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Stop Trying to Change Your Mind


Image by Maria Chambers

Most people may not admit it, but they are consuming Trump and his world like entertainment.  Probably those who did not vote him into office. For many, it takes the place of the usual T.V. lineup. It’s got it all…scandal, Russian intrigue, chaos, character assassinations, in-wars, and porn stars.

I am enjoying it.

We stay tuned with bated breath for the next episode. We wonder, will all the seasons and episodes be available on Netflix soon? Definitely binge-worthy.

He’s become the man you love to hate…move over Dallas. J.R. Ewing Is looking more and more like a Boy Scout.

And, just like our favorite T.V. shows, we end up screaming at times into the T.V. set, or our iPad, in disbelief as to what we are witnessing. Oh, the humanity!

And even though the commander-in-chief enjoys running the government like a reality show, this is the real thing.


But, for those of us who have for the most part left our energetic connections to the matrix behind, we have the luxury of watching the drama unfold without it really affecting us or our lives.

What they are going through in that world, we have already gone through. They are in their formative stages of their own awakening. So formative that they don’t yet recognize them.

They can’t see the beauty in the chaos.

So now, we are O.K. for the most part with what is happening in the world. That doesn’t mean it won’t affect us emotionally at times, get us riled up. But, and this is a sticking point, when we do get triggered, it’s because our mind is being triggered.

Our beloved mind is still trying to hold onto its power and control. And it will try to make a reality show of it for us. It wants to hold our attention as much as possible, lest the ratings plummet.

“If I just show her, in living color, how much there is to fear in her body. With her finances. With her relationships. Let me throw in some drama…she used to really get triggered with drama.”

But what seems to be happening is we are not so much triggered like before. And that’s because we have energetically let go of so much. We don’t seem to hold on to worry and fear like before. So dear mind has to step up its game.

The mind tries to introduce more drama. Things are getting a little too quiet. “She’s getting bored because she can’t relate to the world like before. The perfect time for some drama. I don’t want to be forgotten”, says our mind.   “I am afraid you will leave me behind, because I don’t serve a purpose anymore.”

This is when we reassure our mind that of course it’s coming along, but now it doesn’t have to feel responsible for our enlightenment. For our health, or our finances.

The mind now serves us, not the other way around.

So dear mind, says, “oh, great. I was getting weary of being responsible for her health, and her financial abundance. Especially considering all the rules have changed, and nothing seems to work like it did before.”

But what happens, like anything else that requires getting used to, is the mind lets go, relaxes more, but then doesn’t see immediate evidence of things changing, so it dives back in and tries to take hold of the steering wheel again.

It’s not too keen on this trust thing.

But the alternative is a whirlwind of colorful chaos. The daily world news. Very entertaining. A good distraction maybe.

But just like that news provided by various media outlets, we can choose to get invested in it or not. Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t really touch our lives in a profoundly negative way, unless we allow it to.


The stock market is a beautiful example of how market trends are directly affected by fears and insecurities.  And how the mind works.  As the President moves abruptly back and forth on issues and policies, it creates anxiety and insecurity in investors.

As our mind vacillates from trust, and relaxing into things, to trying to control and coerce, trying to do things all on its own, it creates chaos in our life.

Trump is in the habit of firing those who are there to assist and council him in important matters, and his pattern has always been ignoring or attacking those who work for him who are trying to direct him to the information and strategies that would best serve the country.   Instead he is more and more trying to run the country from his own impulses….from the seat of his pants.

He seems to want complete loyalty to his view at the expense of the balance that would result from the give and take of those with a different perspective than his.

This is not so different from what goes on in our mind, and how it relates to our life and our soul.  The mind is desperately trying to assert itself, and now it becomes a survival issue.  It’s been in power for so long, and now it’s being threatened because it is asked to soften and allow another presence into the picture.

It’s  being asked to relax, to allow the feminine perspective to be present and to trust that perspective.  It’s a balanced feminine.   It works with the balanced masculine. It can be trusted.  And beyond the Feminine and the Masculine, it’s The I AM.

And you can’t get more balanced than that.


Trump’s perspective is often wildly outdated and isn’t working very well, but he still has lots of supporters.

Same for the mind.

For Trump it’s his base, those who voted for him and stay loyal to him. Some in his base support his perspective and his ideologies, and some look past them because they truly believe that he can protect them from the clear and present ‘dangers’ lurking ‘out there.’  And it’s all based in fear.

Fear that isn’t really based in fact or truth.  in fact Trump is a wizard in his ability to built an entire lifestyle and reputation for being a successful businessman on smoke and mirrors.  And all the fact-checking in the world isn’t going to change the minds of the fearful.

In fact, if you try to convince his die-hard supporters that he is really not there to serve them, but to serve himself and is trying to maintain power and control at everyone’s expense, what do they do?

They double down.  They are even more adamant about him being their savior.

Same for the mind.  The carbon-based mind is built on lack and fear, primarily.  So forget about trying to change your mind.  The best thing we can do is just accept it.  Just as we are accepting the world out there.  Not loving it, necessarily.  We don’t have to love everything that comes down the pike.  We don’t have to participate with it.  And we don’t have to make it our truth.

If dear mind is taunting you with worry, fear, concern, guilt or self-doubt, telling you that you are not doing it right, or should be doing more, you can’t really stop it.  If you do, it will just double down and try harder to maintain control of its perspective.  It will find evidence of that perspective to show you the perils awaiting you if you don’t comply.  So, forget about any teaching or information that tells you you can change your mind to change your life.

But, and I think you will like this….you can turn down the volume.  Distract yourself.  Take a walk.  I do crossword puzzles.

You can stay tuned to the next exciting episode of As Trump Turns if you like, but as far as your mind goes, you can tune into your I AM.

And eventually dear mind is going to feel like maybe it better get on board because it’s not getting a rise out of you like before.  And it will be like, “hey, this isn’t so bad.  I can ride this wave.  Whatever this is, this new kid in town, it’s doing pretty good without me.  I can tend to other stuff I’m really good at, but not the stuff that I just can’t figure out.

Hmmmm, life is pretty good.”

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Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Almost a decade later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

33 thoughts on “Stop Trying to Change Your Mind

  1. “And eventually dear mind is going to feel like maybe it better get on board because it’s not getting a rise out of you like before.  And it will be like, “hey, this isn’t so bad.  I can ride this wave.  Whatever this is, this new kid in town, it’s doing pretty good without me.  I can tend to other stuff I’m really good at, but not the stuff that I just can’t figure out.

    Hmmmm, life is pretty good.”” ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  2. I do believe we’re telepathing, Maria. Only last night, as I was rambling around in my apartment doing my sleepless routine, I dived into the idea of balance, made up metaphors for balance, rhymes for balance, Jester stuff that made me laugh, 3D duality stuff that made me sad, the balanced rebel (nice oxymoron that one), the really big picture of balance, etc. to come to the same conclusion you have as follows:

    “It’s being asked to relax, to allow the feminine perspective to be present and to trust that perspective. It’s a balanced feminine. It works with the balanced masculine. It can be trusted. And beyond the Feminine and the Masculine, it’s The I AM.

    And you can’t get more balanced than that.”

    Agreed. Thanks and sending balanced love, B.

  3. Reblogged this on Infinite Shift.

  4. Great description of mind machinations, Maria.

    For all the challenges our mind presents in the ascension process, it has earned applause for doing a helluva job protecting us in this crazy, illusory 3D world. Interesting how, as one awakens, the mind’s previously assigned role needs to be reigned in, tamed and downright neutered. That, along with other ‘about face’ aspects of the ascension process, becomes part of the ‘new reality’ we need to blindly trust and adjust to. That adjustment process is quite the bitch, but eventually the new energy begins to take hold and the mind begins to relax and say “Hey, this is pretty cool! I don’t have to stress, work so hard, worry or panic. Wow.” It seems too good to be true at first (second, third, fourth, etc.), but once you allow yourself to believe you are worthy of receiving ‘too good to be true,’ it starts to become your reality. In other words, believing starts to become seeing. Funny how that works! 😀

    So cheers to the mind for all the work it thought it had to do, all the work it did, and all the work it continues to try to do to protect us. Impressive yeoman’s work and academy award winning performance. However (to quote Oprah at this year’s Oscars), “A new day is on the horizon!” This is the mind’s time to relax and enjoy the cruise into enlightenment with ease and grace (and boatloads of TRUST)…

    Love & blessings to all

  5. I AM with you dear Sistar Goddess……it is one fucking awesome life!! Not just wonderful anymore. AND so entertaining. heehee


    loving me, loving you ALL!

  6. Ha, yes Maria, how the mind pokes its nose in!!! We don’t need to change our mind….we need to KNOW it (the whole point of my own blog.) It is only a tool, like our body is a tool and people have been taught how to use it inefficiently and ineffectively and with no awareness.

    I love how you relate trump to the unruly mind….that makes me smile.

    I only see what is going on in the general world when someone tells me or my friend leaves his newspaper lying around. And when I do see, I am so glad I am disconnected energetically. But as you say, it is only the beginnings of their awakening. This must be what it was like for our guides and higher aspects observing us when we began our own awakening. 🙂 🙂

    I do Sudokus!!

    Big love and hugs, Gail xxx

  7. Did I miss something, or did the wheels just fall off? My mind has gone on walk-about, my solar plexus is NOT reeling, I’m having to make a choice here to either go with a super self-pity party or one more time of hunkering down and going with the flow. Unbelievable energy… mine or ‘out there’. Something is definitely ‘up’ or ‘down’ or doing its best to balance. I don’t how to explain this, but when I’m in doubt, I get the vacuum out. Anyone else feeling ‘something’ and it’s heavy duty? B.

    • yes. been eating…..watching movies…..move the furniture around. scrub the toilet and sink, word games, WALKING!, pet the dog I am taking care of. hahaha……

      I am with you Barbara…….life is fucking awesome and fucking intense. Sheesh!

      Who knows what it is? WE ALL have our own individual experiences and they are unique and sometimes cross over.

      Love to us all!!!!

      A whole lottin shiftin goin on.

      My buddies/guides, The Beans, often suggest I listen to this. A reminder to let it go…….

      🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Thank you, Elizabeth, I watched your James Brown video… yes, for sure, a whole lot of shaking/shifting going on. Finished scrubbing my bathroom and then listened to one of my faves, Moody Blues at their Red Rocks concert, “I Know You’re Out There Somewhere”.

        After all these years, I’m still a romantic… can I let that go? I hope not. Love, B.

    • Barbara I most DEFINITELY am feeling the heavy duty ‘something’!!! Felt it since the beginning of the new year but oh man this last week or so has been a wild ride–im so out of whack and having old stuff coming up and new stuff coming in and just way more chaotic than the relative calm I can usually hang out in. I thought perhaps it had to do with the blue moon and Easter energies coinciding….who the eff knows?!?

      Me too with crosswords, walking, and binging on vids……💙💙💙

      • Me too Elila! This past week has been quite the ride!

      • Me too Elila. Yesterday I spent the whole afternoon sleeping and it’s not that I have a particularly stressful life. The energies have been really really intense but the more it purges out the better 😉

  8. Ha Kat me too I was in bed all day yesterday recovering from a vicious migraine(& the intense nausea that comes with it) i woke up with on Monday. I’m still feeling the residue of it but at least I was able to get up and do some yoga this morning and maybe I can even eat today 😝. It definitely feels like a massive purging which I’m fine with but oh man by Monday night I was begging spirit for mercy and crying ‘uncle’ lol! These migraines are always triggered by a huge energy surge usually last 24-48hrs but oh man is it ever a giant relief when they end!!!! The weather seems to be reflecting it too–huge wind gusts and super cold and a snowstorm about to start any minute after thunderstorms and torrential rain yesterday which is now ice….bleck!

  9. After weeks of no news I decided to scroll through the newspaper today. Lasted 30 seconds… ok, that’s this game, that’s that game, here’s some bread and games, …
    Good reminder I’m on the right path even though my mind is far from in a good place and my body is that of a senior citizen walking a stroller with the breaks on.
    Went skateboarding yesterday with my kid, she rollerblades. Fell off the miniramp and I hurt my pelvis and got a minor concussion. Guess the pelvis injury is here to release some more old stuff.
    This post has no jokes… hope the concussion didn’t take away that part!

    To get your mind off things, allow me to share this video from the future. An asteroid shard fell into my garden last night and it contained a crystal with a fragment of the New Earth, where everyone is full of energy, feelin groovy and rocking their ass off. And there are no rules for dancing. Enjoy my fellow Starseeds, enjoy! ✨

    • I can relate….I had to sit down five times during my treck at the mall, from JC Penny to Sears. I don’t know whether to blame it on my age or the ascension process. Feel better, my friend,

    • “…my body is that of a senior citizen walking a stroller with the brakes on…”
      SAME. HERE.
      Perfect description my friend. I would add that this senior citizen body feels (inexplicably) like it weighs at least 700 pounds….
      And your comment below about showing your kid what it looks like to love yourself is spot on!
      Wishing you speedy recovery 😊💙

      • Hi Elila. Thanks for your sweet comment and wishes.
        It seems the wind is blowing me in other directions. I would though really like to stay in touch with you. Here’s my e-mail:
        Looking very much forward to receiving an electronic letter from you. That’s how senior citizens speak to one another right? 😉
        See you soon or farewell and may all your dreams come true. 💫🍀😘

  10. Thanks for the vid, Stefan, so much energy in that one, I got worn out watching it, but, yeah, I hear everyone about feeling like crap. I now know why I planned my blueprint prior to arrival on this planet to be retired when the worst of the worst ascension symptoms hit. I have no idea how Starseeds manage to work, look after a family, or skateboard! At night I’m into four hours sleep, four hours awake and then maybe another couple after that. When I’m awake at night, I feel surreal, hard to explain, and during the day nausea and exhaustion rules my life so that I can make no plans at all. Someone wise said, “Follow your heart.” It doesn’t know what it wants to ‘do’ either. So, yes, “Set me free” or at least give me a time-out. Love, B.

    • I more or less forced myself to go skateboarding with my kid, as the poor thing is starting to think I’ve lost my energy. She’s full of it and 11y old, can’t put her on an Ipad 12hours a day…
      She’s back to her mom now. Makes me sad and happy at the same time.
      Don’t know where we’re heading Barb, wish I knew. Hang in there. 😘
      Care to expand on the surreal part?

      • About the surreal part, best I can describe it is when I’m awake usually around 2:00 a.m. for three our four hours, I feel like I’m in two bodies and neither body do I recognize. I’m not ‘out there’ watching me here as I lie in bed, both bodies are within and aware, but not attached to one another. They’re distinct, but without volition except sometimes it feels like one body is pulling away from the other and I’d like to follow it, but can’t. Both bodies are hanging in… I guess. And there you go, if that doesn’t confuse you, it does me. Anyone else? Any insights? B.

      • Stefan, I notice the word, ‘forced’ and it reminded me of various times I forced myself to do some things with someone I was dating a while ago.

        Out of a sense of guilt, and believe me, he was wielding some guilt my way, not maliciously, but it was there…..I went to Thanksgiving dinner with him, (I really did not like to celebrate the holidays) and I fell and badly sprained my ankle at the restaurant.

        Another time I agreed to go somewhere with him but really didn’t want to, and got into a car accident. There were a couple of other incidents but I think I made my point.

        It’s really tough when it involves a loved one, because there’s that sense of guilt and obligation. But it seems more and more when we compromise our selves in any way, we get slammed.

        Maybe it doesn’t apply in your situation, but Your comment brought up a feeling, in me anyway, of how hard it has been to say no at times, to speak my truth but there is less and less room for the alternative.

        • I knowingly forced myself for two reasons.
          The weather was nice, which is rare here, so There was a sense of obligation to go out. An old 3D-feeling of should.
          Also, I was playing guitar and she was doing some tumbling videos in the garden. All was fine actually, but I guess it was a sense of guilt that made me think: shouldn’t I be doing stuff together?
          She didn’t ask me to do anything. It was me who was under the impression I should do something.
          I helped when the help question wasn’t asked. I helped out of guilt.
          Perhaps I’m not a good father? Perhaps she is sad? Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps,… perhaps it was all in my mind.
          I should have listened to my feelings, the only thing I can trust.
          That seems to be the recurring theme: sit back, relax and (try to) enjoy. If no one asks for help, stay put. If someone asks for help, feel.
          If I feel like playing guitar when it’s sunny, play. By doing so, I’m showing my kid what it means to love yourself. Everybody’s playing outside? Great. I’m playing Ziggy Stardust on my guitar. Awesome. Dad of the year.

          No more shoulds.
          Perhaps everything is fine.

          • Oh, man, you are awesome! Everything you said there was a beautiful meld of you, the conditioned human and you, the soul, the I AM. I’m beginning to get that this process isn’t about being perfect at anything here, but just acknowledging that we are not doing this alone, we have a new partner, well, New in the sense that it’s here much more intimately with us.

            We’re gonna take a tumble now and then, and all the other stuff that makes us very human…..

            And your soul’s wisdom says, “I’m showing my kid what it means to love myself.”

            And your wisdom, and thanks so much, Stefan for sharing it with us, also says, “….everything is fine.” 💕💕💕💕💕😉

  11. No, I haven’t tried to communicate with the ‘other’, but methinks the conversation between Stefan and Maria has just solved the mystery… yay! No forcing of anything, just relax, take a tumble now and then (literally in Stefan’s case) and just as Maria says:

    “I’m beginning to get that this process isn’t about being perfect at anything here, but just acknowledging that we are not doing this alone, we have a new partner, well, New in the sense that it’s here much more intimately with us.”

    Thank you! Love, B.

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