For Womankind, It’s A Brand New Day

Image Credit Maria Chambers

What a beautiful experience it is to be here at this time of change.  Especially for women, as the Sacred Feminine infiltrates its presence upon the planet.

It’s  amazing to witness such a mass awakening of sorts, as women all around the world emerge from the shadows, allowing their voices to be heard as they never dared before.

Women who for so long never quite trusted themselves, even though they knew in their hearts that something was very wrong.  Whether they experienced criminal level sexual abuse, or the more subtle, yet equally harmful sexist behaviors and attitudes that permeated their home, social and work environments.

Many of us have had the full gamut.

But those of us who are the path-finders understand that the deep wounds that both women and men have incurred are a galactic story that had been playing out long before the Earth was created.

And now that galactic story is coming to an end.  Oh, it will take some time for it to leave, but what we are witnessing on a global level is the stirrings of a brand new day.

But there is still work to be done…

Image Credit Maria Chambers

In order for real change to take effect, lasting change, women need to recognize that they no longer are required to be the caretakers for the rest of humanity.

“We are not here to nurture, or to make  others more comfortable in their state of unconsciousness.”

We are not here to nurture, or to make others more comfortable in their state of unconsciousness.  Quite a radical statement.  But we are here in a different capacity now.  To show others how to love themselves first.  The Planet desperately needs role models of a self-loving, sovereign woman.

We are no longer here to soothe the angry male energies.  To tiptoe around the fragile toxic male ego.  And I am not speaking of the balanced masculine here but the aspect of the masculine that has embraced misogyny.  And of course both men and women can accept and embody the imbalance.

So we are not meant to feel guilt or shame or responsibility around the toxic masculine feeling unworthy of love, and then him taking it out on the feminine.  Holding energies for him, trying to nurture him only prolongs his journey, and delays his need to face his own emotions of sadness and abandonment.

We are not here to play games with him, allowing him to convince us that we have been seducing him, or that he is entitled to our love and affection simply because we have struck up a friendship with him.

Dear gentlewomen, you may already know all of this, but sometimes things go unconscious and we need little reminders.

Image Credit Maria Chambers

And in all cases, trust your feelings.

There is no need to reward men for their ‘good behavior’ when it should just be expected that they will treat you with respect.  No need for, “Thank you for not pressuring me into romance or sex with you.”

You should never feel like saying or even thinking, “Thank you for being a decent human being.”

You should never be judging yourself for how you are dressed, or if you are being friendly or maybe just full of spirit, lest he interprets that as coming on to him.

Trust that if you say ‘no‘, or say you just want to be friends, that means no.  Even if he interprets it as “she’s just playing hard to get.”  Or that ‘no’ means he just needs to work harder to ‘win’ her love.

We know better than to mistake the incessant trying to win us over or the over the top generosity as romantic.  It’s clearly stalking and disrespect for our choice.

If you feel like you have not been heard.  You haven’t been.  The toxic male can be quite manipulative and charming and comes in all types, even the nice guy.

Many of us have been fooled.

If someone, male or female, is desperate to hang onto a relationship long after its expiration date, it’s because they are terrified of facing their emotions and will do anything to avoid those emotions.

He will convince himself he’s madly in love.  And convince himself that any tiny gesture on her part is proof that she feels the same.

Women feel tremendous guilt if they want to move on.

When I have moved on from relationships, I have been told I was heartless.  Somehow I was the bad guy, and they were the victim.

If you want to see someone’s true colors, watch their behavior and attitude after the breakup.  Or how they talked about their ex-girlfriend or wife.  If she was cast as the she-devil, be careful, you will be next in line.

“Trust yourself.  If something doesn’t feel right, it isn’t.”

Trust yourself.  If something doesn’t feel right, it isn’t.  Don’t allow anyone else to think for you.  The toxic masculine has been trying to do that with women for a very long time.

And women have been allowing that control for far too long.

Your primary allegiance is with YOU.  No one else.  Guilt or obligation should not even be a factor.

Any sense of familiarity or security is not enough for the price you are paying.  You have a right, and a responsibility to yourself to feel the joy that is your birthright.  And one of the ways that will happen is to let go of the old, worn out role of care taking the broken hearts of humanity, and more specifically of the wounded male.  And remember, you are not doing it alone.  You have the backing of your soul.  Your Divine Self is already free and is delighted to express itself through you.

“…your Divine Self is not interested in compromising its joy and its freedom for ANYONE!”

And your Divine Self is not interested in compromising its joy and its freedom for ANYONE!

What we on the forefront are doing is monumental.  It is a history changer for the female gender, and for the planet.  We are essentially letting go of a role we have been playing for eons of time,

It took some of the bravest souls to incarnate as women, but we wanted to be some of the new leaders.

The events that have transpired the past several months are testimony that the women on this planet are ready for a fresh new perspective.  Amazing times.

It is indeed a brand new day.

Enjoy Brand New Day from Cosmic Blend

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11 thoughts on “For Womankind, It’s A Brand New Day

  1. Barbara

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Teary and thumbs up at the same time…. a great feeling and dear Maria, I’m going to own it! I hereby declare 2018 the year of the sovereign sensual woman worldwide! Frequencies now open and vibing high and my heart-iest congratulations to the forerunners. Here we go! Love you big-time, B.

  2. I celebrate with you dear Barbara…it’s something to feel good about as we usher in the New Year! Thank you for owning it, and for declaring, “2018 the year of the sovereign sensual woman worldwide!”

    Love you big time too.🌹💕💕💕💕

  3. Thank you and so perfectly said and replicates what I was saying to a client today. Oh yes oh yes…….leave it to you to say it so brilliantly and perfectly and succinctly.

    love you tons and tons, dear Sistar Goddess!

    joy joy joy!


      1. I am giggling….I love you dearest sister friend…….we are one, eh? Love this!!!!!

        I love the sound of that……collaboration—interdimensional style…….woooohooooooooo!

        muah muah muah and hugest hugs!

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