Imagine a World….

Art by a Maria Chambers

As I sit here at Starbucks, I am enjoying watching the baristas doing their daily dance of creating and serving coffee elixirs.  But this morning there is a refreshing twist,  as they wear their pajamas.  Mostly Christmas-themed, including fuzzy holiday slippers.

Some are participating, some not, in today’s relaxed and fun dress code.  One is just wearing reindeer ears.

What struck me was that they were more animated and playful, and seemed to be enjoying themselves even as they carried out their service to the public.  And I started feeling more relaxed myself.  I was going to wear a long duster coat this morning but thought maybe it would stand out too much in the conservative community here

It’s definitely no Jersey City.*

You  will see the occasional bright blue or pink hair but overall, it’s jeans, dresses, running suits, exercise-wear, the popular legging pants, shorts and sandals.  Business as usual.

I am living in a relatively conservative area.  Not a whole lot of diversification.  I wondered at times why I wasn’t living in a place that offered more of a cross cultural and open-minded environment.

Not that it troubles me.  I generally bloom where I’m planted.

I remember years ago when I lived near downtown Clearwater, I would sit at the Starbucks across the street from the massive Scientology Headquarters.  It fascinated me as I watched men and women walking the streets in their white shirts and beige pants.  Or was it beige shirts and dark pants?

Looking back it was the complete opposite of expressing individuality.

But sometimes I like to imagine a place that is embracing of differences and individuality.  You know, the whole enchilada.   You could be whoever you wanted to be without scorn, without ridicule or worse.

A friend of mine and his husband live in Salt Lake City, a place that is more embracing of  the LGBT community than the rest of Utah. In the church they attend, I think it’s one of those unity type churches, there is a man who will dress in a skirt and blouse or in a dress occasionally.

Art by Maria Chambers

Can you imagine a world that no longer distinguishes gender as only man or woman?   In which each gender’s characteristics are not so clearly and narrowly defined. A world in which there are welcome those who are genderless, or gender-fluid?

‘A world in which a custom wedding cake is not made into a federal case** as an excuse to tear at the dignity of other human beings.’

A world in which a custom wedding cake is not made into a federal case as an excuse to tear at the dignity of other human beings.

How about a world in which a woman can express her sensuality freely, wear whatever she wants, who enjoys her senses and her environment without it being interpreted as sexual.  Without others shaming her or accusing her of being a seductress, or worse.

Or where a man doesn’t have to prove his manhood by associating himself with aggression, and sexual prowess, and lack of true emotion.  A world in which the worst insult to a man wouldn’t be that he’s a girl. Or has woman-like qualities.

In fact, he would actually feel flattered that he was so balanced within his own being.  That he had a healthy balance of the masculine and the feminine.

Or, you know, a world that embraced and celebrated any size, age, color, gender, race, ethnicity…..

Art by Maria Chambers

OK! Enough with the musing.  Lest I forget that we are living in a world that is just not quite there yet.  It will take quite a bit more time. But I knew that.  I didn’t come here to change the world, but I did come here to offer a potential, along with others, of a world that would embrace all forms of expression.

And of course that starts with me, as I continue to nurture my own Christ Consciousness.

* Jersey City, New Jersey has been ranked the most culturally diverse city in the United States…hey, I don’t make the rules.  I thought it was Portland!

** Supreme Court Hears Same-Sex Wedding Cake Case
Last Updated Dec 5, 2017 at 1:41 pm ET
The Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday over a Colorado baker’s claim that free-speech and religious exercise protections exempt him from state law outlawing discrimination against gay people.

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13 thoughts on “Imagine a World….

  1. Kat

    ” A world in which there are welcome those who are genderless, or gender-fluid?”

    I think if we stopped putting men and women into gender “boxes” and put expectations on them to act according to their gender we wouldn’t need words like genderless or gender fluid, cause people would then just be themselves. Some born in a female body, some in a male and a few in a body that has characteristics of both sexes.
    Do you live in Jersey now? If so, when did you move away from Florida?

    Hope you are well dear Maria 🙂

    1. I so agree,’s so tiresome sometimes…such a huge waste of energy. No more boxes!!!!

      I still live in Florida. But I did live in New Jersey almost all my life…I was surprised that Jersey City was ranked the most culturally diversified of all the United States, though. It wouldn’t be my first choice to live there.

      I am doing well my dear Kat. I hope all is well with you.🤗💕💕

  2. sweet pea

    so sooo beautifully expressed Maria 💕🤗💗

    having grown up in conservative religion one of the inconsistencies that always drove me so darn crazy in the beliefs i was taught was that for people who preach “in the world and not of the world” and who claim to be focused on “spirituality”, they are obsessively OBSESSED with the limitations of the physical world – body parts, gender roles, even things like clothing and hair and makeup lol. if you truly believe in an afterlife and a soul beyond your body, it makes no kinda sense to be bound by and defined by these limitations.

    as a kid this bothered me so much, and i never could reconcile it until i left home and left the church. now i just feel like the majority of organized religious structure isn’t even about “spiritually”, it’s about them being able to create rules that they can use to control other people with 🙄. at the root of it all, the anti-gay bigotry isn’t about the bible or god’s will, it’s about the threat it all causes to the patriarchal structure they want to keep in place. the more people are free to explore and accept the different shades and variations of the soul’s manifestation of masculine and feminine energy, the more balance we are all free to find within ourselves, and since patriarchy only exists because of imbalance, that terrifies them.

    1. Sweet pea, you make so many well stated points here….I so agree, most people whose heels are dug deeply into their (uncontested….meaning the Bible, a book written some 2000 years ago should never be questioned, right???) ‘spiritual’ morality are simply using god to justify the perpetuation of the same old patriarchy.

      And yep, they are more fearful now because of the feminine energies being planted on the planet.

      And as we have been saying, when you drill down, the homophobia, and the transphobia, etc. are, at their root, anger and fear towards the feminine.

      I know I need to be more neutral when I look at things In the news, but sometimes I just can’t believe the level of ignorance and unconsciousness going on.

      I think also as a woman, I have been more personally impacted by the events of late going on with the powers to be. I thought I was fairly awake and aware but it seems I too had internalized so much of the misogyny in our culture.

      Things that I shrugged off as recently as a year or so ago now I am amazed at how those same things are not acceptable to me. Even seemingly benign remarks and attitudes, by people who I otherwise respected have triggered a reset switch in me.

      1. sweet pea

        yes Maria, i too keep getting shaken in places i thought i had a sense of calm in. such crazy times 😩… it’s sorta oddly comforting for me tho cause so much of this is stuff that i dealt with in really deep personal experiences a few years ago, and i went through all kinds of mess feeling like it was just me…like i was really alone in the kind of feminine energy i had inside of me… seeing so many others stand up and speak so strongly the same feelings i have about patriarchy and toxic masculinity and all the things that seem to be waging war against the feminine right now, i guess as tumultuous as things are… i do feel less alone 😕… things that made me want to die inside a few years ago don’t feel so personal anymore 💜

        1. Yes yes yes, sweet pea.!! I am sure that the comfort and of not feeling so alone is being felt by millions of women now. A newfound solidarity and strength knowing we are not crazy or wrong for feeling what we have been feeling, whether it was a criminal violation toward us, or something that was so subtle, even a remark or a look, that somehow just didn’t feel right to us.

          In fact sometimes it comes in as an intended compliment.

          So shouldn’t we have felt flattered? But often the sexism is veiled in a compliment, and when we say it’s an insult, we are told we are being too sensitive. An example being “women should be cherished and protected.”

          You mean like a Royal Daulton tea set?

          Recently I heard these words from someone I thought was intelligent and sensitive, “There is no gender inequality.” Say what now???

          And this one, “We (men) LOVE women.”

          But admittedly, I myself on many levels came to accept (or maybe the word is internalize) that we as women somehow simply did not make the grade as human beings.

          And it’s why so many of us came in as lightworkers and the new leaders of consciousness. We knew things had to change because things were so damn stuck to the point where both women and men had internalized the anger toward the feminine.

          As you say, sweet pea, you recognized you were no longer alone in your experiences as a woman. The issue is not just universal but a galactic one.

          I used to think the guilt I felt was because of my personal experience and my upbringing in a family that used guilt to control me. But as I awakened I learned that the guilt that I felt goes back to a time before the Earth was created. The feminine feeling guilt and responsible for the masculine’s sense of abandonment from and anger toward the feminine.

          So I agree the wave of protest and women coming forward now is heartening. Even though it’s already creating a backlash from those who say it’s become a witch hunt.

          All part of the game. The ones who have the most to lose from the feminine coming back and demanding equality (which will ultimately create the balance the Planet desperately needs) are protesting the loudest.

          1. sweet pea

            ug yes Maria, the condescending dismissals are the worst 😡 they know it’s real, the dismissal is just one more form of abuse…i’ve really come to a place where i refuse to even engage with anyone who still vibrates in lower masculine energy… my spirit just has no kinda tolerance for it 🙅🏼‍♀️

            i guess that’s probably what makes me so grateful for the mainstream upheaval… like you i’ve already fought this battle too personally and i’m ready too put the weight down 😔

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