No Pain, No Gain, No More!

Photo Credit Maria Chambers

As we move into the New Energy, we are discovering that things don’t work the same way as they did in the old, dualistic energy.  And it can have us feeling frustrated.  But the frustration is actually because we are not used to things being easier.

Now, upon hearing that, the first reaction might be, “Of course I want things to be easier….who wouldn’t?”

But there is still a part of us that expects things to come hard, for there to be an element of pain and struggle.  So we create that.  The old, “no pain, no gain” crops its ugly head.

But many of us have noticed something.  That we are less and less apt to do anything now from a place of lack, which includes enduring pain in any form, physical or emotional.

This past summer I began physical therapy for a frozen shoulder that was troubling me for quite a while.  I heard some good things from others about that method.  The first session was painful, because the therapist said it was important to gently push past the pain so that the body would get the signal it was OK to do so, to move beyond the limited range it was getting accustomed to.

I certainly saw the benefit of that.  And it could easily be applied to emotional issues as well.

But I also noticed that following each new session, there was more pain and discomfort, and I wasn’t recovering from it.  So for a modicum of improvement in the shoulder…..was it worth all the pain?

And then it struck me.  It’s the old energy, the old 3D methodology at work.  No pain, no gain.

I was advised to take an anti-inflammatory during the times I felt pain. I did, with a large meal, and it still caused stomach acidity for a couple of days.  So it felt like once again, nothing 3D was working.

And any progress was going to involve more pain and discomfort.  And expense.

Part of me was doubting myself.  Maybe, I thought, I just wasn’t giving it enough time.  Maybe I need to just power through it.  Other people do.

Or maybe I was working with the wrong facilitator.  Maybe they were pushing me too hard.  Maybe I need to tell them I need to slow down.  So I did the next session.  I did as much as I felt comfortable doing, yet the same pain and discomfort followed for days later.

Another part of me chimed in, and asked, “Why are you making it so difficult?  Is there something you need to prove?”

And, there it was.  The AHA moment.  There is a part of me that felt good about being ‘responsible.’  After all, look what I had done.  I took responsibly for my health, went to the doctor, got the MRI (which came out clean, no serious issues in the shoulder).  Went to Physical Therapy.  It helped my mind to feel like it did its job.

Granted I did learn a couple of things, like it’s OK to move the arm.  Many people think that they must not try to move the affected area so they ‘guard’ as the professionals call it. So it keeps the shoulder locked into a frozen position.  It gave me permission to stretch the arm and shoulder more.

But there is also the part of me that said in my ear, “You know, the shoulder will heal when you are ready.  Didn’t you just write about that?”

Yep. I did.  I wrote a post about issues, physical and emotional, clearing when we are ready, and not a moment before.  Well, color me embarrassed.  Not following my own advice.

And of course I am not discouraging getting assistance for the body if it feels good to do so.  Some good bodywork, massage work from the right facilitator can go a long way in assisting the body to relax and to move stuck energies.  Absolutely.

However, at least for me, it seems that I can no longer justify any amount of pain for any amount of gain,

Where does that place me in this whole ascension process?  Good question.  Of course there is going to be discomfort involved.  Our bodies and minds are going through a major transformation.  But I have to wonder, am I still holding onto some pain because it’s been our MO for such a long time?

But it puts us in an awkward position, doesn’t it?  The mind gets pretty frantic at times.  It thinks we are not letting it do its job, which is to orchestrate our life.  Our health, our finances, and our relationships.  Oh, and of course, our enlightenment!  Except the mind isn’t qualified to do any of that.

Photo Credit Doug Hall


You know, this embodied enlightenment is a full-time job.  It really is.  It’s not a hobby, or a pastime, like bowling, golf, or crocheting.  It requires a type of diligence that others will not understand.

But it’s not the type of old energy, mental focused diligence.   It’s a completely different thing.  You’re not trying to ‘make’ anything happen.  You’re actually allowing things to happen.  And that, as you know is no easy task.

Others in your life may think you are just sitting around, not caring about anything any more.  Not caring about your family, your friends, your health, or your finances.  That can be a major distraction for an ascension pioneer.  They often stop their process because they are worried about what their family, friends, or co-workers will think of them.

But this transformation into our freedom requires that we no longer care what anyone else thinks.  In a misplaced desire to protect ourselves or others, we are denying ourself, and others in our life, the greatest gift.

Do we want to leave the Planet, not having allowed our freedom?  And do we want to blame it on others, because we believe they were holding us back?  Or do we want to walk into our sovereignty, and in the process, set everyone else free?

And really, when we worry that anyone else will be judging us, it’s really our own mind that is doing the judging.  Our mind still has some resistance to just allowing things to come to us with ease.  It believes it’s being irresponsible unless it’s doing all the heavy lifting.

But it’s also seeing evidence that allowing the soul to take care of things does work.

So, fast-forward, and my shoulder has been healing nicely, without any sort of therapy or exercises or drugs.  Life is good.

Enjoy Came Here To Open Up The Door 

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26 thoughts on “No Pain, No Gain, No More!

  1. elizabethsadhu

    OH yes, dear Sistar Goddess………profound fucking allowing……….heehee……..I got this phrase quite a few years ago….”profound allowing” and after mentioning it one time and getting that blank look, I did not mention it again for years………

    I have been thinking about the no pain no gain……oh my gosh……our 3D world has been so keen on this…..whether it is emotional issues, exercise, physical therapy, massage, etc…….WOW! thanks so much for writing about it here….what a great reminder that I needed to hear…….I have been having some pain…..I turned 60 in 3D years in August and somehow my brain was thinking that now I will have aches and pains…….fuck that shit! Thanks for reminding me that I AM not getting old and I don’t need to take on that shit. (Can you tell this topic is a passionate one for me? 🙂 )

    AND also thanks for the reminder (and permission on some level) that we are doing a full time fucking job! heehee……I just love the f word. Yes, we are! This morning I just didn’t want to go out right away , so despite some guilt, I skipped my exercise class……oy! GUILT……I want to be free from you! I felt that I needed to just hang and chill here with the dog I am pet sitting…….we will go on a walk in awhile.

    OMGOSH…..”Others in your life may think you are just sitting around, not caring about anything any more.  Not caring about your family, your friends, your health, or your finances.  That can be a major distraction for an ascension pioneer.  They often stop their process because they are worried about what their family, friends, or co-workers will think of them.” My beloved hubby and our closest friend are such exercise fanatics and must keep moving all the time…..sheesh!!!!! Fortunately my honey does get (one some level) my extreme need for quiet……Thank you for being here……all you ascension pioneer comrades……..

    I tend to not tell a lot of stuff to my 3D family and friends……and that is ok. So, do I tell my honey that I skipped exercise class this morning? no fucking way. ha…….it is all good. I am feeling so great right now.

    Thanks honey!!!!!

    love you tons and tons and thanks for listening……(I am listening to your song right now.)


    1. elizabethsadhu

      PS. I had a good friend tell me I was depressed because this summer I told her I didn’t feel like talking to anyone……heehee…..I just smiled. ❤

      1. Oh yes, siSTAR, me too. I was told a few years ago that I had signs of severe clinical depression. And later on, I made the mistake of telling that person that I was thinking I was done here on Earth. Well you can imagine how they responded. And understandably, from a strictly 3D perspective it does sound dire. They had no reference to those symptoms being ascension related.

        And yes, all we can do is smile.

    2. SiSTAR goddess….first and foremost, good for you for not giving into the Guilt….an emotion that for women especially has been a deep part of our galactic story. And it usually relates to not living up to someone else’s expectations of us.

      Fortunately it’s leaving our energy field for good.

      And kudos also on not giving a random number (age) any power over you.

      And relative to exercise, you have probably noticed that people do it for a variety of reasons. Some do it out of a belief that they must in order to maintain their health and weight, even if they are not enjoying it. And of course we see how that works out. Some do it for the adrenaline high. And some for the sheer joy of moving the body. Because it just feels good.

      And we’re discovering it doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing and what their motive is. All that matters is what we choose for ourselves, from a place of joy. And we’re getting better and better at that. Kudos to all of us!!!🤗🌹💕💕💕

  2. Elila

    Holy crap Maria–ive mentioned here before that I thought some of my physical issues we’re somehow unconsciously taken on from people I’m close to– primarily my mother. Some of my bodily issues seem to mirror hers. Aaaaaand, guess what? my SISTER has frozen shoulder on her right side, and I have been feeling THAT!! It’s even the same side as hers. She has also been doing all the PT and drugs and describes it all the same as you have here. It’s been well over a year she’s been dealing with it and still in pain (her lifestyle doesn’t exactly support healing though so not surprising). I however have just been doing some very gentle yoga stretching in the mornings and that has really helped. This whole post is just so spot on–allowing is not as easy as it sounds! Even tho I have seen it work, even for big things like a home, it’s STILL so difficult to relax my “difficulty program” mind. I catch myself all day long chewing on issues and mentally struggling for solutions and once I’m aware I take a deep breath and remind myself that I don’t need to FIX ANYTHING. That I can just ALLOW solutions. It’s having to slowly re-train the brain after eons of the “no pain no gain” program–or more accurately, ALLOW the reprogram LOL. It’s still just so hard to believe it could actually all be easier–ESPECIALLY when we are literally SURROUNDED by others who believe 100% in the requirement of struggle. And there’s even a little guilt when things just show up easily for me– because others are seeing it and resenting. But I’m realizing that this whole process is cyclical and slooooooow for a reason– we are being eased into the new programs so that there is no shock to the system or crashes, and I’m certain I WILL eventually be used to the new energy ways without having to really DO anything about it other than perhaps continuing to be aware and notice when I’m stuck in old energy fretting and attempting to orchestrate and let go. Just like any new habit it just takes time and practice, and it feels like we are getting that whether we want it or not LOL!
    Big hug to you and a warm loving hand on your sore shoulder dear friend 💙

    1. Elila, yes, absolutely, good point. Most of the symptoms we are experiencing are not even ours. We are picking up from others, and even from our ancestors, and we tend to process them as ours. It’s what we have done for so long that we believe we still need to do so.

      But it’s time to let that all go. We are not required to hold or process energies for anyone else. And your wisdom is noted. You say this process is slow for a good reason. And I also find it interesting that we are becoming role models in our own way, as we are very much human, and allow our eternal self to reside with us, others will relate to that. How could they relate to someone who never had any human challenges – someone who just walks around in a super human state?

      Thank you for sharing your love and Wisdom. Love and hugs to you dear friend.🌹🤗💕

  3. elizabethsadhu

    Another PS. I am working with a woman who helps with trapped emotions, dealing with physical pain……She is a miracle worker. Some of the stuff she has helped me release has been more than 10 generations back. She is also EASY to work with, a lovely human, she doesn’t charge a ton of money…..I so rarely endorse anyone now……if anyone is interested, I would be happy to share more. Christine of Aloha Energy Works. Say I recommended her. She is a love!

    What is also fun is that working with her is joyful and easy…….she works by phone and occasionally I have a little cry… joy joy

  4. Kat

    I just wrote a really long comment, pressed “post comment” and it didn’t show up ffs! So annoying
    Anyway, Maria I just wanted to tell you that I’m absolutely astonished how your articles always come so timely, because releasing control/no pain, no gain is what I have been thinking about the past couple of days. I’ve reached a point where I can’t be bothered to worry anymore; it’s become tiring and boring and I feel something inside of me loosening its grip on the inner “worry switch”.
    And after reading your article I’ve realised that it is actually very FREEING to let God/the soul/the universe steer the course and disburden the mind, because it just can’t take control of everything and anything. Maybe the mind needs to drive against the wall over and over again and get to the end of its rope until it can release control?

    This release of control is on the one hand liberating on the other hand it is also rather scary.

    Like Elila said, we can’t adopt this new way of being (because that’s what it is) in an instant, we need do unlearn something that has been at our core since our human experience : the release of control and the belief that there is no gain if there’s no pain which I see synonymously.
    I’m taking baby steps, because this is not just a try-out of a new “lifestyle”; this is for real, thorough and for good and I’m certain I couldn’t be doing this if I hadn’t done all the processing, purging and releasing work since this ascension process started many years ago. Now,it is all actually falling into place.
    Big Hugs to you and Elila 🙂 ❤

    1. Kat you are so right, ‘the inner worry switch’ is on its way out, and baby steps seem to work well in this process as you say. I also liked your analogy of the car driving against the wall over and over again till it gets to the end of it’s rope….that’s what it feels like for sure.

      The mind won’t give up without a fight.

      And yes, liberating and scarey, both.

      I guess we have to ‘go out of our minds.’ Even if it appears crazy to us and to others, yet it’s the sanest thing we have ever done.

      Big hugs to you.😘🤗🌹💕💕

    2. elizabethsadhu

      Kat! I cannot tell you how many times I have lost comments… now I write the comment, copy the content and then when it does not post, I still have it in the ethers……and then I can paste on the second go around……

      I love what you said about not being bothered to worry anymore……sheesh…..I realize that my worry is so often on automatic pilot……so letting that one fly free, far far away.

      much love to all!

      1. Kat

        “Kat! I cannot tell you how many times I have lost comments… now I write the comment, copy the content and then when it does not post, I still have it in the ethers……and then I can paste on the second go around……”

        I usually do that, too but this time I forgot. But the first comment wasn’t lost; it just took a while to be posted. I rushed in to write a second one straight away haha. That’ll teach me for next time

        1. elizabethsadhu

          For some reason on my laptop it will pop up “sorry that comment cannot be posted” and it is not consistent…….oh well…….

          hey, we are letting go of no pain, no gain, eh? AND letting go of that…….because it does give me a slight pain when I lose whole posts…… 🙂 ❤ ❤

          love to us all!

  5. Elila

    Yep Maria I am more than ready to let all that go. Im actually a little surprised that since mom’s passing some of it hasn’t dissipated more. But you have said before and I completely agree, that at this point all the symptoms are ascension related. That feels entirely true to me and makes me relax more and not give a crap about it all most of the time bcuz I know it’s just old stuff getting up and out. SLOWLY. Lol. And yes I agree we are becoming excellent role models. I consider that my “purpose” or “job” in this lifetime– to simply be an example of a new way of being. But at some point all the physical BS & financial stuff etc has to improve bcuz in order to be a role model people have to WANT what you have and as yet no one is gonna want to be in my shoes hahaha! So looking forward to all this nonsense processing itself out and basically everything being markedly easier. And thank YOU my dear– I just can’t express in words how valuable you and your sharing of wisdom here is to me! 💙

    And hi Kat! A big yes to everything you have said. I love the car analogy too–that IS what it feels like, driving into a wall over and over until I catch myself unconsciously on the worry hook and consciously decide to stop. But of course having to do that over and over and over… reminds me of when I was quitting cigs– ya just have to keep quitting til it sticks and comes naturally. And it takes a bit. Big hug back to you dear one!

    Elizabeth– I was gonna say the same as you about copying my posts cuz lost ones have happened to me too many times too!!
    Love all around to all of us 💙💙💙💙💙

    1. elizabethsadhu

      Thanks Maria, dearest Sistar Goddess for bringing us kindreds together……..

      Loving the connections here. We get our shit, eh? Who else can we talk to about this stuff????!!!!?????

      A shout out to Brenda Hoffman of Life Tapestry Creations……the only two blogs I read are hers and Maria’s. Blessed sisters…..

      Elila–oh yes…..felt that pain too many times, copy and paste……out into the ethers and back. heehee

      love to us all!

      1. Kat

        “Loving the connections here. We get our shit, eh? Who else can we talk to about this stuff????!!!!?????”

        Exactly Elizabeth. Nopne else really if you ask me. So glad for Marias blog and the connections to you guys here. Love you all 🙂 xx

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