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As you know, we on the leading edge of the new consciousness are not a religion.  We are not a cult, we are not aetheists and we are not even the new age.   You might say we fall into the category of ‘other.’

If you are at all curious about what percentage of the world’s population has a religious affiliation, it’s 60% according to a 2012 survey.

As you have probably guessed, Christianity comes out on top as the largest world demographic, at 31.5% or 2.2 billion people.

Every other known religion is listed and there is a category for ‘non-affiliated’ and ‘other.’


The ascension, Enlightenment process isn’t even represented as a non-religion on what you would call a standard measurement type system.  Unless we are lumped into ‘non-affiliated’ or ‘other.’

But just so you know, we are roughly about .05 percent of the world’s population.

And within that small number there is even a smaller percentage who are doing it ala Embodied Enlightenment style…that is, staying here in the physical body after enlightenment.  So we are for all intents a fraction of a fraction of the world’s population.

So if at any point in your day you think you are just another ordinary human going through just an ordinary life, take a look at the raw data.  Numbers don’t lie.  You are barely enough of a fraction of the population to even be considered a statistic.  No, really.  Most of the rest of humanity has no idea you are doing what you are doing.

We’re not even in the ‘new age’ category, although the data collectors would probably like to lump us into it for convenience sake.


As we can see, violence and terrorism based on religion projects its dark side onto other religions.  Every religion has its enemies.

But for us there is nothing to fear.  No one is going to have a rally or violent terrorist act against us, since they don’t even know we exist.

No one will be burning down our churches since we have none.  They won’t be systematically tearing apart our sacred doctrines since we have none of those either.

And frankly, the christians are just kind of bored with us by now.  They gave us their best shot, but regardless of us dabbling in the ‘Devil’s Work’, they for the most part have resigned themselves to us being ‘lost.’

Our true enemy may very well be the new-agers.  They don’t quite know what to do with us.  We really irritate them.

We claim as they do, to be our own god-selves, to be sovereign creators, but we are not really into conspiracy theories , the illuminati, UFOs, energy portals, world peace, astral projection, crystals, past life regression, ESP, meditation, auras, or Shirley MacLaine.

To many of us the new age had its place.  It was a natural step toward becoming awakened.  But most new-agers haven’t yet gone through their own dark night of the soul.  They are still in honeymoon phase.  They are seekers.

We’re past seeking.  We’re not even still awakening.  Most of us have moved through that phase.  We are  beginning to walk our talk, as the Masters.  And it’s not because we underwent a total aura-body-mind cleanse of any sort.  We are still very human, with human characteristics, but we are also the Master who is the part of the human that is fully conscious and eternal.

We are still undergoing an integration, but we are not waiting around, wasting vital life energy, for someone or something to catapult us into a 5D nirvana.

Art by Maria Chambers

We know that mastery isn’t about perfection.  It’s all about Mastering our emotions,  choosing not to allow our mind, bless it, to dictate how we want to feel.   Because we are figuring out that the mind, if left to its own devices will keep us from experiencing true joy.

We are figuring out that true freedom is all about freedom from the prison of the mind.  As we allow spirit to guide us out of that prison cell, we get to experience some pretty orgasmic states of consciousness.

So, no we are not a religion, and we are not really the new age.  We have moved past a need to rely upon anything outside ourselves to feel whole and complete, but we are beginning to enjoy all the stuff that is here in the physical in a way we have never been able to before.

We are not a published, mainstream demographic.  But we as a small group have successfully created our own unique reality right along side the 3D one.  And that reality is growing.  Some day our consciousness will be represented somewhere statistically.  We will be in the history books (probably e-books by then) as the pioneers of the new consciousness here on Earth.

Can you imagine coming back in some future lifetime, if you decide to do this again, and be sitting there in school reading about yourself?   Maybe it will read:

Chapter 1 – Pioneers of Change – Bringers of The New Energy on Planet Earth

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Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Almost a decade later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

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  1. I use the term New Age for convenience. I can not really describe my belief system even with a novel of words. The closest I can get to is ‘Open Minded.’ I am so open minded I even am open minded to the ‘mainstream.’

    • PeaceNowFlower….being open is s good thing all in all. And the term ‘new age’ can of course encompass a myriad of philosophies and belief systems. It began as early as Madam Blavatsky and Carl Jung and was instrumental in introducing a revolutionary new way to look at life and spirit.

      I use the definition here to help distinguish where many of us find ourselves now. It helps to see how far we have come and that what we are doing is so incredibly profound.

      So many of those on this accelerated path seem to be getting discouraged, and feel very alone. So they understandably begin to doubt themselves and this transformational process.

      I like helping move stuck energies, which doubt and discouragement can be a stuck energy. And a good way to do that is to point out that we are a very unique group of the world’s population, and yes, we absolutely honor every belief and philosophy, but we also need to honor and respect our unique path as the pioneers of change.

      Another very effective way to move stuck energies, I have discovered, is through humor. It helps us to deal with otherwise serious subjects. It catches people off guard, but in a good way.

  2. Ave Maria, beautiful article…
    We don’t really care what others label us at this stage in the game, presented with the stats it makes the bigger picture so much more worth the dark night of the Soul required to Embody…
    Other ( tick )

  3. Reblogged this on Sacred Cows of Gold… OM and commented:
    We are such a small Percentage with great Power…

  4. Did not reblog this on Parkinson Sniper.

    Yes. Maria, thank you again.
    I probably have one of the largest collection in the world of memorabilia from the cult film “The Warriors”. Spend thousands on it, drove my girlfriend insane back then. Maybe she just was.
    The Warriors are a gang from Coney Island who travel to the other part of the city to join all the other gangs for a meeting. The meeting is led by a guy called Cyrus. Cyrus’s message is basically this: the totality of gang members outnumbers the cops and if the gangs uphold the truce between each other, they can take over the city.
    Cyrus gets killed though while speeching and The Warriors have to make it back all the way to Coney Island not knowing if the truce is still on. Meanwhile Luther, Cyrus’s assassin, falsely accuses The Warriors of Cyrus’s death and spreads the word. In other words all the gangs of New York are after The Warriors.
    On their way back home, The Warriors bump into the Baseball Furies. Fantastic gang, dressed in baseball outfits and wearing painted faces. The Warriors split up in two groups and start running for their lives. That is until Ajax (who wants to be leader) stops and says: “I’m tired of this fucking running crap!”. They start fighting the Furies and beat the crap out of them.

    Well that is exactly how I feel now. I’m tired of this running crap. For years and probably eons we have kept small because we were different. If you look at how the world has been ruled so far, it is an understatement to say it was done in a horrible way. We can do it better and we’re here to take over. Not in the way people or history expects us to do so, by force, yet in an seemingly unnoticeable way.
    For us the good old days of playing small are over. We are here to shine and lead the people of this Planet to a higher vibration.

    PS: I started singing Maria, Maria,… when I read your post. A horrible song by 2 German dudes back in the eighties. Everything music should not be, these guys represent. I wanted to play the song but apparently it does not play on youtube probably because of copyrights. I did find this one though, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

  5. “We have moved past a need to rely upon anything outside ourselves to feel whole and complete, but we are beginning to enjoy all the stuff that is here in the physical in a way we have never been able to before.”
    With this one you nailed it Maria.
    Just being who we are is our way of teaching! We know now that suffering is an option and not necessary when fully here in the now (nowhere). When we suffer we know our mind is again lost in time making unnecessary concepts that are not real. All doubt is gone and we feel the vital life force inside to illuminate our surroundings. Our little self makes room for our Spirit who created this body and now wants to occupy it to go on creating in this realm. And indeed Maria as you point often to it ; JOY is the engine
    Wow …are we lucky!!
    😍 ❤️ ❤️
    I was born in 1949 and I have a feeling I am not the only 60+ here…
    We got time to get there!

    • Well said Maurice, and absolutely, we do have time to get there! It may feel in human years for some of us that we are at the end of our life cycle, but in terms of our enlightenment, we are still quite young. Meaning we have plenty of time to be here in a way that is filled with sensuality.

      But some of us are also feeling some pressure to be here as our expanded self more and more, because being here and feeling disconnected is becoming less and less of a viable option. It’s too uncomfortable.

      I am coming to a place of wanting to be here with both feet planted in this body and this life, or it’s time to move on. No more just tolerating or existing,, but time to live as sensually and consciously as I can. 🌹💕💕💕

      I was born in 1950, as one of the baby boomers.

    • “When we suffer we know our mind is again lost in time making unnecessary concepts that are not real.”
      Merci Maurice for your wisdom. I needed that phrase tonight.

  6. Thanks to all of you. Nice to be with soul family.

  7. Maria,

    brilliant article once again. Thank you for it. Just thought I’d leave this video here. I love Andrew Martin and I think this video is spot on about what many of us go through

  8. Or my dog dialing 911 while he flies out of the treehouse.
    No, this will do the trick:

    • Thank you Stefan for sharing your song….and your wise message. Great video!!!

      As a musician I can appreciate what you are saying about being original, and I like how you apply it to our life. Interestingly, I have a post sitting in my wordpress queue from August, when I was supposedly on vacation from my blog, but I was more prolific than any other time….and the post is about working with other musicians vs playing solo….you have inspired me to publish it.

      • Thank you Maria. And I look forward to reading it. x

      • Ha!!! I must be in ‘tune’ here! I have just finished the first song of my album with a young musician friend and he is keen to get on to track 2. I tried on my own, but sharing expertise, ideas and practise is more FUN and more productive and more expansive. Looking forward to reading the article Maria xxx

        • Gail, I am so happy for you, it’s so exciting to create with others. I recall how exhilarating it was to get together with other musicians and co-create beautiful and soul-Filled music. Your beautiful voice and message are a gift to others, indeed. 💕

  9. “…we are roughly about .05 percent of the world’s population.” — Maria, may I know from where this info was taken? Thanks much!!! 🙂

    • Nadine Marie…..somewhere in my travels I received this information….it was awhile ago, so I am going to venture a guess it was from Adamus St. Germain who is channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe. You can access his messages via

      But it is also information that has been shared by others as well. That those who are at this time choosing embodied enlightenment are a very small percentage of the planet’s population. But even so, because we carry such a bright light, we are powerful in affecting the consciousness.

      • Yes, I’m familiar with the work of Geoffrey Hoppe. It’s been a while, though, since I listened to his messages. Thank you! I don’t doubt how tiny a population it is to which we belong. Yes, I agree that even if we are small in numbers, we are powerful beyond measure. I’ve been wondering, though, and interested to know how the entire humanity maps out into the various stages/levels of consciousness development/evolution. I’m curious to know your source because I have a couple of sources/references and wondering if you have a new source that I can add to mine — (1) Ken Wilber’s integral model of levels/states/stages of consciousness, and (2) The Ten Terrains Of Consciousness, a newly published book (2015) by Tahnee Woolf and Allen David Reed.

        • Nadine Marie, these days I don’t do too much reading on the enlightenment process, but I have been in resonance with the crimson circle for quite a long time, and also Robert Theiss who has A fantastic and compassionate person and source of what I consider high end, clear and evolved energy and information. Brenda Hoffman too, who has is an amazing, clear channel who I have resonated with for quite a while. Her messages are uplifting and she has that balance of human compassion and the expanded-self. Beautiful energy.

          As far as where the rest of humanity is in this process, my sense is that they are at their early stages of the ascension. Meaning they still in general, need many more lifetimes to reach the point where many of us are now.

          Most of humanity does not yet even acknowledge their own soul as being part of them, and of being the creators of their own reality. For the most part they are in victim mode. Many are affiliated with some kind of established religion, in which the soul is not given much importance but some sort of deity is.

          I referred to the new age community as being spiritual, not religious, but still in the honeymoon phase of enlightenment, in which they have not yet embraced their dark side, and are more focused on the light.

          Then there’s the non affiliated and aethiests who are more likely to agree there is a soul within us than those who adhere to religious doctrine.

          So as we look around, at our neighbors, our community, our family and the rest of the world, it isn’t too far a stretch to see that they are not yet ready to embrace their eternal self as being who they really are.

          So we who agreed to be the bringers of new energy onto the planet are here at a very exciting time, but at a very challenging time, because the planet is very dense, very harsh, and hard on us. Yet what better place to be, who needs our radiance more at this point? And who is better for the job other than those of us who have the compassion to allow them their own journey while growing our own radiance. 🌹💕💕💕

          • Yes, Maria. I share your observation and perspective about where humanity is. Thanks for sharing!

            As I mentioned earlier, the work of Tahnee Wolfe & David Reed, The Ten Terrains of Consciousness is what has given me a much clearer presentation in terms of mapping out what % of humanity’s population is at which ‘terrain’ – the term that they use instead of stages/states/levels. It’s a fascinating read! They used a balance of esoteric and scientific methodologies in their research. I just thought that there are other materials out there which I haven’t come across when you mentioned it in your post.

            I haven’t heard of Robert Theiss and will check out his work. I, too, have been following Brenda’s writings for quite a while now, back in my earlier days of blogging. As with your writings, I have also been resonating with the majority of Barbara’s posts. I even think it was through her site that I was led to you….

            Much L ❤ ve, Big Hug, & Brightest Blessings!!! 🙂 ❤

          • Nadine Marie, I haven’t run into any source such as you are speaking of…but if I do I will pass it on to you. Meanwhile, I will check out Wolfe and Reed’s work. Sounds interesting.

          • Yes, Maria, please. I’d appreciate if you can let me know when you’ve come across other sources/materials. As I mentioned earlier, Ken Wilber’s model is the only other one that I’m aware of.

            The Ten Terrains model is indeed fascinating! Actually, thanks to you and your post, I was reminded to go back to reading it again and am now preparing my post about it. I’ve been meaning to write about it and share it on my site since I got a hold of it back in 2015 a few months after the book came out. But I got sidetracked….. They have a questionnaire which, upon completion, will provide you with an assessment of which terrain you’re at. I had the privilege of participating in the pre-release of the questionnaire and had my assessment for free. And I was blown away by!!! It was so accurate in explaining where I’m at in my journey. It helped me get a better appreciation and understanding of the circumstances and challenges I’ve been through — as well as with other people and other cultures, the disparity and all. It is truly such an invaluable tool that I hope will reach more people.

          • Oh, wait. May I correct what I said earlier…..”I haven’t heard of Robert Theiss and will check out his work. I, too, have been following Brenda’s writings for quite a while now, back in my earlier days of blogging. As with your writings, I have also been resonating with the majority of BRENDA’S posts. I even think it was through her site that I was led to you….” I meant BRENDA, not Barbara…….Hmmmm…..Freudian slip? 😉

  10. Nadin Marie, I also wanted to mention franheal, who’s beautiful energy is very uplifting….and has had a consistent message of a higher consciousness for a long while. All these people have what I consider good track records.

    I’m sure I have missed some wonderful names as well, but overall, the actual percentages of those on the planet who are in various stages of ascension are changing daily, as more and more souls come onto the planet, and wake up from the dream. Love to you fellow trailblazer.🌹💕💕💕

  11. Dear Maria,

    I was thinking about the new way of “attracting” things today and I felt a very strong sense of annoyance at it. Maybe it’s because there is still a lot of “mental action” involved in it, because I keep thinking alright , when I want something I have to let it go mentally and emotionally (doesn’t have to be necessary true, but those were the thoughts)..which requires mental work as well, because I keep checking on myself, seeing whether I’m mentally or emotionally still involved in someting and then basically trying to force myself to drop it. And then get annoyed if I catch myself thinking about it again. I know this is my inner control freak playing out, but I feel fed up with this whole new energy crap to be honest. Not that I want the old energy back, but you know what I mean. It pisses me off big time right now.
    Can you relate?

    • Kat
      one of the things I really like about you is you bring up such good questions that really challenge me.

      So I started thinking about it -oh no scratch that. I’m not supposed to be thinking. Ha ha.

      I know exactly what you mean. I too get very very frustrated with the new energy. And yes it is a whole new energy. That’s not just a nice concept. It doesn’t operate like the old energy anymore. And in this new energy, it’s actually easier to create. And that’s the biggest challenge, really.

      Because as you know, the mind then thinks it’s out of a job.

      I will say one thing about creating and manifesting, and this was true even in the old way of manifesting.

      You only had to feel into something you desired once. And the operative word is feel not think. As we know it’s not a mental endeavor. And then, it’s done. The rest is all about releasing resistance. In other words, whenever we have a desire there’s always some resistance around it. And of course the bigger the desire, the bigger the resistance.

      In the past we would try to push away all our so-called negative thoughts around that desire and you are right that’s just a whole lot of effort. And it’s exhausting. And frustrating. But now we are learning to work with all of our thoughts and feelings, especially the darker ones. The doubts, Fears etc.. So say someone wants to manifest a beautiful home for themselves. Their job is to imagine with their feelings what that would feel like to be in that beautiful home. So it’s really the essence of the feeling that they want to create for themselves.

      It’s good to be specific about the home, but it’s also ok to just feel what that home would provide for you. Comfort, a sanctuary, beauty, expansiveness, luxury, etc.

      And as we allow our expanded self more and more into our life which we are doing, that part of us can bring to us something even greater than we could imagine. But our work really is basically to allow ourselves to feel into our desires, and then when the darker feelings or negativity or doubt does come up it’s not to try to push those away mentally. I would say that in the old energy or for those who have not yet learned to master their emotions – they have to do just that. They need to just FOCUS on the desire, and not the resistance.

      But We are mastering all of our emotions which means nothing has to be done mentally with pushing away feelings that seem counter to our desire. They are all welcome.

      So there really is not a whole lot of mental trying involved in this. But it is about allowing. And that’s something that the mind is certainly not used to. the mind is used to pushing, exerting, manipulating.

      So back to our beautiful home. Initially it feels wonderful. It feels so nice to be in the rooms of that home and experience what it would feel like say to sit there and just have a glass of wine by the beautiful fireplace, looking out into nature. And the feelings are the way there. In other words to really feel yourself there even in specific ways that would delight you.

      But then thoughts come up in which it feels like, I could never afford a house like that. Other people work hard to get those kinds of things. And I don’t really want to work hard. Maybe I don’t really deserve a house like that. Maybe because I’m spiritual I’m supposed to be more simple in my desires. Shouldn’t I be content with what I already have? Maybe I need to feel more content with what I already have first. I should be more detached from such desires…. Blah blah blah.

      Those emotions can be very compelling because those are the feelings we were used to feeling. (The mind generates them) But now you’re beginning to separate yourself from those feelings more. They may not be as compelling because you know as your expanded self, that that is all nonsense. But in your compassion you allow all those feelings but you simply don’t make them your truth. Your eternal self, your soul knows only expansiveness, carefreeness, passion, and peace, and it’s more than capable of creating our hearts desires. But it can’t swoop in and shift us out of feeling so much resistance.

      Wouldn’t you agree that this whole process is about resistance?

      Now that our soul is coming in closer, now that we are becoming more of who we really are, it brings up all kinds of old stuck patterns and old resistance in our minds and our bodies.

      And the trick I am finding is not to fight with any of it mentally. Just allow all of it. It’s really not about trying to change our human mind, believe it or not. You could even go as far as to say that our emotions that come from our mind are none of our business, they are not even ours to begin with.

      And as much as the mind wants to control, I am finding that it is actually relieved that it doesn’t have to be responsible anymore for creating in my life.

      And as we allow all the emotions of resistance, they are transmuted by our soul. Because in allowing, we are demonstrating a type of self love, and our soul can really get on board with that. Then our frequency is much more a match with our expanded self.

  12. Thank you dear Maria for your detailed and extensive reply. It was a great reminder of something I know to be true. The mind thing was more or less a momentary thing today. There’s a situation right now in my life I want to resolve but feel like it’s not gonna be done the old way – the conventional way that works for most other people and I do feel a bit stuck in cycle with this particular thing. Fears were coming up but my initial solution was to just allow the feeling of frustration and fear and worry and to feel into the desired outcome (relief, happiness, joy..), but the mind still does come back and takes the piss (pardom my French) 😛
    I know that feeling into it and then letting my spirit team create it for me (and bring it into my reality) is the way to go, but seriously, something even feeling into my desires seems like too much effort, hahaha.
    But yeah thank you Maria for taking your time and replying to me. I very much appreciate it 🙂


    • Your concerns speak for many of us and I get what you are saying that even conjuring up the passion required toward our desires can feel like, who the f**k cares, anyway? Sometimes there is really no passion and that is a concern, too.

      How do we create without some kind of passion? And I believe it’s because our focus has gone from pulling in passion from outside to now feeling it from within. And, as that happens, the outer just takes care of itself.

      Well, please let me know how it works out for you.

      Love and hugs.🤗💕💕

      • Hi Maria,

        it’s not even a passion issue I think at this time, it’s just pure laziness sometimes. Hahaha
        I’m actually doing a script-writing/storytelling course at the moment which is going to be finished with a pitching day. So each of us is going to pitch their idea to a panel of people from the film industry, which is a great thing, because there is a chance that our idea is gonna get picked up by a producer and will be realised into a movie :). I do have the feeling that this is where I wanna go and eventually not only write the stories but also do the directing.

        I dont wanna call it my passion, because at this time in my life a word like passion is “too strong” or too dramatic, nothing actually warrants the term passion when it comes to things in my life I enjoy; I feel like that concept of passion the way I understand it, is an outdated thing, because its meaning is linked to “to suffer”.


        Middle English: from Old French, from late Latin passio(n- ) (chiefly a term in Christian theology), from Latin pati ‘suffer’.

        And I’m so OVER suffering and pain now, I really am. And I believe we the Ascension forerunners are not going to get the old fashioned “passion” back into our lives; it is going to be replaced with joy. Inner joy. So when we like to do something, it creates joy in us, but without the suffering that old passions used to come with.

        • Wow, Kat, thanks for the heads-up on the meaning of Passion. Then yes, agreed…out with the old. There is Definitely no suffering in the Christ Consciousness, and Yeshua himself has told us that suffering gets you nowhere, except to a realization that there is no need for it.

          And that’s amazing about the script writing! I would love for someone like you to express your soul and have it touch so many lives. I watched one of your videos again the other day, and I really enjoyed it.

          It speaks on many levels.

        • Hi Kat, I really get that passion is connected to suffering. My stepdaughter tries to call her anger ‘passion’ I don’t buy that.

          Passion and drive are both very old-energy, all to do with need/attachment and control.

          Yet there is an emptiness when they diminish with our ascension.
          I don’t miss them any more, but I did at first. Now I would wince and cringe at the desperation of the energy of passion.

          I feel that passion was an energetic hijacking of the much softer energy called interest. Passion justifies some dreadful behaviour in society.

          Glad to hear the meaning, Kat…it kind of confirms what I feel myself.

          There is definitely a ‘dull’ period between losing connection to passion and connecting to inner drive (very different to mind-drive)

          But good news for those feeling stuck in dull and disconnected….it passes!!

        • I wish you really well with the script writing and producing. We are all finding our energetic feet now and doing things which will end up making a huge difference. For me it is songwriting. I just know that it is going to take off in a big way. Not necessarily in the normal way and not necessarily connected to money in a big way, but take off it will. Part of the legacy we will bequeath humanity is our wisdom within our own field of interest. Can you tell us where to see your film work? I’d love to see it. Big Love, Gail xxx

  13. Thank you Maria. Script writing is a work in progress. It takes a lot of letting go (of ideas, figures…) as the story grows and becomes plausible. Not an easy thing to do but so satisfying when you manage to. We are working in groups now and are dealing with the feedback from the other group members . It’s so interesting how things about your own story that seem completely logical to you sometimes don’t make sense to others and then it’s better to rewrite those parts (if almost all have the same issue). That’s sth. I am currently working on ( in both senses of the word).

    And yeah I saw you commented under my video the other day . I replied to it, too. It warmed my heart when i saw your comment and thank you for your encouragement. It really means a lot. 😊😊

  14. The e-books will by then be replaced by holograms where we pop up in thin air to speak/sing/dance/laugh/… for future generations. Choose your favourite ascension pioneer and press play. X

  15. Wow Maria! NOW I understand why I don’t have an active blog! It’s a lotta work isn’t it, lol?

    I’d be here all day just answering comments! Nice to know that even the things that have caused us frustration (like feeling ignored) make some kind of messed up sense huh?

    I dedicate the post on my blog (she says, unable to resist the chance of publicity) entitled Maria C to you my dearest bloggie friend in the whole world. OK so here’s the link…

    Hugs and kisses and thanx for all the coffee! ❤

  16. I have to confess to a guilty love of West Side Story…phew the nostalgia!

  17. Aww Maria, yes it’s powerful alright! Probably even more so when it happens to be YOUR name! What about the ‘Maria’ character, she has some great numbers too: ‘Tonight’ and ‘I Feel Pretty’ spring to mind… West Side Story made quite an impression on me, was just a kid when my parents introduced me to it. The satirical song ‘Officer Krupke’ is INCREDIBLY inspired. Should be required listening for everyone who aspires to any kind of social or psychological ‘helping’ work, including policing. It’s sad how overlooked these little gems are – and that so many have suffered and continue to do so from a broken system that fails both the ‘carers’ and the ‘cared for’. If anyone wants to give it a listen it’s here on my blog –

  18. Hmm well regarding ‘being sung to’ Maria you really are spoilt for choice! Crazy when I think about it how many songs there are (have you checked out the one by Blondie/Debbie Harry?), and of course in the Catholic tradition the Mother of Christ is all but deified herself. The Irish in particular seem to have a cult of Mary. It’s just a shame she’s put in that unfortunate double-bind of being both a virgin and a mother…as well as CLEARLY incapable of anything as defiling as…shhh! Sexuality!

    But the Divine Feminine has had to sneak in wherever she can, in the dark days of patriarchal religion and universal bondage. Thank Gosh for Embodied Enlightenment is all I can say.

    • Louise, yes, I was indeed blessed with the name Maria, although I found out recently it’s actually spelled (handwritten) on my original birth certificate as ‘Marie.’

      So it could have been a mispelling, cause my parents called me Maria. But now it’s all about having to change it on all my paperwork. I didn’t bother. So now I am both Maria and Marie.

      And my middle name is Theresa. So, Maria Theresa….shoulda been a nun….almost was sent to a nunnery in Greece, when I was close to caught in the act of messing around with a first cousin…..while his parents were having coffee in the kitchen below us.

      Kids. Whaddya gonna do???

      • “Maria Theresa”

        You’re joking aren’t ya. That’s my mother’s name!!! First and second

        Love the fact that you’re sharing both names with my mum

        • Wait. What??? No way. I don’t think that has ever happened. I never met or knew, even indirectly, another Maria Theresa. How awesome. Can’t make this stuff up! I’m honored to share my names with your mum, Kat.

  19. Oh My Gosh! How Medieval that sounds…’get thee to a nunnery’ indeed! I wanted to be a nun at 20. Just one problem. Couldn’t subscribe to any religion. I’ve done quite a few years of unofficial hermitude though. And in terms of sex? Not sure why I ever bothered having any since it was largely unfulfilling and disappointing. Men in my life invariably likewise. The best thing I ever did was have a son and that was wholly unplanned and unlooked-for…it actually had to be virtually forced on me, and was. I mean, I had no choice in the matter at any point. I know, it’s beyond bizarre and pretty damn dark to most people, but you could almost say my son was a product of cosmic rape. If you wanted to. Me I don’t tend to regard it that way, since he turned out to be my greatest blessing.

    When it comes down to it Maria? I’ve never really lived. Only struggled and self-preserved.

    It’s over now. That’s probably the only reason I can be so frank and open about it.

    The name Theresa is significant. Therese of Lisieux is one of my favourite nuns/mystics of all time. Teresa of Avila a bit less so though she is possibly more known about.

    Haha, first cousins can be very attractive can’t they? Especially to a hormonal adolescent!

    • So interesting….enjoying life…yes, it’s been lots of struggle…going through the motions, etc. one has to wonder, now that many of us are feeling the lack of passion, the void. Part of that is because we Are detaching from the life we once knew, including the memories.

      I wonder if men enjoy being nostalgic about their childhood more than women. I suspect that women don’t pine for the ‘good old days’ as much as men do. I mean, what woman would want to go back in time to the 50s, the 60s or even the 70s….sure, there were moments, but for the most part at least for me, I didn’t feel very free as the female of the species.

      I certainly was not treated with equality and respect by my male counterparts, and worse. Much worse.

      So, as a woman, I feel more and more strongly that I am here to become truly free. Not by defying men but by building this self love and the relationship with the part of me that already feels free, the part that is free.

      Your son is blessed to have you as his mother.

      • Aww gosh well that’s a lovely thing to say/hear but maybe there’s still a little resistance within me to believing it. Haha, I’m very like my mum in that respect (and quite a few others). You can’t really compliment her. She brushes it off saying something like ‘she’ll get a big head’ lol. That was always how the old folks talked! The thing with my mum, and with me is that we simply do what we do, it never occurs to us to question it. I s’pose we’re both just very aware of the nature and parameters of our respective ‘role’ in the cosmic drama and so compliments of any kind sorta fly over our head or seem irrelevant.

        If my son was blessed, he was blessed before birth and he too has always been aware of his role. Being born is unfortunately problematic for EVERYONE whether they realise it or not. This is why I did not CHOOSE to have him and it had to happen the way it did.

        Yes, I’ve noticed males being more prone to nostalgia, definitely. My dad (deceased in 2003) was a real oddball, he was nostalgic for a past he had never even experienced, ie before his birth. Could it be that men are on the whole naturally more inclined to look backward rather than forward? That is certainly very true of my male ‘partner in crime’. I am the uplifting, effervescent one in the relationship, he is all too often rather morose and glum. He also just eats up history of all sorts while I have only a passing interest in it. Makes sense coz it’s called HIStory for a reason, right? We all wanna read about ourselves at the end of the day and there is little in the tales of mythical heroes, tyrants and war leaders I can honestly say I relate to!

        Thanks for the chat today Maria. I’ve been home alone all afternoon, weather outside is grey and unappealing and besides I wanted to take it easy.

  20. Oh Maria could not resist posting this one The tiny bit of ‘romantic’ that’s still left in me sees me and my guy as the protagonists! Awwww!

    • Beautiful video…The scene between Tony and Maria feels like the romance that is beginning to stir between our own soul and us, or between our male and female presence within us. It’s so fascinating how we have been playing out on the planet, the galactic issues from even before this Earth was here.

      Beautiful and painful love stories.

  21. I love this line, Louise, thank you! “Being born is unfortunately problematic for EVERYONE whether they realise it or not.” Too true and has me smiling big-time. B.

  22. Aww thank you Maria. Now I know two great Maria Theresas, each one amazing in her own way. 😊😊😊

  23. “But most new-agers haven’t yet gone through their own dark night of the soul. They are still in honeymoon phase. They are seekers.” Is it too sad that I got infiltrated there to not feel so lonely sometimes? I mean, I don’t think I irritate them I think they irritate me by now.

    Is it a toxic relashionship? Yes I guess.

    And that’s why I’m following my own path and choose to leave it all behind.

    I do feel we’re so small in percentage and this is beautiful and lonely, as we human needs human connections even when our soul connection with ourselves are going as good as it can be. we still want to share by being with others.

    That’s a shifting I am working on.

    Integrating, integrating…

    I am everything I need and I have everything I am with me full time.

    confusing to human mind? oh yes. that’s why I like so much writing, help me to assimilate better what my soul is bringing to me.

    thank you from the bottom of my heart for being who you are here and now maria!

    lots of love.


    • Yes, Tainara, so beautifully said. We are integrating our soul the best we can, and it’s natural to want good company along the way. It can get lonely otherwise. And it’s why I write as much as I do, too. It really helps to keep me grounded and express the soul of me and the human of me.

      I have become so solitary that now I welcome people at the cafe to sit awhile with me, even though they are still pretty steeped in duality.

      I prefer that to being entangled with a significant other who isn’t on the same path I am. I guess we can call it company without committment.

      And thank you, my friend, for being here. Lots of love to you. 💕💕💕

      • “company without committment” well said Dear Maria, I believe that as more as we let go of our beliefs in order to integrate our souls we start to feel more awkwardly connected to the beauty of others and the way they choose to express it, seeing that everything is just perfect as it is. It becomes natural to truly honour the god within everything. It is beautiful……!!!!!

      • I am blessed with the ‘company without commitment’ scenario and so is he. Happy not to discuss our inner musings with each other. Aware that we are very different but neither wanting to change the other. It works because neither of us wants to prove ourselves right or the other wrong. Actually quite rare in a non-ascender and a man!!! No sex, which suits us both and would only cause problems anyway, in all likelihood.

        I feel that we both honour the God within each other without needing to understand it (mind, again)

        It’s great whilst we are sharing a space and will also be great if that changes.

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