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Welcoming Our Soul


Image by Maria Chambers

The world’s resistance of the feminine is akin to  the human resisting the soul.  Many men (and women) fear that If the feminine is allowed more rights, more of a voice, that  they (the masculine) will lose their status.

If we allow the soul more space in our life, and our body, will we lose our control as the human?  Will we be taken over?  How can we trust this presence?  It’s different than what we are used to in a partner.

We are used to push and pull in relationships,  and we are used to paying some kind of price, making some kind of compromise to get what we want.

It took a long time for women to be welcome in businesses, in colleges, in the professional sphere, and there is still a big gender gap.  Women had to work harder than men to prove themselves.  And had to acquiesce to being like men.

But now that women are finding their own voice and are no longer hiding their feminine, their more esoteric abilities, the masculine feels especially threatened.

The soul’s presence is predominantly a feminine presence.  And the mind has been more a masculine presence.  More and more mental it seems, especially as we move into an age of the spiritual.

The mind wants to clamp down on its emotions, and it’s not going to give in easily to its own feminine nature.  Both men and women, as they enter their own ascension, awakening process, are initially reluctant to trust their soul.  They find that they are resistant to their own feminine, for the obvious reasons.

Image by Maria Chambers

I was trying to compliment a male friend by telling him he was embracing his feminine side, and he said, he would like to call it embracing his humanity.

He didn’t feel comfortable defining qualities as masculine or feminine, or so he said.  Yet, in another conversation he said that he enjoyed being seen as masculine.

The obvious aversion to the Feminine aside, there is a fear in this awakening process of being taken over by our soul, and it relates to the male energies being taken over by the feminine.

The male can take care of itself, it reasons, if it is attacked by another male, but how can it defend itself from something so nebulous, So omnipresent, something so intense in terms of creating such vulnerability of emotions?

The light is intense.  And no, it’s neither masculine or feminine, but it is a presence that is loving, benevolent, and will not push itself on its human counterpart.  But once invited, it will not compromise its own joy, it’s own expression.

And in that way it can appear to be taking over the human.

The human who is used to trying to control itself, wanting to fit in, and wanting to make things happen.  Wanting to control its reality.

But our soul can’t be so contained, as we are discovering.  When we feel it’s presence, we are apt to act in ways that others may deem a little crazy.

We may appear more free, and much more selfish.  But there is never a takeover of our human self.  Instead there is a balance that was not there before.  The resistance can create more chaos than the allowing.

And the resistance is fueled by fear.  Fear of change, even though the change will benefit all concerned.

And interestingly, as the masculine oriented energy on the planet allows the feminine to be an equal partner, things just get better and better.  There is more balance, more harmony in every aspect of life on the planet.

And as we allow our soul to be with us, more and more without fear, life just gets better and better, and we discover there was never anything to fear.

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Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Almost a decade later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

5 thoughts on “Welcoming Our Soul

  1. Lovely post Maria…Yes, it is not a takeover by the soul, more of a merging. I have felt that what “I” am changes every time there is a huge energy influx or a major clearing. I now look with interest and some excitement to see and feel the changes in what “I” am like after these difficult times (have just been so battered by energies that I am exhausted!) when new comes in rapidly. Suddenly contacted by 3 people who had drifted away from me….that says to me that they have shifted enough to reconnect. Several people I know are moving CONSCIOUSLY into doing-what-brings-joy and rejecting the standrd model of living and earning. Too shattered to write more, but maybe I will feel more up to it tomorrow!! Thanks Maria xxx

  2. Irony? Synchronicity? Happenstance. I come across this article you’ve written, SoulSoothingSounds, and it is “intriguing” (yet another attempt to find a fitting word for this reading) that my musings are the musings of others. I can honestly say, there is not one person in my life with whom I can talk about these kinds of things. No one has the patience. But I sure do love it when I can read some one else synthesis regarding topics I find absolutely fascinating.

    For instance: My own perspective of integrating masculine (which I am by gender) and feminine (which I am by nature)…and what that has come to mean to me over the 5+ decades I’ve been alive; what phases of maturation I’ve morphed through…what conclusions I’ve drawn…and what truths have been allowed to come AND GO as I’ve lived with two spirits with in that are, themselves over time, becoming distinctly more aware of one another; sometimes at war…sometimes at peace, always vying for “Power” (vs. Control) as their “polarities shift…”

    …Which is how I’ve come to survive through my own duality with regard to this “Two Spirits” paradigm…Learning to accept and allow the shifting of these polarities even as part of that process of allowing naturally includes trying to control as much of it as possible (Ironic…yes, and very painful…yet I can’t seem to help myself)

    Total Control (Male) Leads to utter Chaos (Female) which, uncontrolled, leads to oblivion (where nothing seemingly exists).

    Oblivion: The state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening.

    I’ve been pondering the seeming conflict between the masculine and the feminine. It is an intrinsic understanding that, within human-being/animal-ness, that one can not exist without the other, yet only recently during this last long drawn out period of time humanity has found itself living through have we begun the process of trying to equalize one gender in relationship to the other (convince one to relinquish control over the other, for while braun may have ability to dominate, sure…but it is feelings that drive us to survive, and give survival it’s meaning which is the point of human life I think…finding it’s ultimate meaning beyond the animal drive to eat, poop, sleep…mate (on and on and on like a glorified bacteria on a petri dish).

    While I will admit that each sex (male and female) have done some pretty shitty things to each other (men can be cruel and abusive while women can be mean and vindictive..MEN CAN BE MEAN AND VINDICTIVE WHILE WOMAN CAN BE CRUEL AND ABUSIVE), I will also admit to my own conclusion about the whole relationship between them: That Masculine (control) and Feminine (chaos) are simply two sides of the same coin called “Creation.” It just so happens that within humanity, the yin and yang are, more or less, respectively assigned to a particular gender (driven by hormones…and different kibbles and bits all wired for mutual survival on a sometimes gorgeous and sometime hostile planet called Earth). By this, the two are FORCED to engage one another! I wonder: Is it just humans that find the the creative process so…contrary and painful even as it reflects ALL OF CREATION? And in consideration of this, is all the Universe, ALSO, in suffering? Or is it really just a human thing? Is this another example of “On Earth as it is in Heaven?” If so, Man…why bother trying to escape this world with glorified hope that it’s different on the other side??!!!

    My boy side says…”See how simple?” My girl side says, “ah….but what’s the meaning…can’t you feel there is more?”

    Damn it! It drives me insane! It is simple…AND there is much much more which comes after I loose the battle for control over myself, but it would mean very little, in the big long picture of things, had I not attempted to control (battle…win and/or loose) in the first place. By this, I become more aware.

    Maybe soul sits between these two powers of creation…mediates, regulates and ultimately inspires the actual synthesis of any single potential (out of an infinite number of potentials for which the human mind and brain certainly has no scope …obviously). Maybe…

    Perhaps it is simply just one more single consideration of something too big to know (for now). In the mean time…this back and forth…is what is leading us to knowing more and more as every moment unfolds and as awareness grows (and oblivion is avoided in ever increasing leaps and bounds).

    Creation is a real “Bi’otch” AND a “Bastard,” too!

    Love you guys (truly), and love your writing!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Rayofhelios…it took me longer to reply to your comment because what you say is a lot to absorb. This human life so so fascinating, and as the human, as you intimate, we can’t figure it all out. Our mind as it is, is just too limited. Thus all the unanswered questions.

      But there is one thing we can count on, and it’s how we feel. And how we feel is our inner guidance. And on the other side we don’t have the benefit of the time lag. There is instant manifestation. Here we get to experience in the flesh what we are vibrating, so we got to see how we create in a slowed down reality.

      Except now it does feel a little too slow for most of us. We wanted this lifetime to be the lifetime where we got to experience our soul in our physical body. I don’t think any of us as souls knew that it was going to be so challenging, though.

      Good question about the suffering thing. I think the human suffers the most because of our resistance. There is more pain involved in resisting our good, than there is in allowing. Over time suffering became a virtue. Which we are in the process of letting go of in our ascension.

      But our soul doesn’t judge any of it and simply extracts the wisdom from each lifetime experience.

      So at this point, if we have come this far, I imagine our soul is a pretty wise guy. Lol.

      • LOL…I loved the “Wise guy” pun (it was a pun, right? ROFL). You have acquired a tremendous amount of wisdom. I watched one of your videos the other day, and I was just blown away by what you’d said. This was the video about the homicide/suicide. What a conundrum that sort of thing can be for people (in the past or present…likely future, too).

        But I totally got what you were saying.

        As humans (social creatures by nature), we are wired to help, cooperate, form bonds…collaborate and make/keep connections.

        AND…we evolve. In my mind, evolving a sense of self sovereignty…discerning boundaries…sense of self (while also being aware of others…and seeing ourselves in each other which is empathy)…and knowing our choices…and sticking to what we know and are willing to do…or not, these are part of our essential human evolution. This is also our nature to evolve (by being of spirit experiencing/living through this human life). I believe without spirit, we would not really be humans. We’d be something different. It is spirit that gives us so much more potential.

        Thanks for your considerate response. It’s so funny. After I wrote what I wrote in response to this wonderful article of yours, I then read the one about not needing to process anymore, and I started angst-ing…and feeling like a dork (a needy dork at that) because I have spent a great deal of my life “Processing”…it’s like my super power (No joke).

        But…you know? It was ok. Processing served/serves me….and NOW…”discernment” is coming on line, and I’m super grateful…because it allows the process to continue…but it’s starting to be so much less…”PERSONAL.” It’s just something I do. It was/is some kind of survival thing left over from when times were tough (real tough), and it helped me keep my sanity (and so did journaling rather than explode “Process” all over the place (which is still a possibility sometimes…but…not as charged or even as needed as I once felt it was).

        Anyway…THANK YOU SO MUCH for the wisdom you share with the world…and with me ( in this world). And I am sincerely and honestly grateful for the time you gave in your response. I see it as the gift that it is, and am honored.

        Peace…and love to you.


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