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“What Do You Do?”


I talk with a dear long-time friend every so often.  I love him and it always feels good to connect with him.  

We share a lot of laughs, and can talk fluidly about politics, some personal subjects, and art.  But he asked me a question that had me stumped.  Not that I didn’t have a glorious answer, but it was an answer he wouldn’t  be able to understand.

He asked, “So, besides going for your morning coffee, what do you do with your day?”

It was an awkward moment.  I would have loved to say…”Well, let’s see…I’m recalibrating my body…going from carbon-based to crystalline-based biology.  I’m integrating my light body and allowing spirit to be in my body and in my life.  I’m letting go of my ancestral and my other connections to my past..all of it goes.  I’m learning to enjoy being truly sensual, by allowing my spirit to take the steering wheel.

I’m creating a new template of what a human looks like and acts like, as I integrate my human and my divine.”

And that’s all before lunch.  We do more before breakfast than most people do in a lifetime.

“We do more before breakfast than most people do in a lifetime.”

Image by Maria Chambers

Oh, and in between I take out the garbage, pay bills, and do the other daily human maintenance.  And I try to enjoy my day…I invariably opt for doing things that feel good.  Whether it’s taking a walk, reading, watching Netflix or Amazon, writing.  Enjoying music, or enjoying silence.

Taking a nap.  Shopping.  Talking to a friend.  Eating yummy food.

And as much as I would love to say, these are my reasons for being alive, and they are a big part of it, the main event is being here as the Master, in a human form.

Walking this planet as the human who has integrated the Christ  consciousness.

But instead I responded to my dear friend with something about writing, taking walks, working on my blog.  I figured he could relate to that.  I didn’t have the energy to explain myself to someone who just wasn’t going to accept what I really would have liked to say.

Even a discussion about the soul or spirit in the abstract with him was like pulling teeth. So I learned to avoid the topic.

Like so many other humans, he values doing and achieving, in a worldly sense, above just being. Or, at least, what appears to be just being.   But he has also confided in me that in spite of his full schedule of things he enjoys doing, and his good connection to his partner, he still suffers from a sense of grieving, of sadness.

He said he believes he needs to do more, have more friends he can relate to, and I get it.   From his perspective there’s a need to fill up from the outside.

He does not yet recognize that the sadness is a prompt from his soul to go deeper, to be awakened to the part of him that is eternal.  He may not go there in this lifetime.  And, he believes that this is it, that this lifetime is the only one he gets.

I hope then that he is doing everything to enjoy this lifetime, and I believe he is, on his human level.  I see someone who is doing his best to enjoy this lifetime, and his partner.

I don’t have very many people in my life that I talk to regularly from a place of being the totality of who I am.  And yet, I no longer feel the striking loneliness I once felt while being asleep.  While I was living an unconscious life, married, surrounded by friends, associates, running a thriving business, I had moments of such acute and existential loneliness.

I too thought I needed to fill up the loneliness by engaging with more people, or doing more things.  And there was a nagging anxiety that I was going to lose the things and people I came to depend so heavily upon.

I didn’t know at the time that nothing is really ever lost.  That life is eternal.  That there is truly nothing to fear.  But I had to experience some difficult losses in my life to recognize that truth.

It took a long time for me to see that I was losing nothing, but gaining so  much.  I was becoming more myself, which is the self that never experiences loss, or that is never afraid.

“I didn’t know at the time that nothing is really ever lost. That life is eternal. That there is truly nothing to fear.”


Image by Maria Chambers

Enjoy The Soul of It from New Energy Music

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Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Almost a decade later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

46 thoughts on ““What Do You Do?”

  1. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Personally, I’ve only managed to discover a few people who understand my new “language” of the Soul. For others, well, we stick to the weather!

    • ……partly cloudy with a chance of enlightenment. Haha. Thanks Eliza, for reblogging on Blue Dragon Journal 💕

    • Yes, the weather. Perfect strategy.
      When I’m asked what I do for work I reply either of both:

      – with the Russians (prevents follow-up questions). Not Russians but The Russians. Important detail because ‘the’ makes them sound like family which scares off 99% of the people unless the one who asked is a Russian in which case you quickly add that The Russians are a rising psychedelic instrumental rock band for whom you try to arrange gigs. Add that they have no demos yet, dislike social media and have nothing to do with Russia.
      Expect eyebrows lifting.

      – work? Yes… I need to make time for that but you know how it goes, always busy, busy, busy… like newyear’s resolutions, right!
      Expect walkouts.

      Hope this helps Maria.

  2. Ditto, Maria, when I’m asked, I reply, “I’m researching the connection between metaphysics and quantum physics and the potentials of that relationship on the human body.” Long pause… I’ve become a great 3D listener, though I confess it would be grand if some day someone might say, “Hey, me, too!” Love, B.

    • Mmmm…I like that explanation….sounds scholarly. Some people may even be impressed. But you get, and we are all getting that like you say, we are good listeners. And we’re becoming more discerning about how much of our attention and who we will give our attention to. 💕

  3. Maria, interacting with God, dreaming us all into existence, is such an ample compensation, isn’t it?… 🙂

    2018-03-17 17:10 GMT+01:00 Soulsoothinsounds’s Blog :

    > soulsoothinsounds posted: ” I talk with a dear long-time friend every so > often. I love him and it always feels good to connect with him. We share > a lot of laughs, and can talk fluidly about politics, some personal > subjects, and art. But he asked me a question that had me st” >

  4. Aaaah Maria I have fumbled with this inquiry sooo many times…..I’ve (a little sassily) replied anywhere from “not much!” or “as little as possible!”, to ” plotting world domination” LOL. I love Barbara’s answer—its in the same vein as my latest “exploring and implementing systemic optimizations…”. And yes wouldn’t it be a riot if one day someone shocked us by saying ” hey me too!” Truthfully though there are so few people left in my life I don’t think I’ve gotten the question in a while! Hugs and love to you 💞💕

  5. Great post, Maria. And intriguing topic.

    Isn’t it fascinating to ponder just how bland life here on planet Earth becomes once fear falls away? As fear drains from our aura and we are released from its insidious grip, it’s interesting to see what a giant disparity that creates between us and the unawakened. We become the “crazies” who have lost it, who no longer “fit in” (if we ever fit in at all!).

    That’s on the 3D side of the fence (which we all still have one foot in). But what about the other side? Higher realm messages abound about the love, joy, freedom, etc. awaiting us in 5D, yet here we are, still in the middle ground – a literal purgatory – where we are neither here, nor there. As pioneers of this transformation, our next challenge seems to be to create a reality that’s brand new here and to be the “standard,” yet many of us still can’t bring ourselves to be who we really are, not because fear is holding us back, but because the divide is too great and we just can’t see a “feels right” path.

    So the question begs… What next? And when? What/when will we feel comfortable stepping out and honestly and unabashedly answering the question your/Maria’s friend asked? Is that even what we’re supposed to do (some day)? Because we have to respect where others are in their process, there’s a fine line between being who we really are and messing with others’ ascension process.

    Tough one. And one I don’t think even higher realm beings have a definitive answer to. I’ve believed for a while now that we evolved so rapidly (and unexpectedly), that we’re teaching more to higher realm beings now than they are equipped to teach us. I think that means we are giving new meaning to the term “pioneer.” And that is a big WOW! Take a bow folks. Hats off to you all!


    • Beautifully articulated, Lisa. A perspective well worth looking at. And it is often a grey area, or a fine line as you say… much do we want to share of our true self, and with whom? That’s what I love about this blog venue…I love to write, so I write. Then I hit the publish button, and like magic, those who resonate with the messages find me. Easy Peasy.

      But am I just preaching to the choir as they say? What about people like my friend, who may or may not be open to my perspective?

      Right now the formula for me seems to be….if I stick to what feels right for me, what feels joyful, and follow the ease, then I attract just the perfect people, who are eager to discover their soul.

      And I agree with you. The other realms are looking to us to write the new energy manual. Wow.

    • Lisa,
      I agree with Maria–so beautifully articulated. I love when others share their unique perspectives here–with all of Maria’s delicious wisdom, the comments are like the icing on the cake that enhance and clarify my own knowing, and give me new words and expressions for what I feel and experience– and I don’t necessarily mean so that I can explain to others–its supremely valuable just for my own understanding of Me! I would like for Maria and all of you here to know how much I appreciate the sharing!!! 😊💕💞

    • for myself personally, have struggled with mingling and the ideas out there, that not only encourage it, but insist that it is my job… you know love and engage your neighbor, shine your light , uplift the grocery store cashier etc etc.. putting on a false positive mask to relate with people who can only relate to that mask, held no joy, so i just stopped and now rarely offer my energy or thoughts, unless directly approached.. i take comfort with this behaivor even though my solitary and often joyfull ways are doubly suspect and resented.. (shes crazy) cant win for losing!! rather than people, i prefer to share my energy with nature itself.. it gets lonely sometimes, but its real.. if you think about it, this is the exact way that consciousness works as well.. intuition, soul knowing, comes to those with a certain level of awareness and remains hidden from the rest.. I dont see how iam any differrent.. i think this process of getting real with rejecting social norms has been part of the process to discovering the soul, so iam gratefull..

  6. Hey, me too!! 🙂
    When people ask me the deeper question of what I’m really up to, I tell them I have a deeply rich inner life. Then if they are curious or open to it, they might ask for details… And then I’ll give them the real answer. I figure if they don’t have the capacity to hold or process that information, at the very least I will have planted a seed. I do have a small group of friends who are able to hear what’s going on for me even if they don’t personally share the experience. They value my energy, my insights, my knowing… So they can hear about my DNA upgrades and cross-dimensional ambassadorship and trust that it’s real. This discussion has reinforced how thankful I am for those friends, and also how thankful I am for this blog and this community of Masters.

  7. Wow, keeping it simple here, but I loved this, and ALL the comments too!!
    Wowziers, these ENERGIES!! 😜❤️✨💫❤️

  8. My answer for years is that : “I be”. I was called to a path of beingness more than a decade ago and it is my truth. So when I say, “I be, not do” that raises eyebrows and elicits questions. We do so much on inner realms and not so much in the outer. When first called to this path, I had no idea how to “be” as I had 50 years of doing behind me. Yet that was my guidance, over and over…to walk a path of beingness and state it clearly to those who asked.
    We are now moving into a time where we will be able to create in this physical reality with our thoughts and being, rather than so much doing.
    Hats off to all of us for choosing to honor ourselves and be the holders of these new frequencies. It has been daunting at times. So glad we are nearing the finish line of this way of being. Ready for new ways of living!
    Blessings to us all!

  9. There’s 9 friends here who are on this blogpost. Likeminded souls. What a relief…
    Have a nice sunday people, good to be amongst you all.
    (Theme song from Cheers playing in the background).

  10. 👌💜💜💜😘😘😘

  11. Hi . I wanted to share an experience about the idea of “turning crystalline”.. was playing with earth the other night envisioning that i was travelling down to her crystal core that I have read so much about, but not exactly experienced in a tangeable way.. in that i mean to say i dont have visions of being there or anything, its mostly just a way to make a connection with GAIA and I have many methods of doing that.. but on this night, it was an intent to go to her crystal core.. pretty quickly i heard the earth tell me that my core is also crystalline instantly raising my joy level for my happiness quickens immensly when it is a two way communication as it doesnt happen so frequent.. 💚 began thinking about the idea that anything which we can percieve, and that includes the earth, is WITHIN.. from how i can piece this together, crystalline is an energy which manifests as a form that at first is only percieved with the five senses.. the body or earth or anything in the physical realm… the more we allow our crystalline nature to emerge, what and how we percieve begins to change and show more levels and forms of its essential nature.. kind of like with differrent forms of art.. there you have the figure of a person in one painting and the same figure suddenly takes on multiple more layers or energetics because the person who is exspressing the art transferrs how they percieve and vibrate energetically, onto the canvas.. so within for me, represents what Iam actually made of, pure ?crystalline ?potential.. go within is sort of vague term in my view, that has never really been explained so as to see it clearly.. as iam the pure energy, all of my being has the answer to everything.. so go within who you are right down to each atom and cell! i hope its ok to ruminate here and sorry if its too lengthy.. im trying to learn to exspress myself better with words.. and fewer words..

    • so i guess from carbon to crystalline is like being a diamond..

    • It reminds me of the movie ‘the Dark Crystal’ where the crystal is the key element to eradicate the 3d matrix.

      • phoenix, i agree, knowlege of the matrix and its suppression of our true nature, is what will allow crystal knowledge to reemerge.. think ill have a look at the dark crystal, again.. thank you..

        • You’re welcome. Let me add that Jim Henson (who also gave us The Muppets) was inspired by a book called ‘Seth speaks’.
          Seth is a Higher being that is channeled.
          In other words and the way I see it: The Dark Crystal is not a story but truth disguised as a story. Nice way to circumvent the matrix.
          Enjoy the movie and thank you for your story about the crystal inside, it rings true for me.

  12. Laughing. love you dear sistar goddess….


  13. next time someone asks me what I am doing I will answer
    “transmuting stuck energy and I have been doing so for the past 17 years”
    I’m tired of making things up lol

  14. fantastic articles and website. not to mention the art! I will listen to your music one day as well but now im learning to listen to music less and less since I have been using music as escapeism like a drug both as a musician and consumer. Hell, I even used to sleep the music on! I enjoy the sound of nature and silence now.

    ANYWAY! Yeah I have been asked “what you do” by many people I meet in some hedoinistic hippy parties (im 30, being on a conscious path since 24). I usually tell them the truth which is that although I had a great passion in directing action short films and composing songs and even have a degree in filmmaking I simply do not have passion for that so I am probably leaning towards a more lighter occupation such as modeling (I just finished a modeling course so lets see what happens) while doing music once in a while and blogging esoteric topics on my website.

    I think that sounds cool enough.

    The modelling thing is so interesting due to the shallowness of the industry and its people. So much fear and competition under each persona/ mask. It cant get any shallower than the modelling industry! I was once in a vip fashion party and every conversation I had the people basically ended up leaving me after 5 minutes. Even before that I was not able to connect with them at all. Funny stuff going on here and yes, not to mention losing all friends and family in my life. The only one left from my past is my mother who I love so much and with whom I can talk about some basic stuff like quantum mechanic proving we live in an illusion. We recently talked about indigo children etc. She doesnt have the willingness to talk too much because she is not able to see the importance of the topic so she ends up going back to her habits quite fast, one of them being a workaholic and watching tv. My younger brother in his late 20s barely looks me into the eyes the rare times we happen to be in our mothers place at the same time. He mostly talks to our mom. He is a big tattooed thuggish guy so its fair to say he has overdosed him self with masculinity. Oh boy…

    I have met many spiritual people in the past 1 year. They were all younger than me some in their early 20s. They are cool though their path seems to be different for now atleast. They have not gone trough the dark night of the soul so although they listened to my expressions they were not able to relate with my suffering and are more about love and light. They were even against the notion of suffering. So far they have had a good time partying, living as a community and smoking weed and doing psychedelics. Some are coming from very rich families. I should spend more time with them to see whats going on. Although they did not find suffering as part of their journey and cant relate to how insane this dream world can be from time to time they seem smart people though. They once talked together that they should reduce even stop drugs which motivated me to stop as well so lets see what my new friends are all about. I meet them from time to time though. I havent seen them in months now. I like being by my self to be honest. 🙂

    • Klem, I am really glad you resonate with the blog. First, I understand what you mean about listening to music…over the past few years I too have become more discerning about what I want to allow in. I go for nature sounds, like the frogs and crickets outside my window.

      I visited your website and really enjoyed reading about your personal journey and am impressed with your wisdom. Young person, old soul. So true about having to give up the old story, and how that also means letting go of relationships. That’s probably the most painful aspect of this process.

      And yes, the ones who are not yet ‘initiated’ are still seeing enlightenment as tree hugging and singing kumbaya around the campfire. Lol. And it’s interesting that we had to go through hell and back, the dark night of the soul, and eventually we realize that we can choose how we want to feel, regardless of our circumstances. Which is true mastery, and why we came here.

      Thank you for your wisdom and the light you are spreading by being here on the planet.

      • Thank you soulsoothinsounds. I am so happy to hear you read my stuff. You perhaps were the first one to do that. I also find your materials very comforting and revealing. Yes, awakening from the dream is not an easy path and it can get horror at times. No kidding. I have suffered so much that I ended up falling in love with my world being scattered to pieces. In a weird way I fell in love with my suffering because it was an ongoing theme for many years. Losing my career, losing health, being physically and mentally abused by relatives for few years, being imprisoned (for an hour) and interrogated by corrupt cops, being thrown to the streets of Africa where I lived for 3 days until I had to go back to the same abusing family who I ironically do not know that well because I visited them after over 20 years of not seeing them (I have lived in Europe with my european mom my whole life… who kicked me out due to pot smoking and in panic I agreed to visit my biological father) The list goes on: Being betrayed by a business friend, being forcefully dragged to mental hospital and then medicated for a month, losing friends and now being misunderstood by even well meaning spiritual people. As a biracial person who is half black and half white, I kinda lost faith in African people for a while because nothing worked there for me and people did anything to survive which can be brutal at times. Luckily I met very strong esoteric African people who proved me wrong. They also went trough hell. But with my white counterpart I have noticed that they live an intensely comfortable lives (I live in Finland where the social care system is one of the best) so I do not really know how can people even go trough any hardships unless you get sick or perhaps your parents are psychopaths. I just dont know what most of my spiritual friends are all about and im trying my best not to see this as a race. At least they are trying their own way.

        Oh boy… About the insane nature of our world: I was lucky to listen to Ken Wapnick who was among the original groups of Course in miracles and he constantly pointed out that this world is not a nice place so I was aware of the game before I stepped into it. I think by only reading Echart Tolle books it will not help much to be aware of the intensity of facing other peoples reactions ESPECIALLY relatives who are basically afraid to loose you and thus, out of fear, act quite insanely and do insane stuff to lure your attention back. It gets more bizzarre spiritually speaking when you have to fight back, in my case, even physically because its so common to think that as spiritual people we are just meant to turn our other cheek and just be exploited.

        PS: I just want to add to whoever is reading this is that when I described the crap I went trough I did not want to brag. Perhaps challenge you but not brag. I just want to point out that some people in your life do not want you to be free and you will have to act in a way which will make others perceive you as a renegade or rebel. I can assure you Jesus was a rebel as well.

        • Kaan, intriguing experiences to say the least. I like how you frame it, falling in love with your suffering. And that’s a tough one to release in this process, but it’s going to happen one way or another. I was just thinking about the same thing recently, what you say about Jesus. I was thinking that he did not suffer fools. And I agree, there are people in our lives, and even on the other side, who do not want to let us go, who want us to be a part of the family or the energetic circle they live in.

          It seems that as we become fulfilled, and don’t need another to complete us, we recognize that most of humanity is looking to be fed. They are like hungry dogs in a way, I have let go of so much emotionally and in terms of relationships, but a few keep trying to pull me back, as you talk about.

          I can relate to the rebel thing, especially being of the female gender. To be the enlightened woman means acting selfish. Being radical and letting go of the caretaking role. It pisses off a lot of people, especially those who were used to feeding off of me in the past.

          Thank you for sharing your story. 💕

  15. Thank you for your encouragement mrs soulsoothinsounds! I am more motivated to write stuff whenever I feel inspired to do so. I will not hold back.

    I just want to say something to whoever reads this that I forgot to mention in my last post and that is that THINGS WILL GET BETTER. After the period of undoing or letting go things will get brighter. It may feel like things will never change ESPECIALLY in the dark night of the soul, but things will change for the better and you will have energy again. You will feel more lighter, more at peace and even the weird moments when somebody tries to push your buttons will not effect you as much as before. At this point you will attract new friends and even interest and people around will notice that you have changed. Animals and children will feel your aura… You know, the good stuff will come!

    Anyway, I will keep on reading your articles now. So much fun.

  16. I arrived here this morning looking to see if you had published a juicy new article. But this was the one I was drawn to click on, and it was just perfectly what I needed to read today. Thank you, Maria! Cheers! ☕️

    • I just love when that happens,,,,,,when we land on something that speaks to us perfectly in that moment. A sign you are allowing your soul to navigate more and more. I do pin older posts to the top of the home page that I feel are still relevant. That being one of them. A relevant topic that many of us are still challenged with at times. Cheers my friend.☕️❤️

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