (my mum is from there and I have loads of relatives there ) and I just wanted to show it 🙂

  7. You know Elila/everyone? I visited my mum recently and we had a lengthy natter. At one point she pointed out that the council house (social housing in UK) I live in (been here for 18 years) would be worth getting on for half a million pounds on the open market. She said with a meaningful look ‘You’re pretty lucky you know’ and I replied equally meaningfully and without hesitation ‘I know!’ My own brother has slaved for decades in a corporate job for the mortgage on HIS place which would not have suited me NEARLY as well.

    Recently it has seemed to me that I was actually ‘gifted’ by the Universe the perfect place to do my own ‘work’. I have ALWAYS continued to give thanks for the perfect home for me. Unbelievably peaceful, a massive park with many wonderful old trees just literally across the (incredibly untrafficked) street. A beautiful garden out back. I swear it’s quieter and more peaceful here than many places in the country.Yet I’m in North London, zone three, not the suburbs.

    I should probably set up a type of air BnB/couchsurfing arrangement here for spiritually-minded folks! Nice comfy sofa/bed for anyone who wants to stop by for a few days. Seriously.

    1. Louise your environs sound wonderful. Isn’t it amazing that as souls we set it up so we could do our inner work without too much distraction? And that could include not having a big family to tend to, living near nature, not having to work a full time job.

      And for myself, even though I live in a densely populated city, I somehow found an apartment complex that backs up to a large nature preserve, so there is a deep peacefulness right there, yet all the conveniences just down the road.

      I’m so glad you shared that with us. It’s a reminder that our soul has our back, even though at times it feel otherwise. 🌹💕💕💕

  8. Kat

    Maria! The Andreas song is sooo lovely! It soooo reminds me of Croatia (Dalmatia, the southern part), sooo similar! Aaaah so lovely this song; it feels like home 🙂 ❤ ❤
    Would be really nice as some film music, too

  9. Elila

    Awwwww….you guys have got me all misty and goosebumpy with the loving energy you are showin’ me here! So much gratitude and appreciation to each of you 😊💕. Its early morning on moving day and this is just the perfect start to it–checking in with my family here while having a perfect latte and watching sun rise before all the heavy lifting begins 😜. I can scarcely believe im actually leaving this place that has always been so uncomfortable for me–even tho i made the best of my little room and had a cozy safe place to be, everything about this house is loud (visually and audibly) & garish and literally crumbling. The new place is so lovely and quiet with lots of trees and a large pond out back, but still right across the street from my usual grocery store! Louise i feel the same as you, and agree with what maria added–that the universe is setting me up to be able to do my “job” without having to “work” (last formal employment was in ’09 i think? And no income or aid whatsoever–just Spirit paving the way somehow!). The new place is temporary, but i feel so much more confident that i can allow & receive an even more perfect home for me from this FAR more comfortable space, and ooooooh yes maria when i get there being able to give you that massive hug (and have some java!) is tops on my list!!! And im certain i’ll have another amazing story to share of how Spirit got me there 😉😉😉
    Kat i remember you telling me you were sure it would all work out for me, you even said better than good! You and Maria both said it (but oh jeez kat you are so right that it can be so hard when you’re the one in the thick of it!), And i read all your words over and over the past weeks to reassure myself and bolster my trust –and of course y’all were right!! Again so unfathomably grateful for all the love and support you have shown me 😊💕–it really made a huge impact on how much i was able to let myself relax and trust and allow the magic to unfold and receive a perfect solution instead of struggling to machinate one from my weary mind (um which i have proven out over several decades repeatedly that that tact never pans out well LOL LOL). And now that i have this very real and tangible proof that im on the right path and that i dont need to suffer through all the mental gymnastics making myself sick–well i couldnt WAIT to share here so everyone here can benefit from some solid evidence showing up that trusting it out (oh man kat thats such a perfect turn of phrase i gotta use it 😉) not only works, but it works much BETTER than what we can muster from the limited mind or fear-based actions.
    I need to get busy now finishing my packing–how glorious that i get to enjoy this excitement over moving now instead of fear and dread!!!–i havent had a chance to read all the new posts but once i settle in i’ll be able to catch up. Wanted to touch base with you all this morning tho–sending each of you just LOADS of LOVE xoxoxo

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