A Message For The Advanced Souls

Art by Maria Chambers

While there are many beautiful energies in the world, there are also plenty of horror stories occurring on Planet Earth.  You don’t even need to follow the news to tune into that energy.  

As long as we are living in duality, we will see behaviors that reflect that polarization to one degree or another.  We will see random acts of kindness right along with the most heinous of acts perpetrated toward other humans.

If you are reading this post, and are attracted to this kind of material, you are here to shine a light at a time when it is needed.   It doesn’t require you to be an activist, unless that brings you joy.  All that is required of you is to be here, on the planet.

You went through a standard human life, actually, many of them, through all the trials and tribulations of being human, in order to be more compassionate, and to understand that there is truly no good or bad, but just soul experience.  You have come to understand that the dark is from the light, and needs to be acknowledged.

You came in with a wisdom that most humans are not aware of in themselves yet.  You can take the most intelligent person on the planet, the most acclaimed writer, the most accomplished thinker, the most prominent figure on social media, the most celebrated of celebrities, and their consciousness would pale compared to yours.

Art by Maria Chambers

“You came in with a wisdom that most humans are not aware of in themselves yet.”

Many authors have written about psychic phenomena and practice psychic mediumship.  Many talk to the dead, and help to comfort the families and friends who have lost loved ones.  Many work along side the police to help solve crimes with their gifts.   As valuable as that all is, they are not at the level of awareness that you are.

They are generally connecting with souls who are still in the astral planes.  It’s why they often have disturbing visions of murders or other lower energy occurrences.

Have you noticed that you are not so attracted to those types of energies at this point?  Your frequency is simply too high.

Even someone as celebrated as Oprah Winfrey, who has had people on her shows of prominent spiritual reputation, who is an amazing soul, is not yet ready to embrace the next layer.

No, as someone wise once said, there is never a crowd on the leading edge.

And at this stage of your enlightenment you know it’s not about stroking the ego, and feeling superior because of your position.  If anything, you don’t feel worthy of such a position.  You may think you need to have some sort of ESP, or be able to teleport yourself or be able to perform other supernatural parlor tricks before you can be considered an advanced soul.

Or you may think you need to resolve all your issues first, your financial, or health or relationship issues.  That you need to have all your s**t together first.

Of course that’s your human self and the brain buying into the 3D hype of what it means to be spiritual.  It’s certainly not what you expected it to be.

So many going through this awakening process can’t figure out why they are feeling things like anger, or impatience with others, or indifference.  They can’t reconcile feeling so close to their soul and at the same time feeling all this sexual and sensual energy.  As if the two are diametrically opposed.

Art by Maria Chambers

So, if you read what the most advanced news reporter or social or political analyst  has to say about the current affairs on the planet, or read what the most intelligent psychologist has to say about the mass shootings, about how such behavior originated in the perpetrator.  If you follow the most advanced women in feminism, and hear what they are saying about the toxic patriarchy, they all are correct.

From a limited 3D perspective, they have a very good handle on things.  They understand probably more than most what is happening in our world.

But, even they are not yet understanding the broader perspective.  They are fulfilling their souls’ roles in their way, which is a beautiful and deeply appreciated way.  And they are helping to advance the planet.

They are where they are.

And we are where we are.  We can understand things from the broader perspective now because we have moved out of the 3D world.

We can understand that everything that is going on in the world is just humanity playing our the galactic story, the dark vs. the light, the masculine vs. the feminine, all in the name of trying to resolve these conflicts that were born from the original separation from Source.

The original intent to serve ALL THAT IS by becoming sovereign beings.

So the planet is pretty much in an amnesiatic state.  They have forgotten who they are and why they are here.  It’s like they are playing out their own ancient stories by being trapped in their own video games.

It’s  an endless loop of playing mind-numbing video games and the games feature heroes and villains playing out unconsciously their own galactic stories.

The endless Star Wars scenario.

There are advances in technology on the planet never seen before, in computers, science, medicine, and many other areas.  Nanotechnology boggles the mind in its potentials for the human species.

But without consciousness, without the I Am, the crystalline consciousness present, there is a potential for these technologies to take humanity into a dark direction.

So we are here to infuse our consciousness into those technologies.  Simply by being here and radiating our joy.  It’s really that simple.


So here we are, as the advance guard, having such an impact on the planet, as we have throughout history.  Many of us have worked alongside Yeshua, and Tesla, and many others to assist the planet.  We helped bring in the internet.

We worked with Edgar Cayce.   And with Carl Jung.

We are at the end of a cycle of lifetimes, and for many of us, this will probably be our last lifetime.

So we want this one to really count.  It’s probably why we have endured as much as we have.  We didn’t want to give up before we see who we really are and what we mean not only to this planet, but to ourselves.

© Copyright 2018 Maria Chambers, all rights reserved. P!ease feel free to share this content within others but maintain the article’s integrity by copying it unaltered and by including the author and source website link: Maria Chambers, http://www.soulsoothinsounds.wordpress.com

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42 thoughts on “A Message For The Advanced Souls

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  2. senlinsays

    Oh, Maria. I love your blog and haunt it daily. Your posts always resonate. And yet a voice in my head always tells me I am here by mistake. That these messages are meant for the Real forerunners, not for me. That I just stumbled on your blog and use it to bolster my Wishful Thinking. And I Wish that weren’t so…🙁

    1. Senlinsays….we’ve certainly been conditioned to feel like, “they must be talking about someone else, this can’t be about little old me.” It’s not just the human experience to feel unworthy, but add to that being a lightworker, and the lack of confidence goes even lower. And for those of us who chose to incarnate in the female gender, well, that speaks for itself.

      If we wanted to continue to indulge in the victim mentality, we would certainly have a lot of support here on the planet, but we chose the path of self responsibility. And since very few choose that path, we are pioneers, and being pioneers, we feel alone in our perspective. So much so that we begin to doubt if it is real.

      The self doubt can create the lack of self confidence and self worth.

      And the irony is that as souls, we had the confidence, that very few had, to come here in such a dense environment in the first place, and we knew we were capable of moving past the amnesia.

      I’m so glad you are enjoying the energies here. Thank you for sharing your beautiful energies with us. 💕

    2. Els Read-van't Veer

      If I may join in this conversation, I would like to say that I think everybody who feels this way have one thing in common. Our ego’s are no longer in charge and we are humbled by the Truth. We realise it is not US that is doing the work but that there is a Higher power working through us. This loss of ego is wonderful because when I became aware of all my judgements about everything, I realised that I alone did not have what it takes to change from who I was into who I wanted to be, who I could be and who I AM. There is an expression that says, “let me die a little everyday so that I can live”. Not exact but it means letting the personal ego take a back step and letting the I AM take over. My prayer everyday is “Holy Spirit within, command my soul to do your bidding.” This feeling is not a negative but a humbling before the awesomeness of Source.

  3. mom2bzs

    Wow Maria, you said a mouthfull of truth here. I am psychic, as well as empathic. I don’t connect with the horror stories of murder and mayhem. I always feel protected. Although I do feel the intense pain of the collective and others around me. I can feel other’s emotional pain very fast and very intensely. I constantly have to tell myself, “I release all energies, emotions and thoughts that aren’t mine”. Although sometimes my stuff is pretty dam heavy. UGH!!!!!!!!! I know I need to feel it to release it from my cells, but sometimes it feels like I won’t make it through.

    And yes, I don’t feel like one of the leaders of this, although I’m constantly told and hear to own my power.When you say we are, I cringe.

    I know intuitively when I effect those around me. Can’t tell you why, I just know. I also know when my light is WAY TOO BRIGHT for others. It brings up other’s darkness, which they don’t want to acknowledge.

    1. mom2bzs….yes, as lightworkers and especially as women, we have been processing what others are not able or willing to process for themselves…and have been doing that for a very long time.

      But as we release that role, and release our ancestors, our DNA, our connection to humanity in the old way, it gets easier. From personal experience, I don’t feel the emotional pain of others nearly to the degree I once did.

      There will be others who hold energies and process energies, but our new roles are different, especially for those of us who want to embody spirit. Because spirit, our soul, is not into pain and suffering. We will be sharing our radiance with the planet in a new way. We will be showing others what it is like to be a self loving and sovereign human, one who may appear selfish to others. And like you said, your light is very bright and not everyone appreciates it.

      That’s o.k. They’ll thank us later.💕

    2. Candice F

      I can absolutely relate to all of what you said. #soulsisters there’s so much more… but I’m not trying to go into detail here. 🤪

  4. I love seeing these random acts of true kindness. https://www.sunnyskyz.com/blog/2402/Women-Surround-Crying-Mom-Whose-Toddler-Was-Having-A-Meltdown-At-The-Airport#.WoTCF-DF3AK.facebook

    Loving my life…….danced all weekend like a crazy woman! Wooooooohoooooo! So much fun! So much joy, so much love and connection. BLISS!

    Loving that all the crap that is coming out to the light to be healed! Oh yes!

    Just BEING…..thanks for all you do and who you are and what you share here.

    love you dear sistar!

    1. Thanks for sharing the beautiful story. I love it when women reach out to support one another..and yes, I agree,.we are seeing more and more of that, aren’t we?

      and thank you dear Elizabeth for your beautiful radiance…love and hugs galore🤗💕💕💕

  5. Kat

    Maria, I fucking love you. You hit the nail on the head again. And yeah, I know I am one of the forerunners. It fits my personality and the way I’ve been seeing the world throughout my life. i was never one to follow others and always did things my way with a disctinct inner guidance. At times it was buried, yeah, especially during the dark night of the soul/the heavy days of the ascension process, that lasted over a decade, but even then my inner knowing helped me see it through. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here now, I’m sure about that. Thank you Maria for this uplifting article that resonates with me so much. I really can’t express how much I appreciate you and what you are doing here ❤
    Love you

    1. Kat, I fucking love you too… and I appreciate and I love that you are a role model of a sovereign woman. It’s the sovereign, inner independence that is the hardest to reach without going through the dark night of the soul. Love and hugs 🤗💕💕💕

  6. Elila

    Maria and Kat–
    I fucking love you both and this space–so much awesomeness I can’t EVEN…..
    I agree totally with all expressed and as usual appreciate the reminder that I really AM something and making a valuable contribution just by being here and being ME.
    GROUP HUG!!!!! 💞💙💞

      1. Kat

        ” We ARE AWESOME….and this planet is damned blessed to have us here”

        YES YES YES!!!!

        I am tired of hearing people, especially women, putting themselves down and not recognizing how fucking wonderful they are. We ARE special and we did a LOT to raise this planet’s vibration and we paved the way for all those who went through ascension after us, who then had it way easier than we did. Love you both you wonderful women and I hope we’ll meet in person one day ❤

  7. Elila

    Kat & Maria
    A big YESSSSSS from me too! We ARE AWESOME, & for SURE making it easier for others. I hope we meet one day too–ive already intended it! Kat you made a comment on a different post that you would love to get together for some wine and great food and I couldn’t agree more–what a delicious time we’ll have…😊💕

  8. Elila

    Ok then game on! I say now we can just sit back & allow our masterful brilliant souls to organize the rest!! Sending loads of love and hugs 💕😊💞

  9. sweet pea

    ug Maria, this has so been something i’ve struggles with so much 😔 i’m ’bout to ramble, but i’ve really toiled with this for like the past year.

    to be honest i’ve always been pretty uncomfortable with the whole “lightworker” thing. at times it feels like it ventures into ego for me – “lightworker communities” especially. i guess when things veer into the idea of “us being advanced” i get a bit uncomfortable because it can end up sounding not so different to me than the same echo chambers of church and evangelical bubbles i grew up in where they speak of how “they know the truth” and everyone else who doesn’t believe what they believe or live how they live is lost. they truly believe that people like us are “sleeping” and will someday “awaken” to what they know.

    the thing is, when i look at people who are driven by things like fear and hate and old ways of thinking(evangelicals for sure included in this lol), i can’t help by acknowledge there is a difference between me and them. i can’t help but feel valid in seeing myself as more “awakened”? i’m uncomfortable with it, but i still feel it. 🤷‍♀️ especially having been raised in religion, for me it’s not only not “awake”, it’s brainwashed nonsense i have had to claw my way out of.

    i guess no matter what group or belief system i can’t help but feel that people in the direction of goodness, love, balance, freedom, respect, kindness, compassion, peace, and those kinds of things that feel like light – whatever that means in their own way – is more “awakened” or “advanced” than people who are wrapped up in things like fear, anger, hatred, control, racism, misogyny, etc. and then yes also perfectly with thing you describe here, even if people are tuned into things that are in the direction of light like the psychics or Oprah, there is also the layers of vibrations we are all resonating at. even if you are seeking and holding love energies vs fear energies, to be able to still regularly interact with lower vibrations you still have to hold a lower vibration to some extent?

    i guess i need to allow myself to recognize what i feel is a “higher” way to be so it’s not all just mush, but i think it’s important for me to not think that “my way” of getting there or being there – wherever “there” is, is not the same way that anyone else is supposed to get there or be.

    again, i’m rambling haha, but i guess this is something i’ve been struggling with… duality and polarization are exhausting 🙃🙃🙃

    1. Hey sweet pea…I was just thinking about you earlier, so it’s nice to hear from you.

      First, I agree totally…all roads lead to love, and I would say many of us here in this particular ‘community’ are here because we resonate with each other and these particular messages. But at the same time, we know that we are not an elite group with a reserved membership.

      Like you, I never felt comfortable in groups, even well-intentioned ones.

      But what I want to emphasize is that as we become more aware, more conscious of who we are, we realize we are ALL OF IT. We are not just the eternal self, but we are that AND the human, with the fears and concerns.

      And as we become more of who we are, we aren’t super-human, in fact we are very much human. We have deep compassion for our human self, and for other humans. Not pity or sympathy, but compassion….because we know what it’s like to go through the human experience and forget who we are, but we also know that the others in the world are just where they need to be. So there is no need to ‘save’ anyone.

      So we are not into preaching to them, or trying to ‘convert’ them. We had our fill of that being done to us.

      But as far as feeling superior, I doubt if anyone who has gotten this far in their ascension would have that kind of unbalanced ego. In fact, they would be apt to feel not worthy yet of the magnificent spirit that wants to come into their body and their life.

      And I say this because there is a tendency in our world to not acknowledge the type of consciousness we have worked hard to activate. Ours is so often a quiet and unrecognized journey. I feel there is such a low self worth in this kind of path and it can cause such self-doubt at times, to the point where some just feel like giving up, and not seeing that what they are is amazing. It’s too easy to not see that about ourselves when we live in a world that is all about achieving outwardly.

      Many of us came here to add light to a dense planet, but not in the new agey, airy fairy way of praying for world peace or walking around with a smile on our face 24/7 trying to convert folks. We have discovered that we are doing quiet work, often solitary work, integrating our own darkness into our light, and bring back all of our lost aspects, integrating ourselves. Damn hard work, and very few are ready for it.

      So, we have access to all the vibrations, all the frequencies, and I agree, to interact with others we do lower our frequencies accordingly at times. And it’s a good point that there is not a hierarchy in which one is better than the other.

      But unfortunately, we are not so comfortable anymore in the more dense frequencies. And, again, I agree, there is not one way, no one size fits all in this process of awakening. But the end result is more self-love, which is the elixer for all the issues that confront humanity. Love and hugs

      1. sweet pea

        yessss, thank you thank you thank you Maria! 🤗 so perfectly said. i knew you’d be able to help me get the higher perspective of it 💕💕💕 those are exactly some of the differences that i need to let myself understand! i feel like you gave me some talking points to take as homework for myself haha…

        – the internal work and solitary growth vs trying to change or convert others

        – similar resonance vs group think…so we come together in places like this because what is inside of each of us individually resonates with each other, vs all making ourselves think alike with a group belief to be part of or accepted into a group

        – viewing the “advancedness” as awareness and growth rather than some sort of arrogance or elite-ness

        – and of course i think the frequencies of love vs the frequencies of fear

        ug i’ve been struggling with this so much Maria 😩 i feel better just reading your words. i’m still shedding some layers of beliefs that i’m working through from how i grew up, and the external world has really aggravated a lot of these layers lately so it’s been a bit of two steps forward, one back 😩😩😩

        thank you so much 🙏 this is the perspective i needed 💕💕💕

        1. Well, sweet pea, you articulated it uniquely,

          “similar resonance vs group think…so we come together in places like this because what is inside of each of us individually resonates with each other, vs all making ourselves think alike with a group belief to be part of or accepted into a group”

          I know your conservative religious background especially has been a challenge, considering even those of us who had only a moderate amount of religion shoved down our throats are still feeling the residue.

          And, yep, when we see what is taking place on the world stage with the extreme religious right using god to defend all kinds of hate, bigotry and misogyny. I have zero tolerance these days for it. As I said in my Page, Current (Hilarious) Events:

          It’s fascinating to watch the Bible thumpers as they continue to support politicians and elected officials that act out behaviors which go against the former’s own religion’s moral codes.
          And, in case you’re wondering, I did my due diligence, and fact checked every version of the Bible, yet I couldn’t find anywhere that Jesus said,

          “And when you’re the Savior, they let you do it. You can do anything.
          Apostle: Whatever you want.
          Jesus: Grab them by the p****. You can do anything.
          No, really. It’s true. Totally….O.K?”

          1. sweet pea

            ha yes Maria we’re seriously living in the upside down 😩😩😩 i can barely deal 😩😩😩

            and yes i really am still digging my way out of the religious background 😔 and you just nailed right quick what it is that gets me is the gaslighting and hypocrisy. evangelicals are reallllly convicted in their right to hypocrisy, it doesn’t even them make blink 😩! the entire belief system is based on inconsistency and hypocrisy, so it’s just a way of life 🤷‍♀️. so i think i’m just still learning how to have comfort and conviction in my new ways of thinking and believing without feeling like i’m doing the same thing i grew up being taught to do with my old ways of thinking and believing.

            thank you Maria, you always help me get a new perspective on things 🤗💕💕💕

          2. Well sweet pea I think you’re doing beautifully and you are doing your family proud ‘back home’ that is, your spiritual family from before you came to Earth, and you’re paving the way for others who are coming in after you.

            You came in with purpose as a soul and it’s no coincidence you were birthed into the family you were incarnated into.

            Like I said, I felt your energies really strongly just recently. Like we have a deep connection that goes way back. An eternal bond. Love to you my dear friend.🤗💕💕💕

      2. There is a big (false!!!) link between self-esteem and superiority….What we have witnessed from birth is those in ‘superior’ positions having high self-worth and those very people seeing others in lower positions as being of less worth. It is a long-term brainwash. The brainwash also includes those in more humble backgrounds being taught that high self-worth is a vanity and is ‘unbecoming’ (especially in a woman)…… and that because they ARE from a humbler background, that this high self-worth is inappropriate….. and that ‘pride (read here…self-respect) comes before a fall. So we are supposed to (and do until we don’t) fear that if we get too full of ourselves (read here…feel we have some value) we will experience a downfall and be ‘brought down a peg or two’

        This sketch from the 60’s says it all!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tXBC-71aZs

        The brainwash is deep, deep, deep and even when we have had ACTUAL experiences, good conversations like these, deep insights, true connections with our Souls, visions, etc., we may feel lifted and experience self-esteem and worth, but the first non-validating thing can plunge us back into our brainwash.

        BUT……WE bounce back again and again. And eventually get it!

        There’s something about feeling self-worth (I’m SOOO worth it, I even buy the perfume…..NOT!!!) that is still based in comparison….with lack of worth. We get to the point where we just are what we are and it doesn’t need a worthiness rating.

        All self -esteem actually means is ‘I feel good about myself’ or ‘I feel shit about myself’

        So sod it all and let’s have a cup of tea!:)

        Big love everyone xxx

  10. sweet pea

    thank you so much Maria 🙏💕 the world out there really feels like it has no north star at the moment 😔 thank u for reminding me that we do have it within 💜💕💕💕

  11. Elila

    Sweet pea! I was just thinking of you too, and assuming you right into our little food and wine (&chocolate!) meeting of like minds and hearts above. I understand how you must feel the seas around your own little boat fiercely roiling right now and trying to tip you out and back into the murky sludge you damned near drowned in growing up– but dear beloved sister, from my perspective you are brilliantly navigating and it is such a delight when you come here and share and find even more clarity (sometimes with “a little help from yer friends” 😉), and then we all feel that clarity too and it grows exponentially among us– it’s really beautiful and I just love you to bits for being here and being yourSelf in this world! Sending hugs 💞😊

    1. sweet pea

      awww hugs to you Elila 💕💕💕😊

      and yes this whole journey is bizarre, and some days i “get it” deep in my bones, and then other days i feel like i have to check in and make sure i’m not some sort of delusional sociopath 🙃🙃🙃 haha

      Maria always writes about the thing i need sorted when i need that thing sorted, and this place helps me sort it a lil’ better, so it really is so nice 🙏💕

  12. Elila

    Sweet pea I totally get that too! Some days i feel so confident and sure and carefree and it feels like that’s how it’s “supposed” to be—and then other days I feel unmoored and odd and a bit lost and overwhelmed and often edgy/agitated. I chalk up those days to my “system” being temporarily off line for upgrade downloads 😉

  13. X

    How is it that you make the ineffable so easy? %@&*!

    ROFL (and awe-fully crying on the inside).


    Peace be with you, and love in spirit.

    Ray Of Helios

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