Now It’s About You

Art by Maria Chambers

Are you tired of conforming to everyone else’s world?  Don’t you feel it’s about time for them to conform to yours?

The problem with that is if we took that road we probably wouldn’t have anyone left in our life.  Think about it.  If we stopped accommodating other people, if we no longer tried to fill the conversational gaps, if we weren’t to a certain degree nurturing, supportive and understanding, who would want to be around us?

And yet, aren’t you kind of done with that role, for the most part?

Now when you walk into a room, don’t you want to be the predominant vibration?  I don’t mean that everyone else must fall in line with yours, but it means that you don’t have to dim your light anymore.   And that does mean that your vibration, because it is so radiant these day, will predominate.

Art by Maria Chambers

And that may mean that others may find that light uncomfortable, and make themselves scarce.  Others may find it inspiring.  It doesn’t matter.  It’s not your job to figure that out.  Your job is to just radiate your light.   There’s no effort involved.  It’s just being yourself.   Your human self, but having with you, your Eternal Self.

Walking into any environment with your partner.   Your best friend.   No longer feeling a need to hide that best friend.

If you are more your Self, you will most likely appear selfish to those around you.  They may think you are uncaring, maybe even cold.  Detached.  But you are actually more connected to yourself than you ever have been before.  You don’t need to extract energies from others.  And you are finding life becomes more sensual than ever before, but you are not using it to fill yourself up.

That’s because you are becoming more fulfilled from within.  You are letting go of more baggage, so you may appear lighter.  You are a free spirit.

Becoming enlightened isn’t what we thought it was, is it?  It’s not necessarily having flocks of people surrounding us and wanting to be in our company.   There will be those who seek our company, but not because we are the caretakers.  They will want to experience what we are experiencing.  A deep connection with our soul.

And we know that we can’t give it to them, that they need to find it for themselves.

All this doesn’t happen overnight, but we sense that it is happening.  We feel different.  We know that we cannot be who we once were.  Our past no longer has any bearing on who we are.  Most people want to embrace their past, whether they have good or bad memories.

We can’t so easily relate to our past anymore.  Our soul sees it all as just experience.  There is less and less emotional attachment to it.  Another reason others see us as not caring.  We need to be careful not to associate our memory loss as an aging symptom or as a negative.

It’s  a blessing because it is making room for new memories.  It is freeing us up.  It’s important we don’t misunderstand the boredom as being bad.  It’s just a space where we are not connected to our Self fully.   That will change.

Art by Maria Chambers

Doing new things is good.   Going outside our comfort zones is what we are all about.  We are not among those who are playing it safe.  But we too can get stuck.  So sometimes things happen to move stuck energies.  They may come in the form of hurricanes, storms, celestial events, getting sick, losing a relationship or a job.

This Embodied Enlightenment is the most difficult thing a human being could ever do.  You are being asked to do the impossible, or so if feels.

You are asked to be your authentic Self, while there is still another part of you that resists it because that other part can’t bear to see others in pain, and that part wants to alleviate that pain.

But as you align more with your Self, you know that all is well.  You stop caring so damned much.  And you realize that’s a GOOD thing, for you and for everyone else.

So when you walk into a room, or down the street, walk with your partner, your Self, and see what happens.  Have fun with it.

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15 thoughts on “Now It’s About You

  1. Leslie

    Some thoughts…i really liked your article. I can definitely relate to this and it describes how I have related very well . However I wonder if it’s about caring less exactly. I wonder if instead it is bigger, broader, more inclusive and that somehow makes it seem more impersonal. Perhaps the caring is actually deeper and more profound as it finally includes yourself. Caring deeply for myself first, I feel my profound connection to others without having to do anything.

    1. Leslie, you are right, it’s a profound connection to all, and caring for self first. Well stated. But I am using the word care a bit differently. Caring, as we have been well-trained to understand it, includes all kinds of conditions, obligations, and taking on energetically the emotions of others.

      When I say we stop caring so damned much, I mean we no longer use the old ways like pity, or sympathy, which do not honor other people’s journey. It’s tricky because we don’t want to see others in pain, so we have traditionally taken on that pain as our own, some of us more than others.

      And we have paid a hefty price for that service. Relationships have traditionally been built on compromise and sacrifice. On dependencies. So it’s radical to be one who no longer subscribes to that type of a connection with others. In most connections with others there are unspoken conditions. Conditional love.

      When we begin to release that old role of caring, the one which is intertwined with guilt, sympathy and obligation, and with co-dependency, others may feel abandoned by us because they are used to the old ways of relating. Unless they are also practicing self-love.

      And your last statement is great, as you say you feel a profound connection with others without having to do anything, that’s it exactly. The not having to do anything includes not having to take on energetically their wounds, and their pain.

      And then they get to decide if they too want to move into their sovereignty.

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  3. Elila

    This is so spot on as usual Maria. The first few lines i was thinking well, nah, i really dont care if they conform to me in any way, and i laughed when you said but then we probably wouldnt have very many people left in our life, and laughed again thinking “im ok with that” (oddly i used to be quite fearful of this, but somewhere along the line i became comfortable and content with it. Didnt see that coming! Now i enjoy having far fewer people in my orbit. It actually feels like relief to me. And now there are aggressively 3D new neighbors who are trying to engage me to find out my story and im just sooo not interested….). And then you said arent you kind of over all that and i said YES!!!! Yes through the whole post. And i like the interchange here in the comments between you and leslie–some really great points and clarity.
    Oh and i really laughed at and liked the mention about our memory loss–i have found it to be exactly as you say, and definitely have ascribed it to ascension and not aging. Its also a relief to not be attached to the past anymore. Ironically i had meant to mention the “looser” memory in my last comment on the hurricane post–you had commented about my memoirs and i laughed thinking i cant remember enough of it to write down– and then i promptly FORGOT to say it.
    😜😜😜 Doh!

    1. Elila, kudos on becoming more comfortable with less and less people in your ‘orbit.’ Becoming more comfortable with yourself and your soul. And yep, there are people who want to get up close and it’s like, er….no, not interested.

      But it seems easier to intercept those people now, and not get pulled into their space.

      And the memory thing, yes, it’s so the antithesis of where most people are at. They spend a lot of time in the past. Not that there isn’t fond memories, but frankly, as a woman especially, the last place I would want to be is back in the 50s. Or even 60s or 70s.

      1. Elila

        Oh man i say that all the time sister–you couldnt pay me to go back!!! And yes it is easier to not get sucked in–especially since i am far less concerned with appearing “nice”. Not that i feel free to be rude, but i do feel free to simply not answer the questions or to avoid engagement in the first place. Not so worried about seeming “unfriendly”…blahblahblah.
        By the way Maria, lady your art lately is magical. Your creativity seems through the roof and i can feel your soul and its so lovely and egaging and ….for lack of any better way to express it….seems to be flying higher and higher. Im just mesmerized and so happy you share it!

  4. This Embodied Enlightenment is the most difficult thing a human being could ever do. You are being asked to do the impossible, or so if feels.

    Yep Maria. Story of my life. Expected and counted on by seemingly everyone to do the impossible. Lo and behold I’ve done it, should I say WE’VE done it. Isn’t that in itself though a very powerful demonstration of belief, faith and confidence? On a very real level all the people that really mattered to me (whom I may never have met in person please note) plus my own family had CONFIDENCE in me and communicated that. So I stepped up to the plate because who else would?

    And I find that one of my best qualities (this isn’t conceit btw to anyone who isn’t Maria, it’s simply self-knowledge) is believing in other people, in their ability to be their best selves. I am able to figure out very quickly and easily what their strengths are and kind of call those out of them, guide them on a subliminal level to realise their individual potential. Trust me I see evidence of it Every. Single Day. Miracles take shape all around me all the time. THAT is the true reward of a life well-lived. The fulfilment of watching human seeds germinate, take root and eventually the wondrous bloom appears above ground. Maternal pride too is the full joy of womanhood and possibly what males might envy us the most if they are inclined to envy. Not my problem if they are!

    I say that knowing that you have chosen to be child-free Maria. But you are also Mother Maria! There’s way more ways to be a mother than the biological route, which as I already explained, I would not have gone down if it hadn’t been forced onto me. So yes. I am immensely proud of my son, but I have many many more ‘spiritual sons’, daughters too, who I also am invested in and the joy in seeing them cast off their shackles and shine as their authentic selves is indescribable, ineffable and eternal. And THAT is true wealth.

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