Three Little Words…..

I got to the cafe at my usual time.  About 7:30 am.  But this morning something was different.

There was a palpable tension in the air.  The line up of cars at the drive-up window was unusually long, and one driver had opened her door, waving her hands and was spewing venom at the car ahead of her.

As I walked in I asked the barista “Why so busy?” and he said those three words that I had been dreading for about two months.  Those three words that would make me want to re-evaluate being a regular at this, my favorite Starbucks.  This Starbucks, the easiest one to get to from my house.  The one I have come to know and to love.  The one that I have come to rely upon to soothe my thirst for good coffee, for a nice atmosphere. And most importantly, I have cultivated just the right relationship with the baristas for civil and friendly service .

A home away from home, where I could be out in the world, yet nicely insulated from the madness of that world.   And today, that world came tumbling down.  But I knew that it was just a matter of time before I once again heard those words….

Just three little words.  That’s all it took to ruin a perfectly nice morning.  Words that I had shoved into my subconscious.  But now those words careened toward my eardrums in a kind of  slowed-down, deep, distorted voice you hear in sci-fi movies….

                       ” S   C   H   O   O   L      S   T   A   R   T   S      T   O   D   A   Y. “

It didn’t register.  That didn’t seem correct.  Maybe he was misinformed.  So I asked him again, “Why so busy?”


It was just a matter of time, I figured within a half an hour, that the mob of prepubescents would rush through the doors of an already small space with limited seating.  They would pick up on their custom of standing (actually fidgeting) on-line to order caffeinated drinks.  Talking using their outside voices, and moving about with anxiety, and misdirected fervor, while eyeing their smartphones to see who if anyone had responded to their instagram.

And as is customary, the loud hoard of adolescents lingered, running about, and taking up precious space, until it was time for them to go off to school.

“I don’t know who I pity more, me or their teachers,” I mused, as I watched  the already over stimulated kids caffiene-load.

To add to my consternation there was a group of mothers sitting at a nearby table purging their anxiety after spending an entire summer with their spawn, and didn’t seem shy about expressing their relief with loud hyena laughs.

I took a few deep breaths.  My mind went right to working on a solution.  I figured I had to time my visits to avoid the morning onslaught as well as the afternoon one.  This Starbucks is close to a secondary and high school, and has become a teen-age hangout after school too.  A loading zone for more caffeine before heading home.

I felt the tension behind the counter as well, as the staff began to armour themselves.   Their vacation time was over too, as patience gets stretched to the limit in the face of dozens of overenthusiastic teens who aren’t concerned that the drink orders can’t be heard over the din.  Add to that the aftermath clean-up of messy tables and bathrooms.

And don’t you think that’s going to come around to bite me in the….

You see, I have two missions in life.  The first is embodied enlightenment.  And the second is to keep my baristas as happy as possible.  Not so easy this time of year.  I do my part to ingratiate myself…it’s a delicate balance of being just the right amount of friendly, waiving my right to complain for them getting my coffee order wrong, and busing my table before I leave…

(Sigh) I suspect my last moments on this planet will be moi sitting at a little table at this or some other Starbucks clutching a cup of dark roast to my chest….Embodied Enlightenment at its best!

I guess every generation has their hangouts after school.  But why does it have to be MY Starbucks?  What happened to the good old-fashioned malt shop?

You must think I’m just indulging myself here.  It’s a little embarrassing. I need to keep this in proper perspective.  In the scheme of things, this is hardly a tragedy.  I mean, I’m an ascension pioneer for god’s sake!   I’m going through the biggest paradigm shift known to man.   I think I can handle a few underage coffee guzzlers!

I will make the necessary adjustments, of course.  But I can’t help wondering, this same scenario has happened before, last year and the year before that.  Why didn’t I notice it as being so irritating then?  It seems I am becoming more and more sensitive to energies, especially in busy places.  Or in any kind of crowd.

It’s a little disconcerting.

Decades ago I could fall asleep on the couch in the middle of a rager.  And ironically, I considered myself sensitive back then.

So is what they say true?  As we ascend, are we going to have to sequester ourselves to our homes and just be seen on rare occasion?

Will we find the company of only nature tolerable?

I for one am not ok with that.  I like humanity.  I really do.  As long as I don’t have to endure a one-sided and long-winded conversation about their own woes.   Or deal with their offspring running amok in our sacred coffee shops.

But really, as a kind of background ambiance, in moderation, humans are ok in my book!

Author’s note:  I do love the younger generation.  They are our future.  And most importantly, no adolescents were harmed during the writing of this post.

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12 thoughts on “Three Little Words…..

  1. ‘Author’s note: I do love the younger generation. They are our future. And most importantly, no adolescents were harmed during the writing of this post.’

    You’re funny Maria! If you can’t vent on your own blog where can you?

    It’s actually those ‘little things’ (no pun intended) that can niggle us the most isn’t it? For you (and probably many others) it’s the anarchic horde of youngsters.

    I have to say, I like them! Hanging out near MY regular haunt (actually a Maccy D’s, but a nice friendly one that allows people to fall asleep at the tables, buying nothing – honestly it’s more like a community centre!) today I felt a bit lost with all the kids back in school.

    They’re my kindred spirits. I tease them, scold them and they throw pieces of bread at me. We have a great time! I guess I’m a small legend among them in our locality. Somehow we get along.

    It helps that I’ve taken a lot of time to learn their language. Years of hanging out with da yoofs on internet forums, chatrooms, interacting with my own son (now 21), learning endless grime and rap lyrics, getting close to a real ‘street’ guy who was like a walking dictionary of street slang and wisdom.

    Without even knowing it I was imbibing all I needed to connect with the younger generation. I have so much empathy for them and they know it. I guess there’s still a rambunctious teen inside of me (not to mention a toddler prone to the odd tantrum).

    So absolutely no worries Maria. You can delegate the care of unruly schoolkids to me. I’ll handle that while you continue to do YOUR thing so beautifully. Next time they bug you, if there is a next time, think of me and connect with me energetically. See if they back off! I guarantee they won’t pelt YOU with bread though. Lol!

    I’m perfectly serious. This is what I do. If I need some sort of protection or extra power to deal with anyone or anything? I ask for help from soul family. I know you all so ridiculously well that it’s no problem working out whose help I need at a given time.

    Crazy af, as they would say. But I swear it works.

    1. Louise…you crack me up too…it sounds like it would be a blast to hang out with you for the afternoon! And you know, it’s so funny you said what you said about the youth and your connection with them, which by the way is perfectly delicious….and it occurred to me after writing the post ( which was written around the middle of August…school begins early down here in Florida) I got to thinking that I do feel a connection with them, and there is that unruly teen in me too.

      And I notice they seem to like and respect me for the most part. And it’s weird but I also notice that now when I go for coffee around those ‘times’ they don’t seem to bother m as much, and the place doesn’t seem as over run with them. Not sure what’s happening there.

      And yep, it’s so much fun to use my blog as a place to express the day to day ‘inconveniences.’ I like sprinkling some humor on the ascension topic. Lord knows we need some comic relief! And it moves energies that tend to get stuck. Thanks for appreciating that!

      But I will definitely think of you if need a hand, so…my only question is….where were you when I was in grammar school and got beat up by the sixth graders?

      1. Hahaha! I was at a grammar school too Maria – is it the same concept here as in the US, not sure. It was all girls – beatings-up just didn’t happen, even bullying was rare.

        So you were in sixth grade yourself at the time were you?

        In response to what you said in your reply to my other comment btw, I am 100% with you about what these kids have to endure going through the school system. Billyheartbeing/upliftinghumanity has a youtube video on it entitled ‘School is a Joke’. It did occur to me that in that sense it’s the perfect preparation for a conventional 3D existence then! Except the joke wears ever thinner as you proceed until something inside you (hopefully) ‘gives’ and you begin waking up to the nature of reality.

        I adore your humour Maria, I love your irreverence and the alchemy you perform in weaving everyday experience into your posts that brings them right down to earth where they belong. There’s not enough of that in most ‘spiritual’ content on the Net in my view. And probably waaay too much unnecessary ‘esoteric knowledge/information’ being touted. But as you’ve said, the egoic mind loves to fasten on all of this crap like flies on honey. I’m guilty myself, don’t get me wrong.

        You are that rare thing, a genuine creative as well as Embodied Master and I feel so fortunate to have found you. Hang out with me energetically/psychically anytime you please, I really love you Maria. Emoji emoji emoji!

        1. Louise,

          That’s interesting – all girls school. And not so much bullying etc. hmmmm. Why does that not surprise me? No mine was coed and it was rather tame back in the 50s. actually there was very little of the bullying thing but I was singled out because I was a little different than the other kids. No I was not in six grade at the time I was in the lower grades. Eventually I befriended A rather large Greek girl, who seemed to earn others respect without having to clock them

          So I made it a point to hang out with her as much as I could.

          Thank you for The compliment. I do think it’s important to be irreverent and have a sense of humor through this process. And let’s face it we humans know how to tell a good joke because we’ve lived through the tragedies that comedy draws from.

          Oh, good point about kids being indoctrinated in order to fit into this 3-D world. But I do notice the kids today are more sure about themselves than we were back then. They seem to know who they are at an early age. At least more so than earlier generations. But then again we baby boomers paved the way for that to happen.

          It’s always the hardest on The first ones going through this transformation. And I’m sure it’s a big reason they feel drawn to you. They can feel who you are at your core. While their own parents don’t so much get them.

          And my dear, I will take you up on your offer. I will hang out with you energetically and enjoy your company.

          I will check out the video.

          Love to you too dear fellow master.🤗🌹💕💕💕💕

  2. Darling Maria, dog bless you for this (c’mon, I’m an ascended master, I ain’t gonna get ‘struck down’ for calling god a dog, lol!).

    You are always so much more spot on than I’ve come to expect in what we laughingly call ‘this life’. And I love every. Single. Minute.

    ‘But I do notice the kids today are more sure about themselves than we were back then. They seem to know who they are at an early age. At least more so than earlier generations.’


    ‘ And I’m sure it’s a big reason they feel drawn to you. They can feel who you are at your core. While their own parents don’t so much get them.’

    And this.

    One thousand percent correct Maria. Go to the top of the ascended masters class!

    They ‘get’ that I’m a ‘soulmama’. Often their parents struggle to understand them with the best will in the world. Not making them bad people! I know. I’ve been through the same process with my own son. He had to ‘individuate’ and in the process ‘hate on’ me quite a lot. I accepted it as normal and natural and actually preferred an angry response than one of indifference.

    I’ve reminded him quite a few times though that I and his Grandma (with whom he currently resides) are NOT MIND READERS. It sho’ is hard for either of our generations to fully ‘get’ what it means to grow up as a Millennial.

    Yes indeed, I too am a BabyBoomer as you rightly say, but I’m kinda right on the cusp. Well, 1962. We sometimes get a bad press for ‘grabbing’ everything in sight materially and selling out this generation.

    So some of us have gotta at least try and ‘make peace’ and bridge that gap right?

    And Maria? They respect you. How would anyone with a pulse not INSTANTLY respect YOU? (Forget the ones without a pulse lol).

    Have a great day Maria. Let’s hang out over coffee! Mine’s an Americano with hot almond milk on the side! But who’s buying? Ah let’s go Dutch. Lol.

    1. Louise, I love that you say you would rather them be angry at you than indifferent. Tres wise indeed! And I’m sure you provided and continue to provide a role model of a parent who is becoming self loving and the master of her own creations. Someone who is not willing to sacrifice who she is to make anyone else feel more comfortable. Moving out of the role women have put themselves in for eons of time.

      Who wouldn’t want a mom like that ???

      You are such a blessing to your children as of course they are to you. So, coffee…let’s see…Mine’s Italian roast..☕️..Dutch sounds perfect!!!! Cheers!💕

  3. Kat

    Maria are you Ok in Florida now considering Hurricane Irma is making its way to your state? Are you going to stay in your house or will you leave the area for a while until everything calms down?

    1. Kat, it looks like the storms trajectory won’t hit us too badly here in the Tampa Bay area. I will stay in my apartment. I have all my supplies in case Electric goes out. Sundry canned goods and things that don’t need to be refrigerated. A Coleman lantern, plenty of bottled water, and some good crossword puzzle’s. Oh and a little French wine. 🍷

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