The Real Heroes

Fearless Girl Wall Street

There are all types of heroes in life. But most of them are characterized as being strong physically and saving others’ lives at the expense of their own life and limb.

While those types of heroes need to be honored, there are other kinds of heroes that no one acknowledges.

Those heroes that I am speaking of came forward long ago and volunteered to represent their spiritual families from the kingdom back home. They said they would take on all of the human challenges, and to integrate their own aspects, in order to be better teachers.

They volunteered to remove themselves from the safety, love and comfort of home in order to give the greatest gift to this planet and to their spiritual families.

They volunteered to forget who they were so that they could immerse themselves so deeply in the human experience. They gave up their beloved connection to their soul so that they could dive deeply into the density of the third dimension.

These brave souls and brave humans are who I am speaking to now. Those reading this who resonate with this post.

It takes the bravest of souls to allow themselves to feel on such a deep level all of the darkest of feelings. If that were not true, there would not be so many humans on this planet reaching for medications and drugs and other substances to dull their pain.

Most people run from their emotions. They can use relationships, sex, alcohol, work and all sorts of things outside themselves to hide from those emotions.

They simply do not yet have the capability of dealing with the darkest parts of themselves. And that is why when we look out into this world we see that dark side projected onto others.

We see it everywhere. We see it in our family, our community, our politicians, our churches, and the list goes on.  What they refuse to see and accept within themselves, they blame on others,.  Other races, genders, religions, nations, or the devil.


It takes a brave soul to let go of so much.   To let go of  their story, their heritage, their ancestors, their spiritual family back home, and the collective consciousness. And then to be dealing with so much on an emotional and even physical level. So much discomfort in this transformation.

Losing an old identity and not yet having a new one. Being in a no man’s land. And not having the support of even those closest to them much less the rest of humanity.

They feel weary. They feel discouraged. They wonder often why they’re even still here, in a world that does not recognize or acknowledge them. In a world in which they don’t seem to fit anymore.

A world that seems to be getting more mental, and not very interested in the soul.

They don’t really expect statues erected in their honor, because they know they are pioneers, and all too often pioneers work in obscurity.  The work they do is quiet for the most part.  It’s the inner journey.  Others may see their lives initially as falling apart, and those others think they are not doing something they should be doing.

They may offer advice that could work for someone still immersed in 3D, but no longer works for the advanced soul.

So the heroes in this story can feel quite lonely.  They know there is so much more, yet they are still establishing that truth, still not yet trusting fully.

If it weren’t for their entourage of like souls here and in the other realms, they probably would not stay here.  It would be far too difficult.  Even now they question it.  Stay or leave?

And yet they know that this process takes total commitment.  Straddling the fence won’t do.  It’s being here fully, sensually, and whole heartedly, or leave.   They want to want to be here.  They want to feel their soul and feel exuberance toward life.

They have felt that, and while it’s not nearly enough of the time, it’s delicious.  It’s what keeps them going.

Art by Maria Chambers


Everything they are coming to understand seems counter to everything they were taught.  Allowing being the most important.  To allow instead of pushing and efforting.

In this world it seems insane.

Another is being selfish.  On this planet humans are trained to be selfless.  To put others first.  It’s considered the ultimate service.  And yet, the pioneer of change knows in their heart that being selfish is the only way it works.  The only way to move into the new paradigm is to be selfish.   And there is nothing wrong with that word.  SELF-ish.

It could be called self-loving, but selfish comes first.  One needs to be selfish enough to begin the process of self-love.

And self-love, as the pioneers knows, is the only solution for world peace, for peace and co-operation that transcends ethnicity, gender, religion, sexuality, race.

So let’s take a moment to honor the real heroes. There are very few of those heroes on this planet at this time. But that does not mean that their impact is not great. In fact if they were not here at this time, this planet really would not have much of a future.

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38 thoughts on “The Real Heroes

  1. Barbara

    Thank you, Maria. I hear you and even more so, I feel you. I think we didn’t realize just how long it would take and how much forgetting and remembering we’d have to do. I still can’t remember where I put my shuttle craft! Just a touch of humor. Thanks again. B.

  2. Stefan

    Hi Maria. I’m not gonna say thanks, because you already know I’m thankful right. X
    Interesting to finally read or probably better said grasp the notion of going through all the emotions as a pioneer. It is a effin challenge indeed, yet as times goes by it seems to become a little easier to handle. I never looked at it this way, but if this is a big part of our journey, to live through all of the human emotions, I sure hope there will be at least some good years left ahead as well? Or is this it? Suffering and the end.
    Now a question that might seem strange: why do we need to save this planet? There’s billions of planets, why bother losing one that has completely gone astray? Doesn’t matter to humans or animals anyway since souls are eternal. They say this planet is an experiment of free will. Which it actually isn’t, free will is an illusion. We have to follow our mission, no other options. So what is so darn special about Earth that we need to save it?
    Have a nice day.

    1. Stefan,
      Yes, it is intense emotionally, and as you say, it gets easier. And that is because you are mastering your emotions. Something that as a soul, we came here to learn. Most of humanity responds to all their emotions, and projects their unacknowledged emotions outward.

      This planet was created (in part by us) to work out on the most intimate and physical level, our galactic issues. Something we couldn’t do in the other realms. I won’t go into detail about how that all came to be, since I have covered it in other posts.

      But many of us have lived many lifetimes on this planet and have come to love it (to be fair, it’s been a love-hate relationship). The planet really doesn’t need saving, since it’s just going through its own iterations, its own ascension. But those of us here, as advanced souls, have been helping to keep a balance, and those who come after us will do the same.

      We’re here to offer a new way of being, just as Yeshua did. And we do that by loving ourselves into an integration of human and spirit. Unfortunately along the way our lives go into chaos and we do feel like this process is never ending. And, no it’s not meant to be suffering and then, the end. Although it feels like that at times.

      And if at any point it gets to be too much, there is the option to leave. That choice is honored just as much as staying. There is no karma so we don’t even have to come back and try it again, unless we want to.

      For myself, I have wavered back and forth many times. It at times feels like what I came here to do I have accomplished, which is to share my light as best as I can, and to release my old role here as a woman who held energies for the wounded heart of humanity. A role that most women on the planet have taken on. And now I am stepping into a new role of self-love and sovereignty.

      How far I can take it remains to be seen, but when I do feel connected to my spirit, all my mind’s concerns are moot. And in those moments I realize that it doesn’t matter. In those moments I recognize all the fears and doubts and frustrations and boredom as the illusions that they are.

      And, I have so much compassion for the human Maria who has all the resistance and can’t seem to move any faster than she can move.

      We chose the accelerated path this lifetime, which makes things very intense, and yet at the same time it feels like we are wading through pea soup.

      As advanced souls, we like challenges. Really. We do. We like being the first to go through the void of creation, of new consciousness. To offer our services on a planet that may have more of its shit together than this one…would be…meh.

      As a musician you understand the sensual nature of creativity. Our soul wanted to FEEL its own creation, through us now, in these bodies, and that is also challenging for us, even the most creative among us, because we have been operating in such a mental, left brain world for so long.

      But to be here we need to get very sensual about life.

      1. Stefan

        A new way of being… well said. Actually, this morning, somewhere between dream and waking life, the concept of freedom started to make sense to me. By that I mean, I realized it’s what my life is and has been about up until now. Freedom from others, ideas, habits, etiquette, rules, education, music, dresscodes, parenting,…
        Real freedom that can’t be bought. Freedom fighter perhaps, yet the word fighter is not right as it involves a struggle. Freedom flow-er is too soft. It will come…
        Anyways, you catch my drift. True Freedom, something all humans are looking for I guess. Maybe I’m here to show the way. Idea number 888 on my life’s purpose, yet numbers don’t matter. Oh I’m on my way I know I am, somewhere not so far from here.
        Have a nice weekend in the Big Apple!

    2. Stefan,
      “As a child, your conceptual prison was not yet fully defined; you still retained the ability to enter the lands of eternal being. As an awakened child of God, you will again be able to speed up or slow down the passage of time, to stop raindrops on the window, or war in the Mid-East. With an awareness of the eternity in each moment, with your involuntary data analysis systems providing you with infallible reports many thousands of times per second, you will have plenty of time to correctly assess all the factors present in the moment of whatever circumstance presents itself to you. You will determine the optimum course of action with the ease and grace of a dancer. You will always choose the path of optimum response, not because you lack free will, but because such a path represents for you both the path of least resistance and the path of greatest fulfillment. You will no longer use your free will to make unnecessary mistakes, but to find out what part you might most creatively play in the whole. In choosing to do God’s will, you will discover the only true freedom. Your ability to function will reach the perfection of its potential, and you will have little difficulty correcting the disharmony of your historical situation. Living in this state of grace, you will function much like a computer; monitoring the variables of any given situation, determining the optimum behavioral pattern, scanning, adjusting for new data, over and over, many times each second. All data pertinent to a given situation will automatically be processed on an unconscious level. Consciously, you will always be aware of a course of action that makes optimum use of the potential available to all factors in that situation. Your inner control mechanism, returned at last to the directive impulse of Life, will take care of this unconsciously. It will be as simple and as natural as breathing. Trusting in the design that God has already incorporated into your physical body is the key to this new type of function. ”
      This is a quote from a book and I use it because of the resonance I felt and can’t find better words!

  3. Maria thank you. Means so much. We aren’t really queens lol (what, gay men? nah), we’re actually kings I guess (or maybe vagabonds lol). The game Chequers as you call it in the States? We in the UK call it ‘draughts’. I was never any good at it though because I can do tactics but not strategy. In other words, I can’t ‘foresee’ the other person’s move. I ‘allow’ them the respect to realise that it is simply unknowable. I guess, deep down I do this because I myself do not aspire to be predictable, and don’t really want others to be either. This is both the scary, and the fascinating part about working with humans in any capacity. Especially if they are what I like to term ‘highly evolved humans’.

    In terms of the world becoming so ‘mentalized’, this is what happens when a pot is left on the stove too long! People become so restive and bored, ‘the devil’ quite literally makes work for idle hands. But in its own way, even Satan is a helper (fallen angel, lightbearer, Lucifer, God’s favourite).

    My guy and I are currently willing the world to dumb down for a bit. All of us so badly need to chill Maria! That bewildering, baffling array of ‘choices’ they keep on churning out? This needs to be pared right down because as we say here it quite literally ‘does our heads in’.

    I must say I have a sense of my own potency and competence in the things I do like never before because I see the results in every minute. It’s wonderful to behold. One of my strengths (and one of our strengths as women) is ‘not being afraid to seek help’. As a kind of ‘manager’ if you like, my strength actually lies in my team. My job is to delegate appropriate tasks to appropriate people, and to do that you have to have a clear appreciation of who they are to begin with.

    With appropriate tasks people are so much more effective Maria.

    Also the worst mistake a CEO can make is to underestimate his or her taskforce, as it were. That way a bunch of control freakery, alienation and general fuckups occur. We are as far from tyrannical as it’s possible to be.

    Think of us as a bureaucracy of angels if you like. Alternatively, an underground railroad out of slavery. Whichever appeals to you most, because some people are greatly motivated by the thought of success and recognition, with others (like me) their main goal is inner peace.

    Love to you Maria. Ps, if you haven’t tried Indian chai? You might want to as an alternative and kind of antidote to the bitterness of coffee. It’s easy to make at home if you have a few spices and sweeteners of your choice, milk either non-dairy or not. Best served in a small tumbler of some sort while nice and hot. Internetters that come here will be sure to easily find a recipe online. Don’t bother trying to order it at Starbucks though. They have no idea! Louise xx

  4. One last point. Becoming over-mentalized and having too much intellect without sufficient ENOTIONAL intelligence tends to make people overbearing and arrogant. That is not pleasing to anyone. You Maria are a wonderful balance of BOTH, you are so grounded, you have so many quite unusual qualities. Perhaps I should say that it is unusual to find a person in whom those qualities are so highly developed. It isn’t the qualities themselves that are unusual. It’s our degree of mastery over them. Literally ANYONE can do what we do. Not by imitating us, that will get them nowhere, but simply by applying similar steps, taking guidance, being receptive and devoting themselves wholeheartedly to ‘growing’ their own best self. ❤

    1. Well as usual Louise you have such a unique way of expressing your wisdom….i love what you offer here….I feel your inner strength and you’re such a great teacher.

      I liked the fallen angel bit…because that’s exactly what this planet is great for….everyone playing their roles of the ‘good guys and the bad guys.’ And often the bad guys are the real catalysts of change. Because we do tend to get very stuck, and we need to be pushed to the limit by forces we deem outside ourselves.

      Oh and thank you for the sweet words….once again (clears throats) I didn’t prepare a speech….oh and I’ll check out the Indian chai. Thanks


  5. Annette

    And So It Is…..My Precious Maria….I have just gone through Bliss and Back….I reversed this, using Back as the latter, and Back has been CHALLENGING, to say the very least….Mentally/Very Physically……Jesus Christ Super Star!! I honestly thought I was ready to Exit, not because I was willing it, but because I was FEELING like it….OH YES, WE ARE THE HEROES, We are the Freaking Super Stars ✨💖

    1. Yes my dear, precious Annette…we ARE the superstars extraudinarre!!! So we can quit the freaking humble act. At least with ourselves. We can walk tall and be proud. Not too many have the chahonas to be in the forefront.

      And it’s a damn good thing we didn’t read the fine print ahead of time.😜💕💕💕💕

      1. Annette

        ‘That fine print’………I know right!! 😜 And I’ve needed more of this lately 🍷 Hahaha!!!!
        And as much humor as possible!
        You are the best, and SO appreciate all that your share, without it, well, I’m not going there. 💞🤗🌟💫🌹

          1. Annette

            Yep, and all that sweetness too……a real glutton I’ve been, lol
            I am finding BALANCE with it ALL!!! 😊

  6. Deep Appreciation Maria for your well-articulated comprehension of Who We ARE, our particular challenges (past AND present) as Pioneers/Wayshowers/Creators, and the sensate perspicacity to see-know the Divine root of our ‘situation’ 💖. And the BRILLIANT comments by both you and our other fellow Mission Leaders…… Major kudos from ALL on the A Team 🔆👽😉✌

  7. Hello Maria! I’ve returned to this post a few times, wanting to share my thoughts. At the same time, I’ve been wondering whether I ought to write a separate post altogether with a link back to this post or reblog it. Still debating…..still awaiting clarity from my Muse. Anyways, whatever I end up doing, I want to say that I so appreciate what you wrote here as it echoes pretty much all of my sentiments. It seems to be the ‘trend’ these days amongst ‘forerunners’ — this shared predicament. I wrote something similar not too long ago, and while I was still composing that post, another blogger-friend, Leigh Gaitskill also blogged about such a dilemma. That feeling of loneliness, of isolation, continues to linger and has been getting even more pronounced for me since last year. Thanks to journeyers like you — and yes, there sure are VERY FEW of you/us — thanks to this site and all that you’re sharing here, it really is quite comforting to be connected with kinfolks, albeit virtually. ❤ 🙂

    Much L ❤ ve & Big Hug!!! ❤ 🙂 ❤

    1. Nadine Marie…yes, this enlightenment isn’t what we expected and it’s good to know we are not truly alone in all of this….and whatever YOU end up doing, however you decide to express and share it, it always brings more love and light. You can’t get it wrong!!! Your radiance is felt and also appreciated! 🤗🌹💕💕💕

  8. Thanks Maria……I have missed reading your blog posts…..been so immersed in just BEING. Lovely way to honor us, thanks…….great reminder. As I was reading this, I kept hearing, “you’re welcome.” 🙂 OK. The Beans made me say it. heehee

    love you tons and tons, dearest Sistar Goddess…….

    1. First, I love hearing that you have ‘been so immersed in just BEING.’

      And, dear lovely Elizabeth……vis a vis the post….you’re welcome! :). and love you tons and tons back!!!!! 😘🌹💕💕💕💕💕

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