Divine Feminine Speaks To Men

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I am the Divine Feminine, and I am here to address the courageous men who are in the forefront of the transformation from a carbon based to a crystalline based reality.  I am addressing those who are in the forefront of a consciousness shift that has not been done before in such numbers.

To you I bow.  For it is not an easy path, but then, you to whom I am speaking are not ones to take the easy road.  But you are ones who like taking the adventurous road.  The interesting road.

You are here for reasons you may not yet understand on your human level.  But on your soul level, you are here to reunite with your Divine Feminine.

You are here to heal the wounds of both your Masculine and Feminine, and of your inner child.  For they have been wounded by the necessary separation from your Divine Presence.  From your soul.

This healing is done simply by what you are doing, by inviting your soul to be with you in your body and in your life.  But ‘simply’ is not always translated into ‘easily.’   It is challenging to everything you have been taught as a male.  It requires you to feel things you may not be used to feeling…things like sadness, grief, feelings of abandonment.

And even feelings of deep joy that can come through you in a sensual way, through all your human senses.

As men you have been indoctrinated with teachings that go against feeling life on a sensual level.  You see how other men who are embodying their feminine nature…those who are in touch with their sensuality… are treated in the world.  But there is no other way that this will work, this experiment called light body integration.  Both men and women must allow the sensual nature of life through their soul.

As your Divine Feminine, I never intended for you to feel abandoned by me.  But you spent so much of your journey seeking to find that which you believed would please me, that you began to feel that I was not there anymore.

You became so angry with me and expressed that anger in many ways.  In turn, I began to feel guilt and tried to soothe your anger in many ways.

But that history on this Planet has come to an end now, with all of you men who are reading this.  You are now becoming integrated once again as men with your divine counterpart, your beloved feminine.

You are trusting her once again.  You are relying upon her to create your heart’s desires. You are loving and honoring her as she is loving and honoring you.  You begin to feel whole again.

it requires something from you as men that is very challenging.  You must release the mind’s control in your life.  You must open up your heart.  The gateway to the emotions. There is where your freedom resides.

Many men are having heart issues now because of the opening of the emotions.  Do not fear the symptoms, for they are just a movement of old, stuck energies.  Allow all the emotions to flow.  Allow your soul to transmute for you any old, stuck energies.  There is truly nothing to fear.


You are also invited to be with your inner child.  The small boy within you who is so much wanting to be with you now.  He is so filled with joy for life.  But he is also needing you to acknowledge him.  Listen for him.  He may have been trying to get your attention in not so nice ways.  He loves you and wants you to hold his hand, gently embrace him.

Perhaps he needs to shed some tears.

He is your gateway to your soul.  He will reacquaint you with an exuberance for life.  Through his eyes you will feel as if you are experiencing things for the first time.  Food, music, a walk in nature.  The simplest things become charged with something you have not felt in a very long time.

With a clarity and an innocence that will astound you.

You are all doing beautifully.  You are all deeply loved and honored for traveling such an arduous path, for the easier road would have been living life once again as a traditional man.

Call upon me, your Divine Feminine any time you feel like you need to.  For I am always with you.

In deep love for you.  Namaste.

© Copyright 2017 Maria Chambers, all rights reserved. P!ease feel free to share this content within others but maintain the article’s integrity by copying it unaltered and by including the author and source website link: Maria Chambers, http://www.soulsoothinsounds.wordpress.com



18 thoughts on “Divine Feminine Speaks To Men

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  4. 100% Maria. 100%. Check my Fakebook Page for my latest pronouncements on the subject (lol). http://facebook.com/zoe.vincent3. Hate away as much as you like!

    A ‘real’ woman does not feel any need to one-up guys, ‘prove’ themselves, or engage in girl-gang behaviour. Which is probably why men enjoy your wonderful art, music and writing as much as women…and this is NOT an all-girl-club.

    I have never knowingly called myself a ‘goddess’. I have never knowingly been on a ‘hen night’. I disdain ‘catfights’. I deplore fake feminism. An ascended Master is a perfect balance of male and female attributes.

    I talk to men and not women because I don’t NEED to talk to women. I always root for the underdog – like the obscure American singer Brett Dennen. This is how I roll. This is how Maria tends to roll. Women are naturally stronger and more resourceful than men and therefore no longer require ’empowering’. Please drop the ‘victim mentality’ humanity! Anyway here’s Brett – a good pal of mine and Natalie’s. https://www.youtube.com/embed/_z18kgaoTJw

    1. Louise, you say it well… “An ascended Master is a perfect balance of male and female attributes.”

      And indeed it certainly would be seductive to play the victim, especially as a woman on the planet that has for various reasons not been very welcoming of women for a very long time. So it seems we are here with other courageous souls in this lifetime to walk as that empowered woman who embodies the Christ consciousness -a consciousness that women have been afraid to embody for a very long time.

      Women’s lib took women only so far and it ended up with women trying to be like men in order to be treated more equally. Trying to be competitive, and being more in their minds.

      So it’s being the enlightened woman who embraces her sensual nature without fear of being once again judged as trying to seduce or worse.

      When I look back I lose count of how many times I was misunderstood as trying to hit on a man when I was just enjoying being sensual. But I really took on the guilt and the blame. It took me a very long time to recognize what was really happening. And that I would be a much more compassionate teacher because I went through those experiences.

      And it takes a lot of awareness to realize that we no longer have to play those roles of the long suffering woman who best served by taking on the emotional wounds of humanity.

      That we no longer have to serve by being the nurturers, but by loving ourselves. We are now the teachers of self love. How awesome is THAT???

      1. vmaxnik

        You are both wise, honorable and lovable !
        You exhale your love and we receive it.
        We see your beauty and we honor her. Feeling comfortable been there and fulfilled. By sensing this gushing unconditional love.

  5. vmaxnik

    Yes, Maria.
    We keep healing the wound, or better both the wounds of Adam and Isis.
    What makes me “desperate” is the realization that this will be a whole life’s procedure.
    On the other hand I have chosen to replace the word desperate with the word interesting and playful.

    1. It certainly does feel like a life-long process, George. But the energies on the planet have shifted profoundly and it will assist us in releasing anything that no longer serves us. It’s like the dragon coming in and doing a final clearing. Especially of the pain and suffering energies. They can’t come with us into our freedom.

      And, yes, I agree, it’s to love life to her max. Well said. Thank you. 💕

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