Who Are The Brave Men?

Image by Maria Chambers

The brave men are those courageous men who embrace their own sensuality.  Who honor their feminine nature equally to their masculine nature.  Whether they are ‘traditional’ men, or they are gay, bisexual, transsexual or transgendered.  They naturally honor all gender identity and expressions in others.

The courageous man is comfortable with his feminine nature, and has no problem with it being called ‘feminine.’

A strong man is one who didn’t come into this life to just play it safe and to perpetuate the imbalance of male energies on the planet.  A strong man is one who is not offended if someone compliments him for having a sensitive side, an intuitive side, and who honors those qualities in himself and in others, both men and women.

As much as he enjoys focusing on details, he also embraces the broader perspective of life.  A perspective that embraces all of the deeper emotions.   He is not ashamed to express sadness.  Or feelings of vulnerability.  He allows himself those emotions while not identifying with them.

An attractive man is one who enjoys expressing his sensual nature, without having to be sexual.   He does that in various and individual ways.  Perhaps through an art form, through music, writing, or just the way he walks, and talks.  Perhaps through dance.

He is in balance.  He is a balance of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.  Consequently, he honors and respects both men and women.

Because he embraces his own sensuality, and his own feminine nature, he is not offended or threatened by another who is not a traditional male, one who happens to embody being gay, bisexual, transsexual or transgendered.  He sees those souls as courageous for allowing themselves to live in a world where they are still not fully welcome.

He doesn’t see the masculine as better than or as even stronger than the feminine.

He has no need to defend himself, because he is not in fear of an enemy.  He has created through self-love a balanced and safe space for himself.

Image by Maria Chambers

The bravest men are those who came into this life wanting to help change the imbalance of male energies here.  Who were excited about being on the forefront of a change that would bring in a balanced masculine and feminine.

They knew there would be great resistance to that kind of change.  They knew the planet has been in the patriarchal imbalance for far too long.  But they also knew that there is no better time than now, when the energies are so ripe for change.

They also knew that there would be many women reincarnating now, and that they would be the new leaders of change.  They have the deepest respect for their sisters who chose the female gender, because they knew that it took the bravest of souls to do that.

They knew that those women would be working alongside a humanity that was not yet very welcoming of the female gender.  Consequently a world that was not very welcoming of that female expression within the male gender.

But the men of the new consciousness were confident that they would effect great changes, by changing themselves.  Not through pushing and controlling, but through self-love.

This new consciousness man recognizes that the transformation he is going through into enlightenment will trigger all the ways that he as a man has been conditioned to act and feel.  He realizes that many of those ways are no longer compatible in the new consciousness he is in,  but he has patience with himself, and compassion for himself as the human.

And that compassion translates into self-acceptance and self-love.  Something that most of humanity at this time is not experiencing.  They misunderstand that type of self-love to be selfish, and they misunderstand the sensuality to be ‘unmanly.’

So, the brave, and the strong, and the attractive men are the ones who are not necessarily praised, or honored by the masses.   But they are really not looking for that.  They are confident in who they are, and why they are here.

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17 thoughts on “Who Are The Brave Men?

  1. Maria
    Is that me you’re talking about? Lol 😂
    You’re right again. But let me tell you this… Lately my best friend and me were discussing about you women and we concluded that you’re a lot stronger than men and we don’t consider ourselves weak ( he even spent a few years in the French specal marines, he’s now in this 30’s)
    So I am proud of my feminine side .. It makes me feel stronger!
    Hugs and love to you Ladies 💞💝

  2. Stefan

    Thank you Maria.
    With delight I read the newspapers today regarding sexual abuse and intimidation in Hollywood that is being exposed and the women who are finally stepping forward to end this.
    We have a heroin here in Belgium here as well who stepped forward against a child abuse network to which she fell victim too. Sadly enough through her own mother and grandmother, heavy epigenetic trauma and karma. When stepping forward she accused about half of the people in power: judges, police officers, ceo’s, clergyman, senators and royalty. You can smell from a mile what happened in the end: they labeled her as insane, the old trick of character assassination by the media that are in hands of the same pedophiles she accuses. As a former lawyer, I was drawn to the case and read the whole dossier online (thanks wikileaks) and I can say without any doubt, that she is far from insane and has indeed spoken nothing but the truth. There are files and hearings to prove it. I give up my left hand for that claim.
    She wrote a book on her life story which is titled ‘Silence is for perpetrators’ which led me to file a complaint against my own childhood abuser. In fact, after some investigations of mine, it turned out my abuser was well acquainted with the pedophile network she spoke of. His company was registered at the same place were children were not only abused but also killed, and since one of these murders is still unsolved I sent all of this information to the prosecutor. Of course my claim was not treated due to statutory claims. In other words, I was 27 years late with my claim… However, the day my claim arrived at the prosecutor’s office, I started receiving anonymous phonecalls. Why? One of the pedophiles is a police investigator who works on the murder case (actually he was put on the murder case after his chief found out he was friends with a pedophile, the pimp of the Belgian heroin. I’m not making this up, and yes it’s insanity.) and I linked him to the murder.
    By a weird coincidence one of the anonymous phonecalls was not anonymous and I called back.
    They will not call me again, they understand I am indeed the wrong nigga to fuck with, pardon my french.
    This whole story was part of my task here on earth I believe. It was simply horrible, a nightmare and utterly insane, not in the least if you look at the people involved that are still in power today.
    But that is no longer my problem nor my task. Others can do the work now. My conscience is clean and I sleep well, except for my current financial problems yet it seems this type of bravery is not rewarded by heavenly abundance. Ah well…
    One day I will open the newspaper, see some familiar faces and understand these monsters are finally put to rest. And I will know my fight was worthwhile. I will dance and sing to The Carpet Crawlers by Genesis (studio version) in my living room and know we have indeed created a New Earth where women, children and men are treated as one and with respect. Aho!

    1. Stefan,
      What an amazing story!!!

      And having gone through it yourself, being on the receiving end, and then a lawyer, and a new consciousness pioneer, you have so many perspectives. You have the compassion, and the broader perspective to draw upon.

      And I was also just seeing how the light coming onto the planet is now shining on those aspects that were deep in shadow for so long. How those dark places are being exposed, whether it’s the church, the politicians, and other men in high profile positions.

      How their caustic behaviors had been tolerated, and normalized. And how they are simply mirrors for the places in the mind that have been predatory and judgemental. That have been unaccepting of the feminine especially, whether that feminine resided in men or women.

      So we see a kind of ‘craziness’ being played out around the world because there has been so much imbalance in the mind. And a rejection of the soul.

      So thank you for being here dear pioneer of change. And for sharing your beautiful story.💕

      1. Stefan

        Yesterday evening I felt the urge to write this story. Wasn’t sure if I had to, did it it anyway. Today I understand why. Underneath my story lies a huge feeling of self-pity and pride: life is treating me like like shit, and if I people hear my story, they will feel sympathy and give me a reward. People will send me money for my life story because I deserve it. Sounds silly yet that is truth coming out of the dungeons of the subconscious to the surface.
        The financial situation I’m in now asks for drastic measures. The leprechaun with a coffin full of gold will never knock on my door. Always sincerely believed that but reality is kicking in.
        As Tears for Fears sang so beautifully in Sowing the Seeds of Love: time to eat all your words, swallow your pride, open your eyes.
        Tough one to swallow indeed. Off to the job office.

        1. Stefan
          It’s so seductive to feel like a victim here on this planet because that is the prevailing energies here. And that is exactly why we are here. To resolve the GALACTIC story in which we felt like victims after separating from source long before the Earth was here.

          And of course we have become victims of the mind. We feel like victims at times, of the enlightenment process itself.

          As the human, we have suffered. And now we have the opportunity to let go of trying to create passion and money and health from our mind, and allow our divine self, our eternal self to do all the heavy lifting for us. Looks good on paper but in practice, it seems almost impossible.

          Our mind is stil struggling mightily with that. Partly because it doesn’t have a history of that kind of relationship, and partly because our soul to a degree has been reluctant to be so deeply present in human form. The history here of that is not so evident.

          And then there is the mind that resists because to a degree it doesn’t want to give up control. It really kind of likes being the warrior.

          And it’s certainly easy to feel unappreciated in a world that doesn’t even know what we are doing here, or who we are. At best we are annoying them or inspiring them with our light and at worst they don’t even see us.

          And even though the renewed uprisings in the populace against racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc…are a good sign, and part of their process of their awakening, we on the forefront are doing the inner work, which is the only way to true freedom.

    2. Fabulous stuff to hear Stefan. I relate to your experiences 100%. One small spelling point for future reference – ‘heroine’ as in a brave female protagonist is spelt with an ‘e’, heroin refers to the drug.

      It’s official though Stefan. We’ve done it! Party on lol.

      1. Stefan

        Thank you. Perhaps it wasn’t a spelling mistake in the sense that this type of trauma and abuse can indeed become heroin. I did mean heroine though. And yes please, party on!

  3. Barbara

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if when men and women made love, regardless of gender leaning, that each realized that their masculine or feminine is meeting and merging with the other’s masculine or feminine? The energy of the joining of those energies before, during and after is what it’s all about… in my opinion. B.

    1. It sure would be wonderful, Barbara. And as people become more balanced in their own feminine and masculine energies that would happen naturally. There would then be no stealing and feeding of energies. Because making love is an experience that is so intimate and open it’s a perfect opportunity to download each other’s unbalanced energies at that time.

      It’s why it’s so important to be discerning as to who we want to share ourselves with so intimately.

      So what we are doing is falling in love with ourselves. Because as we know, to first learn to make love to ourselves, to cherish and care for ourselves is a big step in that direction.

      And to be honest, there are not many people who are self fulfilled in that way, that would not be trying to take energies from their lover in some way. Not maliciously, but most people are still looking outside themselves to feel loved and fulfilled.

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