Physical Symptoms of Ascension (Update)

I noticed I was getting an unusually large volume of readers of an older post, titled, “You’re Not Alone:  Physical Symptoms of Ascension.”  Since writing that post, I have discovered a few more things about the physical body as it goes through this often arduous process, and I would like to share them with you.

I am going to say something that may surprise some people.  All symptoms are ascension symptoms.  That includes any disease.  Everything we are experiencing of a physical nature is ascension related.

If you have chosen embodied enlightenment in this lifetime, that is, if you have given permission to ascend and stay here in the physical body, to continue walking the Planet as an Ascended being, you will be undergoing a major physical transformation.

You are transforming from a carbon-based to a crystalline-based being.  You are in the process of letting go of old, ancestral patterns of illness and disease.  The light body, in the process of integrating with the physical body, is making many adjustments on a cellular level.

In actuality, it’s the light body that is adjusting to being in the  physical, not the physical body.  The physical body already knows how to accommodate and adjust to its environment.  It’s the light body that is finding itself in a totally new experience. Thus all the sensitivities.

This too shall pass.

That being said, the light has a way of triggering things in the physical body that have been buried for a long time.  Patterns of disease and imbalances that go back a long way.   Whenever we ask to be set free, we experience all the ways in which we have felt unfree.  And that includes the physical as well as the emotional ways.

Know that in time the body will catch up with your consciousness.  It generally takes longer for the body to do so, but now we are experiencing an acceleration of frequencies on the planet so that will help considerably.

“It’s important to trust in this process and our soul’s ability to rebalance the body.”

The body responds to our consciousness, so the more we invite our soul into our body, and the more we allow the joy that is our natural birthright, the body benefits.  It may seem like a contradiction, because the more we love ourselves and allow the Christ light into our lives, at least initially, the more things seem to break down.  Again, it’s a necessary process and nothing we have done wrong.

The best thing you can do in this process is to just allow.  Don’t spend time analyzing your issues, trying to figure out mentally what’s going on in your body.  If you are in fear, it’s ok to go to a doctor, if it sets your mind at ease.  But the less time you spend in fear and worry, the better everything flows.

Personally I find my body responds to relaxation, to being in nature, to doing things I enjoy.

It also responds positively to letting go of situations and relationships that no longer serve you.

Whatever emotions do come up need to be expressed in a safe way, especially anger.  I share more about this emotion in my post, Anger and Ascension, and Anger and Ascension (Update).

Accepting and releasing emotions benefit the body profoundly.  In fact, accepting ourselves, having deep compassion for ourselves is the key to moving through this transformation more smoothly.

Other websites have many lists of Ascension related symptoms, and they are of great help.  But to simplify it, just know that whatever you are experiencing, on a physical and an emotional level, is absolutely appropriate.  There is nothing you have done wrong, and there is nothing you need to do.  Other than to nurture yourself, and nurture your body.

Feed it yummy foods.  Eat foods because you enjoy them, not because they are supposedly good for you.  Your body responds positively to self love, not fear and self-deprivation.

The recalibration seems to be taking longer than any of us expected.  But regardless, you don’t have to wait to be completely recalibrated before you begin to feel the joy of your soul.

In fact, as you do, your soul can assist you in creating the healthy body that is your birthright.

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25 thoughts on “Physical Symptoms of Ascension (Update)

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  3. elizabethsadhu

    Oh my gosh…..I so needed this! Dear Sistar Goddess…..

    I am having a crazy ass week with what appears to be a bug bite right above my eye. Swollen eye. Swollen gland, all on the right side. I got so caught up, I even went to the doc. (My hubby does strongly suggest this avenue.)

    And I have been analyzing…. Sheesh….. Too much!

    Happily, I am dog sitting right now and away from home. I adore my hubby but needed the quiet and space.

    So, thank you for this!

    Funnily, even in the midst of my crazy ass trauma, I kept wondering if it was all an illusion…… Something to be learned and/or integrated.

    Thanks for the fabulous post! So needed!

    Reading. Playing word games. Eating what I want. Watching movies. Walking puppies.

    This is what I have been doing but been feeling slightly guilty. Out damned guilt, out! I was my hands of you!


    LOVE, Elizabeth

    1. Yeah, and I think we talked about Louise Haying the crap out of things physical….hahaha…but it seems to give the mind something to do. Now I do crossword puzzles instead…my mind really enjoys them.

      So kudos siSTAR Goddess, on just enjoying your day to days, in spite of the physical conditions that present. And the guilt…well…I still have some Guilt-Eze left from last Christmas…you want I should send you some…?.😜

      1. elizabethsadhu

        Overnight shipping, please! 😀😀😀♥️♥️♥️

        Love and thanks so much for this. Yes yes yes…. Since I turned 60 in August ( not that I am really 60… The numbers don’t mean shit.) I have noticed some physical “ailments” and got caught up a bit……… Release. Release. Release. (I keep hearing “Catch and Release”.) 🤣🤣

        Ascension fucking a-go-go! Wooooohoooooo!

        Love love love you, ME and all of us! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  4. Barbara

    I could highlight every word you’ve written. Good heavens, Maria, the ‘out there’ BS is almost… notice I say ‘almost’… overwhelming. However, I have gotten myself in some nachos, good cheese, some Paul Newman salsa, beer, and damn it, I will enjoy myself, and if that makes me ‘bad’, so be it. I’m so tired of people discovering just how much we have been duped, conditioned, whatever the word is, into not loving ourselves, it looks like we’re going to have to go overtime on loving ourselves, just as Elizabeth is doing, because, I am convinced, it is self-love that opens frequencies for others to cut through the BS and find out just how magnificent, amazing, strong, gentle, beautiful we are. If this is a ‘storm’, I’ll take it… enough of the TRIGGERS! Love, B.

    1. Well said, Barbara!

      And the idea of loving oneself is so misunderstood……a byproduct of religion, and even those who try to understand the concept of self love, end up defining it as recognizing one’s ‘good’ qualities, like kindness, or positive physical attributes.

      But then, most of humanity has disowned their shadow. So self love is not truly possible for them.

      It takes turning ones life upside down and facing their deepest fears and darkest emotions before the concept of loving oneself is understood. And to be honest, I don’t think the human alone could ever understand it totally. It really takes our soul’s unconditional love for us, just as we are, without changing a thing about us….all our so called bad thoughts and actions and so called physical and emotional imperfections….to begin to have the self compassion and acceptance.

      And those of us on the forefront have done that. Gone through the dark night of the soul, as some call it.

      So thank you, yes to going overtime, like Elizabeth, on loving ourselves. And yes, you are so right it does open frequencies. And ultimately resolves all the conflicts that humanity is battling with.

      And, mmmm, mmmm, mmmmm……you got me hankering for some chips and salsa…..🤗

      1. elizabethsadhu

        Thanks so much for you Maria! Thanks for bringing all these beautiful souls together!

        I like that idea of overtime self love. Oh yes! Oh yes! Our primary focus.

        I feel that the source of everything is self love. The problem (lack of) and soulution.

        Love you all!

    2. elizabethsadhu

      Oh darlin sister goddess…I love you!

      Yay! Yes! Enough of the triggers!


  5. Kat

    ” Whenever we ask to be set free, we experiences all the ways in which we have felt unfree”

    That is such an important sentence. Should be tatooed on all of those who tend to forget it (including me) 😀
    Thank you Maria ❤

      1. elizabethsadhu

        Thanks Kat! That hit me. Thanks for pointing that out. Needed it! Intense shit coming out of me right now.

        Loving us all!

  6. Jae

    It has been wild for me. I have been dealing with anxiety and fearful thoughts of things happening to me since the end of November 2017. I had my first anxiety attack and I have never been so fearful, it just came out of the blue. Then I have days where everything makes sense and I’m happy and crying and laughing joyfully for no reason. And then boom, I’m lost afraid again and not sure what to do. I’m keeping my faith in knowing all will work out, but man it’s been intense.

    1. Jae….It sounds Iike what you are going through is typical of this ascension process. It tends to bring up emotions such as fear to be released. I went through some really intense fears and anxiety, along with anger, sadness…the whole gamut. At times it tested me to my core. And add to that a host of physical issues.

      it took a while but I realized that all of that isn’t mine, and I didn’t need to try and process them or figure them out. Most of these emotions are not ours so it’s best to acknowledge them, but not wrestle with them.

      I know our mind wants to jump in and try to figure it all out, try to alleviate the emotions. But in this process it’s pretty much what you so wisely said, keeping the faith and knowing it will all work out.

  7. anneke.

    For last month I have been at the dentist for emergency treatment no less then 5 times! All my teeth are simply rotting away all of a sudden.. And it is causing me such deep distress! I keep feeling I must have done something wrong.. That I am being punished…. All that childhood religious programming… And The Fear…my heart beating like a drum.. And me trying so hard to stay in the light… This Ascension journey has been so hard on me.. It is like scraping out my entire inside….

    1. anneke….I have deep compassion for your situation…,I know it can be so very traumatic, as you see and feel your physical body in dis-ease and feels like it is breaking down….it’s natural to think you have done something wrong, or are not doing it ‘right’ whatever that means….

      Your wisdom helps you to see that much of that feeling comes from religious upbringing….and of course that no longer serves you.

      It feels like a contradiction, because as we allow this light into our life and our body, life doesn’t get better initially, but instead it activates in us, both emotionally and physically, that which needs to be released. So much of that isn’t ours. It’s really what we have inherited. But it’s being triggered now.

      There is just so much we can do in terms of trying to orchestrate our health. After a point it’s to allow the light body to come in and recalibrate the physical body.

      And the frustration so many of us are feeling is that it feels so bloody slow. So we begin to question the whole process, and ourselves. The doubts and fears come in.

      But those fears and doubts have been resident for a long time in our bodies and minds, they are really not new, but they are now more in our consciousness awareness. All the feelings of not being worthy, of not feeling deserving of brilliant health and financial abundance, or whatever it may be, is not ours to try to figure out.

      It’s just to allow the magnificent and fearless part of ourselves, the part that loves the human just as he or she is, no matter how broken down, and with that comes healing. The ability of our soul to balance our physical body is astounding.

      So you have done absolutely nothing wrong, and really there is nothing to do other than to nurture and love you as much as is humanly possible, and allow your soul to love you too.

      You are not alone and you are dearly loved. 💕💕💕

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    1. I’m pleased that you resonate with this post. I know how daunting this process can be and all the do’s and dont’s associated with it can make it even more dizzying. I like to simplify things, so that the mind can relax more and just allow this process to unfold.

      Agreed, my friend, soul work certainly is the most beautiful work. 💕

  9. Beautiful Day

    I feel so much better after reading this, I tbought I was going crazy, I was seeing things, my body was truly going crazy, but I truly never believed I was from this place. I done know if that makes since, now I understand, but this process has truly been hard also. I lost all my friends, it’s like my life changed dramatically, job, relationship, don’t seem quite the same. I no longer relate to anyone, it gets truly lonely at times, is it normal to cry 😢 a lot, I cry like everyday, . I truly understand process now , 🎼 hope to now receive and grow with the beautiful side of my process. 💛 await for this to start soon. Thanks again for your encouragement!

    1. Tunisia, the crying is absolutely appropriate in this process. Often it’s old, repressed energies needing release. We have been letting go of our old story, of our past, and it will feel like a death. Allow the tears, but at the same time, don’t take it personally. Perhaps surprisingly, most of the emotions are not really ours. They are energies we have inherited.

      I went through a deep sadness and cried a lot also. I also felt anger and needed to express that safely. There are no emotions that are off limits. It’s all acceptable. Gradually I found that my emotional body had lightened up considerably.

      And it’s just a natural part of this process. We become lighter in every way. The loneliness is gradually replaced by a sense of fulfillment. And, yes, even temporary boredom, since we no longer attract drama or karmic relationships.

      And, remember, no matter how lonely it may feel, you are never alone, my friend.

      1. Beautiful Day

        Thank you for your encouragement! Is it normal for everything to change, my job, where I lived, etc… I felt like my world has been turned upside down, I have been going thru this for 5 mos now, ird been so emotional, I have had vertigo, I had migraines, body pains, oh my I have been going thru it…. I have the ringing in my ear constantly, know I know what it is.. This has truly been an awakening experience to say,…So we truly were God’s and were going back to our lighter selves!! How awesome is that..😊..Thank you!

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