Defying The System

My defiant little Hyundai

I don’t know about any of you who drive, but I am NOT fond of the back-up-into-a-space parking maneuver. It takes me sometimes several rather embarrassing tries before I get the vehicle pretty close to being equidistant between the painted lines.

But I do it because it’s easier driving forward than backing up to leave the spot.  It’s a habit I got into a while back.  It’s also great if you want to avoid water sprinkler stains on your windshield.

But I’m just not that good at it.

So rather than berate myself for yet another failed attempt, I cleverly changed the narrative from not great at back up parking to I am proud of flaunting the established rules.  No one tells me how I should park.  I’m an individualist, not one who conforms to protocol.

It seems to be working pretty well for me.  Now when I drive to Starbucks for my morning coffee, I can feel confident that when I get out of my car and walk toward the Starbucks Store, I will be walking as the embodied master who bows to no one.

They can all scoff at me, point their fingers, whispering to one another that I am crazy, or really bad at parking, or selfish enough to take up two perfectly good parking spaces….but none of it will pierce my  newfound allegiance to being my own rule maker.  At least when it comes to parking in a relatively empty parking lot.

And to all of you, dear ascension pioneers, I say the following:

We must go out into this world each day, and make our mark.  We need to exercise our god-given right to defy the laws of man, to show who is boss of their own reality.  To cower to no one.

You must laugh at all those conventionalists who concede to the lesser gods of the establishment and meticulously park their cars so that they take up only one parking space.

To you who have the ears to hear, and the hearts to understand, I say, be bold, be brave, and if you can take up three perfectly good parking spaces, don’t hold back. I await your photos.  God speed.

Enjoy Best Friend from Cosmic Blend


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17 thoughts on “Defying The System

  1. ” We must go out into this world each day, and make our mark. We need to exercise our god-given right to defy the laws of man, to show who is boss of their own reality. To cower to no one.” Currently working on that! ❤ Your song made me wanna go out and dance in the streets… ❤❤❤❤ I love it!!!!!!

    1. Tainara, well, considering we do more ascension-wise before breakfast than most people do all……lifetime, we are allowed to go slow on the outward displays of defiance :). Also, I am so glad to hear you enjoyed the song!🤗💕

  2. Barbara

    First a note to Elila, I am so glad you are back, upright again, because I ‘knew’ that you were not feeling well, and I missed you. I don’t know how I knew you were down, but I did, and next to me being my own best friend, (Thank you for Your Song, Maria)…. my invisible friends here at Maria’s Place, run a very close second in my heart-friends department.

    How fast does God run? I always get a kick out of “God Speed”… Will we ever catch up? Perhaps only when there are no parking lines to back over, into, around and occasionally, between.

    So, a story about defying: Not long ago I worked a nine-to-five JOB, oh, yes, as much as I detested it, I had to eat, and so I played by the rules… until… a meeting was called for the employees as arranged by the bosses, so we gathered… after working hours I might add for which we were not paid overtime. Long and short of it, a few psychologist/counselor types had been hired by the firm to deal with the discontent of the employees and we were instructed that we could call them, the shrink folks, anytime 24/7 to whine and moan and get it all off our chests, that our calls would be confidential…. blah, blah, blah. At the end of the presentation, which was gruesome, employees were asked if they had any questions. I was seething by then. Lots of questions from the employees, which by the way interested me because those questions contained lots of complaints… so much for privacy. Finally, I stuck up my hand and here was my question, word for word, because I remember it like yesterday…. “What is to say that the person who answers my call at 2:00 a.m. isn’t crazier than I am?” Long silence, some uncomfortable laughter, meeting over.

    Ain’t it grand to remember ‘zingers’ of defying? Love, B.

    1. Elila

      Dearest Barbara–this is just so lovely and sweet to hear….especially since not a soul in my ‘visible’ world here knew or cared and your words and awareness make me feel loved and cared for and I so appreciate you, heart friend. These ascension energy bursts seem to go “straight to my head” manifesting in migraines periodically (I must have a giant pineal by now…) –it’s funny that you say “upright” because they quite literally force me to be horizontal until they are done as the pain and nausea are so bad if I try even to sit up a little or go to pee, so the best part of them being over, besides the pain being done is that I can stand up and walk about again lol. I don’t know how you knew either, and I also don’t know how to describe how wonderful it feels that you did. Thank-you for telling me! 💙💙💙💙

      That said, I laughed and laughed at your zinger above–its just SO perfect–& i love getting to laugh with you my dear fellow jester!

  3. Ha ha Maria, I just came home from a long drive where I didn’t want to wear my seatbelt, so I didn’t!! Then opened up my computer and found this. Hahahahaha much love xxx

    1. Gail, what the what, no seatbelt?!??!? Brazen! Not easy in a buckle-up culture, a fear based climate for sure. I remember when I was just a young whippersnapper, my first car had roll up windows, no air conditioning, and I don’t think I ever wore my seat belt.

      Kudos, five stars!

      1. Barbara

        A seat belt story: I’m a passenger in my little not air conditioned car, it’s about 100 degrees outside, I’m having a men…o…. pause hot flash on top of an ascension symptom heat flush, and I take my seat belt off just to breathe for goodness sake. My ex, who is driving, chastises me because of course he’s buckled up so tight it’s for sure he’s almost not breathing (if he ever was), and a police officer pulls us over, comes to my side of the car and gruffly says, “You better have a good medical reason for not having your seat belt on.” Of course he could see that I was almost expired from the heat, and I explained that I was so hot, I couldn’t handle the seat belt around my waist, across my upper chest or over my shoulder. Well, darned, if that police officer didn’t squat down outside my window to have a talk with me, and he gave me info that others may like to have. Get yourself a clothes peg, or a plastic clamp, or even a good strong paper spring clip will do it, and pull your shoulder belt down so that it’s nice and loose over your shoulder and tummy area, but still buckled up. This amazing police officer gave me a ticket and said words to the effect, so if you get stopped for a seat belt infraction again and you have your belt on, but loosely because of the clamp, show them your copy of this ticket and say, Constable So-and-So gave you this advice. I paid the ticket, and ever since I’ve driven with my seat belt loose… clamp goes just below where seat belt goes into the holder behind left shoulder… and if I happen to be in a situation where I think I better tighten that seat belt, I do that by pulling it across my tummy, then pull it loose again when defying is no longer necessary. Ah, the subtle stuff! Love, B.

        1. That is truly sad, Barbara. Why aren’t those public servants chasing the real criminals? Fortunately my car has A/C, so I buckle up almost unconsciously, except when I am leaving my apartment with a bag full of garbage, which I routinely dump at the apartment complex dumpster before driving to starbucks. After putting the bag in my car, I have learned to NOT fasten my seatbelt. Because it seems due to human conditioning, when I fasten my seatbelt, that means I continue to drive PAST the dumpster and continue to Starbucks.

          Too many times I have remembered the garbage in my trunk well beyond the time it should have been incubating there.

          So I keep the seatbelt unfastened on garbage days to remind me to stop at the dumpster. The unfastened belt sends a beep signal that keep my attention on the task at hand. Beep, beep, empty garbage. I need some pie.

  4. I started driving when it was not law to wear a seat belt and some cars still had none fitted, so probably easier for me to be so brazen than younger folks whose brainwash is lifelong. Luckily my car is quite old, so doesn’t do the beep beep thing! I’ll share that on this long journey, I felt very free and utterly unburdened and a deep peace, and I asked myself….’what is this about then?’ and immediately saw in a field to my left a single, big, 3-stone, stonehenge-style ‘Portal’ Oh, thought I, tis a portal that it is about. Then a few minutes later I wanted to check the time (odd, as I rarely want to) and it was 22:22. Mmmmm!!!!

    My mother always said I wouldn’t do what I was told….not much has changed there then! xxx

    1. Gail, I love your story! Your mother probably saw in you a real pioneer! So, just a footnote….my very first car was a Toyota Corolla, bought it brand new for $2700.00 US dollars, in the 70s. It was a stick shift, and I had to learn to drive it. My best friend at the time, whose name was GAIL, taught me to drive a stick shift.

      I really loved that little car, and I drove it for years until it literally rusted out. I would be driving and if it was raining my feet got wet.

  5. Elila

    Maria you had me cracking up at the title, and then laughing out loud throughout this post to the end. I have never been able to execute that backwards parking nonsense, even with no obstacles around. I am the one who will park a block away or at the back of the parking lot to avoid having to park in tight spaces even going frontways in! I’m an excellent driver in all other respects but parking has always eluded me. And of course I come from a family that excels at it. My sister could back a school bus onto a postage stamp I swear. And it would be straight! She drives one of those giant SUVs and can back that damn thing anywhere and all I can do is marvel at this superpower. Of course her husband and both teenage kids can do the same thing–theyre like The Incredibles for petessake lol. My brother and his wife are the same. But hah!! None of them have managed ASCENSION so who has the REAL superpower in this fam!!?? Lol
    Thank you for the energy-moving belly laughs!!!

    1. Elila, me too. I park really far away sometimes too so I don’t have to struggle to squeeze into a tight space. Hey, maybe it’s symbolic for us, not wanting to have to squeeze ourselves into tight places, Jobs, relationships, etc.

      Interesting about your family and their superpowers. Lol. Yeah, my brother, who I love dearly, does all the family stuff, all the traveling, etc. I agree, we are doing the hardest thing of all, via ascension. I’m sure my family and a friend of mine who lives in Utah, who is very involved with projects and travels with his spouse….I’m sure they wonder why I am not doing more in my life. If they only knew. If they only knew.

      Anyway, so glad you enjoyed the humor. I figured it was time for some laughs. Thanks for recognizing how laugh8ng moves energies. 💕

      1. Elila

        Heyyyyyy I LOVE that symbolism! Avoiding all the tight spaces…..yes that’s me! And yes I’m sure my family, who are all experts at doing 3D the “right” way, wonder what the hell I do all day and what’s wrong with me, why I don’t “do” something with my life. For some reason that makes me chuckle….maybe cuz as you said “if they only knew….”
        Sometimes in more 3D moments i fantasize about them one day going through their own ascension pains and suddenly having an aha moment that it’s the same as what they saw me going through all those years ago and then they feel bad about their judgements…..

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