Death And Taxes

Death and taxes.  The two things that are inescapable.  Well, maybe not so much the taxes.  I’m not going to talk about taxes but death is certainly worthy of some discussion.  Most people in the 3D world are uncomfortable with the topic.  Understandable.  There is so much misinformation surrounding it.

The Christians  are bullied by a god that tells them they must follow certain rules and regulations, or they will burn in hell eternally.  Or maybe for some, the worst imaginable punishment, like having to read the Bible from cover to cover over and over and over eternally….and, believe me, it’s not a page turner.

So certain religions are not exactly inspiring people to want to die, considering that they probably haven’t stuck to the principles of said religion.  And considering the rules keep changing depending on who is interpreting them.  And other religions who subscribe to karma will tell their followers that if they don’t lead a good life, they will probably come back as an insect or as someone who has to face some dire circumstances.

The more scientifically leaning won’t want to part this mortal coil because they don’t buy that there is a god or anything after life.  So dying to them is something they want to put off as long as possible.

Others are afraid to leave loved ones behind, out of a sense of guilt and obligation, and others are just having too good a time here.


Those of us who are going through embodied enlightenment are in a vastly different place than all the above categories.  We are at the end of a cycle of lifetimes that lasted about 26,000 years, give or take a millennia.

We are dying in this lifetime, or some have already done so, and are being reborn into a new lifetime, while remaining in these bodies.  But these bodies are being recalibrated so actually they are not really the bodies we started out with.  Ideally they will be an expression of our soul, not of our ancestors.

For us, death is not something we fear.  In fact for some of us the bigger fear is being stuck here in a kind of no man’s land of recalibration and integration, which is brutal.  Something we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy.

So if we are sticking it out it’s because we figure, after thousands of lifetimes here on the globe, we want to do something really radical.  We don’t want to leave and come back yet again and have to start over and forget who we are.

For some of us that would be the worst hell.

But, having said that, there is no rule that says we have to come back.  Once awakened, there is really no point in returning unless there is some joy in that choice.

It’s not like we are needing to awaken, because we already are.  As the human we awaken. Meaning we choose to allow our soul to come into our bodies and our lives.

Most humans who believe in a soul believe they have to die in order to experience that soul.

So, death.  We have all done it many, many times.  We know that the reality on the other side is easier than this one.  And it’s because over there we are not constrained by physical bodies and old programming.

But we also know that as difficult as it is being here, there is really nothing like this time space reality.  There is something about being in a body and experiencing ourselves so viscerally.

I used to paint on canvas, and it was such a sensual experience.  I would get lost in the colors, the texture, and the smell of the paints.  I would feel a high afterwards.  I think it was because it had all the ingredients of bliss.

The tactile, the visual and the olfactory.  Add some great music which I did when I painted, and it was perfect.  I could mold the paint any way I wanted to.  It didn’t always turn out exactly as I had envisioned, but it was always interesting.

So death.  We are dying to the old and becoming new.  We have faced, and some are still facing the darkness of our worst fears.  Fears are Familiar Emotions That Aren’t Real.

Fears are familiar.  They are a product of the mind.  And they are not who we are.


So, death.  It’s something we can cross off our list of fears.  In fact many of us often wish for sweet death at times considering this process can be arduous.

We wonder at times, if we can stick it out and if there is a point where we feel the integration physically as well as emotionally.  We are not among the weak, for sure.

Image by Maria Chambers

From my own experience, I have let go of a lot.  I have lightened my load of ancestral programming, and have let go of so much of the energy holding and caretaking.

Like many others reading this, my new set point is more joy than not.  And I can feel spirit in a tangible way regardless of circumstances.  And that’s big, because most humans are waiting for death to experience that.

So it’s good to see the progress we have made in terms of allowing spirit into our lives, to whatever degree we have.

Sometimes, when it all feels too overwhelming, I sit down and try to get my affairs in order.  You know, the last will and testament, cleaning out the closets and the refridge.  Clearing my browsing history.  All the things a human needs to consider before croaking.

But for some reason, it never gets very far.  I get distracted by a desire for a good cup of coffee.

I go outside to my car, and I  notice how balmy and fresh the air is, since it had rained the night before here in Florida.

I can’t help but feel good in those moments no matter how god-awful I felt a moment before.

So, I know I always have the option to leave.  And if and when I make that choice and come to peace with it, it will happen.  It would be a choice in cooperation with my soul.

But I want to leave on a high note.  After all, for me, this is the last episode, the series finale, of the long running Divine Human Series.  I would like to make it a really good one.

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Enjoy My Divinity

Enjoy To Fall In Love Again


5 thoughts on “Death And Taxes

  1. You are cracking me up!!! Dear Sistar Goddess!!!!!!!

    “But for some reason, it never gets very far. I get distracted by a desire for a good cup of coffee.”

    I certainly don’t fear death at this point. There are so many lives in this lifetime, I kinda feel like I have already died a bunch……..

    I continue to Wallow in gratitude and JOY JOY JOY JOY JOY!!!!

    love you

    1. Just now as I was driving home from said coffee at Starbucks, you came really strong into my consciousness. I love the synchronicities, and I love you my siSTAR goddess. Keep doing what you do in your living and loving beauty. 💕💕💕💕

  2. Barbara

    Definitely nodding “Yes” here. Many years ago I was contemplating death and my Little Voice said, quite cheerfully, “This time you get to plan your own exit.” “What?!” says, I… that was before I knew WTF… Little Voice continued, “Yeah, and we’re not talking suicide.” That was fine with me as I’m definitely not into suicide, might mean I’d have to do this time line again, pass. So years go by and I come to understand planning my own exit as not so much as a rebirth, though that might be nifty, but a slow removing of myself from 3D and its duality, i.e. the ascension process, so that by the time I reach my senior years, I have very little left to hold me in the gravity net of this Planet and I may just disappear, and hey, no one would notice! Not only that, no one would remember me as I’ll be taking this incarnation with me! And, for me, that’s the best I’ve come up with so far with respect to planning my own exit. I may be surprised 10, 20 years from now, but I kind of doubt it! Love, B.

    1. Thank you Barb for a beautifully crafted comment. You describe it so perfectly. I have heard that as you say, as we ascend we become an almost distant memory for those who know us or knew us….so there is no real sadness on their part in terms of missing us. Fascinating,

      I have to say, after releasing my old story, and so much of the emotional heaviness from my experience, I do enjoy being here more. It’s like in those movies where an angel comes to visit the planet, and all the humans don’t see the angel, except for a handful.

      The angel can enjoy being here without all the emotional gravity. And in our case we get to be the angels who can also enjoy the sensual aspects of the planet too.

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