The Art of Being Real

Photo Credit Maria Chambers

So I was once again coming up empty, staring at my Netflix and then my Amazon watch list.  It’s happening, and it’s a little depressing.   Nothing much left to watch.  I watched the crap out of the t.v shows and movies I love, and the ones I try on are at best moderately entertaining.  And just when I think I can sink my teeth into something, they present a female character in a major role, maybe as a prosecutor, or a CIA agent, who is physically flawless, under 25 years of age, and looks like she is posing in Vogue.

Even after a shoot-out with the enemy, her hair and makeup are impeccable.  Meanwhile her male counterparts are, well, human looking.

I simply could not stomach it anymore.

So I got up from the couch, brushed off the potato chips from my lap and wiped the chocolate from my lips.  It was time to make a stand!!!


I decided that I would take my sixty something self, with all my physical imperfections, my porous skin, my greying hair, my non-runway model body….my non-refrigerator white teeth…down to Starbucks, and I wouldn’t even try to have my clothes match.  Maybe even wear two different colored socks.  Perhaps have some spinach in my teeth.

And I would boldly and proudly strut my stuff, my beautifully imperfect self…into Starbucks.

Photo Credit Maria Chambers

It was going well until I tripped and fell into a grab-and-go display.  Product flew everywhere.  But did I let that discourage me?  No, no I did not.  I got up, brushed myself off and held my head high as I continued strutting myself to an available table, one right in the center of the establishment.

I wasn’t going to go shy now.  Now that I had everyone’s attention.  It was perfect.  Now they would see someone who was comfortable with themselves just as they were.  Do they know who I am?


It’s not about being the perfect human.  In fact it’s all about accepting our human self just as we are that accelerates our enlightenment.  In that acceptance there is alchemy in which our soul begins to do all the balancing necessary,  Do you eat too many carbs?  Drink a little too much wine?  Not brushing your teeth every day?  Is your home a little grimy?  Won’t pass the white glove test?

Are you still dealing with relationship issues?  Health issues?  A little overweight?  A lot overweight?  Money problems?  Are you irritable, impatient, depressed, angry?  Bored?  Passionless?

Right about now I should be introducing a self-help book with the solution to all your problems for only $19.99.

But instead I will offer you this:  Can you be ok with that human?  Can you accept that human who is less than what you or anyone else considers perfect?  Or that you would consider worthy of love or abundance or health?  That you would consider good enough to be the Master?

Are you tired of trying to make your human self better?

If the answer is yes, then continue reading.  If the answer is no, if you still think you need to improve on your human self in any way, you might be better off at your local bookstore’s self-help section.


If we are looking for role models for a Being who can be themselves unabashedly just look to the children.  They are quirky, loud, awkward, wear oatmeal or chocolate milk proudly on their face.  They poop in their pants, and are oooed and aaahed by adults all day long.  We consider them adorable.

They can run into grab-and-go displays and the worst that happens is their parent grabs them and leaves the cafe.

Can you accept that you are right where you need to be, wherever you are?  Can you accept that you are perfect in the eyes of your god-self?  Well, now don’t be hard on yourself if you can’t totally accept your human self.  As the human you have been conditioned to judge yourself.  So go easy on yourself.

But can you relax enough as your so-called imperfect self to really begin enjoying life here on this Planet?  Do whatever you can to be in life?  Eat your pasta or ice cream with gusto.  Enjoy your cigars or your wine or coffee, and don’t worry about calories or chemicals.

Can you dance like nobody’s watching?  Even if it’s in your living room to The Gypsy Kings?

Can you enjoy your life as it is now as best as you can?  Because that goes a long way in accelerating your enlightenment and in allowing your soul to come in closer, magnify your joy for life, and resolve all the issues that trouble you.

The acceptance as best as you can, and the enjoying as much as you can are elixirs for transformation.  They really are.  So get out there and strut your stuff.  As the human and the Master..

Just watch your step around display cases.

Enjoy Live Your Life from Smell The Roses

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27 thoughts on “The Art of Being Real

  1. Stefan

    Haha. The self-help book for 19,99€… Yes, that’s what I normally read at the end of 99% of ‘spiritual’ articles.
    Yet, I must admit I have no effin’ clue how in the world money (or to use the spiritual chique word ‘abundance’) will ever flow to me instead of running away from me. Maybe I should indeed offer a course, yet It doesn’t feel right at all to do so.
    Yet, in our 3D world we simply need dough. Ascension to 5D and beyond is a horrible challenge and I expected superpowers as a reward. I quite honestly thought that by now I would be able not only to teleport but also to create manna out of the dirt in my garden. He who turneth dog droppings into golden sausages. Alas…
    Seriously though, how to make money as an ascended master for dummies, is not only the dumbest title ever, it is also a book I would love to read and euhm master.
    Is there still some unconscious feeling of not deserving that is at play? Or is there a dark force still supplying uniquely to the powers that be (and Oprah/Chopra) as all the forerunners I know are all in lack of money. Apparently vibrating at a too high frequency at which money doesn’t resonate anymore. Do they accept stardust as a currency?
    I’m not talking about millions here, just some nice income to have a good life.
    To answer your question: no more improvement for me, just show me the money Jerry, I need it.
    Thank you & goodnight Maria.
    PS: Oprah and Chopra not only sound similar, they have almost identical letters except for the C. Maybe if I start using the name Ropa as an alias, my youtube channel will explode overnight. Open sesame.

    1. Stefan, you are FUNNY! You could certainly write quite the novel for ascending masters using your own unique perspective and humor.

      Well, I sense that we will still be using currency on the planet for a while yet. And as such, spirit will find a way to deliver. It does seem, however that with the new energy, if we are not in our joy, in other words, if we are mostly disconnected from our soul self, we will be in a consciousness in which life reflects that back. We will receive back just enough, but not really thrive.

      It seems that in the new energy we need to really want to be here, to feel passionate about life but now from ththe inside out, in order to see reflected back from life that passion. If we are flowing, then money flows.

      But many of us have not been in such a dynamic energy such as our soul feels, in which all our needs are taken care of, so it takes some more patience.

      Many of us may still have an old belief that money and spirit don’t mix. Or that sensuality for life and spirit don’t mix. It seems we are being asked to really BE here in these bodies and to really experience life in a very sensual way. And then life naturally reflects that back.

      Meanwhile please accept a generous sprinkling of stardust from me to you. 🌹💕💕💕💕

      1. Stefan

        Thank you for this wisdom.
        I admit that there’s little passion for life, in fact ascension to me is more like ‘the most graceful way to leave this shithole asap’. Guess that’s why energy/money isn’t flowing, although it was unclear to me. Thank you for poitning that out. I refuse to correct poitning.
        I want to go back home, I feel abandoned, this is the biggest theme in my life. Unheard, unseen and left to myself. Cheiron in 10 and Pluto on my MC.
        Come to think of it, it’s probably why I hate that scene in The Sound of Music so much where Maria is dancing on the mountain. The hills are alliiiiiiive… She enjoys life. While typing this, I understand that I’ve unconsciously hated life. Consciously expressing that life is great yet unconsciously hating every minute of it. Wow, amazing which epiphanies a reply on a blog can generate.
        I guess that analyzing some my favourite Danzig songs like ‘tired of being alive’ and ‘how the gods kill’ could have given me a clue already. Stefan P.I.
        Guess there’s more work to do. Ah yes, more work on the self and more trauma releasing. These are a few of my favourite things…

        1. My dear Stefan

          You are certainly not alone in your feelings of dispassion for life….many of us were less than elated being here on the planet, and that went back many lifetimes. The joy we did extract was generally from the outside, in relationships, maybe careers, moments of being creative….

          And now we are just being shown just how disconnected we always were, and how that has affected our physical reality, whether it’s lack of resources, lack of good health, etc.

          Now, Embodied Enlightenment…allowing spirit to reside in our bodies…isn’t for everyone. Some wanted to bypass that part and simply ascend, and leave the planet. And from what I understand that is still an option. And for others it is to simply leave because this process is grueling. All of it is honored.

          Our presence here in any case is a blessing. The planet has been damned lucky to have had us here, and we have been instrumental in helping shift this Planet away from mass destruction.

          But there is a small but devoted and crazy group of ascension pioneers who wanted to come back at this time and allow themselves as a soul to integrate with the physical body. A truly radical thing to do, because it requires all of our attention and devotion and it creates such chaos in our mind and body for awhile.

          But then we get to walk the planet as an integrated human. One who truly enjoys the physical experience. But make no mistake, this planet is not master friendly. It’s really so dense, so harsh, and it’s pretty unconscious. Which is why we had kept our soul in hiding here for such a long time.

          So your feelings are appropriate. The question becomes, what would you like to experience while you are here? What keeps you here?

          And excuses like family, loved ones…no, not good enough. The reason has to be something way beyond that. We have to want to be here for compelling reasons. And really one compelling reason is…to simply enjoy this human experience. To finally just enjoy life. And that joy radiates out into the universe, and affects all that is.

          And the interesting thing once you make that decision is, spirit just begins to do all the hard work. We really don’t have to work on ourselves as the human. But our mind has been in the driver seat for such a long time …eons of time…so it’s a bitch to let the mind relax. It wants control, and wants to orchestrate this enlightenment process.

          But it’s exhausted and BORED of being at the helm. It wants some relief.. it slowly lets go to the degree that our soul can come in and work with it to create more joy and passion. And health and abundance of money etc.

          But this process seems so much slower than any of us had expected. We do begin to get impatient and even lose faith in it and in ourselves.

          And that’s why we are here together as a group, to cheer each other on, and to share our joys and woes with each other.

          Love to you my fellow traveler.🌹💕💕💕💕

  2. Dearest sister goddess Maria……I am singing your name right now!

    Oh my gosh…….I laughed out loud at this one. AND it was exactly what I needed to hear right this exactly moment!

    Sorry, now for the ranting…..if f’in language offends anyone, just know I warned you and it felt needed and warranted here and now. 🙂 ❤

    I had some sugar today, being sneaky while my hubby was out, and I felt like shit. (We supposedly don't eat sugar, and I am sure he never does.) He is out taking a 75 mile bicycle ride and I suck…..right?!!??!! OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will take the dog for a walk shortly but dammit, when am I going to let go of this fucking self judgment??????!!!!????? I turned 60 last month and I am with Stefan………………….I thought I would be all cured, all healed by now with the healing and working on my shit. I have done SO MUCH healing over these last 45 years (on a conscious level). Oh my fucking god!

    I am carrying that extra 40 pounds…….and I seem to be unable to click with any kind of self motivated exercise program (except we do regularly dance and I do dance like a wild woman). I am starting up my three times a week exercise class tomorrow through the community center. YAY! BUT I feel like I have no self discipline…….my beloved hubby is fit and just turned 66 and is very encouraging and supportive of me to be more active. OY! I am sure I weigh more than him and he is 6-7 inches taller than me……

    Oh my! I AM in a pity party…………… thank you so so so so so so much for this blog post.

    I NEEDED IT so much!

    I do get regular down loads that the main thing is to COMPLETELY AND UNCONDITIONALLY AND ABOSLUTELY love myself exactly as I AM right NOW!!!!!!! Why is that the hardest fucking thing to do??????!!!!!???????/

    So much easier to go out and buy that $19.99 book. 🙂

    OK. Enough. Thanks for listening………oy oy oy.

    Sure wish I could meet you at that Starbucks and we could dance in the aisles, with hair flying and uncombed.

    love love love you dearest Sistar Goddess Friend……you are a life saver.

    blessings and joy to you!


  3. PS. And yes about the “….they present a female character in a major role, maybe as a prosecutor, or a CIA agent, who is physically flawless, under 25 years of age, and looks like she is posing in Vogue.
    Even after a shoot-out with the enemy, her hair and makeup are impeccable.  Meanwhile her male counterparts are, well, human looking.” Fuck that shit!

    I loved “The Closer”. I love her strength and humanness. But I am pretty out of touch and get really disgusted by most shows……I am just now starting to get Starz, so I can watch Outlander, which I became completely obsessed with after seeing Season One at the library….I read all the books and really love how they portray in the show. Very impressed with the acting…….so sad that Murtagh is now gone…….and Dougal…..ooooohhhhhh… Scottish dudes in kilts……..

    Jamie is pretty cute, but a little too pretty……sweet and he is fun. I thought he was quite fetching with really long hair and a beard. That tells you where I am at.

    AND Claire is such a lovely strong female……

    I will take any recommendations for fun things to watch……..and I agree that the females don’t get much scope, for the most part…..just continuing the “perfection” need.

    love love love

    1. …dear siSTAR goddess. I always love your perspective, your honesty and your grit. And it’s so seductive to be hard on ourselves. We’re pioneers of change but we still live in a culture that fosters such artificial standards of beauty.

      Especially for women. And yes, it’s all bullshit.

      And even in ascension we have been fed the idea that we will become these Adam and Eve perfected beings of light who can walk through walls. What a set up. So is it any wonder we feel like we are falling short? We are being held to once again impossible standards.

      I think it comes from old religious rhetoric in which one is not worthy of god’s love unless they are pure. Pure what? So we think we have to extract the humanness out of ourselves, all our so called emotional, psychological and physical flaws…until we are finally worthy of spirits love!!!

      Sheesh…isn’t it time to get off that crazy ride????

      I would also love to share a coffee with you and give you a great big hug!

      I’ll check out your shows you mention….love to you my dear friend and siSTAR 🤗🌹💕💕💕💕

  4. Maria you are a major hoot! I love you because I RELATE not because I AM you, or because I desperately NEED you but I just sense that we’re travelling down some pretty similar winding country roads which inevitably entails either losing our way (temporarily) or risking life-and-limb threatening collision with an asshole in a tractor who thinks country roads are SAFE!

    You’re not a doppelganger or a wannabe, you really walk this talk of yours and it shines out of the page which is why so many want to propagate your work elsewhere on the internet. Maria isn’t looking for ‘followers’ and she isn’t a cult!

    To show how in-synch we are with each other though, yesterday I went ‘on strike’ by failing to take my habitual daily bath and fresh change of clothes. I barely noticed any difference.

    I watch very little in the way of ‘shows’ these days. Haven’t watched TV in, uh, decades, in any serious way. I am focusing on replacing this endlessly spooling ‘entertainment factory’ with something a lot more real, relatable, genuinely funny and uplifting. That’s the great thing about boredom, even though it may suck as an experience.

    It’s a fantastic breeding ground for your own creativity. And this is how all the greatest artists, scientists, comedians and geniuses start out. By failing to find anything ‘out there’ that reflects what they are feeling, thinking, experiencing.

    In parting Maria, I myself was not 100% receptive to your message about ’embodying the ascended Master in a sensual way’. Because I myself was simply a little ‘dead’, or at least ‘moribund’ physically at the time. Now? Partly thanks to you, I really am ‘getting’ it. And nope, not talking about sex WHATSOEVER, just to be absolutely clear. Talking about allowing your body to be your walking radar and become supersensitive – so that you can enjoy simple things like nature or a cuppa coffee more than ever.

    Here’s to walking into Starbucks with spinach in your teeth! An image I may find hard to forget lol. Love you dearest friend.

    1. Oh, Louise your comment made me laugh….which only the truth can do, eh? I love the way you frame things.

      Ya know, I may be getting on board with you vis a vis the not watching Netflix anymore….it is a little unsettling since I recognize the habit to be a bit of an addiction. So what you say makes sense and is comforting about replacing the habit with “something much more real…genuine funny and uplifting.”

      Maybe even just re reading a Dave Barry book…who knows???

      But you are so right…the creativity comes from going deeper within, because nothing out there can reflect that.

      And it took me quite a while also to get the sensual aspect of enlightenment. And even when I began to get it I thought that it’s a nice add on to being spiritual. Little did I know that it’s an essential, no let’s scratch that…it’s the most essential aspect of Embodied Enlightenment.

      Because without the joy of having spirit in these bodies, of having a deeply sensual experience here of life, there is no sense being here. Because we could be non physical and be the ascended masters. We don’t need bodies to be ascended.

      But a few of us wanted to be here and walk the planet in an ascended state before croaking, and that requires being fully in these bodies. One foot in and one foot out isn’t gonna cut it. It’s why many are checking out. They are in no man’s land unless both feet are in.

      And what a beautiful experience that is, feeling our soul in our body and feeling life so fully. And yes, right, it doesn’t have to do with sex. It’s engaging all of the human and divine senses. Of course sex can be part of it, but what I find interesting is that when I am in those states of consciousness it feels quite orgastic. And…I don’t have to make small talk or cuddle with someone afterward…heeheee..

      Here’s to walking into Starbucks with two different color socks on and spinach in our teeth. Love to you.🤗🌹💕💕

  5. Stefan

    Thanks again Maria, it gave me a lot of wisdom. We are here to experience joy, in every facet. Yes.
    The family/loved ones no longer are enough, I do feel the same way. There’s an übergoal this lifetime.
    Let’s see what our friend Brenda Hoffman shares today. My little toe feels your message and hers add up for me like 1+1=3.
    Have a nice day. X

  6. Look. The male/female duality thing. Men are ABSOLUTELY as free to embody the Divine Feminine as we are the Divine Masculine, and between you and me and Fox News, MANY DO! There is NO disparity of power between the sexes anymore, I mean NONE! I ‘felt’ my inner ‘husband’ as the coolest guy on the planet. And that’s just what he turned out to be. So no gyal here should feel the need to reach out to the ‘men’ in her life to ‘help’ them anymore. Not only have we ourselves been there and done that for way too long already, it is also an INSULT, even possibly an OFFENCE to another Ascended Master to think they could possibly require any ‘help’. They don’t.

    So yeah Maria, it’s a bit ‘back and forth all day’ with you and me but one thing I know about you. You are not a lesbian or bicurious by nature. You are a ‘trad’ Ascended Master who actually enjoys male company and is at peace with her own ‘inner male’. This is why guys flock to us.

    No ‘gyal’ who wanted to ‘bed’ me would get ANYWHERE NEAR my inner circle. I’m just not made that way.;My natural ‘position’ in life is as a Leader (and Leader On) of Men lolol. The occasional sisterly hug is fine though! You can’t beat female company for total understanding and empathy and the release of shared humour. Fact.

    And sweet Maria, you are a really precious jewel in my Crown of Thorns (just kidding). But you really are! I can never be apart from you for too long, because you are simply the Ideal Friend (that I vainly sought for so long). We don’t ‘do’ the ‘love’ word much I know. But we have an understanding. We truly are in Love with Ourselves At Last.

    Here’s to replacing ‘Netflix and Chill’ with uh…just watch this space I guess. When you are SO FULLY in your body and senses every moment is really a joy. So why would you need to watch other ‘people’s played-out hackneyed dramas?

    Oh-oh. A seminal track from Mary J Blige comin’ on. I dedicate this to my first Ascended Master bff Maria. With just So. Much. Love.

    1. My dear Louise…your comment is so timely….as I was taking my constitutional earlier, it hit me that it was nice to no longer need anybody, man or woman. How nice it is now to just enjoy their company. And I especially enjoy yours when we get together interdimensionslly for coffee and lively conversation.

      So thanks for your prose without pause concerning these topics. Thank you for your humor and wisdom, And yes, we are truly in love with ourselves at last. And we have the scars to prove it:)

      And I raise my cup of dark roast to you too, my bff fellow Master….the words you dedicate to me are too kind….(clears throat)….I didn’t prepare a speech…..


  7. As I commented earlier, I so love the realness, the authenticity that’s oozing out of your posts! Love, love all that you’ve shared here, Maria! ❤ ….I can’t recall on which post/article I commented recently — it may even be on someone else’s comment, and I think it was even on this site — anyways, I commented about how children can be such great examples of what it is to ‘live in the moment.’ They’re great examples, too, of unpretentiousness, just being themselves without any care or worry about how others see them or think about them. So refreshing and liberating, eh? And you demonstrated that so well, too, thank you!!! That ‘spinach in my teeth’ cracked me up!!! 😀 😀 ….I used to be so hard on myself, so critical and unforgiving — especially during my ‘unawakened’ years. It was largely because of what I thought people would think about me, etc. Thankfully, I’ve relaxed my standards since — for myself and others. We really do mellow with age. Cronehood has served and is serving me so well — as I see the same in you! 🙂

    Interestingly, synchronistically, I talked about in my most recent post about how so many in the New Age/spirituality circles reject their Human Selves, personal experiences, their feelings, and emotion, especially feeling hurt, angry, etc., that it is ‘un-Masterly’ to be so….That the exclusion of our human experience is THE Path of the Master. I can only honor and respect their beliefs, values, and principles even as they are misaligned with mine. To each his own. For me, though, the true measure of a Master is how one honors the human experience — one’s own and that of another’s. A true Master does not only honor the Divine in the other. A true Master also acknowledges the Human in the other. "The Divine in me acknowledges and honors the Divine in you; the Human in me acknowledges and honors the Human in you."

    Thank you for another inspiring and awesome post, Maria!!! Much L ❤ ve, Big Hug….Om Shanti. Namaste. 🕉 🙏🕉 🙏🕉

    1. Nadine Marie
      First, I certainly understand if you are not sure which post you responded to etc…since I seem to be publishing posts almost daily of late….I can’t even keep up with the subjects and posts and comments.

      Thank you again for your wonderful feedback and appreciation. It’s lovely to hear. And I feel that about you. That you have an authenticity and compassion that is beautiful.

      I agree that children hold that quality without concern for how others view them. Enviable. I find that the more real I become with this process, the more I say and write with abandon. Can I blame it on my soul? My soul made me do it!

      I like what you say about the divine and human in us honoring the divine and human in the other. Words to live by.

      You are so right. The Master honors also the human experience. And so true that many on the spiritual path believe that they must bypass the human experience and emotions.

      Very few are adept at working with the darker emotions in themselves. It takes the Master to allow all the dark emotions while not making them their truth.

      Thank you For sharing your wisdom. Love and big hugs to you dear siSTAR. 🤗🌹💕💕💕

  8. senlinsays

    Maria and your dear Blog Tribe: This blog resonates so very deeply. Yet it is funny— if I am totally honest, I feel I am growing AWAY from being natural and relaxed and at ease. I used to be happy in the present moment, unworried about the future or health or money. I somehow felt absolutely taken care of. However, these past few years I feel less and less like that and more and more as if I should make efforts and fit in and have goals and make plans for retirement. It is like a driving hunger for something I don’t actually want! 😜 Is this the ‘processing’ of repressed emotions that people speak of? Before when I thought I was at ease, was I hiding my angst from myself and now it is breaking through? And if it is the Dark Night Of The Soul, when does it begin to get lighter instead of darker and darker? I mean, I’m not depressed or self-destructive or anything like that. I just feel more and more regret for the past and worry for the future, and darned if I know how to make it stop… 🙁

  9. Senlinsays…well, you pretty much answered your own question, o wise one. But let me add to your own wisdom. The emotions of fear, regret, worry, etc. are generated from the mind. Your soul doesn’t have those emotions, but rather feels carefree, joyous, passionate and peaceful.

    Those other darker emotions could be as you say surfacing now to be cleared and generally have their origin from your lineage, from others, from mass consciousness.

    But the trick is not to try to get rid of those emotions. It’s to accept all of them but To NOT MAKE THEM YOUR TRUTH. You and many others of us are moving into our true selves, and that self is capable of transmuting all those other emotions.

    But it requires trust, and a relinquishing of control from the mind. The mind still has its part to play but it’s not steering the ship. I find when I am in those darker places it helps to just accept those emotions, to be ok with them, to not judge them, and then a kind of transformation happens in which my soul comes in closer. And amazingly That seems to attract lighter feelings very quickly.

    Because in that moment I am just loving and accepting myself as I am, fears and all.

    There is a concern that accepting the fears, worries etc means a kind of giving up. Well, it is a kind of givng up of control. But it’s not a giving up on ourself and believing we will be forever stuck in those emotions.

    The trick is to allow all the emotions but not respond to them. Not an easy thing to do, which is why most people try to avoid the emotions altogether. Thus the medications that suppress the emotions. Or the self analysis which is another clever way for the mind to avoid feeling.

    Very challenging this being more conscious. But the more conscious we become, by allowing, the easier it does get to not identify with those emotions. The easier it becomes to identify with our eternal self, our soul self, which is quite fulfilled. That self knows how to bring to us health, and an abundance of resources.

    It’s been a process for me, not to make my health or my finances or my relationship issues my problem. Which sounds irresponsible. But the real responsibility is to ourselves, and to how we want to feel no matter what is happening within us or around us. And when we consciously choose how we want to feel, while allowing those other emotions to be on the periphery, transformations occur.

    As someone wisely stated, our feelings shall set us free.

  10. senlinsays

    Thank you, Maria. You always talk me down off the ledge. 😆 You know, I think I am a female version of the Big Lebowski; I was a happy slob, very Zen, and then I became obsessed with a stupid rug 😜

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