Empathy, Sympathy, Guilt and Obligation

Image by Maria Chambers

When we talk about wanting to feel free, wanting to be ourselves, we need to look at the ways we have not felt free.

And for each of us it’s different, but there is a common thread.  We haven’t felt free to be our total selves.  If we are to be that free, there is fear.

There is a fear of change, a fear of being all alone in the world.  We already feel alone in this process of transformation.

There is a fear of losing our support base, whatever that may be for each of us.  For some of us it’s financial, for others emotional, or both.  Especially since we have not yet established the connection with our eternal self that we want.

It’s there, the relationship between us as the human and our soul, but you could say it’s developing.  The trust isn’t quite there completely yet.  So we tend to straddle both worlds, which creatures stress in our minds and our bodies.

But it seems we are required to be more and more in the moment.  To be present.  And when we try to project into the future, things become more stressful.

Image by Maria Chambers

In fact, the time/space reality that we find ourselves in is actually moving through us, which means we need only allow things to come to us.  The old paradigm of going out and making things happen doesn’t seem to work anymore for us.

So we are called to feel into our soul, and when we do, we can feel the joy, even if it’s sporadic.  The feeling that all is well, that everything we need or want is already created.  And our only job is really to release the resistance.

And we are doing that.  But part of that resistance is hanging onto guilt and obligation.  Continuing to use sympathy or empathy as we relate to others or to humanity.

But we are recognizing that these behaviors and attitudes are not serving our enlightenment.  Yet it’s one of the most resistant parts of us.  It’s been our m.o. For a very long time.  Lifetimes long for many of us.

Image by Maria Chambers

Many of us have allowed others to feed off of our empathy and sympathy and we have paid the price emotionally and physically.

So it’s one of the toughest challenges to our freedom.  It can stop a person from continuing along on their embodied enlightenment.

There is a belief that we are in some way harming or betraying or abandoning people in our life, or even humanity.  That because we are not so attached in the old, emotional ways we are not serving mankind in the way we used to.

And of course we are not.  We are serving in a completely new way.  A way that our mind is not yet so comfortable with.  We teach others a new way of self-love that humanity hasn’t yet learned.

We show by example that you get to feel any way you choose about yourself regardless of what the rest of humanity thinks.

Because if we indulge in feelings of sympathy and empathy, guilt or obligation, we are playing in a victim mentality once again, and we forfeit our freedom.

It’s challenging in a world that operates from a victim mentality, in which energies are continuously being extracted from others, in which people are looking outside themselves for love and validation.

But we can’t continue to feel responsible for others, or for their well-being, and at the same time claim our freedom and the joy that is our birthright.

And all we need to do is to continue to allow our soul to speak its truth, which is joy, worthiness, carefreeness, self-love, and an exuberance for life.

So those who we think we are ‘leaving behind’ are also benefitting along with us.  They also then get to choose to be sovereign, self-loving beings.

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13 thoughts on “Empathy, Sympathy, Guilt and Obligation

  1. elizabethsadhu

    Thanks dear Sistar Goddess Maria—–So absolutely spot on and perfect. I found myself telling this to a client yesterday. Thanks for the beautiful confirmation…..wooohoooooo!

    lovs us all!

  2. mom2bzs

    This resonates to me in relation to my elderly mother. I feel like I used to be the place of emotional caretaker for her when I was younger. I keep my distance at this point. She’s on alzeimers meds, so she’s not all there sometimes. Its not a good relationship for me, so I basically keep myself detached and distant. Although I do get triggered at times, and feel very irritated. I notice at times I fall into old patterns.

    1. mom2bzs…I believe many of us were the emotional caretakers for our parents…and paid the price for sure. And good for you that you have distanced yourself. I hope you’re not hard on yourself when you do get triggered. Very challenging, especially as it relates to our mothers.

      My mother was in a nursing home for the last five years of her life, and toward the end she didn’t speak and didn’t recognize me or my brother. She, like so many women back then got lost in the patriarchal world and ended up forfeiting her freedom.

      Ours was also not a very close relationship. In fact since she passed we have had a much better relationship. No more mother/daughter stuff to get in the way.

      So as we let go of the old role of caretakers, and walk into our freedom we pave the way for our lineage to come back to Earth and taste their own freedom.

      So, thank you fellow wayshower for what you are doing. It is truly groundbreaking to let go of being in service from a place of suffering and walking as an enlightened woman.

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