States of Consciousness

I have been able to experience states of consciousness that amaze me, in which I am feeling my soul humming in my body, and in which I am absolutely ecstatic.  I could be taking a walk, having coffee at Starbucks, or just sitting around the apartment, doing nothing in particular.

I can’t  attribute it to any particular technique.  I never could get into meditation.  I don’t do deep breathing.  I don’t follow any particular diet or exercise program.  I don’t do yoga or use crystals.  I don’t smoke cigarettes, cigars, cannabis, or take supplements, herbs, or any kind of pharmaceuticals.

As far as having resolved all my issues, emotional or physical, I can’t say I am issue free. My environment isn’t picture perfect.  I am not much for good housekeeping,    I haven’t resolved all my relationship issues.   Or my financial ones.

But I also am not indulging any of those unresolved issues as much as I used to.  So in a way, they are not so significant anymore.

I have bad days.  Bad moments.  But I have discovered that moving energy and transmuting those bad moments gets easier.  If I accept those emotions, whether they are fear, sadness, hopelessness, anger, frustration, boredom…that’s a tough one…I think it’s easier to feel a really dark emotion than to feel bored.  We humans want to feel, and boredom is almost a non-feeling.

So they seem to move through me and I seem to regain that blissful feeling again.

Feeling those darker emotions and not owning them.  That’s the elixir.  Not trying to scramble out of them, or analyze them.  Staying in the feeling, not the mind.  As soon as I try to fix them, by trying to figure them out, I am right back in my mind.  That seems to stop the flow.

The biggest surprise to me in this whole Embodied Enlightenment process is that I don’t have to work on improving myself as the human, as Maria.

I don’t have to solve my issues, my health, finances or relationship problems.  I don’t have to become a better person.  You know, more wise, more compassionate, more focused, more whatever.  Because that compassion, that wisdom isn’t really something my human self is very good at.  In fact my human self is pretty unsure, pretty worried, and loves arguing for its limitations.

What’s  amazing to me is that my eternal self, my soul is really not waiting for me to ‘get it together’ as Maria.  My soul just wants to be in my life with me, just the way I am.

To my human self, to Maria, that’s a little crazy.  Why would this magnificent soul be interested in someone who is still clinging to old patterns and who doesn’t really have a clue how to create health, wealth and passion?

But I’ve been doing it.  I’ve been testing the waters with my soul.  I’ve been relaxing more and letting this other part of me just be with me.  I don’t have to jump through hoops, prove worthiness or compromise myself in any way.

I just have to let her in.

Art by Maria Chambers


As Maria’s Soul, I am ecstatic that she has allowed me to come in so close.  I am so filled with joy to be able to experience her, and all her senses, and this environment so intimately.

And when we are connected she immediately feels safe.  She feels my presence, and she feels life in a way she has never felt before.  And so do I.  I feel, through her body, so much pleasure.  I can connect with the physical, with nature, with food, with music, with art.  In those times, when she allows me to be with her so intimately, I mingle and merge with all of the elements of Earth, and I bring in all the ethereal.

Sometimes I am too much for her so she asks me to back away.  And I do, in love and respect for her.  But she is allowing me more and more to stay.  She’s getting used to my radiance in her body.  And her body is beginning to benefit from that radiance.

She trusts me more.  She trusts the experience more.   In time she will trust me to bring to her things that she thought she had to be responsible for bringing into her life.

But she is trusting more and more the feelings.  She is trusting that it is safe to feel those feelings of unbridled joy.

Enjoy Yes I Know from Cosmic Blend

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25 thoughts on “States of Consciousness

  1. Hi Maria
    Thank you for sharing all this. Discovered your blog a week ago and your posts resonate so much I could have written then.(but you did!)
    I live in the south of France and see also pop up the new consciousness mushrooms around me. Here we go….

    1. Hi Maurice,

      Well I am so happy to hear you found your way to this wonderful community! Or rather, it found its way to you🤗 And yes isn’t it amazing how this new consciousness is growing all around us. Albeit, we are still A small part of the planet’s population, there are growing numbers of people who are awakening to their true selves. It is an amazing time to be on the planet. 🌹💕

    2. I have a very close friend (also an ex bf) called Maurice as it happens. Pronounced the French way too (though he’s never left the UK and is actually half Jamaican). In fact I am Francophile by nature and the French tend to love me back because I pay them the compliment of appreciating their beautiful language and speaking it pretty well. I actually understand and support their instinctive Gallic pride and dogged refusal to compromise their own integrity as a nation.

      If that sounds like conceit or arrogance? It isn’t…I am simply unafraid to own my own strengths, as well as frailties and limitations. So soyez la bienvenue ici Maurice … and much ❤ ❤ ❤ going out to La Belle France and all that her beauty and culture has to offer. When I miss her as I so rarely travel now, I simply project myself imaginatively into that French pavement cafe vibe, the Latin Quarter of Paris or the streets of Montmartre!

  2. Maria
    Although we don’t need confirmation anymore It’s joyful Indeed to see and live this change. I got 68 last week but have always said that my real Life still has to begin and that’s happening now. I just came for this shift. The truth is setting us free. yabba dabba doo!!😘✌😇

  3. Maria. No one’s perfect and THANK DOG FOR THAT right?

    Listen gals and guys at soulsoothinsounds, Maria is a very tolerant and understanding lady so even though I didn’t read through all her latest post and comments and maybe won’t I just wanted to post this As Maria knows only too well, sometimes mere words are not enough and music says it better.

  4. Stefan

    Thank you Maria. I really like the painting here on top. Can’t say why, then again it’s not necessary.
    I was unaware of the term soul embodiment, or better said, I had read it but not grasped it. Now I understand it and it also explains a bit what I’m experiencing. There’s a state I’m in every now and then, when it feels like heaven on earth. I also get information when I make my youtube videos, it comes from somewhere and it ends quite abruptly, like I’m some sort of a puppet, yet it doesn’t feel like I’m being used, it’s more like a cooperation. The Universe flows through me so to speak. I wouldn’t call it channeling, and maybe it doesn’t need a term.
    The times when I’m in heaven are wonderful (duh!), yet as you wrote, there are still intense emotions surfacing. Let me give you an example because I always like other’s examples, they make it less heavy to bear. A bit of Schadenfreude, yet laughing with the circumstance, not the person. I feel unheard and unappreciated when I look at my youtube videostats and see that my episode on ‘consciousness and energy’ has been watched a mere 6 times. That’s probably me 4 times and 2 of my sisters. After checking my stats, Youtube recommended me a video about ‘how to use vinegar in your garden’: it has almost 5million views?! Nothing wrong with that by the way, just using it as an example. To me it’s insanity, yet others will think the opposite.
    I like my videos, and to me that’s what counts. What others think, well we’re almost beyond that. Almost…

    1. Stefan

      I’m sure the painting connects you with your soul in some way….

      I like everything you are saying….and it sounds like you are just where you need to be in this unfoldment of you. This coming to know your soul. And you are allowing your soul, your divine self, whatever name you want to give it, to be in your body more and more.

      For whatever reason, it is a process, and it seems it can’t be pushed but only encouraged.

      As far as your YouTube stats….well, as you know, there is never a crowd on the leading edge. Those who resonate with what we are all about are growing in number, but they are still a small percentage of the planet’s population.

      And yes, you are wise to feel that you like what you are doing and sharing and that is the first priority, and you will find in time more and more souls will find you and resonate with your messages.

      And yes, right. Upload a cute kitty dialing a phone and you will get a million hits…but we are not here to please the masses. We are here to share our radiance with those who are also ready to open to their own soul.

      We are here to become the new normal. And then we leave. We are just passing through as the teachers and the bringers of a new way.

      And for that we are not really recognized by the masses. Which can make our stay rather lonely at times. But we have each other for the love and the support. We came in as a group (each one of us here) to share our joys and our woes with. It’s a solitary journey to embodied enlightenment, but we are truly not alone.

      Love to you. 🌹💕💕💕

      1. Stefan

        … but we are not alone.
        Yes, it is dawning upon me that the other brave and wise souls here are indeed part of a group. It is nice to finally meet some comrads of Mission Earth.
        To me it feels the heavy part of our mission is over and we can now reap what we have sowed. The caterpillars have succesfully transformed into butterflies.
        Gonna fly now.
        PS: I wrote ‘bear’ instead of bare in my previous post. Haha, I like that a lot. Apparently the bear is tired of complaining and there’s nothing a bear can’t bare.

  5. Kat

    Stefan, what you write here is definitely true

    “To me it feels the heavy part of our mission is over and we can now reap what we have sowed. ”

    I feel that very strongly and we surely deserve to reap only the best of the best. The heavy part wasn’t just heavy, it was hell at times.

    I’m excited for the things to come. I sense it’s going to be wonderful

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