Relax into the Void (Don’t Avoid The Void – Part 2)

Art by Maria Chambers

It’s certainly no fun to be in the place where we are not feeling much passion about life.  If there’s one thing the human being has very little tolerance for, it’s lack of passion.

We are more apt to put up with crisis than not feeling anything at all.  We’re ok with feeling at peace,  but just a kind of nothingness, that’s hard to take.

In fact, even feeling lonely or depressed is better than that void.

And part of our ascension, embodied enlightenment process is a loss of interest in the things that used to make us feel alive.  And it’s tempting to try to scramble out of that void.

We try to bring in something, or someone to fill the emptiness.   But we know that it’s just a temporary fix.  If we are coming from a place of lack, the results won’t be very satisfying.

But within the void, that seemingly empty space, there is a lot going on.  We are just not recognizing it with our human physical senses.  It’s a space in which we are beginning to invite in our eternal self.

It’s  a space in which we are beginning to fill ourselves up.  If we don’t judge it as bad, or as thinking we are doing something wrong, or we are not doing enough.  Because that self judgement is what stops the flow.  And yes, there is a flow.  It’s a time in which our soul is also getting to know us, its beloved human partner, better.

After all, it’s a reunion.  It’s been a very long time, hasn’t it, since you both were together?   As a very young child you felt your soul close to you.  But for many years it was there, but you kept it at arms length.  So it makes sense that both of you would be a little tentative at first.

Your soul is not just an ordinary friend and lover.  That soul of yours honors you, and won’t impose itself on you.  Oh, it may feel like it is, as you feel as if your life has been turned inside out.  But you did give permission for this experience and your soul is quite passionate in its own way.  A little seems to go a long way.

It wants to experience its own creations intimately.

And in the process, it disrupts old, outdated systems.  Which is a good thing.  But it isn’t intentionally trying to make chaos of your life.  Many of you did want to have this transformation happen quickly, in this one lifetime.  And that’s a pretty tall order for all concerned.

So the emptiness, the lack of passion are uncomfortable.  But what if we were ok with that?  What if we didn’t try to change it?

I notice that when I acknowledge my less than joyful emotions, they seem to shift, sometimes quickly, into more uplifting ones.  It seems to be the formula for transmutation.

Art by Maria Chambers


I find that music seems to help move stuck energies.  Listening to some uplifting music.  For me lately it’s The Gypsey Kings.  My soul seems to enjoy it.  But whatever does it for you is appropriate.  Music engages the senses, and the heart, bypassing the mental chatter.

It’s the universal language of love and passion.

It’s not the void so much that’s the problem, but our judgement of it as bad.

There is so much going on in this transformational process, we can’t possibly understand it all, at least not from our mind’s perspective.  And it seems to flow so much better if we step out of the way more and just relax into it.

Feel free to take whatever you want with you into the void.  You don’t have to sit and meditate alone in the dark.  Not at all.  You can take your favorite music, your favorite cigar, dessert, crossword puzzle, or movie.

Or you could just take yourself.

So just relax into the void.  And then you just might find yourself on the other side of it.

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15 thoughts on “Relax into the Void (Don’t Avoid The Void – Part 2)

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  2. Barbara

    Maria, you are so in tune with the feeling of the process ….. I knew what you were going to write about even before I got past the first sentence. Recently, all I’ve been getting is…. regardless of what’s going on ‘out there’, relax, be at peace, go with your own comfort zone,,,,, it’s all so much bigger than me, and I am on my own, yet not lonely, nor depressed, no more boundaries to set, no fear….. totally voided and just waiting. For what… don’t know, and that’s okay, too. Thank you and I’m so glad to have found your blog via Eliza’s Blue Dragon Journal. B.

  3. “So the emptiness, the lack of passion are uncomfortable. But what if we were ok with that? What if we didn’t try to change it?” So true! Yeah…why don’t we, why can’t we “just relax into the void,” eh? 😉 Ahhhh…it is just so effortless for our Human Selves to make everything so complicated, eh?

    1. Nadine Marie, yes, it seems our dear mind doesn’t like the idea of just relaxing and allowing its partner, spirit to take over the steering wheel. But it’s also starting to feel the benefits of doing just that. It’s tired of trying to figure life out for us.

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