Emerging From The Shadows

Art by Maria Chambers

Reaching enlightenment is accomplished by moving from the mental sphere to the heart. Not the old energy heart that took on the wounds of humanity, but the new, sovereign heart that is developing.

Speaking as a member of the female gender, I will say that I have taken on a particularly challenging role in this lifetime, as so many of us have. That being, moving beyond the old, outworn definition of what a woman is supposed to be.

Transcending the role of playing it small, and playing it safe.  The cells in our bodies that insisted that we must be kind, gentle, sweet and accommodating and that we must put the needs of others before our own…those cells are transforming now.

The cells that insist we must carry within our hearts and even our bodies the wounds of the angry male…those cells must now transmute into cells that insist that we love ourselves above all else.


Art by Maria Chambers

If we look around, we can clearly see that most women are not free. They may be well compensated professionals, or women of status and money, but are they truly free to be themselves?

And the ones who are, are not necessarily seen with awe, but with contempt and jealousy by their sisters, by other women, by their own family and loved ones.

And most certainly by the rest of humanity.

So, we ask, what’s the point of moving into our freedom as women, if we are just going to experience more pain than we already have? And, risk being totally alone in the world?  What’s the benefit if we forfeit love and safety?

But we are here in a different capacity, and are not part of the collective consciousness any more.  We are creating our own reality alongside the 3D one.  We are supported by like souls, who we may never even meet in person, but we feel their energies.  Even if our connection with them is for now, virtual.


And to create this unique reality, we had to move out of the mental sphere and into the heart.  The newly forming, sovereign heart.  We won’t find our freedom by continuing to listen to what the mind has been spewing about women for eons of time.

Art by Maria Chambers

To be free as a woman we would naturally embrace our soul, and our sensuality for life. We would not allow anyone to feed off of our energies, not our loved ones, our family, our friends, or humanity.

We would not play small. We would love expressing our soul in a variety of ways. Perhaps through art, music, writing, a business, or just the way we live, just enjoying our day-to-days. Enjoying our body without shame or fear of being ridiculed or attacked.

Enjoying being alive without worry that we would be misunderstood as trying to seduce someone sexually.

We would no longer need to use excuses for playing it small and safe. Excuses like, needing to work at a colorless job, having to be there for a loved one or friends or family.

And here’s the big one: needing to process the energies for humanity. Needing to carry and process and transmute the darkness, the sadness, the anger, the fears…all the unresolved energies of mankind, of mother, of the planet.

Needing to continue soothing the angry male, lest he lash out once again and harm himself or others.

If we want to move into our freedom, into our embodied enlightenment, we can’t continue doing that, even marginally. We really must let it all go.

It certainly doesn’t mean abandoning others in our life, unless those others insist on us being their source. But it does mean that we need to be discerning about how we choose to use our energies. And discerning about how we feel and speak about ourself.

But that comes naturally just by allowing our eternal self to come in and share its presence with us. We naturally begin to identify with its sense of freedom, its carefreeness, and its passion for simply enjoying life.


Animus and Anima by Maria Chambers

Our soul essentially could care less what the rest of humanity thinks about us. It’s not going to forfeit its freedom for anyone or anything.

And actually, as we express our joy and our freedom, we are not interested in pushing against anything, so we don’t get pushed back in return. We are not really interested in pushing our agenda in anyone’s face.

We are not interested in protesting anything, or anyone because we know that just adds fuel to the fire.  Pushing against the status quo doesn’t get the desired results because it creates more resistance.

I find it so interesting that men think they need to protect women. Which is understandable in a world that does not yet honor the female energy. Yet, if they understood that we women who are in balance, who have the balanced masculine and feminine, who are in the new energy, wouldn’t attract a violent situation in the first place.

So, we are not so compelled to protest in the name of womanhood’s freedom.  It doesn’t mean we agree with certain policies or certain opinions or mindsets of others, or of groups. It doesn’t mean we condone harmful behaviors of others. But we understand that real change is something that happens one soul at a time. It happens when that soul chooses to awaken from the dream.

And truly, a handful of awakened souls have more effect on the consciousness of this planet than millions of protestors. That’s how magnificent our light is.

Enjoy I Got Both Feet On The Ground from Simply Divine

© Copyright 2017 Maria Chambers, all rights reserved. P!ease feel free to share this content within others but maintain the article’s integrity by copying it unaltered and by including the author and source website link: Maria Chambers, http://www.soulsoothinsounds.wordpress.com

15 thoughts on “Emerging From The Shadows

  1. Barbara

    Thank you, Maria. The remembering and thus regaining… slowly…. of the true feminine is, in my opinion, one of the toughest achievements of the process… hurts like a SOB, but once done, my hope is that we will never have to do it again while at the same time we open vibes for others to do the same, though I do not feel compelled to try to convince anyone of that. Soft yet strong seems to be my modus operandi, with a lot of humor thrown in when I’m out and about. Love to you, my virtual friend. B.

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  3. Dear Marie,

    “passion for simply enjoying life”…….The fatigue levels make that a very gentle way of being. Lying and looking at these autumn colors. I went for a walk in the woods and realized that the map in my hand with its series of trails to follow was like white noise to my head. A slow meander as I breathed in the colors of the ferns and leaves was like an infusion, allowing me the energy to drive to my son’s place and take a nap! Inhale a little nature, sleep. I can feel so much taking place under the surface yet am kept in this dream state that does not push or move much. I recently traveled across country to be present on the East coast near my three children and their partners. Letting go once again of the need to fix, assist and remembering their sovereignty and the honoring the holiness of their paths. Even when it appears painful. Trusting to the All as the surface swirls in chaos. Not pretty nor easy for the most part these days. Thank you for shining your clear light.
    Linda Marie

    1. Dear Linda Marie

      I felt like I was right there with you on your wooded walk….very sensual and soothing. And absolutely, very wisely stated, that the fatigue offers ‘a very gentle way of being.’

      And kudos on letting go of the need to fix, whether it’s yourself or those in your life…that dear friend, is the master walking as the human. 🤗🌹💕💕

  4. Stefan Van Heester

    From my perspective I can only say that it’s what the world needs now and when one of the brave pioneer woman finally crosses my path in real life the radio will play Foreigner: I’ve been waiting for a girl like you to come into my life.

    Imagine the energy… X

  5. elizabethsadhu

    I am dancing to your song, sistar goddess…….

    love this whole message. Perfection.

    “But we are here in a different capacity, and are not part of the collective consciousness any more.  We are creating our own reality alongside the 3D one.  We are supported by like souls, who we may never even meet in person, but we feel their energies.  Even if our connection with them is for now, virtual.”

    love love love love love…….

  6. ‘I find it so interesting that men think they need to protect women. Which is understandable in a world that does not yet honor the female energy. Yet, if they understood that we women who are in balance, who have the balanced masculine and feminine, who are in the new energy, wouldn’t attract a violent situation in the first place.’

    Perfectly said Maria. And so temperately too! It actually is starting to pee me off just a little tiny bit that some people, it’s not even men, often it’s WOMEN, seem to think I might not be alright in some way.

    Until you asked me sister I was doing just fine…if you had eyes to see you would just know and wouldn’t need to pollute my precious bubble by asking in that rude, random and intrusive way you have. It’s more than gross insensitivity, I’m not at all convinced it isn’t a veiled passive aggressive attack. Of the worst sort – because, ahh, they’re just SO CONCERNED.

    The thing is people are quite literally full of themselves (not even their fault, I’m kinda the same). Basically they will project their own stuff onto you without even realising they’re doing it. So you basically know as soon as someone peers anxiously in your face ‘concerned for your welfare’ that they’re actually, uh, not.

    Maria I feel that you at least can empathise with my possibly unusual viewpoint that it’s actually pretty offensive to assume that an ascended master needs help, particularly from some random pipsqueak with no anxiety or self-insight? Lolol.

    1. Yes, it is infuriating, Louise, when others fear for our own safety or security. And those are people who are still deeply entrenched in the old energy world in which they do not feel safe, and where especially as women they see a world in which the female energies continue to be disrespected or worse. Much, much worse.

      It makes us feel like we are seen as vulnerable, as prey. As unable to take care of ourselves.

      And right, many are projecting their own fears on us. And yes, it is insulting, as a master, to have that type of energy thrown our way, no matter how well meaning.

      Of course it’s lumped in with love…”if I didn’t care, I wouldn’t worry”. How many times have we heard that one?

      But, again it’s the understandable go-to response from a world built upon fear, upon being the victim. And as women we can see clearly how we have been given the message that life here is not safe for us. That we are vulnerable to being harmed, physically or emotionally or even professionally if we are our full selves, unapologetically.

      I walked down the streets of Athens, Greece alone, as a naive 22 year old woman from America, and was sexually harassed by almost every man that I passed by, physically and verbally. Goosing, hair tugging, and propositioning was commonplace.

      I was relieved to be back to my homeland here in the states. Yet even here it went on, just a little more subtly….it happened everywhere, but it was hush, hush, never talked about. Until recently with the sweeping emergence of women’s awareness we see in the news.

      And it’s a good start for those who have been accepting dehumanizing behaviors for such a long time.

      So, here we are, the pioneers of change. What an amazing opportunity to know what we know about the balanced male and female energies, and to be the new role models for that being who is coming into balance within themselves. Women who could give a crap what others think, who are letting go of the caretaking of those who are not willing to care for themselves.

      And who are not taking the blame for the angry male.

      And yes, it can also be passive aggressive on their part when they seem so concerned about us. They are not used to seeing a woman who is claiming her own freedom, and it may make them recognize how they haven’t felt free.

  7. Wonderful to hear that you actually get where I’m coming from on this Maria. This is why I value our ‘chats’ so much. The degree of resonance that we find with each other has been in short supply for me in the past. Scrap that. I’ve NEVER resonated with any female to the degree I do with you. Remember I kind of am a ‘man’s woman’. Herstorically I was badly burned by close female friendship and I am very much ‘at home’ with guys…quite literally since I share my house with two of the creatures lol. Also of course, there’s my son. On the other hand I’m very much a mummy’s girl and always will be.

    Was nattering to someone in the supermarket today about how I’m an odd sort of gal who never really had a life or friends and would constantly reference in conversation what her mother said and thought! Appallingly enough this is barely an exaggeration. And now I’ve got my 21 year old son telling me I’m like a teenager, well there we have it. It’s official. I can’t ‘really’ be middle aged since I never actually lived in the first place. No I’m not bitter about it, as we internetty types like to say ‘it is what it is’.

    Yep, the phpny/hypocritical ‘concern’ of so many individuals as well as agencies (the police, the mental health service to name but two) has been a serious thorn in my side for many years. I preferred my mum’s exasperated but honest response ‘you NEED to be drugged up!’ or ‘Louise if you feel that bad you better kill yourself!’ I laughed my socks off at that one! My mum is what the young people would call ‘sick’ – in a GOOD way.

    Today’s been a good one at Louise Mansions anyway. My partner-in-crime is in better spirits. The lodger has found a job he actually enjoys after many months unemployment and struggling with uncongenial ‘gigs’. Tomorrow there’s an all-day event for Black History Month at the local mental health community centre. They all know me there, have so many good pals among both staff and clients so it’ll be a blast. I’m a lucky girl really but I’m also a bit ‘meh’, it’s alright I suppose about the sudden-yet-gradual switch in my fortunes. The thing is I always dreamed big and my dreams just turned out to be more real than reality itself. So yassee? It’s no biggie.

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