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Manifesting With Crystalline Energies


Image by Maria Chambers

We are all feeling something is different, even if we can’t put our finger on what exactly that is.  Our physical lives may not be profoundly different today than they were yesterday, yet, something is just not the same.

There has also been a general feeling of boredom and lack of passion that can be troubling.  There have been discussions about how can one manifest their desires, if they really don’t have any?

Or, if they do, there isn’t a huge surge of passion to back it up.  And how can one create without that fire to fuel it into reality?

It’s understandable that we would want to throw our hands up and say, I can’t figure it out!!!  Am I supposed to focus with intent on my wishes to bring them to me?  Is there action required?

But that feels like an old energy way, and is pretty unappealing.

On a deeper level, we know that our eternal self can create with ease, and as we allow that self into our body and our lives, that we can then release the resistance from our mind, and life can be much easier.

As we find ourselves in a higher consciousness, our manifesting abilities are different. We have access to a different type of energy…the crystalline energies.


There are other energies present on the planet, energies of a faster frequency, which have been referred to as crystalline energies.  We have been instrumental in bringing them in.  And they are for our use.

Image by Maria Chambers

They are an easier energy to work with, but only when we recognize them as such.  But they can be used only for us, not for anyone else.  And that means, you can’t ask the energies to heal anyone else, or to bring anything to anyone else.  That won’t work.

They are by you and for you.  They will take some getting used to.   One reason is there is no effort involved.  They are not like the earth energies which are slower and require a different dynamic to operate.

There is no price to pay for these energies.  There is no tithing required.  Which is another new wrinkle to get used to.  Haven’t we, for eons of time felt that there is no free lunch?  That whatever we do, or whatever comes to us, there is some type of price to pay?

And we have been on both the receiving and the giving end of that equation.

So to not have a price to pay, that’s going to need some getting used to.  There will be some guilt, and feelings of not being worthy.

“We are in a time now where we can be free of the burden of guilt or obligation.  We can receive unashamedly and without limit.”

We are in a time now where we can be free of the burden of guilt or obligation.  We can receive unashamedly and without limit.

As the Masters that we are, we have access to these crystalline energies.  There is a learning curve, of course, like anything new.  And one way to speed up that learning curve is to spend time each day walking like the master that we are.  Take that deep breath that goes down to your solar plexus, and your belly, and feel into your eternal self, and walk with that self in your everyday comings and goings.


Image by Maria Chambers

So, while the energies we are using are very different, the basic principles of manifesting are the same.  The physical follows the consciousness.  Whatever our predominant consciousness is, we attract from that frequency.

In the old energy as well as the new, things come to us via the route of least resistance.

In the old, 3D energies, things were difficult to manifest, at least, things and conditions that pleased us.  We began to buy into the idea that we weren’t meant to have those things.  That maybe we were not worthy, that those things were being withheld from us intentionally for a variety of reasons.

But what was happening was we had a lot of resistance going on.  As humans we are resistant beings.  Nothing we’ve done wrong, it’s just in our nature.

And, it’s why things appear to be breaking down in our awakening.  The light brings up in us, both physically and emotionally, a whole lot of resistance.

So, in our life we noticed that the more we absolutely needed something in order to be happy, the more it seemed to elude us.  It’s not that we don’t deserve everything our heart desires, but we tended to push things away from a place of lack.  So we tried, we pushed, we micro-managed, all forms of resistance.

The idea of struggle and pain, the idea that life was hard, and that nothing comes easy….became glorified and people valued themselves and others by how hard they worked, and by how much they struggled.

Most of humanity still holds to these concepts.


The good news is we on the leading edge are letting go of that lackful stance more and more, and all the resistance that comes with it.

Our place of feeling passionless, or bored, is really the mind’s interpretation of what is happening.  it believes that without there being some kind of physical or mental effort, life is boring.

Yet, what we always wanted is that feeling of joy, even in the old energy, not necessarily the stuff of the physical, tangible reality.  But, in the old consciousness we believed that the stuff would bring us the joy, whether it was relationships, money or a job, a career, or even better health.

And now we get that the joy is our birthright, it’s who we are, in truth.  And we have been through the darkest of the dark to discover that.  Sorry, had to be done.

Now we realize that the first order of business is to allow that joy in more and more, and everything else just begins to flow to us without much effort.

Being in the physical, we are naturally going to attract a physical manifestation of that joy.  Good feeling things have always come to us through the path of least resistance, in spite of our efforting, not because of it.

Image by Maria Chambers


In my own experience, things like money windfalls, or a literal overnight paradigm shift upward in my blog stats. or being ranked by google to a place of visibility I could have never achieved by studying search engine optimization…all came fluidly, and for the most part, with not much focus on my part.

In fact, there wasn’t a conscious asking for any of these things.  But there was a passion to be able to teach and share my wisdom.  For others it could be a desire to share through just relaxing and having limitless resources to travel, or to just enjoy life, and in that way touch others through radiating their light in their day to day activities.  A light that serves not only this world, but universes.

There is no right way to be here.  whatever brings us the most joy is all we are required to experience.  And of course the joy is already our birthright, it’s already who we are.  And for that there is no price to pay.

Enjoy The Speed of Love from Cosmic Blend

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Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Almost a decade later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

33 thoughts on “Manifesting With Crystalline Energies

  1. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.

  2. Yes, it takes getting used to, all this Freedom after years and years of conditioning that one is free only when one struggles, hurts, and sometimes gets lucky! I feel something is different, no doubt about it, while at the same time I do not have a clue what I’m to manifest… attempting ‘to do’ is too 3D and attempting ‘to be’ leaves me in waiting mode … maybe I just have to get used to the idea that I’m Free, i.e. I neither ‘need’ nor ‘want’ or as wonderful Janis Joplin said best, “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.” The Joy part will no doubt follow. I’m not down at all, just wondering what’s next…. again! I Good to have your New Year’s first article, thank you! Love, B.

  3. Your work had been shared on instagram, starseedworld, 64k followers. Love your refreshing blog!

  4. Dancing to your song. Thanks for the message. Perfection.

    Love you, dear Sistar Goddess

  5. What a great blog Maria! It is a new way of being. I’m intending to get into the mindset of letting things flow to me organically and naturally. The energy I feel constantly since the beginning of the year is off the charts!

    • I’m so happy to hear that, mom2bzs…

      .I have also been experiencing more sustained joy, and it’s just going to get better from here. The dips aren’t nearly as low. It seems many of us have definitely turned a corner.

      I see why this is a process, because the human can go into overload if it comes all at once. It’s a process of letting go of comfort zones like fear, worry, micro managing, trying, and generally being in some kind of discomfort.

      Even being in victimhood was a safe place to reside,because most of humanity supports that takes courage to step out of all of that.

      And we are doing it. We are courageous souls.

  6. Maria and mom2bzs–
    I have been feeling it too!!!! The energy DEFINITELY did some massive shift starting at the new year and my body is still adapting but whoa I for sure feel the corner turned bit and much more joy and ease, and YES the dips are not as low or often—-hurray for us!!!!! MORE of THIS, PLEASE!!!
    Love to you both 💙💙💙—im feeling like for perhaps the first time this actually WILL be a HAPPY New Year!🎉🌌🎉

  7. PS –like you Maria i have also been seeing the master numbers– for example the other day my groceries came to $12.12, and i just walked past 12:12 on the kitchen clock lol! And i don’t know how to put this into words, but somehow the way forward seems clearer? I mean I still don’t have a plan or any passion for anything or solutions to what’s in front of me, and I really don’t feel like I have new information or insight really, it’s more like what I’ve know intellectually for a while has settled in– like I have grokked the idea of allowing and ease to a better degree and it’s even more obvious that all my power is in my being happy and relaxed…

    • Well, Elila…I salute you and thank you for being a living breathing example of how it’s done….that’s it’s not about being totally doubt free or about knowing what lies ahead….but just trusting and being in the now moment more and more.

      You summed it up perfectly….

      “…. It’s even more obvious that all my power is in my being happy and relaxed.”

      And speaking of numbers lining up, your time stamp on your last comment showed up as 12:22.

      Can’t make this stuff up.

      • I know right??? And after I posted I realized today is the TWELFTH!!! Incredible. And oh wow I don’t know if I’m actually a GOOD example LOL—we shall see if things work out well with this newer standpoint/attitude–although so far so good I think, and besides, it just FEELS so much more comfortable and “right”–things seem to go better (like WAY better) when I manage to NOT worry/interfere/micromanage. But man it’s scary to take my hands off the wheel! (I imagine what we are experiencing is similar to what it would be like to drive a new Tesla with it’s autopilot–probably nerve-wracking at first but it probably doesn’t take all that long for it to eventually feel natural?) And then there is guilt or perhaps a kind of embarrassment (not the right word but as close as I can think of) when others see me having it easy…. But Like mom2bzs said I’d like to get good at letting things flow to me organically & naturally, and that stance also just seems to make the most sense anymore if ya know what I mean 😊

        • Yep, Elila….it is scary to let the other part of us do the driving….love the car analogy…getting used to a faster, more efficient and more luxurious operating system….and I believe that’s also what can happen with our bodies as they are being redesigned to befit the masters.

          And you bring up an interesting and significant point, about some others looking at us not so much with admiration, but with resentment. They will see a person, a woman especially, that is free. Who allows herself to feel the joy of her soul, and who allows life to serve her with no excuses or apologies.

          For them we are an irritation. For others we will be role models, but there is still a small part of us as women that doesn’t want to make others feel uncomfortable, especially other women, as we become free. Because it magnifies their feelings of not being free.

          But, we’re getting over that one, along with the unhealthy sympathy and empathy, and are less and less interested in compromising our joy for anyone or anything.

          They’ll thank us later.

          • God I do love you Maria. You are the person I can talk to and always be understood and you then offer up such useful insights and wisdom, further clarifying my own inner knowledge. It’s delicious interacting with you, and you & our family here have literally kept me going.
            “…getting used to a faster more efficient and more luxurious operating system…” —i love this analogy. I love the idea of more luxury too, not just scraping by anymore. And I REALLY love the idea that my body could again be a comfortable and efficient and ENJOYABLE vehicle to be in–that would be like a dream come true. It’s been so long ago I can scarcely remember or imagine it!
            And yep you hit the nail on the head (again)—feeling the resentment from others is so uncomfortable. I don’t really give a hoot what the general public (G-pub as they call it in the service industry lol) thinks about me, but there are only a couple close beloveds left in my life and it’s them I don’t want to upset. But it occurs to me that simply trusting and allowing will work on that subject too, and I need to just let spirit handle all that as well and sink back into the comfy bucket seats for a pleasant ride. Easier said than done for so many of us–control issues are the NORM these days. I was raised by perfectionist control freaks and have been surrounded by them my entire life, and was one myself. No one lets go of the wheel!!!! It’s just not DONE! But I have already seen and gotten some tangible proof now that Spirit is a far better driver than I could ever be, so grabbing the wheel back would be ridiculous and regressive at this point. I’m now committed to the “autopilot” even if it’s not comfortable and natural just yet . Cuz I may be a recovering perfectionist, control freak, micromanaging, worrying, former martyr-in-training, over try-er, but I’m no fool 😉 LOL. And thank you for reminding me, that one very dear person I’m concerned about resenting me, my sister, well I’m doing all this so that hopefully someday SHE has the option to be free too, and will have an open door, a clearer path, and a “living breathing example”–thinking of it that way makes me …..RELAAAAAAAX!!!!

          • I love you my dear Elila, my friend. And it’s delicious talking to you too…it’s so comforting to feel such love and support from kindred spirits like yourself. I can relate, too, to the control freak thing…I had some of that in me, too, in some areas of my life.

            And, yep, your sister will only benefit from your alignment with your true self. And there is that part of her that wants you to succeed, if that’s the right word. On a soul level, she knows that you getting unstuck can only serve you and everyone around you.

            It’s truly a win-win.

    • “PS –like you Maria i have also been seeing the master numbers”

      Elila my dear. How are you? Happy NEW GREAT 2018 by the way. Like you I feel it’s going to be a good year.
      I have started to see double and triple numbers for a couple of weeks now again. My interpretation is that I’m on the right path, yaay.

      ” but somehow the way forward seems clearer?”

      I completely relate to this on a professional level: I’m working on several projects now, yaay. Not really seen any money for it, but I like doing it. It’s creative work. Basically I’ve been hired to write a screenplay for a film (which I will be paid for) and I’m perfecting my own story for a film. Plus I have several scripts I’ve written in the past that I wanna work on and improve now.

      ” and it’s even more obvious that all my power is in my being happy and relaxed…”

      this at the same time. So yeah it’s great having these things I am working on but now more than ever I know that joy is in the now, independent from anything on the outside.

      Hugs Elila

      • P.S. Elila, do you have an E-Mail address I can contact you on?
        I wanna send you a little video I made and you can see me in it. 🙂

        • Hi Kat! Happy 2018 back to you–i do feel like it’s going to be a much better year (then again it wouldn’t take much to beat last year haha). I’m still feeling some intense incoming energies wreaking havoc on me, especially body-wise–phew! But overall feeling positive. I’m so glad to hear you have some juicy projects to be absorbed in! I too have had a little project I’m enjoying so far. No money but a nice exchange of energy. I’d love to see your video, and would be just fine with Maria emailing my email address to you, if that’s ok and not too much hassle!
          Hugging you back dear kat

          • ” I’m still feeling some intense incoming energies wreaking havoc on me”

            Me,too! Today I’ve been feeling a bit annoyed and impatient. Then I remembered what Maria has written in another article “when we ask to be free, we are confronted with everything that makes us feel unfree” or something similar. Very true!
            “I’d love to see your video, and would be just fine with Maria emailing my email address to you, if that’s ok and not too much hassle!”

            That’s perfect. I was about to suggest the same 🙂
            Do you have any particular areas in your body where you feel the energetic havoc? With me it’s usually my left side of the body where I feel the blockages (dissolving) and my 3rd eye

          • Me too with the left side and third eye Kat. Left shoulder/neck, headaches and migraines, lots of heart palpitations. Also I hope this isn’t TMI, but when the energy blasts are intense my eliminative system seems to go on the fritz or the line goes down completely. And being in menopause at the same time as all this, well the uterus is absolutely bonkers. I’ve basically had four periods since the calendar flipped after not having any since october–completely ridiculous! And yep been feeling overwhelm and anxiety and just way off this week. But what’s different is I know it will pass and I don’t get quite as caught up in it–i try to rest a LOT and distract myself as well as i can lol. What else can we do??? 😜😜😜

  8. Wow Elila, I can so so relate to you! I too was raised with perfectionist control freaks. I might add a narcissistic mother who tried to make me (the only girl) her emotional caretaker. I too am a recovered perfectionist, worrier, etc. That’s why its SO big of me to let go and flow with Spirit and let things happen organically. Or rather ALLOW things to happen organically. Love all the wonderful women here!

  9. Yep Maria, I actually do feel that on an unconscious level my sister wants me to succeed–its becuz of her that I have a (nice!)place to live, & I’m pretty sure shes not even fully aware of why she has supported me in this way. And I’m getting more and more ok with however the assistance is delivered by Spirit/universe/whatever.

    And mom2bzs–lol lol i forgot to mention the narcissism!!! Both my parents were narcissistic and my mom especially made me her scapegoat and emotional dumping ground! Good times! So thankful this stuff is departing forever. It does make it particularly challenging for those like us to let go and receive without all the hand wringing and machination, but it also makes it that much more rewarding when we finally manage to LET it happen!
    (Oh and PS–we have some pretty amazing men here too–just saying 😉)

  10. ” But what’s different is I know it will pass and I don’t get quite as caught up in it–i try to rest a LOT and distract myself as well as i can lol. What else can we do??? 😜😜😜”

    Exactly Elila. Oh and chocolate always helps 😛

    I sent you the link to my video earler on today via email. Did you get it?

    • Yes for chocolate!! (and PASTA lol) My appetite has been also extremely erratic when it’s usually quite balanced. And sleep has been messed up too—so exhausted I can’t hold my eyes open but then I just lay there for hours awake? Craziness!!! (I try to remember to mention this stuff in case others are experiencing
      similar and feel better that they are not alone or crazy– or at least not alone in their craziness LOL)

      I can see in my email queue that I got yours–i will watch it today when I venture out to a WiFi hotspot–so looking forward to it! Oh and by the way–i interpret all the master numbers the same way you do. When I looked at phone earlier it said 12:34 and I felt a little boost of happy 😉

  11. I’ve spent an hour on your blog. Looking to spend many many more. Thank you for sharing. Beyond grateful! I’ve connected so deeply on a soul level to your writing. Many endless blessings to you.

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