The Challenge of Embodying Spirit

Image by Maria Chambers

As I sit here at Starbucks, headphones in, sipping my dark roast….I am having a hard time containing myself. I want to get up and dance to the music I am listening to. I don’t remember ever feeling quite like this, with a head to toe sensuality and bliss.

I never got to this place, even while under the influence of certain substances.  Not even that feeling of being in love, or of lovemaking with someone.

No, this is different.

There is no fear associated with it….no fear of consequences, or of being in some way obligated to the other.  There is no desire to share this pure, visceral feeling with anyone.  I couldn’t even if I wanted to.

There is no anxiety about feeling dependent on a substance or upon another human being.

This is all for me, by me, from me to me….no filters, no caveats, no strings.  There is no sense of being incomplete….words alone can’t describe it.

I am not outside my body.  Quite the contrary. And I am not seeing myself from anyone else’s perspective.  I am fully, completely self-contained.

Image by Maria Chambers

It’s effortless.  It’s just here, to be enjoyed, savored.  It’s why we are here.  Not to save the planet, or fight injustice, or climb some ladder to somewhere or someone we are not.

As our soul, we just want to feel what it’s like to be here in this time/space reality, in our own creation.   To merge with our human counterpart, to love and enjoy (your name here).

Imagine being on a dance floor with a partner that asks you to just relax and allow them to lead and guide you through a most sensual dance.  And as you do, you feel ways you could never imagine were possible.

And then extend that to driving your car, or grocery shopping.  Or taking a walk.  Or a thousand other activities.

It really doesn’t matter what those activities are.  As long as you include your soul.  And that in turn creates new templates of a human who is expressing their soul’s sensuality without fear, without concern about what anyone thinks of them.


And if they are a woman, they are creating new pathways for other women to finally be able to express their sensuality without fear of being misunderstood, without fear of being judged or hurt for it.

Because it isn’t something that has been done.  Women who wanted to serve spiritually didn’t allow themselves to embrace their sensual nature, their joy of life through their human and divine senses.

In the world in which they found themselves, it was safer to be uncomfortable as they denied their sensuality.   They tried to distance themselves from any connection to their own physical, sensual nature as much as possible, residing primarily in their heart and mind.   They used their physical body in service to humanity by downloading the pain from others.   So being of service became intertwined with pain and suffering, as they took on the emotional and physical issues of their human brothers and sisters.

As a woman, it was seen as a virtue.

Sadly, the female gender hasn’t evolved too far from the idea of being either a good woman or a whore.  And the latter has been connected with a woman expressing her sensuality.  The feminine has carried the burden and the stigma of someone whose value is in her sexuality, and is punished for wanting to express it.

Even If she wants to express a sensual joy of life that has nothing to do with trying to seduce anyone or trying to arouse a sexual response from the male gender.

It’s a difficult place to be in a world that still devalues and sexualizes the feminine.

So women have found themselves in a dilemma for a very long time.  In a world that hasn’t felt safe, women remain stuck in their comfort zones.

Image by Maria Chambers

“Our freedom as women doesn’t reside in staying in our mind and hearts at the expense of our own physical well being.”

Our freedom as women doesn’t reside in staying in our mind and hearts at the expense of our own physical well-being.  Rejecting the physical body as being unsafe to reside in….feeling not safe to be here on Earth, is an old story for womankind.

And for those of us moving into our freedom, there may still be that part of us from our ancient past that is reluctant to embody spirit, because of the sensual nature of that spirit.

Yet, we can’t move forward without a willingness to embody spirit fully in our bodies.

Are we finally willing to let go of the pain and suffering, to whatever degree we are still experiencing it?  And that means detaching from the pain and suffering of humanity.

It means the end of processing energies for others.  An end to caretaking the wounded male. It means for a period of time feeling a little empty without that old identity to rely on.

But of course we are not doing this alone, as the human.  We are relying on the part of us that already feels whole and does not feel empty.

And we also have kindred souls in our community, even if that community is virtual for now.  We never need to feel alone.

And those times when my soul is humming through my physical body, there is nothing that I fear.  Because during those times I am my eternal self, and I know that all is well.

Enjoy Let It In from Simply Divine

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18 thoughts on “The Challenge of Embodying Spirit

  1. Tatiane Guedes

    How I love this! Thank you! I received a confirmation from your message! 🙏 Do you know any place where I could learn and practice a new relationship with my body, like therapists who work on “embodying spirit” as you call it? I moved to US (California) one year ago and I yet didn’t find this kind of therapy here.

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience!


    In lak’ech!

    [Sent from my iPhone]


    1. Tatiane
      You are so welcome! I am pleased that the post resonates with you. I don’t know of any specific therapists who do the type of spiritual bodywork you desire, but I am sure there are many in your area. Even if they are not familiar with the concept of embodied enlightenment, they may have an intuitive approach to bodywork that can benefit you. Anything we can do now to assist and nurture our body can be of great benefit to this process.

      The body is still to a degree working on old energy, and can get stuck in places….whatever we can do to help move the stuck enpnergies is good for us and our body. Even a simple massage. (I’m planning on one this week, it’s been too long)….I am sure you will be guided to just the right person/place.💕

  2. Dearest sistar goddess….

    Letting it in……🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶😍😍😍😍

    Being inhabited by sickness for such a long time, I am exhausted by doing anything. So I think I can only do what brings me great joy. Reading this brought me Joy. Thinking about baking some bread. Joy.

    Looking forward to feeling as you describe.

    I do think, of course, that the whole point, or at least a main point, of this illness, is to stop me from just doing doing doing……

    Thanks dear friend..

    Love me, love you, love us all!

    1. I agree, Elizabeth…I was just thinking about that today as I trudged across the mall, and had to sit down a few times…..I overestimated my endurance. I recognized as you say that there is purpose to all of what we are experiencing. 🤗💕💕💕

  3. Barbara

    Dear Maria, you’ve solaced (is that a word?) me again. Yes, I’m down to a virtual reality of like minds here at your blog and a few others. It seems I cannot speak my truth without offending and thus I resign from this battle of timelines and wills and become content with me. And you’re so right about sensual… the whole Universe, All That Is, is sensual, just the interpretation of that word has been so twisted and maligned, so that we’ve forgotten the sensuality of our own birth process… doing it again, that birthing process, but it’s been shortened and allows us some breathing room to recoup and endure ;-). This recent trigger wasn’t near so long lasting as the previous ones. Whew, must be almost birthed! Love, B.

    1. Yes, Barbara, so true, the word sensual has been maligned, and believed to mean strictly sexual, mostly by those who haven’t a clue how to be truly sensual.

      And enough already with the labor pains, eh? Time for women especially to let go of the processing for humanity. We don’t need to do it any more. Time to see ourselves as the beautiful, magnificent beings that we are.

      Love to you my friend. 🤗💕💕💕

      1. Barbara

        And in keeping with the Popeye theme…. ANCHORS AWAY! Not only are we beautiful and magnificent, but we’re darned humorous, too. Thank you, love you, B.

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