There Is No Going Back

Image credit Maria Chambers

We seem to be letting go of the pre-conceived notions of what it means to embody spirit.  It’s not about perfecting our human self in order to have spirit in our body and our life.

And to the human, it’s both mind-blowing, and it’s a great relief.

This lifetime has been a long time coming.  It’s not new to us.  We knew of this lifetime a very long time ago, for many of us back around the time of Jesus, or Yeshua.

But meanwhile, going through this embodied enlightenment process can make us feel pretty beat up physically and emotionally. Some days we feel like, will this ever end?  The unlayering.  The emotional or physical trauma.  And at other times we feel that incredible connection with our soul in a way we have never felt before.  Even if it’s for a few moments here and there.

We understand that life serves us with the things we desire but not from a place of trying to figure it out from our minds. In fact we’re realizing that the hardest part of this whole process is letting the mind off the hook for being responsible for our lives. That’s a pretty big one isn’t it? It goes against everything we have been about for eons of time.

At this point none of us here are looking for a panacea. I don’t think we’re even looking for answers. Many of us right now are just recognizing the enormity of this undertaking.

But then we wanted to accomplish in one lifetime what it would normally take several lifetimes to accomplish. Did we bite it off more than we can chew? It can certainly feel that way.

But then, pioneers of great change don’t dive in to the New with a road map or blueprint. As souls they are not making laundry lists of why something won’t work. And really, they are not even interested in the success/failure thing that humans like to dangle in front of themselves and others.

Image Credit Maria Chambers

There are many who have said the solar eclipse energies have tossed them around emotionally, bringing up old issues from the past. Maybe so, maybe to make a final clearing on some of those old emotions.


But once again we just can’t continue allowing outside circumstances, even the celestial events to dictate how we want to feel. Because if it’s not a solar eclipse, it will be terrorism breaking out somewhere in the world. Or our family going into their drama. Or our bodies displaying more symptoms. All these things are very real, and it is hard not to feel affected by them. Absolutely. And one can reach a point where they say, I have had enough. I no longer want to endure this experience here. And that is absolutely honored if that point comes in a being’s life.

But those feelings are not the feelings of the soul.   They are the mind crying out and saying it’s damned tired of trying to create our life for us.  It’s saying that it wants out.  Not necessarily off the planet, but out of the driver’s seat.

But those of us here have come so far. We have been through the dark night of the soul. And for the most part, we know the worst is behind us. For many of us right now the worst thing is the boredom. And the boredom comes from the mind still thinking it has to be at the head of our life. And it just doesn’t want to do it anymore. It does not want to be responsible for our life. Nor should it be.

Image Credit Maria Chambers


So really, how much is there left to say in words about this embodied enlightenment? It may feel as if all the messages begin to sound alike after awhile. But really it isn’t so much the words as it is connecting with each other energetically. It’s acknowledging that we’re not alone in this process. It’s the camaraderie that keeps us from feeling that we’re doing this all by ourselves.

Because we are not.

Yes there is tiredness. There’s a sense of disappointment at times. Wondering how long this process is going to take before there is a feeling of really moving forward. While it is true that we are creating a distinct reality along-side the 3-D reality, because we can all feel that reality, it is also true that we still are dealing with the 3-D world. And that world is beginning to seem more and more removed from who we are.

We can see so clearly how most of humanity is stuck. They are stuck in their minds. And they are trying to get out of their minds by doing things that engage the mind even more. Talk about a vicious cycle.


In previous lives many of us sequestered ourselves in monasteries or convents where we could safely connect with god.  We kept the outside world at bay. But it wasn’t very satisfying because it was a limited expression of who we were. We thought we had to give up worldly joys in order to be accepted by God.  We saw those worldly, bodily joys as distractions.

But for us on the forefront, we have agreed to be here in this world as it is, and we wanted to walk around as our ascended selves. We wanted to be the role models of a human who embodied their own soul on such a deep and visceral and sensual level.  We felt that would bring us the most joy.

And it does. We get to have the best of all worlds. Being here in a clear and awake state and enjoying all of the sensual pleasures of the physical body and this environment.

But maybe we did not anticipate the challenges involved. Having to endure the transformation of bodies that are not even ours but belong to our ancestors. And having to deal with a world that is still pretty fast asleep. Or at best is just beginning to wake up.

So maybe there is still more purging that needs to be done, and maybe the celestial events are triggering them.  But we have learned one important rule of thumb.  And that is, no matter the origin of the emotions or the physical conditions that come up, it’s not our job to wrestle with them.  And if they are not in alignment with how we want to feel….how our soul already feels….they are not ours.

Whether they are from a previous life, or an aspect of ourselves or whatever.

For the most part we have faced our deepest fears and we recognize them for the illusions that they are. One of those fears being that if we are truly our full selves here in this 3-D environment, we will be vulnerable once again to the world not appreciating us. We do not have the protection of monastery walls anymore. And no doubt in other lifetimes we were not respected or worse for being our embodied selves.

We may wonder about our friends and family, for some of us what’s left of them…how will they respond to who we are becoming?  If we keep walking away from people, jobs, situations, what will happen to us?

If we show up with spirit blazing through our eyes, how will we be seen by the grocery clerk, or the rest of those we deal with on a daily basis?  Our mind is not quite convinced that our soul has our back, and that in fact this new place we are embodying is a safe space.

It is.  As we become more and more in alignment with who we are, we begin to see proof that life serves us, how could it not?

But our mind has written a laundry list of reasons why we should be hesitant to be fully ourselves in this environment. But there is one compelling reason why we want to be fully ourselves. We have tasted it. And once you have tasted it……even if you don’t know exactly where it all leads….there is no going back.

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20 thoughts on “There Is No Going Back

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  2. Kat

    Maria, while reading your article a thought poppoed into my mind.
    When we were children it was so much easier to be in the moment and one with our soul. And then all the programming and conditioning began and we had to adapt to the outer reality (society) and become much more mind based.
    When Jesus said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven” he might have meant that if we don’t live fully in the moment we won’t experience joy (that’s what heaven is, isnt’t it). Could it be really that simple ? (I said simple, not easy :P)

    1. Annette

      Hi Kat!
      Annette here, and I tell you this hit me in the most PROFOUND way!! I have read this scripture back in the day, but I have never GOT it like this moment! Wow, YES, I do believe it is that/this SIMPLE! Not EASY, with All that we are experiencing, but OH YEA!!

      Sending Love, and Gratitude 💞

    2. Well, Kat, your wisdom here is perfect…that’s it exactly. It is that simple….and that hard. And it’s amazing how such a beautiful and simple teaching has become so distorted over time. But then again, it’s why we are here. Those of us whose passion it is to plant and nurture the seeds of the Christ Conscioisness on the planet. It’s the true meaning of the second coming.

    3. Hello Kat! Thank you for reminding us about what it means to “be in the moment and one with our soul.” It is indeed precisely what you shared — children are our best teachers for how it is to be fully present and live in the moment. What I also so love about children is when someone has ‘wronged’ them, say took one of their toys, then returned it and apologized, they’d immediately ‘forgive’ and easily and quickly go back to playing, like nothing happened!

  3. janicetaylorjaytee

    Wow, first time here and loving it. This article confirms what I have been feeling now for so long, it is wonderful to have things validated, thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Welcome Janice, I’m so happy you found us! Or did we find you? It’s really that way actually…things just come to us. And yes, we are discovering we are not alone…we forerunners are here as a group going through this together, even though we have never seen each other, may not even know each other’s names, and are spread all over the globe. 🤗🌹💕💕💕

  4. Hey again Maria. I hope you enjoyed your break.

    As usual your post just hits the spot for me (incidentally I’ve been singing your praises and linking to you elsewhere on the net – only to likeminded souls of course).

    ‘If we show up with spirit blazing through our eyes, how will we been seen by the grocery clerk, or the rest of those we deal with on a daily basis? Our mind is not quite convinced that our soul has our back, and that in fact this new place we are embodying is a safe space.’

    Maria you have helped me more than you can ever know. You and a very select few others on the net are helping me understand that the ‘bipolar’ condition I wrestled with for most of my adult life is actually just one type of spiritual awakening ‘path’.

    As time goes on and with each passing ‘episode’ I am learning to be the master of it. I mention this because only the other day I went out for a walk around town as I felt somewhat ‘high’ (I searched for a better word but let’s just use that one for now). Put it this way, my soul was firmly in charge.

    I’m not suggesting anyone ‘try this at home’, as of course we are all individuals and we cope how we can with our ‘altered states’ vis a vis the 3D world. But if I need to ‘let something out’ I have found ways of doing it without unduly alarming or antagonising the peeps around me.

    Suddenly breaking into a few lines of a song in a ‘cultural’ area where buskers often perform is fine, for instance. So that’s what I do! At the top of my voice, lol! The kids tend to love it. I sit very quietly in between times and await inspiration for the ‘right’ tune that will ‘speak’ to my audience. I also do the odd ‘comic’ turn!

    I do think this ties in with what you say in your post, because you are saying ‘how will the grocer react if I go in there with Spirit blazing in my eyes?’

    Somehow I think one needn’t compromise our own ecstasy or need to connect and put something out into the world. We just need to tune into the energies around us and make it appropriate to them while still utterly true for us.

    The ability to go from nought to sixty mph and then straight back again is a fun skill to master too. It is a demonstration of mastery – and don’t we all need to show off a little sometimes? Lol!

    I was very inspired the last few days, listening to music for the first time in months (that’s just how it goes with me – nought to sixty). Anyone who wants to, check out my blog Believe it or not, I do write there A LOT as well as post seemingly-random-but-not music videos. It works for me but I am always looking for new readers.

    1. Hi again Louise…..first it warms my heart to hear that you have been inspired and uplifted by the energies in this blog. It seems to have taken on a life of its own, and one reason is the beautiful energies of the small but potent community here of kindred spirits.

      Secondly, thank you for spreading the word on your wonderful blog and in the community. That’s always very appreciated.

      And it looks as if you are enjoying expressing yourself in blog form and also just in your day to days. And that’s really what it’s about, isn’t it? It’s just the simple enjoyment of this life, of these bodies and if we can pull that off, we have come a long way.

      I like how you say,

      “Somehow I think one needn’t compromise our own ecstasy or need to connect and put something out into the world. We just need to tune into the energies around us and make it appropriate to them while still utterly true for us.”

      I enjoy an American tv series, (70s through 90s.) “Columbo” because he’s just a real simple guy in an unassuming rumpled raincoat and rumpled hair, who just loves his work as a detective. He doesn’t really give a crap what others think of him. He’s just true to himself and is passionate about his life.

      To me he’s a role model even though he doesn’t know the first thing about ascension.

      It’s good to hear from you.🌹💕💕💕

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  6. Hello Maria! I sure is comforting to know I am/we are not alone, and I’m so thankful that your ‘Ascension Cafe’ here is one where I feel the most comfortable and so at home! 🙂 Kinda like I’d automatically take off my shoes and hop on the couch like it’s my home as soon as I walk through the door — because that’s how it feels like to me when I’m here…HOME! Thank you for creating such a sacred space!

    In recent years, I’ve gone back and forth with paying close attention to the celestial events and how they’d impact/affect me until I’m no longer as ‘magnetized’ to them as before. I used to be so ‘OC’ about it, preparing for my rituals and ceremonies, etc. Such a practice served its purpose and served me well, and for that, I’m most grateful! Nowadays, I find out about them after the fact — just like the most recent major solar flares. I didn’t experience any of the physical symptoms at all, thankfully! Of course, I was going through a most painful emotional episode vis-a-vis a severe cough at the time, and it has been quite a transformative time for me, as you know… I guess what I’m saying is, I totally resonate with what you wrote that “we just can’t continue allowing outside circumstances, even the celestial events to dictate how we want to feel. Because if it’s not a solar eclipse, it will be terrorism breaking out somewhere in the world. Or our family going into their drama. Or our bodies displaying more symptoms.” We will feel/experience/go through what we need to feel/experience/go through — celestial event or not, outside forces/circumstances or not….our Soul knows and will set up the circumstances and events to make us take that next crucial step — be it to purge, release, integrate, etc.

    Much L ❤ ve & Big Hug to you, Maria!!! 🙂 ❤

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