Ascension And Enlightenment-Myths and Reality

Image by Maria Chambers

A lot of information coming out of the spiritual community suggests that the planet is on the verge of enlightenment. That the events we are witnessing in the world news are a precursor to quantum shifts of consciousness within the masses.

Yet if you allow yourself to feel into the collective consciousness, without judgement, you will most likely conclude that the prevailing energies out there in terms of consciousness are significantly behind yours at this time.

While there have been many awakenings across the globe, for the most part humanity is still in its formative stages of ascension.

And although social unrest and protest are becoming more highlighted as a result of the toxic patriarchy’s extremism, most humans are still playing victim and are looking outside themselves for solutions to personal and global problems.

They are still in good vs. bad, right vs. wrong mentality.  They judge themselves for the most part as unworthy.  They are not acknowledging the existence of their soul as something that is within them.

Is that OK with you?

“Does the planet have to catch up with where you are in order for you to feel like the master of your creations?”

Does the planet have to catch up with where you are in order for you to feel like the master of your creations?

Image by Maria Chambers

Yes, the light has hit this planet, and continues to grow more intense.  Yes, people sense something is different, and are interpreting it as bad.  The light is doing its job.  Things are being exposed.  It’s becoming more difficult to hide.  Everyone on the planet to one degree or another has given permission for this light at this time, on a soul level.  But for some it will be too much, and many will be leaving.

For others it will manifest as upheaval in their lives.

And for some others they will continue doing what they have been doing, trying to make their lives work within a system that has consistently failed them time and time again.


We came into this lifetime knowing that it would be a time of such immense potential to realize our own enlightenment, which creates new templates for the rest of our human family.

We are not here to change the world, but to share our radiance with it.  Whoever is ready to receive that radiance will receive it, and will do with it what they want to.  And that number is growing, and could number in the millions eventually.  And it will help them to facilitate their own ascension.

As pioneers of change, we had big aspirations.  One of which is to embody spirit and to walk the planet Earth as the embodied master.

And it’s not that we are not capable of  realizing that potential.  But we didn’t quite realize the type of resistance we would be up against here in such a crude, dense environment.  It’s always easier when we are in the non-physical to create, unimpeded by a time/space reality with all the pesky gravity.

Not to mention all the inherited crap, both physical and emotional that we have to contend with on a daily basis.  And of course the mind is the most resistant to change.  It’s been a battle between our mind and our heart for a long time.

Image Credit Maria Chambers


But this lifetime we have the opportunity to feel a type of joy that is unheard of in this reality called 3D.  We wanted this to be the lifetime that we would embody spirit in the densest and most resistant of systems.

When we do feel that joy, we are amazed because it’s a joy that as a human we have rarely allowed ourself to experience in this or any other lifetime.

In those moments, and even for now if it’s just moments at a time, give yourself the credit you deserve.  Because most humans are nowhere near that place of allowing.

And we as a group are creating our own very distinct reality in which we can exist, and express, whether we call it 5D or another name.   It’s a totally separate consciousness than the reality the planet is experiencing. Yet we can walk this planet, be in this world, but in an entirely new way.

You could say we are the masters, just passing through.

It’s important to point out here that if we wanted to be in a nirvana-type of reality that some spiritual sources espouse we are heading for, we wouldn’t have incarnated here on this planet at this time.  We are adventurers and way showers, and by definition that means challenging existing systems of reality.  We are bringers of new energy.


Another perception floating around is that as we integrate our spirit within our body we will become avatars, and be superhuman, transcending all our human limitations.  Another setup for disappointment.

Our soul and our human self are learning to merge and mingle with each other in a loving partnership.

We will still be very human, and also recognize ourselves as the master.  The master knows they can choose how they want to feel.  They still may have an active mind, but the thoughts that travel through their mind don’t have such a triggering effect on them.

They can choose to feel the joy of their soul.  And ultimately life reflects back that place of joy.  Yet feeling the joy on a more continuous basis is something that seems elusive right now.

Image by Maria Chambers


But it’s important to remind ourselves that even though we are on the accelerated path, we did choose to do this on a planet that for the  most part is still in its ascension infancy.

We love this planet.  Many of us have spent countless lifetimes here.  This lifetime we chose to be the lifetime of integration.

But the reality is we are the emerging masters on a planet that doesn’t really recognize who we are.

Well, thank god for nature, and a good cup of dark roast!

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29 thoughts on “Ascension And Enlightenment-Myths and Reality

  1. Eliza Ayres

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    I love your balanced and grounded commentary on the State of the Planet. Thank you for sharing your perspective. Much of what has been put forth by the New Age psy-op is presently unattainable by the majority of humans here, including most starseeds. Yet the Light has been anchored and the seeds planted for the next cycle. Let the show begin…

  2. Barbara

    Ah, Maria, thank you for those soul soothin’ sounds. Much needed and appreciated.I am au contraire to that famous poem… in that I’m determined (today) to ‘go gently’ as I travel into those dark places. Not quite got the capital M for ‘master’ yet, but okay with the knowledge. Love, B.

  3. Thank you. It is nice to read said thoughts on what is being published out there in the spiritual community right now. This is another reason why my circle continues to dwindle. : )

    It is an interesting dichotomy when they say that this process isn’t for the “faint of heart”. It’s as if one starts out this way and builds heart strength with the ultimate goal of finding balance.

    Hence the balance between heart and mind.

    How can one enter into this process without being at a level that the masses (unfortunately) would consider the “faint of heart”? And, well, don’t get me started on the mind. : )

    The bleeding hearts have no mind and the mind driven have no heart. To balance the heart and balance the mind takes an incredible amount of tenacity.

    The process requires addressing the strengths and weaknesses of both heart and mind, the balance and all the work required to achieve and maintain this balance. The work that this entails seems never ending and insurmountable at times.

    Questions never cease and an endless amount of discernment is key. : )

    1. Well said, Pocahontas…..and agreed, the circle does seem to get smaller…a small but very tenacious group…devoted group. You have to be after a point, don’t you? and yes, discernment is the key for sure. Thank you.💕

  4. We are like lighters, low on fluid. Trying and trying to ignite that flame. Finally igniting that flame with the end goal of lighting that candle. Once we are able to light that candle, it is our job to keep that candle lit. On this here dense planet, this is quite the undertaking, I would say. Ode to long hot showers and the silly analogies that come out of them. : ) Here’s to the tenacity of all of the souls that had the fortitude to take on such a venture.

  5. All ‘myths’ – and ‘legends’ – in human history are based on actual events, manifestations, ‘realities’…and persons. And achieving a consistent State of Nirvana Bliss (aka Joy) is one of those 😉 The only limitations an individual ‘human’ experiences are those which the Soul of that ego/personality/expression places upon its ‘avatar’ — and which its often uncooperative ego-mind refuses to rescind and release at each appropriate shift-point in the illusion of linear time — as it plays first the Game of Ascension, and then Embodiment….

    1. Yes, waverider…if what you are saying is that our human personality self is the one that puts the breaks on, I agree. It’s been responsible for creating for us for such a long time so giving up that control hasn’t come easily for sure.

      It seems letting go of the mind’s need to control Is the biggest hurdle….but I am finding that as I allow myself to experience more bliss, my mind let’s go a little more….it really appreciates not having to be responsible for my life….or my enlightenment.

      1. Yes, it is the ego-mind that limits, that ‘puts the brakes on’ out of FEAR of ‘losing control’ (and part of that is scoffing at the possibilities of teleportation, psychic powers, superhuman health, eternal bliss, imperturbably Mind, etc.) 🙂 But it IS Your ‘responsibility’ — the REAL You — to assertively wrest back ‘control’ of your life from your ego-mind, put your Self (your True Soul Self) back into the Navigator’s chair – and DIRECT THE HUMAN SELF towards its OWN ‘enLIGHTenment’ (bc your Soul already knows ALL, IS a Fractal Aspect OF All, and so needs no ‘enlightenment’, not even any information of ANY kind, ever). THAT, my illustrious goddess friend, is the goal: Self-Mastery, the mastery of the ‘little self’ by the Embodied (Christ) Consciousness of the True (God) Self. Also called ‘Merging with one’s Higher Self’. Its very analogous to raising a child to ‘adulthood’ — except that the ‘child’ is your own human/ego/personality/3D self hehe 😀 And, as any parent knows, that is NO SMALL TASK!! It is, as any yogi or guru or lama will testify to, THE most difficult thing a Being who has taken on physical form can accomplish in this Universe ❤

  6. Lisa

    Let’s face it. This embodied enlightenment thing is a complete overhaul of one’s being, requiring one to accept a completely new operating system of reality that is (oh, by the way) completely opposite of – and diametrically opposed to – the one being replaced. And it all happens ‘on the fly’ of our previous life, large chunks of which either gradually or simultaneously dissolve and fall away, leaving one to think and feel like he/she is going insane (and, of course, his/her friends and family members think that too – another unpleasant byproduct of this experience to grapple with and ‘master’).

    We all have free will, yet we awakening ones know we really don’t have a choice here. Our soul signed up to be forerunners of this ‘transformation’ (accurate, but doesn’t do the experience justice), so resisting (which we’ve all done in myriad ways on myriad occasions and gotten lovingly bitch slapped) is futile. Acceptance and straight through each challenge is the only real option.

    I, for one, am weary and not really sure how I’ve been able to do it, but I’m hoping the worst of the deconstruction phase is over and that we brave forerunners are now moving out of the void and into the ‘construction of the new’ phase.

    Looking forward to feeling inspired, passionate, purposeful, and in love with life again! It’s coming! Our knowingness knows it!

    Love, peace and happy holidays to all!


    1. Kat

      Dear Lisa,

      I’ve experienced the void for suuuuch a long time, but a week ago things changed. I feel an inner purpose now and I have a couple of projects I want to realise. And this after years of not knowing what I want and being in the void. I don’t even know what the void feels like anymore (which is not saying that I won’t experience it again), so things can change really rapidly!

      I experienced something very interesting that day that I mark as my “turning point”:

      I was just thinking about how I’ve felt trapped in my situation for such a long time, but for a couple of days this feeling has started to diminish, even though my outer situation hasn’t really changed. Just when I had this thought (of not feeling trapped any longer) I saw what seemed like a glitch, like the ones when you watch an old movie and the image distorts for a split second and then goes back to normal. I saw it with my physical eye. I feel like I either jumped timelines or set a new course for my future. I think it’s the latter. It was sooo interesting to witness though, my whole reality just felt like a projection.

      Any of you ever experienced anything similar?
      Much love

      1. Hi Kat,

        Yes, yes and YES!! I have been very distant from ‘normality’ for donkey’s years but there is a new disconnect that I can only decribe as observational. I have been observing for years but this is NEW. It is to do with a higher level of me coming in and looking with more distance than I have ever had before. This parallels with your ‘not feeling trapped any longer’ Massive disconnects also from parasitical energies. Nothing much changes but suddenly it all feels different!! As you say, like a projection….hence the distance, probably. And I have just started a blog (the readers here may like the vibe) I will check with Maria if she is happy for me to give the link here on her site. I had wanted to do this for so long, and now it suddenly feels right and flows.
        Ever onward……….inward? upward?
        with Love, Gail xxx

  7. Lisa

    Hi Kat,

    I haven’t experienced anything like what you describe…yet. I certainly hope to though…soon! I’m uber inspired to hear that you’re feeling like you’re exiting the void after a long time. While I still have no path (still hovering in the void), I am starting to feel an undercurrent of excitement that something out of the blue is going to present and quickly move me in a direction that feels perfect.

    I think we’re all in for wonderful surprises in 2018!

    Happy holidays!

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