New International Holiday Declared

A new international holiday has been declared. It is called LEAVE ALL YOUR DEVICES AT HOME DAY…

I jest.  But I  don’t know, maybe it’s a thing already.  Maybe someone can look it up and let us know.

There is a joke circulating in which a man goes into Starbucks, orders a cup of coffee (regular coffee, not one of those fancy drinks…and even asks for it in a ceramic cup), sits down, sips his coffee, and looks out the window.  He does not have any devices on him.  No smart phone, iPhone, or iPad.  No tablet or laptop, or any device whatsoever.

He just sits there like a lunatic.

And I have done it myself on rare occasion. (However, I always take a journal with me because I love to write). It feels very awkward. Not only because I’m so used to those devices being with me all the time, but also it feels as if people are looking at me strangely. Wondering what’s wrong with me.

They wonder, is she not like the others who are all doing such important work on their devices?  Or making those important phone calls.  Is she homeless? But even these days the poorest among us including the indigent have a cell phone of some sort. The government actually gives them out to those who cannot afford them along with a rudimentary service plan.

Or, they muse, maybe she is just psychotic.

There is actually a cafe in Vancouver that has employed a device that repels all cell phone signals so patrons won’t be tempted to stare into their devices.  So it encourages interaction with other patrons, even strangers.


And of course, this technology is significant. It’s timely in terms of allowing us to connect with others around the world in ways we could never do before.  Especially for us ascension pioneers.  It provides us with the support, love and camaraderie from others going through this transformational process.  We designed it that way so that we never need to feel alone. It gives us access to information we could never access before. And it is in so many other ways useful for us as a human race.

Yet I’m sure we can all agree it’s become a major distraction for people to connect with each other and with themselves.  Not that there were not distractions before these devices were created. But now it is all too easy to get lost in a virtual world, and not have to use one’s own imagination and sensuality.

In other words, if left to our own ‘devices’ we would have to become more resourceful in connecting to the sensual nature of ourselves and of life.

In a balanced relationship with these devices they can become an adjunct to us. But not an escape.

For example as an artist, writer and musician I rely on these devices as vehicles to create and express and share. But I also notice that at times I do get distracted and want to get lost in some energy or other within the virtual world. Even if it’s under the guise of needing to look up some information.

One of the mind’s addictions is that it needs more information. Whether it’s about health, finances relationships, or this Ascension process. While some of that is valid, a lot of that is just a distraction and mental masturbation.

One could say the technology represents the human mind.  That mind is needed to provide a service to us, but it’s not designed to create joy, health, wealth and passion in our life.   But the mind too is a comfort zone.  It tries to create safety in our life.  But in the process it’s a major distraction from truly enjoying that life.

But of course it’s not to deny the beauty and capabilities of the technology.  One small example is I am creating this post by voice to text, recording it into my iPhone’s notes application, as I enjoy my evening walk outside my apartment complex.


One of the things that will probably happen when you leave your device at home and go out and have a cup of coffee or turn all your devices off and stay at home is that you’re going to recognize how bored you are. It’s going to be awkward at first.

It’s similar to when cable goes out and there is no way to watch TV, Netflix, or Amazon. It’s disconcerting. One can feel unsettled.  Again, left on our own, it is a very strange experience. We begin to recognize that we are indeed very bored.

It’s been written that our boredom is because we ascension pioneers are detaching from the world and we are not relating to it in the same way anymore. But I will say that we were always bored with life. Any satisfaction we did receive was what we extracted from the outside to bring into our life. We did not rely so much on our inner resources and our soul for our joy. We would also create drama in order to feel alive. Again not knowing how to feel alive as our eternal self.

And that is because we were not accessing that part of our self as we are beginning to now.

So, on this auspicious day let us take some time to celebrate the reuniting of ourselves with all of our aspects. Let us celebrate coming together with our significant other, our soul. And let us invite that soul into our body and feel that sensuality and fulfillment.

And of course that feeling of joy and fulfillment can be happening as we are enjoying our various devices.  But they will be serving us, not the other way around.  Just as our mind is in the process, for the first time, of serving us, and not the other way around.

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8 thoughts on “New International Holiday Declared

  1. Fun and funny!

    Some of my most blissful moments this summer have been sitting in my reclining (transmuting) chair outside. Listening to birds, listening to the breeze, looking at clouds, no devices. Pure and unadulterated joy.

    I love the internet, the connections I have made (you, for one), but the photos you show here are pretty darn prevalent. 😀😀😀😀😀💓💓💓💓💓

    The Vancouver Cafe, blocking cell stuff, cracks me up. But people have to come to it themselves. It does give pause and make you think. 😀😀💓💓🎉🎉🎉

    Thanks honey!

    Love you, E

  2. Wow Maria. I AM THAT LUNATIC who is no longer absorbed in a device when I go out. I have about the most basic kind of cellphone you can get, barely get any calls, only functional texts mostly – like if I’m meeting up with someone. Yet I used to be a total smartphone addict. So I really hear you.

    It has forced me to gather information from my environment instead, from the ‘real’ peeps around me and from inside my own head. It has also made me much more outgoing.

    I didn’t ‘plan’ any of this. My smartphone just, kind of, ‘disappeared’ from my life (was most likely nicked). It was synchronous. It was serendipitous. When I ‘lose’ something nowadays I tend to consider it a ‘sign’ that it was just no longer required. I’ve got pretty good at letting go of stuff – had so much gosh darn practice!

    So yup. Things seem to be unfolding just as they should from up here on my grassy hillock (I thought as an image it beats ‘little pink cloud’ as it’s more grounded – right?). This is my vantage point. This is my bird’s eye view. The egoic fear-based mind has butted right outta the game, at least for now. Which accounts for the absolute certainty.

    As I acknowledge on the most recent post on my blog, I doubt I’m ‘done’ with the egoic mind. But just as YOU said Maria – it’s tired. It knows it can’t control this. It’s out of its depth. So it seems to butt out nowadays more frequently and for ever-longer periods of time.

    Frankly? I’ll just enjoy the ego-death while it lasts. I wandered right off the point of this post, sorry!

    1. Louise, I like what you are saying about connecting with the ‘real’ world. Being more engaged with your environment and the people in it. The other day at the cafe I saw a little girl doing something I don’t see very often anymore. She took some color markers and crayons out and was actually creating art in a journal or some kind of book.

      Before the technology became so pervasive I saw that on a regular basis. Even people writing in journals, like myself. It’s the odd occurrence these days, at least where I live. It feels like creativity is all but gone, and the world has gone ultra, Uber mental.

      Even in the art world itself I am not seeing the type of passion I did a couple of decades ago. But then again, art reflects life. I can see why the kids have such short attention spans. Who would want to sit in a class and listen to subjects that for the most part are presented from the mental perspective and not much from the heart.

      It’s one reason we are here bringing in the new energy. It’s a safe energy in which to express fully ourselves.

      Thanks for sharing your experiences and wisdom.

  3. Elila

    Wow maria so timely as i sit in the grocery store across the street from my new place in order to post this comment and try to catch up on your wonderful writings! I no longer have wifi in my home so im kinda scrambling to figure it all out! And i also just have simple basic phone so no data to use instead! And (gasp!!) no netflix! I dont use devices very much but i sorely miss being able to sit comfortably in bed to visit you here!! And i do miss a few youtube channels and being able to play music from pandora or youtube….oh well one more thing to ALLOW a solution for!

    1. Elila

      There are some real challenges as we step into our new places. The old comfort zones for one. But they will be back better than ever. You deserve it. I’m so proud of how you have allowed who you also are to bring things to you. I look forward to hearing from you as your new ‘space’ evolves.

      Being the first to go through this awakening into enlightenment is beyond words. It is filled with so many challenges, as we let go more and more of our fears. We all have amazing stories to tell of our courage and our determination, doing what most people are not even aware of. Love to you.🌹💕💕💕

  4. Elila

    Oh Maria–your sweet and encouraging and wise words sincerely mean the world to me right now! Challenges indeed. And perpetual adjustment to constant change–even when its good change it can throw you. And i can see how this allowing, accepting, receiving way of being is or can be challenging too–its tricky when the universe bestows great gifts upon you–through the conduit of other people in your life. Accepting these things, especially really BIG things, without guilt or fear of being able to (or expected to) repay….ancient pangs of “am i worthy? Do i deserve so much?” Of course the answer is a resounding yes but the mind will still do its fearful trepidatious thing LOL. Oh and if course “what will others think (or say 🙄) seeing me efortlessly thriving as they struggle?” Those who will sneer that THEY had to work their ASS off to get what i just got for nothing…blah blah blah! Little niggling thoughts that need to be navigated, and a mindset of receiving graciously without guilt to build because it is something we have never really learned is it? To really truly trust and unapologetically accept all that we need or want and not get hung up on how it appears or through whom? (um yeah i think im perfectly happy practicing getting what i need easily until it feels totally normal LOL). It occurs to me this could be another example of what kat was saying on another post of how yeshua said to be as little children–children seem to receive easily without thought or guilt, they dont question their worthiness or “deservingness”, and shamelessly ask for more! Hmmm.
    I so look forward to hearing/sharing all our stories of newfound ease and effortless abundance!! It DOES take a shit ton of courage and determination to go this route.
    Love right back to you my dear brave co-innovator! 💕💕🌺💕💕

    1. Dear Elila, such awarenes! I’m really proud of you. And that’s one of the biggest obstacles in this enlightenment process, is feeling guilty for receiving. Because this process is all about receiving. Without guilt and without reservation. And yes, the human has such resistance to that. And your awareness is that the human does what the human does, it feels what it feels, but there is also the Master. And she is all about joy, abundance of health and resources. These intense times certainly test that truth to the max, and then we get to choose who we will align with.

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