How To Be Comfortable While Feeling Good

Art by Maria Chambers

I think we can all agree that we have become very comfortable with feeling bad.   We have had lifetimes worth of practice at it.  The whole gamut of crappy emotions like sadness, hopelessness, doubt, worry, just to name a few, were our m.o.   Feeling lousy, over and over….nothing new there.

In fact, we were so adept at feeling less than good, we created a whole philosophy around it.  No pain, no gain.   Jerry Springer made a fortune on it.  So did the diet and exercise equipment industry.  The Christians used sin and their God endorsed it.  The whole karma con-cept embodied it, with its payback clause.

We were hitting land mine after land mine of pain and struggle.

So after a long time, it became our comfort zone.  One that very few stepped out of.  And those who did were swiftly done away with.  No one wanted to see some human walking around happy for no apparent reason…filled to the brim with some kind of super natural joy factor.

Look what happened to Jesus.  Although, he did try to push the Romans a little too far, and they pushed back.  He should have left town when he had the chance.

“Claim the freedom that is your birthright, and take yourself off the cross….suffering gets you nowhere.”


In fact, his message to us is essentially, Claim the freedom that is your birthright, and take yourself off the cross….suffering gets you nowhere.

So, here we are, with our soul beginning to plant both its feet in our life with us.  And there is some reluctance on everyone’s part (some from us, some from our soul).  And that reluctance is because when has there been such an intimate connection between human and soul here in this reality?

There has got to be some trepidation because it’s not been done before quite like this.  It’s easier to just ascend and get the hell out of here…but to be enlightened, to unite with our divine eternal self, here and now, and to stay here?

That’s  just crazy.

Art by Maria Chambers

To feel good, to feel sensual, to feel filled with our own spirit….and step out of our comfort zone?  That’s pretty revolutionary.  To step out of the old story of ours, in which we are suffering, or playing victim of something out there or of our own mind and body…whew!

To dare to dream big,  to allow endless resources and health and joy into our being.  Who does that?

We do.  We are the forerunners, and it’s always hardest for us, but we are in a new place now.  We are not here by chance, but because we invoked it.

It takes courage to allow all the emotions, even the joyful ones.  Especially the joyful ones.  It takes an advanced soul like (your name here) to detach from the rest of humanity.  It takes a bold soul to decide that the rest of humanity can get its own gift basket.

We no longer have to take out our sympathy card with others we talk to, and then go home and privately feel our joy.  Now we can feel it, and express it, even in public places.

Can you imagine?

If you are having a hard time imagining that, walking around feeling pretty damned great 24/7, that’s o.k.  It’s just more resistance going on.  It’s natural to feel resistance to feeling great.  It’s new territory.

But we are familiar with how practice makes perfect. Haven’t we practiced feeling awful, in so many ways, for such a long, long time?

But good news.  It doesn’t take long at all to feel good, because we already do, at least the part of us that’s eternal.  The part that already has ascended and knows no fear or sadness or lack.

So, makes sense to keep inviting that part in, and accept it when you feel it, as your birthright.

It’s a win-win situation.

Enjoy To Fall In Love Again from Simply Divine

© Copyright 2018 Maria Chambers, all rights reserved. P!ease feel free to share this content within others but maintain the article’s integrity by copying it unaltered and by including the author and source website link: Maria Chambers,

18 thoughts on “How To Be Comfortable While Feeling Good

  1. Barbara

    Rock ‘n’ Roll, Maria, you’ve nailed it again! I am tired of being told to embrace the pain, show your gratitude, surrender to… well, whatever it is that makes you think you’re inadequate. The last thing we/you are is inadequate. And I love your line:

    “And there is some reluctance on everyone’s part (some from us, some from our soul.”

    Get with it, Soul, if I can do it, so can you! Thank you for this most important post. Love, B.

  2. elizabethsadhu

    Amen Barbara!

    Thanks dear Sistar Goddess, Maria!

    It’s not my job or business to suppress myself anymore to make others feel comfortable.


    Digging on your song! Love the guitar. And your voice. Yay! Falling in love with me! And this with all of you. All of us.


  3. Kat

    What great article (yet again) and so timely. I’m stuck in that exact same limbo you describe here: feeling underlying joy on a constant basis but not really wanting it to take up the whole space within me. Like everything that is new, it takes time to get used to it. And as you said: feeling joy from within no matter what is gping on on the outside is something that has never been done on this planet on a big scale.

  4. Lisa

    Beautifully said, Maria.

    Like you, I’m feeling more aligned with my soul these days. Allowing is easier.
    I suppose that’s because the more layers we process, clear and release (which we’ve been doing for eons), the more our natural, joyful soul emerges. We can’t feel our joyful soul when we’re choosing to give our non-joyful ego air time. They can and do co-exist, but we can’t feel the former when we’re busy buying the crap the latter is selling. And therein lies all the work we’ve been doing. We’re no longer buying our old ego’s crap. We know better.

    Our old egos are finally retreating and rebirthing into a willing partner with our soul. They are merging and we are emerging as new beings, ready for new adventures – ones that were never possible here before. How cool is that? Bring it on! WE’RE SO READY!!!


  5. Public Display Name

    Thank you Maria, hitting the nail on the cross, euhm head.
    I made myself some Poppa Burgers this week: double cheeseburgers with pickles, salad and Kentucky BBQ sauce. The most difficult part? Eating them without shame, guilt or regret. How deeply ingrained this is, I’m still amazed. That’s gone now, we’re Masters of the Universe. Just like He-Man, my favourite doll as a child.
    I’ve spent the last few days dj’ing, dancing and playing guitar for myself at home. The best music festival ever I’ve ever been to and the music is awesome.
    Have a nice day.
    PS: Just had 4 hotdogs for lunch.

    1. I’m laughing out loud, Stefan….good stuff…good stuff….it’s so amazing how we begin to fear our food. It’s bad enough we have all these other fears to deal with as a human…but then we are compelled to separate our food into the good list and bad list, and of course that changes all the time….I am old enough to remember when eggs and red meat were good for us.

      No questions asked.

      And both which I enjoy on a regular basis.

      So, let’s get back to those cheeseburgers and hot dogs..(..I like my burgers with red onions, pickles, ketsup and mustard. And they are not complete without some good salted French fries. Mmmmm,mmmmmmm,mmmmmmmm!!! )

      And I don’t doubt the music is soul-filled and simply out of this world….

      Enjoying your food, your own company, your music, and dancing…all SENSUAL pleasure of life here on Earth.

      It’s really why we are here. To enjoy life with gusto. That’s the first order of business, and all the rest, the sharing our light, is a natural by product of that, isn’t it?

      Thank you so much for sharing with us here what enjoying life can look like.👍🍕🍔🍷

      1. Public Display Name

        Yes that’s why we are here, to enjoy, have fun, to love, to have sex, to sing and dance.
        Speaking of which, I like your song! Guitar melody is really nice, the voice is angelic. Second voice dropping in was beautiful. I started crying at the beginning of the song.

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