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Nothing Left To Overcome


Image Credit Maria Chambers

As I sit here with my dark roast, contemplating this whole embodied enlightenment deal, I wonder why so many of us have been feeling kind of lost.  Like we have no real passion or direction.  Why is it so difficult to accept that we are in a void and need to just allow this process?

I think it’s partly because we are so used to overcoming things.  To a trailblazer, that is like double dipped ice cream with sprinkles on top.  We are always the first to initiate change…to go through the vortex and create new templates.

So, in this embodied enlightenment, have we actually come to the end of the road?  Is there nothing left to do?  In terms of  overcoming an injustice, or breaking the mold, or having a ‘purpose’ here?

I realized I have always liked being the first to dive into places where few have gone.  I know it’s gotten me into hot water in more than one lifetime.  Some rather unpleasant endings.

It had to do with spirit.   I wanted to express that intangible part of myself, but the environment never felt quite right.  The timing just wasn’t right.  But apparently that didn’t stop me, and well…let’s just say I met with a few untimely and unpleasant endings.

But apparently those experiences didn’t deter me, because I kept coming back for more.  I relished the adventure into the unknown.

And I kept reincarnating into the same family line because even though I was an adventurer, I did want to be close to mom and dad.

There was still karma to deal with.  Until this time around,

This time it was all about letting it all go, the karma, the blood line, the ancestral DNA…it all had to go.  And for the most part, I have let go of a lot.  We all have.

And it’s one reason it feels so strange being here now.  There is no longer those ties to family, friends, or even to mass consciousness, to humanity itself.  Not to mention our spiritual families back home.

Image Credit Maria Chambers


But up until now, I hadn’t considered the letting go of  enjoying something to overcome.  Enjoying the resistance.

Viva la resistance.

For example, right now women on the planet are enjoying waking up and feeling the anger for allowing themselves to be oppressed for eons of time by the patriarchal culture.

First order of business for those women is to feel angry toward the toxic masculine.  Absolutely appropriate.  There has been backlash from the toxic masculine (which also includes women who embrace it) who says that it’s become a witch hunt, and that women are over-reacting,

And the female gender is saying to them, “step down, you had your chance to be angry at women for eons of time, and we tried to soothe your anger for eons of time.

So, step back, and just let us feel our anger.  You don’t have a voice right now.  Don’t even try.  Stop making it once again about your fragile male ego.”

Sounds harsh, but it’s totally appropriate.

But hopefully these women will channel their anger and create lasting changes in a broken system, rather than to project that anger onto others indefinitely,

Because that is what the toxic masculine has been doing.  Not owning his own emotions of feeling abandoned, not taking responsibility for his own pain, but instead blaming the feminine.

Eve didn’t stand a chance in the garden.

And when I allow myself, I too can muster up some anger for all those times in my life when I felt that physical and emotional disrespect from the masculine.  As a woman I internalized the subtle and overt sexist behaviors and attitudes that devalued and disrespected me simply because I was a female.  They were a normal part of everyday life.

So I have allowed those feelings of anger when they come up.  In fact they are a big part of the ascension process itself.  It’s a necessary stage of the awakening process to allow all the emotions.

For the female gender, anger is a big one.  It’s an anger that goes back in time.  A long, long way back.  Eons of time.

So a part of me envies the women because they have a cause now.  And it’s wonderful.  But what I am, and what many of us forerunners are doing is different.  In fact, we are the ones who ushered in the energies that have helped to awaken the women on the planet.  We have brought in the Sacred Feminine.  And that Sacred Feminine carries the Christ Consciousness which is having its way with the masculine and feminine energies on the planet at this time.

And interestingly, this issue of the wounded masculine and wounded feminine is at the core of all other issues facing this world.

Image Credit Maria Chambers


But for us on the leading edge of enlightenment, there is something strange happening.  We are letting go of a tremendous amount of resistance.   And in that process, there is a feeling of emptiness.  Like there is no longer anything to push against.

It’s strange.  It means we walk the planet without that old type of passion that was fueled by some type of anger, or purpose, with a desire to overcome something or someone.

Our lives seem devoid of the purpose we once relished.  It was a kind of discovery mission.  We were always in the process of discovering new ways of being.

But now we are told that we don’t have to do anything.   We are in our balance of masculine and feminine.  We don’t even have to try to overcome our own human issues and limitations.  That’s even been taken away from us.

To think of all the money I spent at the new age and self help section of Barnes and Nobles.

But the good news is the old passion is being replaced, albeit more slowly than we would have liked.  It’s being replaced by a different type of passion.  A sensual joy for just being here, in these bodies.  As we tap into our soul’s presence, we begin to feel that ecstatic connection to life in this time-space reality.

But we need some time to adjust to that new place.  Some part of us will still want to feel that intense energy that comes from resistance.

That’s  o.k.  It’s not about getting rid of all the things that make us human.  Those parts can come along.  But what we will find is that those parts will acquiesce to our soul’s delight in just being here, without a need for a cause or agenda.

A strange and an amazing place indeed.

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Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Almost a decade later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

20 thoughts on “Nothing Left To Overcome

  1. An Odyssey (My favorite word of the week I think. I use it every opportunity I get…like this one).

    Please indulge me. The balanced content of your prose emboldens me. I’m a gay male. I remember the day an associated connection was made in my…(brain? Mind? Spirit? It was visceral all through out), and I went from little boy to…gay boy. “Why aren’t girls spanked but boys are? I don’t wanna be a boy (period).”

    Yep! I was five. Playing with my friend, Doobie…best girl friend, EVER! She was Getting coddled by loving father and mother after doing something that, to me deserved more…harsh, and I just happened to have had to go home that day to a raging mother…raging every day…wooden Sandel…kicking foot…). POWERFUL!

    Girls had more power!

    I resonate with what you said…but for different reasons.

    At 52, yes…it seems that balance is more…tangible between genders (which also seems to be evolving). It is. This time of waiting after so many years of…trail blazing for justice for all people; advocating for empowered choice…striving for harmony from and through chaos so harmony can exist…finally leading to more perceptible Forgiveness and hind-sightful realization that had none of it been so…I would have no endurance for the life I have lived which lead to becoming the man I am now…full of empathy….compassion…fire and a will to bear a light and struggle to exemplify how pain and fear sparks courage…and a powerful need to discover and share compassion (in as much as this little circuit can channel)

    It is human…it is sacred human within which is sacred masculine and feminine (Feminine/masculine). Throughout time, Humans have suffered…each side contributing to themselves in marginalization of the other…never acknowledging their exalted natures and inter-dependance…each equivalent…essential to themselves “As each other.”

    No more pity. More compassion (empathy, courage, objectivity…kindness, acceptance, care…respect and “Conscious” mutual value).

    Thanks for you consideration…and time…and will…in all you have done…endured, survived…healed from…healed others from.

    • Beautifully said, x.

      And as I have stated in other posts, when I talk about the feminine am speaking to all those who have embodied the feminine, men who are gay, as well as women, because it takes a lot of courage to embody the feminine aspect and express that sensually (tangibly) in this culture. To be a soul expressing not as a ‘traditional’ man.

      And yes, indeed, the masculine find themselves in their own prison, and don’t know how to get out. Stuck in roles that cut them off from their own hearts and soul. And the feminine have also been stuck, and have tried to liberate themselves by becoming more like men….not a good solution either.

      And it’s all because of a galactic misunderstanding between the two aspects. The wounds have run deep for both genders.

      So what a perfect time we live in now where we are allowing ourselves to ‘come out’ and be who we are, and express our sensuality as whatever we choose ( and of course I mean choose on a soul level). Including the choice to identify as male or female, rather than our assigned sex.

      Or to express more as gender-fluid, androgynous. bigender, And any number of orientations and expressions.

      We’ve given ourselves this blank canvas (Earth) and we get to create any expression we desire. What a shame we end up using only two colors when we have a palette of so many others to play with.

      Thank you for your light.💕

  2. I absolutely feel everything you are sharing. The word resistance is the perfect word for what it seems is missing now. The feeling of finding “purpose” is not easily found with this part of the puzzle no longer an option. It is being ok with relinquishing the need to feel “important” because of what I am doing and celebrate the importance in just being. There are a lot of feelings coming up surrounding this. There is nothing to fight for or against and no way of proving my worth anymore……which is lovely, but also boring in a way too. The drama of watching others “battle” for their purpose and worth is exhausting. I know I couldn’t do it anymore even if I tried!! lol

  3. Good way to put it, Stephanie, to prove worth. Our mind loves the opportunity to do that. And at the same time it’s tired of doing it. It’s reluctantly putting down its sword. Its pride is taking a big hit in this enlightenment process. It interprets this allowing process as kind of giving up its importance, and its long time role as commander in chief of our life. As you say,

    “it is being o.k. with relinquishing the need to feel “important” because of what I am doing and celebrating the importance of just being.”

    The mind has after all been responsible for our life for a very long time. But as it gets a taste of being more in the passenger seat and how good that does feel, it begins to let go more and trust in life.

    Then the boredom is replaced with that sensual feeling…that full bodied joy.

  4. God blog Maria.

    The part that resonated with me was the part about reincarnating with you mom and dad over and over. I’m currently setting boundaries with a mother who has alzeimers. I’m the only girl in the family and she made me her emotional caretaker. I started noticing years ago that she would emotionally vomit on me and expect me to feel her feelings. I took on a lot of the pain in the family as I was growing up. So now I’m setting boundaries, as she progressively gets worse and making myself a priority, while still feeling tinges of obligation. The toxic energy I feel from my parents is off the charts, as I’m extremely empathic. I’m sure this is all coming up to heal and realize my sovereignity and boundries.

    • Excellent, mom2bzs……very, very good!!!!! And as you do set boundaries, and release that old caretaking, nurturing role, you set free your entire lineage as a woman.

      What we are doing as women, especially those of us in the forefront, is ground breaking. Letting go of eons of time of being of service from a place of pain and suffering.

      And when we are sympathetic, we are feeling their pain as our pain.

      And as we detach from them energetically, there will be some guilt and of course they will try to amp up their manipulation toward us. And while our human personality will still feel some guilt as we detach from others, our soul really doesn’t give a crap what anyone else thinks about us, and it will not compromise its joy for anyone

      I have been called many things from people who supposedly loved me, especially as I detached from their energies…I was heartless, I was a man hater, (from ex boyfriends) I was a terrible daughter. (From my father)

      My father didn’t speak to me for two years.

      From friends I let go of, I was asked, how could I flush a sixteen year relationship down the drain? How could I kick them to the curb? I was in effect, not catering to their neediness anymore. But on and on went the guilt wielding.

      And even within relationships, I was called out because I didn’t want to spend the holidays with them….

      So, this sovereignty isn’t going to make us the most popular gal on the block is it?

      It’s o.k. They will thank us later.

      • Yes Maria, I do feel like I’m setting free my lineage as a woman. It feels VERY big.

        Yes, very true; it is feeling their pain as our pain. I can choose not to do this anymore.

        That’s what I’m doing; detaching energetically. I imagine her shooting out cords to attach me and I visual myself taking them out and sautering them, burning them so they can’t attach anymore, as well as put a black blanket over them.

        I think I wrote on here about choosing not to be friends with someone a while ago for 20 years or so. That’s what it is; not catering to their neediness. Perfect way to explain it. People get pissed off when you do that!

        Yes feeling into our sovereignty isn’t child’s play!

    • Do we have the same mama? 🙂

  5. Thank you dearest Maria, most divine sistar goddess………perfect! Thank you!

    I spent 3 years not talking to or seeing my mum……years ago and it was one of the best things I have ever done. I released my responsibility and caretaking of her…….we have an ok relationship now that I MANAGE very carefully…….my hubby is always there, I don’t do holidays with her, etc.

    My dad I don’t contact anymore. Anytime I think that I might send him a card or something, I get a clear NO! So………..

    I just released a “friend” who I realized, even though she could talk some of this talk, was sucking me dry……..oh my gosh……………… much relief.

    trying to manage my hubby’s ex-girlfriend in our life……It has been almost 30 years and she is so VERY PRESENT and in our life every day, even if only by text 10-30 times a day. OY! I have backed off and encourage him to spend time with her without me…….The problem is that she bought a house to rent to us so we could have affordable rent…..I said NO at first but we were persuaded…….sheesh…….

    We have a very narcissistic niece who had a baby a year ago who would not let anyone touch him (this is the very short story) and now she is going through a bad breakup and begging for help and money……letting that one go………..just putting light on the baby and mama (our niece) and the baby’s papa.

    Anyway, mom2bzs, I think we may have the same mama…….AND I am also extremely empathic. I hear you!

    IN the last couple of days I keep getting to wallow in our juiciness, our amazingness, being very present in the now moment…..

    I am giggling also at your statement about all that money spent on new age books…..fix me books…..oh well……..

    love to US ALL!!!!!!!!

    • Ya know, dear Elizabeth…we see people giving hero awards to others…for bravery in some type of service to their country usually…..well, I would love to give each of us an award for the ultimate courage…to face our own ‘demons’ and to let go of our past with love, and move into our Mastery.

      No, we are not going to be be able to let go all at once, and maybe there will always be some residual of it in our life….but this is not about perfection, whatever that is. It’s about walking away from a story that had us being sucked dry for eons of time.

      I find it so interesting that women especially, are awakening across the globe to the realization that they are no longer required to be the receptacle of so much energy feeding. I think we got, to a degree, our identity from that role, and we were seen as virtuous for downloading the pain and suffering of our fellow humans.

      So Kudos to you my dear, and thank you for being in service in a new, self loving way. We are here to teach love by loving ourselves. And as we continue in that practice life has no choice but to get better and better. 🤗💕💕💕💕

      • Oh my dearest Maria—-thank you for your marvelous understanding and friendship…..

        we divine rising women are leading the way. Woooohoooooo!

        Totally agree…..letting go of that virtuous bullshit role. no more taking it on.

        JOY JOY JOY JOY JOY…….

        love love love love love

    • I hear so many similarities with you Elizabeth! Its great to know someone understands. What I hear you saying and what I’m going through is boundary setting. Owning my sovereignty and ALWAYS putting myself first, although feeling twinges of guilt and obligation. I’ll get better as I practice more.

  6. I can’t believe, after all this, after completely diving into the human experience, we are stripped of the things that matter. Meaning and purpose are so beautiful, so much less boring and flat than the spirit realm. Maybe my ‘full bodied bliss’ isnt here yet, but the limbo/purposeless/empty stage feels like being completely dead inside. Its like, whats the point of being here if I’m just going to embody the same consciousness I left behind? I want to merge my soul with my human reality, not just become a smiling, care-free, automaton-like shell for my soul. i dunno, i really respect the human experience and this aspect of the shift feels pretty hostile to it sometimes, as if it doesnt matter and has no meaning….. i had dreams and desires and things i wanted to do, and now i do nothing and have no motivation. i bring no beauty into the world, im wasting my talent. i guess this is ‘higher’ and more ‘evolved’ but it feels incredibly boring. i think we didnt know what we were getting ourselves into tbh, and im not sure if whats happening to a lot of us is really that amazing. on paper it is, but to actually live it kind of sucks. the soul might just want to *be* and experience…but our human aspects are their own person, semi-independent entities who have been through things the soul on the other side cant possibly understand… after lifetimes of this process i wonder, is the human aspect and its desires valid? are we just containers for what the soul wants and have to die in order to let our souls come through and run everything? i’d rather keep my human self, the self with all the wisdom and experience gained in duality, and have my soul share my body with it instead of taking over and decimating everything that once mattered to me. i dont think there is anything wrong with passion, with caring so deeply about certain things, with having goals, with wanting to be a light in a world that so badly needs it right now, with wanting to express your talent and your light outwardly, with wanting to be a human who gives a fuck and acts on it and is attached to how it all plays out. if we wanted to stay in the ethereal realms where nothing matters and everything is fun but also without meaning/depth, we would have stayed there. its funny, i almost feel like my human is doing a ‘mutiny’ to the soul, saying ‘you’re not moving back in here and kicking me out after everything i’ve gone through…i wanna live too, so you can animate me with your cosmic light and expansive consciousness but im not dying so that you can completely take over’

  7. Well said, fxwrk.

    You describe beautifully the deep inner conflict this process presents – the tug of war between ego and soul. I agree it’s rather amazing to think this process culminates in a state of being – that just “being” is the holy grail.

    The emptying out process is brutal and (we are told) necessary to make room for new. Anything, everything and anyone no longer needed for the new being we are becoming has to go (we are told). It is, in effect, a death. Our old self is dying/has died and it certainly does feel that way. The reward for enduring the decimation process is the Great Void – an indefinite, in-between, no-man’s land, where we are neither here, nor there. That is where many of us seem to be now – I certainly am – and it is challenging on so many levels. For me, it’s hard to tell which part is more difficult – the loss of identity OR the emptiness/no interest/no passion OR the inability to relate to virtually anyone anymore (including feeling no connection to family members) OR the inability to honestly share with others why my life has gone (seemingly) into the crapper (they wouldn’t get it and I’d just look like a kook). We are told so much more is happening during this phase than meets the physical eye or experience. I do believe that, but it doesn’t lessen the discomfort of actually living through it.

    All that said, I fully expect that new WILL eventually emerge through the rubble of all the loss. With our masks off and our landscapes barren, the stage is set for our true self to emerge. I believe it will be a beautiful merging of our true essence and divine will (which are one) and joy will abound by simply being and expressing our soul – who we really are. We are done searching and learning and we are now ready/readying to direct our energy through our special gifts and talents – those given to us by Source when we were created. They are our true self’s passion and they can only be received when all illusions have dissolved.

    Congratulations! We have arrived or are well on our way to arriving!

    When I was about 20 years old (some 33 years ago), I wrote the poem below. It was evidently channeled, because it came to me in a matter of minutes. I had no idea at the time what a road map for my life it would turn out to be. I share it because the words “emptiness” and “patience” in the last two verses always bothered me. They never seemed right, but that’s what came to me, so I wrote it. Now I totally get it. Enjoy!

    Love and blessings to all,


    Life is a struggle against the unknown
    Buried beneath fears of being alone
    Turning from pain and hiding your will
    to find “happiness” – taking a lifetime to fill

    A child will sense needs and learn to relate
    to the world in a way so secure in his fate
    Trying to fill those he loves with his soul
    while hiding his tears as he acts out his role

    Time marches on passing innocently
    and a child is hurting but no one can see
    Venting the pain through substitute means
    Expressing an anger that lives through extremes

    What does it mean to be without sadness
    after years as a prisoner in a world full of madness?
    Yearning for love and on one to rely
    Searching for truth through living a lie

    How do you open your heart and accept
    the love that got lost in the anger you’ve kept?
    Being slave to that anger and the need to be real
    which has led to perfecting a way not to feel

    Be strong as the emptiness drains confidence
    Gearing your strength to fight pain so intense
    Taking that stand will relinquish your role
    and head you toward peace with your mind and your soul

    Deep in our hearts we all hold the key
    to live out our destiny confidently
    Believe in your love; accept love with care
    and patience will show you that loved ones are there

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